Goodbye Aurora Campos, May Your Light Find It’s Rightful Place Home

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

On the other side of the mirror now.

Outside, on the peripheries of my life, details crash from the perimeter about people I’ve never met and their tragic life and death conditions.

I wake up.

I learn of the death of Aurora Campos.

Aurora had become woven into my FB alterverse. She commented on my posts, listened to the radio show and even showed up in the chartroom a few times. She was esoterically turned on and hella street smart.

She told me stories about her past lives in this one, hanging with big names she could not mention, doing things she would not talk about to others. Aurora was in the game before it was the game.

I got that it wasn’t so glamorous when she got out of it, because the game doesn’t end all that well for most. There’s a few variables and not many of them have happy endings attached to them.

But I also inferred from her that she was cool with her life, loving her familia and opening to deeper and deeper levels of maya in this realm, so deep in fact, that she had eschewed all symbols, seeing them as inherently evil and charged with the spell binding properties that keep us entrained on this dimensional plane.

Maybe that was her passport out.

She was done with it all.

I had been seeing her less and less and missing comments like, “U crazy!” I sent her one message to see if I had pissed her off and that she had left my virtual me. After a bit of a delay, she got back to me. Here is what she said, “i absolutely did not! i have taken a vacation. i have 2 things can only share with u….”

And that was it. I learned today that she passed from cancer.

It’s ironic that I would find out under Mercury in Cancer, retrograde, hearing about it a month later.

Meanwhile, this very same morning, I found out from another, virtual friend who relocated to a major city in the west to help her daughter raise her grandchildren, that when she arrived, she found her daughter involved in a prostitution ring. Tragic would be a gross understatement.

This type of connecting out of the physical is unlike any reality we’ve ever encountered before. Our connections weren’t ever this far afield. We might have extended families and friends of different stripes, floating in the orbits of our experience, long and short term, but nothing quite like this. We didn’t have emotional connections with text and static images, occasionally a Skype channeled voice.

This dis-embodied network of affiliation was as foreign to most people as high tea on Titan and yet here we are, assembling emotional touch points with avatars, phantoms and ghosts, people that never were in the truest, physical sense, and might never will be either.

But does that invalidate their existence? I have lines and lines of text to and from Aurora. I sent her one of my blog posts before I posted it because it was a pretty charged piece and based on her DNA and cultural place in this world, I wanted her perspective, just to make sure I wasn’t overstepping my bounds. She responded with clear and very positive feedback.

So what does it all mean? How do I respond to her passing? What to do about my other friend, whose daughter is caught in the depths of a very American vice?

How did we get here?

Granted, this isn’t the norm. I have a stacked 11th House with Moon, Mercury, Venus and Neptune, all up there, so I’m a bit more inclined than your average person to have a series of complex relationships that evolve over distance and digital transmission and yet, in the Plutonian depths, with Saturn in Scorpio on my Neptune, even I’m having some challenges comprehending all the layers.

On the plus side, I suppose we’re learning how to handle more complex and increasingly abstract relationships. There’s a strange omniscience that emerges, something akin to understanding the multiplicity of relating and caring from an outside perspective and source.

Is this how we all learn in some ways from the holographic program how to care for others from a multi-dimensional place?

Are we in some ways gods in training or is it is just another shaky vehicle to patch up our severe case of collective disenfranchisement?

Is it just another channel to stave off the onslaught of our ongoing depersonalization? I can’t be sure at the moment. But in any case, I’m dedicating this post to you Aurora Campos.

I caught flashes of your essence bursting through your syntax, revealing your spirit in code, a line of light in a realm where symbols are redeemed. You have been reclaimed by your source and are no longer caught on the hooks of barbed and toxic symbolism, with the supernatural memory of slavery and historical entrainment that goes along with it. You are no longer bound with the leaden cords that wrap themselves around our spirits like a noose.

You were bright, funny and endowed with the kind of heart that only a fully lived life would gift you with.

With the New Moon in Cancer, yet another symbolic reference you might have eschewed. I hope you are home now, safe, at peace and one with the stillness of the cosmic ocean, beginning again or not, wherever your spirit leads you. Rest well, while the rest of us sort through this tangled mess of a planet you wisely left behind.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Aurora Campos, May Your Light Find It’s Rightful Place Home”

  1. What a beautiful and touching tribute. If only for this encapsulation of how Aurora impressed her essence upon you, one could encode the destiny of your meeting; “based on her DNA and cultural place in this world” with a knowing universe guiding every step and living word.
    God bless and keep you Aurora.
    I seem to recall some touching and salient comments on this very blog from her, “revealing her spirit in code”?
    I have wondered as I sat in a theatre, watching the most recent Hobbit series in 3D, and considering the evolution of the screen, from black and white and seemed to be a simper time, Mayberry and all of it, to our own complex development both in reality and in digitized world coming more and more alive virtually as our complexity unwinds and blooms.
    Glad to be riding the stars with you Robert, your narrative of the experience makes me feel blessed, all on its own.
    Thank you, and thank you Aurora for touching us all, and imprinting on our friend Robert your essence, to bloom ever after.

  2. t

    Beautiful eulogy of Aurora… You are such a dear friend and due to your calling so enmeshed in so many people’s problems-serious problems. You help so many with everything you do-your care is much appreciated by those of us who’ve needed you in our times of great need. Aurora is out of this energy loop and she is free from all the earthly bindings. I am hoping that she didn’t suffer too much or too long. So many eaten up with cancers of all kinds and I’m afraid with the eco disasters perpetrated upon all living things that it will even become more common than the epidemic presented to us all right now. The tentacles of this dis-ease are many and quite horrible. Glad she is no longer enduring the cancer and out of this place.

    love you dear man…

  3. a

    ah aurora we hardly knew ye…but yes….what is occurring now with our online communications is nothing short of…cosmic. well it is slightly short of it because we are not there yet but with regard to emotions and even ‘sensing’ what our online friends are feeling or thinking as we live and dream offline is really quite mind boggling when you think- as robert has — about where we once were and where we are now. i cogitate on this often — i am astounded by our ability to ‘commune’ with so many so constantly and believe it is a big baby step leading us all to our inherent ability of non-technological, seamless communication with all and everything.

    a prayer for the spirit of aurora wherever it lives now….

  4. I took you all kayaking with me today. It was glorious to push away from the white sandy beach and dip our paddles in the warmed gentle ocean. Madronas clinging to the cliffs above sandstone, rock and driftwood, carved and bleached by time and the elements. The silence was so nourishing, seasoned only with the faint whoosh of an eagle’s wings. I thought of you, the community, how we touch each others lives and how I wanted to give each one of you the sweetness of this vignette on the ocean, where nothing was amiss. Cancer energy is so soft, telepathic. Goodbye Aurora.

  5. Rob,

    Thank you for memorializiing our friend like this. She would approve. <3

    Strong sincere connections built online, I liken to the ones built off-line…in a way. Say, on the job. There are some co-workers you know in person, yes, but you'd never share any personal data with them; while there are others you go out to lunch with and share a great deal about your personal life with. Same wit' fb, can't just getcha inbox oN wit' just any ole body. With Aurora you could–and while she DID give you her sincerest take on the matter, you never felt "judged" in that icky way. I love her for that–always will! See you on the other side, Roarah! <3 R.I.P. Rise in Power! A'se.

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