Happy Birthday Gemini, Scopes For The Week Of 5/22

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

We’re not out of the woods just yet.

Well, the rapture came and went and the only person that’s missing is Harold Camping (actually he’s back now). Maybe he did us all a favor and is sipping kool-aid with Marshall Applewhite in the Rapture Afterlounge on some freaky comet gussied up as St. Louis in the 1940’s, all a holographic projection of their amalgamated histories, biographies and predilection of belief. Now that is not to say that we didn’t get some action this weekend. I felt a 3.6 trembler rumble through my living room, about an hour after 6PM. Iceland had a volcano blow. One of those nasty harp twisters pulverized Joplin and the Mississippi rises. Oh yeah, Lady Gaga was on SNL as well. Not the mythic stuff of rapture ready phenomenon. I think we might call this last event, “The Ripture” since that is what Camping did to millions of people, lives and families. He ripped them off of lost money and time. Houses were divided. People drained their savings, some of which matriculated back to Camping to buy all those billboards, fancy tattooed vans and RV’s with signage fronting the end times.

Now that does not mean that we are out of the woods by any stretch. The Midwest is taking a geo-physical pummeling, Japan is getting worse, not better and infants in Japan are showing very high rates of Iodine in their livers. Clicking your heels won’t help either. So what are you going to do as the weirdness is encroaching and rogue comets like Honda and Elenin draw ever closer to the protective sheen of our holographic sphere of desire and illusion? Why read these scopes of course for the week ahead of course.

We’re now clearly and squarely in Gemini but the intensity and density of Taurus looms large over the airy vistas of Castor and Pollux.


The last days of Jupiter in your sign are upon you. While you don’t want reenact the last days of Rome, a sense of quiet urgency is tugging at you as the second Sun still sweetly kisses your crown with benevolence, hope and vision. Now Jupiter’s leisurely time in Taurus will not be so bad, trust me, but it will not have the same vivifying effect the last few months have had. Settling and assessing will be the order of the day. So you have a few precious days where the fire of inspiration burns like a torch in your heart. What will you do with it? How will you spend it? Who will you share it with? If I could offer you one bit of advice, it would be to see how you might use it in the service of others? Promote someone or something that you feel really good about. It will pay you big dividends when Jupiter slides into Taurus. In short continue to advance your cause, but bring worthy others along for the ride. Saturday is an emotional showdown. Heaven and Hell can exist within the same zip code.


Last week on my show, Navigating The Astrological Matrix, I was blessed by an abundance of Taurus callers. It was great. Taurus has a natural, inborn curiosity, which is occasionally slow to heat, but once it does, can really take on a life of it’s own and herein lies the wisdom for the week ahead. I want you to think about a hobby or a pastime that you are getting more and more interested in and think about investing not only more time but also money and resources in it. This week is critical, because, as they say, the planets are lining up in your favor. People take you more seriously and your confidence is just really starting to build, Don’t be afraid to claim what you do as something more than just a trivial exercise. Stand in it and own it. The end of this year and most of the next is all about how willing you are to commit to your dream and make it as real as it can be in this realm. Make it yours.


One day Obama is telling Israel to step back, the next he’s groveling before AIPAC. Yes, it’s that kind of schizo world we’re living in and it takes a Gem like you to helps us stitch the duality back into a seamless whole. I hope you’re taking notes, because that is no the only inconsistency happening, just a bizarre headliner. So I hope you are taking notes, observing, noticing, holding back from your predisposition at the moment. It’s not quite the right time to act or pronounce, not just on the global theater, but on your own life as well. But you are making progress. Lat week I suggested you hit the garret. This week I am invoking the power of on the great comic book characters of all time: The Watcher. He lives on the Moon and doesn’t do a damn thing, except observe. Now you might say that he is an apathetic loser, but more often than not, his watching effects the outcome of things. He’s the ultimate Taoist. This week. Simply watch and see what happens.


The Cardinal wheel of torture is lessening just a bit now that the stellium of Merc/Venus/Mars has shifted. From square to sextile, so called reality eases it’s grip. You need a timely breather and this week, you get it. And guess what else? Your money situation chiefs as well. Resources that were restricted and tight get freed up. Doors open. This is a critical phase for you and one that may last for roughly thirty days. The July eclipse portends intensity and immensity. It’s life changing and while that is ultimately not bad, I would focus on really covering as much ground as you can. Be productive, eat well and make the most of it, especially this week. Fortify and buttress. Work it kid. Wednesday and Thursday has a special gift for you. An emotional opening that is truly surprising and quite lovely. You deserve a sweet treat from the cosmos. Indulge.


When we look at your scopes for this week, we don’t have to look any further than the strange fencing match going on between Obama and Israel. Obama is a Leo, no matter what birth certificate you believe or buy into. He’s been pretty aggro with Israel int he lead up to the big AIPAC convention in DC. He did something that no other president has ever done and suggested that Israel return to it’s pre-1967 borders. While Israel has MC, Moon, Mars, and Saturn in Obama’s Leo friendly sign, it is a Taurus country and square Obama’s Sun. In essence, he crossed swords with a fixed energy and there is little space for saving face. Netenyahu came out and basically said that “It ain’t gonna happen.” Obama goes back to the loyalty and support mantra. There’s a lesson in here for you. Don’t draw your sword unless you can back it up. Obama proved he might be capable of ordering attacks on Libya, but when it came to the holy land, he revealed was no true samurai. You do not suffer defeat well. Make sure you don’t have to.


