Grand Earth Trine, Make Love Not War, Large Object Found In Constellation Taurus

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Blame it on Jupiter

I step outside on nights like these, where the wind is blowing fast, with a touch of violence in it and it feels like its ripping at the edge, like its just the start of something wilder and far less controllable. I begin to wonder about massive bodies moving through space, Planet X getting ready to get naked for Generation Y and the rest of us. I wonder about how long that kind of info could be withheld from the masses before the skies would split and the winged terror would be upon us. And once it was fast on its approach, how long would we have? If you had an e-ticket to a cushy DUMB, when would you get the urgent text on your cell phone? One day? Two days? Two weeks before God sinks the eight ball in the side pocket?

I remember when Elenin fever was at its pitch. I watched, and I watched, and I watched as people got sucked into the data vortex straight up into Google Sky, where a portion of space had been blocked out, giving rise to apoplectic blasts of dire warning and apocalyptic foaming at the mouth.

I witnessed one poor bastard on Facebook lose his mind and then his family over his obsession with Elenin. He was so convinced that we were being lied to he furiously copied and pasted as many claims as he could that supported the arrival of Elenin. It came and went and so did his marriage. His wife left him. So in some ways, Elenin did bring him the end of the world, his world as he knew it.

The global brain is still connecting the synaptical circuitry of invisible cords, firing etheric neurons that pulse and flash like quarks impersonating as inspiration. We’re working out the kinks, so we might lose a few every now and then in the beta version. They’re out on the front lines, getting their circuitry fried, trying to ground the current long enough. It takes practice. It takes patience. It takes blowing a few fuses every now and then to know how to modulate the voltage, filtering out the hum and distortion. You have to eliminate the noise.

But for all of our thinking and linking, we’re still just scratching the surface of other worlds. For all we know the guy that lost his wife due to Elenin madness might have been right. Maybe there were ships up there that scattered the space debris far and wide of the Sun. If there were, would NASA tell us? This is the world we’re living in now. On a macro-level, its on a “need-to-know” basis. We’re only gonna get the vital data and stats when it doesn’t matter.

So we’re opening our channels and it leads to proclamations like, “These are the last 26 days of your life.” Yes, that’s a reference to Clif. We’re all still here on the West Coast. Instead of going after Iran, Israel has decided to take some target practice at the Palestinians. For now, WWIII has been averted or at least pushed back.

Jupiter keeps moving placidly ahead, forming a sensual trine with Venus and Pluto. Oh la la. Who cares if Mercury has moved backwards as long as it takes us right back to bed and hopefully not alone. Over the next 24 hours, you should definitely be making love and not war.

Speaking of “love not war” and especially speaking of Taurus, there’s something that’s been spotted in the constellation of Taurus that to me, looked like some sort of freaky sex toy, but upon further review might actually be one of those massive ships that can eviscerate rogue asteroids or carriers of Dracos, if indeed its reflecting all that Tauran positivity in the grand earth trine. Go to Message To Space Eagle to catch a glimpse of this peculiar looking object, captured again, in the still frames of Google Sky.

7 thoughts on “Grand Earth Trine, Make Love Not War, Large Object Found In Constellation Taurus”

    1. a

      I’ve already been there Renee. I’ve digested 90% of that material before it hits that site. If it happens, Cest la vie. I will be speaking and typing into the great beyond.

  1. R

    How much, do you suppose, does Neptune’s transit in Pisces account for this seemingly widespread feeling of “the end of times?”

    1. a

      Renee, I think of Neptune in Pisces as a collective psychic amplifier. Plug into the end times circuit and that’s what you’ll get, 24/7. Plug into something more transcendent and you’ll get that as well. Like the guy in my post. He thought about the end of the world so intensely, that well, the universe was more than happy to oblige and his marriage ended under the weight of his obsession. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t getting fracked and that every trick in the book is getting played out to keep us dumb, depressed or dead and yet if we can manage to see through the fog, something else begins to emerge, something more than just the death rattle of the republic or the planet. Its up to each of us to hold that space without fear of reprisal or fear in general. Everyone has to put on their big boy and big girl pants now, get out your waders while you’re at it. The shit is coming down. No doubt. But in my humble opinion, we are far from alone in melting its pervasive influence over us.

      Its a shamanic initiation on a grand scale.

  2. J

    Wow Robert! A big Aho for your last reply to Renee and also a cool synch in that I came here from watching a Max Igan video about The Goddess Energy where he says basically the same thing regarding Fear. Also that the New Age claptrap of avoiding dark stuff so as not to give it energy is contrived and even foolish because paying attention with objective concern is very different (and a wise use of discernment) from reacting out of an emotionally charged place. Good Stuff all around.
    I am so glad I stumbled over here from Les Visible’s blogospere a couple months ago as I have really been enjoying your writings/perspective and check often for the latest. I admit though to being a novice where astrology is concerned so can’t follow some of those aspects (pun intended tee hee).
    I found it interesting when I read about the phenomenon of yourself and other acquaintances putting down/losing interest in addictions/intoxicants lately.
    Last time I drank, smoked and toked–my unholy trinity–was a quiet New Years Eve spent at home. Unfortunately, they have been replaced by the real gateway drug: SUGAR! The first one I got hooked on many decades ago and the hardest to kick! Which is what I originally stopped by to share….that I thought of you last night after I left the store with my pint of Ben & Jerry’s “phish food” and it struck me in the parking lot~”could it be the influence of Neptune in Pisces?” LOL {I originally went in for something else entirely and called my twelve yr old son for advice so it was a mutual spur of the moment decision!} Anyway, I gave myself a chuckle over it.
    Lastly, and sorry for the long comment—I’ll understand if you don’t post it—came across a site in my web surfing today; that is dedicated to Orphiculus and wondered if you have any info about it in your archives you could direct me to? I’m curious what your take is on the 13th zodiacal sign.
    Phew that’s it for now and thanks for all the food for thought…great vibes here! PS Excellent piece on Thrive btw

    1. a

      I love it. Phish food. That’s awesome. When I stopped drinking my desire for sweets was pretty high. I was into ice cream and good chocolate. Nine months later about the only thing I’m on is coffee. Not quite ready to let that one go. I did do a piece on the serpent bearer and I think it pretty much sums up my feelings about it.

  3. J

    Thanks for the link. Not sure though if I’m disappointed or relieved-as one born in the year of the Snake 7-17-65 I guess my vanity was wanting something more 😉 Had to laugh though at the perfect photo and caption as well as; “just now the MSM are all over it like a meat nightie on Lady Gaga” I so enjoy your clever wit!
    I will say that I wasn’t keen on being a Gemini rather than Cancerian….but did entertain the idea of the duality as a more plausible explanation for my life long struggle with feeling bi polar 6_9. I suspect the Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Leo Rising is to “blame” as in “look at me on this stage dazzling you with my brilliance but then again don’t look at me or at least don’t let me be aware that you are looking at me cuz I’ll just die and where is my Oscar?….but is it possible to pretape my acceptance speech so I can have a do over if I screw up blah blah blah” Good Grief–it’s quite a ride ain’t it! Be well.

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