Great Spiritual Opportunity With Pisces Sun/Jupiter Conjunction And The Tiger Reboot

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

tiger2Tiger and Tiger and Tiger and more Tiger.

While the worst winter in recent memory blasts it’s hoary breath across the planet, The Sun and Jupiter co-mingle in the deep and faith filled waters of Pisces. I was speaking with a friend today and he was working out his challenges over the phone, grating and grinding them down to size. I listened and saw his plight as one of millions that we’re all experiencing on some level right now and if not us, then someone close to us is going through the soul wringer. Then it dawned on me: “We are in the time of tribulation.” It made sense to me from a biblical perspective obviously, though I am not a cheerleader for Revelations, but I could see the connection. From a purely energetic and experiential stand point, trials are the order of the day. We are experiencing the tribulations and tests of our everyday lives. Add them all up and the world is going through it. Even though we cannot see it clearly, we’re all gong through it together.

The early conjunction of The Sun and Jupiter allows for us to have spiritual insight, deep spiritual insight into our current sets of challenges we all face. As I type, the Sun is at five degrees Pisces while Jupiter is eight. The Sun is gaining on the second sun. On SUNday, the two will be in exact conjunction. Circle the 28th on your calendar. It portends a day where a divine sense of grace can really enter into our affairs. If we surrender our fears and our limitations, place them at the entrance to our higher selves and leave them behind, while ascending into the “upper room” we can see our spiritual expression as being greater and having far more power than our circumstances and the world that wants to limit them. Venus will also be in Pisces, within a five degree orb of Uranus, thus making them conjunct as well. This is symbolic of quantum healing for all relationships. If you are a believer in the “power of intention” then set your inner compass to gentle expectancy. Patiently and faithfully wait on the magic and power of divine love to move through your relations.

This coming weekend is a deep and accelerated time for shifting and deeper alignment. Don’t sleep on it.

Stalking Tiger

I would be remiss if I did not comment on the resurrection of Tiger Woods. He met the media on Friday, Guys in blazers, mute witnesses to the “robotic” confession offered up by Woods. I can’t tell you how many sports writers used the word “robotic” over and over again when discussing The Woods presser. Bill Simmons of ESPN, one of my favorite sports writers continually made reference to the fact that Woods displayed all the emotion of a doorknob.

When they pressed the start button on Woods this past Friday, the Sun was at 0 degrees Pisces hovering over the skies of The PGA headquarters in Ponta Vedra, Florida, just at the edge of the tenth house. For me, 0 degrees Pisces is synonymous with resurrection. The zero is the container for all things. It’s a portal. Alpha and Omega. Pisces is of course the sign most associated with Yeshua/Emmanuel. It follows 30 degrees Aquarius, a most interesting Sabian Symbol: “Deeply Rooted In The Past Of A Very Ancient Culture, A Spiritual Brotherhood In Which Many Individual Minds Are Merged Into The Glowing Light Of A Unanimous Consciousness Is Revealed To One Who Has Emerged Successfully From His Metamorphosis.” On the heels of 30 degrees Aquarius, 0 degrees Pisces unfolds in the following manner: “In A Crowded Marketplace Farmers And Middlemen Display A Great Variety Of Products.” We see the transubstantiation of Tiger at 30 degrees and then the re-insertion of him back into the marketplace at 0 degrees. All of this happened after the Chinese New Year broke–The Year Of The Tiger of course–The Metal Tiger. What do they use in golf? Metals (Irons) and Woods. Tiger Woods is rebooted, I mean reborn as “Tiger Metal.”

Clearly, he still has issues to deal with on the marital front, and I do mean “front.” Uranus in Pisces (House 11) was opposed Saturn in Libra (House 5). The media could mostly see through the facade and make easy assumptions that all was not well. Where was Elin Nordegren? The tension between Uranus and Saturn was evident in any number of columns like the one that Simmons wrote. It was 84 days from the time that Tiger crashed The Escalade, to the time he made his reappearance to the world. Before then, there was nothing. Zero. Oh maybe a person said that they saw him at a sex rehab clinic. Or that someone saw him get ” facial reconstructive” surgery, but that was it. 84 days. No, I’m not saying that there is a connection, but 84 days seems to be fairly unique when it comes to fertility cycles. A number of birth control pills are timed out in 84 day cycles.