I was in Starbuck’s yesterday. I rarely go there, but I almost always wind up meeting soon interesting at this one Starbucks in El Cerrito. Yesterday was no exception time a first time novelist named Monica Newcomb, whose book, “Hot On Her Heels” came out last year. Of course I uncovered that she was a Virgo and he story was fairly inspiring. She started out writing for a challenge of 50,000 words in a month, which she used as the basis off her romance novel, which eventually became an e-book, which was eventually picked up and published. She’s now on book number two. I’m sharing her story because she achieved her dream in that methodical, Virgo fashion and the universe took care of the rest. That’s your lesson concerning your passion this week. Work at it everyday and make just a little more come true. Before you know it, you will have birthed a new career, word by word, recipe by recipe, stroke by stroke, dish by dish, brick by brick. Show us all how to effectively build upon our dreams.


My Libra friend was complaining that she did not have Scorpio’s forecast from last week, well guess what? This week, your trajectory is much closer to a daring descent into atmospheres of muted light and sweeter heat. There’s something about that kinky Gemini Sun that gets you tilting your scales a little more towards your instinctual side. Throw in a bulk of Taurus and some scintillating Aries in it’s last and first degrees and you have the right conditions for getting reacquainted with your body. But wait. It doesn’t just stop there. No ma’am. What you have the opportunity for is a meeting with destiny, a potential relationship that will last long beyond the night where you explore the contours of oneness and losing all sense of time and space. For married or committed Libras, here is your chance to re-kindle and dive deeper into your commitment, but first you’ll have to let go of the past and all the hurts and disappointments. Are they really serving you or just impediments of real intimacy?


Who gets you? I mean who really gets you? Who comprehends your moods and the darker aspects of your nature? Who understands your life dream to party in Dracula’s palace in Transylvania? Or somehow catch a nap in the pharaohs tomb in Giza? Who indulges you when you turn on “Night Of The Living Dead” for the 30th time? Who will drop their undergarments in a heartbeat to make love in a cemetery with you? If you can’t name a single soul, that’s really important to note, because, quite frankly, you deserve it. Look around you this week. See if there’s someone that you are overlooking or missing, maybe not appreciating as much as you should or could, because there’s a very good chance that they are the one that really does get you.


Your work is deeply shifting and you are still in a sort of chrysalis stage. You know you have a message to spread and share and that message is shifting to some extent. It’s getting refined and updated, more grounded than ever before. The one thing that you can really drop your anchor into this week is the sanctity of life. Peel away the elite, the illuminati, the black families, the reptilians, strip it all away. Get down to what matters most; the sanctity and gift of our existence here, no matter how hellish it may appear. You connect with that this week and your message will begin to form into unassailable declarations of truth.


When I interviewed David Bowie years ago, he confided to me that when his birthday (Jan 8th) would approach, he would get these small, budding horn like bumps on his forehead and they would recede when it would pass. In essence, his sign would manifest in form. Something like that is happening for you this week. Think of it as a convergence of Spring’s regenerative powers and all that Taurus in the sky. You’re feeling mighty mighty. The rapture’s off and you midget as well party like it’s 1999 because in July, things take a much more serious and sobering turn. Get your kicks now and by all means, do it in style.


I have some good friends that are building these two domes down in New Mexico. They’re not just any seed in Bucky Fuller’s creative mind. These are cornet domes able to withstand winds of up to 300 MPH. They’re also employing some very cool and highly cost effective technologies like using steel drums as heaters, which allows them to turn branches, not just split firewood into heat. I’m sharif this with you because I want you to start thinking along these lines for your own home or place of dwelling. You are still being called to do some heavy R&D in these realms. Start pouring the foundation for future living right now.


It’s not easy being you. You are like the nerve center of the planet. You feel it all. From your kid’s bruised ego, to the screams of trees tragically bleeding barium. In the midst of it all, I want to remind you that this is what you signed up for and it is not without reward. You see, just as much as you can intuit, feel and receive, you can also send and transmit. This week, you get to practice on those skills. You can bust clouds or brace bridges about to fall. You can affirm that only loving technologies work. You can imagine soldiers laying down their arms realizing that we are all one family. None of this is beyond the scope of your powers. Use them consciously and use them well.

The music of David Sylvain provided the inspiration for this weeks scopes.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Gemini, Scopes For The Week Of 5/22”

  1. A

    Well you took that video from Italian television. A comment on the youtube page this video is taken from says: When on Italian Tv those things could still possible to do… Interesting comment and true. But not this captured my attention. What captured my attention is your comment on Obama.

    Personally I never esteemed him very much **but** in his last speech about Israel, where he has said what no other American Preside had had the courage to say…
    He showed courage… I never esteemed him just for his excessive diplomatic positions while it appears that in last times he had more courage…
    It is only a moment that will pass in my opinion, but it is a good moment, perhaps Jupiter in Aries, who knows…

    You wrote that Netanyahu said what one can expect not from a reasoable conservative but from an ultraconservative: Netanyahu said a plain not at all…

    But in his last speech even Netanyahu was forced to accept to make some changes. Consider his idea is to make no change at all…
    His thoughts appear to have been those: If America at least up to the moment that this President remains in charge can even do this, well let us give him something…
    Better to make some concession than to give all…

    So it is not a defeat, perhaps to force people to face reality is sometimes the only means to bring home a result, not the best result ever, but some result…

  2. Enjoying the music. Good taste and fresh faces. I am always looking for new music and perspectives. Astrology for the Now Age offers both. Thanks.
    The lead singers vocals in this video somewhat reminiscent of Mark Hollis vocals of Talk Talk. “Give it Up” was one of my faves back in the day.
    The lyrics are simple yet prophetic.
    Music, books, movies, theater, story telling, poetry, all art forms…all prophecy. One creates prophecy as one speaks it, sees it and dreams it.
    : )

    1. a

      I interviewed David Sylvain back in the day. I think I have it on tape somewhere. I can hear the Talk Talk connection as well.

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