Google And Cameron Doing More Than Just Data Mining–Asteroids The Next Big Resource

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Let the bidding begin.

In the quantum now of my universe I seem to have to be posting in a different fashion, since my time has become fairly constrained for now, so instead of epic posts that are real time/energy reaches for me now, I’ll be posting more frequently but with less words, sad to say, since I love the written word and accessing it is a truly healing balm for Chiron in Aquarius in my 3rd House. It heals the eternal wound, key after key, entering and returning, activating the key shift and delete moments in my life.

Speaking of Chiron and other assorted asteroids, a story broke yesterday that “Planet Resources” a mega company funded by the founders of google and James Cameron (yes that James Cameron) are planning on mining asteroids, under the research and findings that certain asteroids could yield more platinum on one, flying speck of rock, than all the platinum mined on the history of Earth. Now this my be some astronomical hype for a titanic IPO, or it could be the next big thing in resource extraction. I think its not only interesting, but deeply ironic that Cameron made a shit load of money from a film about the egregious mining and ore extraction of an Earth company on a distant planet. Its only a movie–right?

A quick peak at yesterdays sky map shows Ceres the asteroid associated with nurturing and replenishing the essence of life at 5 degrees Taurus, conjunct the Taurus Sun, at 3 degrees. Taurus of course is emblematic of the Earth, gems, minerals, etc. Ceres in Taurus speaks of an overflow, an abundance of all things Taurus and earthy, and minerally, etc., etc. It lead the Sun when the story broke yesterday around PR’s intentions. The Taurus Sun was chasing Ceres.
Vesta was at 26 degrees, in pioneering Aries. Vesta represents focus and commitment. Here in Aries, it’s all about breaking through and accessing innovation (often without a great deal of deliberation). An interesting side note is that NASA launched “Dawn” in 2007, a probe to actually interact with both Ceres and Vesta. Dawn reached Vesta in August of last year and will contact Ceres in February of 2015.

What this story really speaks to though is the technological divide that is getting wider and wider between the haves and the have nots (and this is just the permissible version of it). People like Page, Bryn, Cameron, Gates, Eric Schmidt, Peter Thiel and others are using their enormous resources to access the best minds and technologies to further separate themselves from the rest of humanity. The techno gap is getting wider, deeper and longer. But will it make their lives better? Will they all use nano-tech to prolong their lifespans to 3-400 years so that they can achieve god-like status? For those of us less monetarily endowed, I think we can all say that they can kiss our asteroids.

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14 thoughts on “Google And Cameron Doing More Than Just Data Mining–Asteroids The Next Big Resource”

  1. i

    The way a lot of this stuff unfolds is often unfair, but beneath the resentment for the high-profile front runners, the question being begged is that of humanity’s future. Can we really expect to achieve some steady-state hunter/gatherer arrangement a la Derrick Jensen, or do we need to become an interplanetary species and join the big party? With so many things going wrong down here and all the intramural squabbling, it’s almost impossible to envision a different approach, whatever the issue. But something has to change.

    1. a

      Thanks Tealight, Appreciate it. Just not sure how much I can trust Bryn and Page with flying objects in space, based on the particular social orbit of Google, especially in light of its latest changes. BTW, I had a helluva time sleeping last as well.

    2. a

      I hear you. Someone has got to do the heavy lifting at some point on this planet. Guys like Page, Bryn, Cameron, Thiel, Gates, Schmidt, Ellison, et al are the Morgans, Gettys, Rockfellers and Mellons of our time. The difference is, is that the individual has more conscious awareness now than they did way-back-when. Self-awareness has mostly supplanted a more deeply held religious belief that was much more widespread in the early part of the 20th Century, in a heavily Christian/Catholic social milieu, all tied and bound together with that charming Calvinist work ethic. That’s not to say that the Robber-Barons did not have their critics back in the day. People like William Jennings-Bryan and even Huey Long saw them for what they were. But the average man was more than willing to work hard for his stake, perhaps even with the knowledge that he was helping the elite, moneyed class become fabulously wealthy. There was likely more of a conscious tradeoff than we might realize in the hearts and minds of the average worker.

      Its a much different story now, especially with the explosion of technology and ubiquitous networks which allow for the rapid dissemination and distribution of knowledge. People are more aware and yet that awareness does not always translate into the ability to create change or activate will. That’s the big gap between the haves and the sort of haves. We still cannot completely disconnect from the need for resources, which allow us to build, transform and grow. Simply put, they have more at their disposal.