Many years ago, I ran across George Green. He was barnstorming across The USA with his wife. Oil wells were about to go up in smoke in Iraq as Desert Storm was winding down. Green was talking about “synthetics” and “robotoids” at the time. I was blown away by the concept. He said that Carter was a clone, He claimed that the Russian leadership had been “robotoids.” I found it hard to wrap my head around this–but I certainly didn’t forget it.

I was mesmerized by The Gulf War. I would stay up and watch CNN until I couldn’t any longer. I watched George Bush figuratively expand in power and presence, day after day. It was the first time we all heard the phrase, “New World Order.” The Gulf War was my alarm clock. Bush was eating up space like dark star on the way to victory. Then something odd happened. I watched him disembark from a plane in The Middle East. He trudged down the gangway like a zombie. His hand was extended far too early for the appointed greeting. In short, it seemed, well, robotic. Gone was the unholy heat of the blazing Bush. Something felt odd to me. Then I stumbled across Green and his proclamation that most world leaders were nothing more than robotoids or clones. In a very surreal way, it made perfect sense.

I left the northwest shortly thereafter and on my way to California, I was driving back with my girlfriend at the time. We were listening to a very early in carnation of Art Bell. Pre-Dreamland Art Bell. It was late at night and he mentioned that Bush had just collapsed in a heap of vomit at a big dinner in Japan. We both turned and looked at each other at the same time and said, “The clone died!”

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the possibility of Tiger Woods as a clone and what it all might mean.

9 thoughts on “Great Spiritual Opportunity With Pisces Sun/Jupiter Conjunction And The Tiger Reboot”

  1. k

    The way you talk about what is going on with Tiger Woods makes me feel like WE are the metaphor for what is truly going on behinds the scenes.

  2. d

    sometimes this is all too much – the poetry and the irony – and then there’s my Piscean hotline to heaven and that’s the only thing with sense.

  3. A

    I also remember that moment in the First Gulf War, when Baghdàd was seen under that greel light… If you remember those days you know what I mean… and we heard for the first time the words: New World Order… Nwo that I think will become Nwa – New World Anarchy – for they have the power to destroy but **not** really to put a just and sane order…
    And we are here, where we are…

    I also appreciated Art Bell first manner, let us call him so… Before Dream-Land fix I mean…

    Most leaders are robotoids or clones? Appearently it means an insane claim, but if you look inside the words, beyond the words, to try to arrive at their juice core central part of truth, you will find something deep contained in them. We must be also capable of interpreting things beyond the litteral sense…

    About Tiger Woods I have no particular opinion…

  4. a

    I agree about the meaning of the words. You should check out Dr. Peter Baters radio shows. They are on youtube. They are wild and beyond belief. Bater had a bit of the old school radio spirit in him, so there’s this strange sense of drama and urgency in his voice.

    He was close to Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler.

  5. Anyone see some weird symbolism in the Sea World death recently? An Orca (named for Orcus, an Italic God of the Underworld, and punisher of broken oaths) named Tillikum (Chinook for “friendly people”) attacks a trainer (manipulator of animal behavior), pulls her under water (another symbolic reference to the underworld), and kills her in front of the crowd (the smiling, happy, “friendly people” themselves).


  6. a

    Yeah, for sure. It’s another strange ripple in the wave of our consensual, trance induced, construct. Talk about Uranus in Pisces. Whoa. The trainer’s name was Dawn Brancheau, which is the dimunitive of “Branche” which means “paw” or “little foot.”

  7. B

    …and eau means water!

    Born into the ocean and kept in a swimming pool …seems like perfect symbolismfor the plight of humanity

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