Hard Working Virgo, Rudy, “The Gridiron Fool” On FAR Today

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The Virgo Everyman

Just a quick hit. I’ll have “Rudy” on my radio show today at 10:15 AM, PST. Rudy is a Virgo/Rat (8/24/48). He overcame dyslexia to get a degree and make perhaps the most famous tackle in Notre Dame history. His story was turned into the movie, “Rudy” widely considered one of the most watched sports movies of all time. With his Jupiter in Sag, Rudy has not only used football to better himself, he also connects with truly jovian spirit filled with good will and support. His latest foray into the realm of inspiration is; “Power Thoughts” a 365 day phone app with pithy “Rudyisms.” His sense of abandon, risk, belief and faith cast him in the archetypal role of the fool. The fool does not know what he cannot do. His failures can be epic and so are his potential successes. Ultimately, the fool knows no fear.

Please join me as I spend a few minutes with a true, American icon. Rudy. The Daily Farcast With Rudy.

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