      Now some people might believe that we have a spiritual resource that cannot be commodified, and in fact would be the ultimate power, linking us up to the free energy of the cosmos, making us thus, “cosmic beings.” I resonate with this, since it seems as though we have been blocked, fooled, distracted and diverted from this most salient realization and inchoate awareness for thousands of years.

      Fairy tale? Maybe. But what else do we have to hang our coal mining hats on?

  2. t

    Thanks for your words, as always RP. One does receive a healing at a deep psychic level after reading your blog or listening to your radio show, I know I do. Mentioning that you have natal Chiron Aquarius in your third house explains it very well.

    Unfortunately I don’t get a healthy vibe from hearing this news about mining asteroids. Maybe it’s my Chiron Pisces in 10th that senses the material greed behind their intentions, or it’s the feeling of sorrow i feel from any body of pureness being raped; be it Earth, planets, asteroids, or humans. But I’ll stick to Ceres… which, btw, I believe, is currently on my Progressed Sun, that you pointed out for me in a recent reading, and which I’m most grateful for. So, feeling lots of energies, as my triple Pisces self generally can, I was soooo bummed out yesterday… for reasons unaware to me really… and I did not hear of this “mining news” yet, then.

    On a bright note, intuitively, I feel in the vastness of our multi-universes of Cosmos… they can mine what they want… but they will pay the karmic price for greed for sure. And, the rest of us who can be born anew someday will see our very own higher self created planets, stars, asteroids, or even entire universes as a result of the highest grace, love, and intentions. Where as, these rapist, greed mongering psychopaths will see nothing but bare, ravaged planets that they, in their afterlife, will inhabit in a total state of hell like depravity of their minds. Mark my word.

  3. Cameron is a magician, and I am not complimenting him as I say this. He knows that the depths you can reach are relevant to the heights you can attain – down, down to the water cave and now up, up to the cosmos. I would dearly love to know what technological artifact he got in that cave that is enabling him to fly.

    1. a

      Did you ever read my piece on Avatar? Cameron is a 33rd degree Mason. Theoretically, he shifted from the Sons of Belial to the Law of One camp, which shifted his content. He went from dark and dystopian (Terminator) to hopeful and affirming (Titanic and Avatar). There’s also the Cameron connection which is quite interesting. Lots of’em out there. From the time traveling Duncan Cameron to the iconic born again, Kirk Cameron, with a stop at David Cameron somewhere int he middle. Good catch BTW with the depths and the heights thing.

  4. d

    …and Ceres will tell them…”even geeks have to eat”
    Call me british…but wouldn’t it be cheaper to check out the ones under hudson bay and the gulf of mexico? [is this why bp killed the gulf – 11 dead!?]
    Now the swedish mindswiped slaughterer is on trial for 77 dead…it stinks… how easy is it to slip in a few more bodies to make up the numbers?
    Speaking of numbers…
    Century 6 – 24 * Pluto squares Uranus
    Mars and the sceptre will be found conjoined
    Under Cancer a calamitous war
    A little after a new King anointed
    Who for a long time will bring peace to the earth

    Please GOD let this happen before the yanks bomb Iran

    1. a

      I don’t think it’ll be the Yanks bombing Iran if it happens–it’ll be the Israelis with the Yanks providing sea power with half their fleet in the Gulf. But those big ass ships are sitting targets for the faster, smaller Iranian gunboats with the Russian “Sunburn” missiles on them. Those big ships can’t maneuver that quickly in the narrows of the gulf. The US could lose half its fleet, easily in battle scenario.

  5. Awesome Avatar posts, thanks for backtracking me. Every time I see the name Cameron, I see the word Camelot. As much as I am in awe of your work, I wouldn’t want to be in your head (I know you wouldn’t want me there either) – how the heck do you keep it all in order? I suppose it helps to pump it all out to us as fast as you are taking it all in. Man, your synapses must just be on fire! Seriously, I can only take you little bits at a time because: your head+my head = internal combustion at times!

  6. P

    Totally agree…i sent him some emails saying dude, you the more doom you push the more you draw it to you! He didnt respond…I’ve noticed George Ure who got me interested in Clif, has softened up the doom a bit…and in a round a bout way so has Clif now though its deep within so like you said, thankfully things aren’t quite manifesting in the manner predicted!

    I kinda like the multiverse even more now…

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