Giant Buzz Kill; Introducing Jeremy Lin, B-Ball’s Tim Tebow, Zero Degree Virgo Sunshine

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Linsane in the membrane.

The universe has a wicked sense of humor. The New York Nephillim, I mean Giants, barely had a chance to shine in the glow of the Super Bowl’s lesser light when some Taiwanese-American kid with a crew cut, who by the way, also happens to be a Tim Tebowesque Christian, has taken New York by storm and somehow managed to eclipse the Giant achievement. Yes, I’m talking about Jeremy Lin.

If you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is, I guarantee that if he keeps playing the way he has been, you will.

Let’s get the key astro stuff out of the way, do a little back story, then drill down.

Lin was born on 8/23/88 to an upper middle-class-family in Palo Alto. He’s a Virgo at 0 degrees. That means his Virgo Sun is opposing Neptune, exactly. Lin’s instant flash of fame came almost to the day when Neptune shifted into Pisces.

He plays for the New York Knicks, who with three of the highest paid players in the league (Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler) for lack of a better term, sucked. Anthony, who never cared more about his own shot than anything else epitomized the Knicks failure. All his prodigious talent and salary was not translating into wins. When the ball got to Anthony, it usually ended there.

The Knicks were sagging and coach Mike D’antoni was rumored to be on the hot seat, weeks, maybe days from losing his job. Then the high strangeness kicked in. Amare Stoudemire’s brother was shot and killed. He had to leave the team. Anthony goes down with an injury. The two Knicks point guards, Iman Shumpert and Tony Douglas were highly ineffective. D’antoni looked at the end of the bench and saw the Asian kid with the crew cut, who had been whacked by two teams already this season and like D’antoni was hanging by a thread as a Knick. D’antoni called Lin’s number and made him the starting point guard. Four games later, the Knicks have not lost and Jeremy Lin has set records that have launched him into the elite status of NBA superstars.

In his last four games, he’s scored, 25, 28, 23 and last night, he outscored the great Kobe Bryant with 38 points. They’re calling it “Linsanity.” His quantum leap into the limelight is making everyone ask the following question; “Just who the hell is Jeremy Lin”?

From an astrological perspective, his game is modeled on his 0 degree Virgo Sun. He hustles. He’s fundamentally sound. He makes other players better. He does the dirty things like take charges. All things that you would expect from someone channeling pure Virgo. As I mentioned before, as a result, he is standing out (outstanding) against the scrim of Neptune in Pisces. The opposition in this instance is really assisting Lin.

As we detox from the Super Bowl, we can see that there was a real Neptunian vortex over Indianapolis. Madonna’s halftime show was an orgy of proto-Egyptian/Babylonian/Kabbalistic overt symbolism. There was also likely subliminal messaging in the music. It took me four days to exorcize her sticky medley out of my head. It was a woozy Piscean, smoke and mirrors, twelve-minute-portal that sucked the life out of the Super Bowl and who knows what else.

Well the fairy dust had hardly settled when Jeremy Lin had somehow magically transformed into the Taiwanese version of Larry Bird. Instead of going on and on about Eli and the Annuaki, I mean the Giants, New Yorkers could not stop talking about a kid who is sleeping on his brother’s couch in the lower East Side. Did I mention that he’s a Jesus loving, testifying Christian? I love this stuff.

Anyway, anytime you get a natal Sun at 0 degrees, and I don’t care what sign its in, the energy is present, potent and radiant. The most distilled aspects of the Sun are amplified–no matter what sign–even a Virgo can be a star.

I can’t get Lin’s birth time, but it looks like he has an early Cap Moon, so we know he can be cool under pressure and able to handle the hype and heat of the Big Apple. An early degree Cap Moon likely means Sun/Moon Earth trine. Lin has shown amazing body control and a real sense of fearlessness going up against the best players in the world. The Sun/Moon Earth trine is kinesthetic body knowledge and fluidity resulting in intuitive spatial awareness. This kid has it.

Transiting Pluto is conjunct his natal Neptune. This is a fascinating aspect which younger people born between 1984 and 1998 have and are going to experience as Pluto lurches froward. The energy between the two planets in Capricorn is about removing boundaries. Pluto is power. Neptune is dissolve. Capricorn is ambition and ascent. As Pluto touches Neptune here, the governor is lifted and the individual begins to see what they are truly capable of if they remove the judgment of their own inherited or perceived limitations. Neptune also trines Lin’s Sun and Moon, which likely accounts for his ostentatious and public displays of praise to God. The Neptune/Moon trine gives him a bit of artistic flair as well.

Dropping down a little further, he has a fascinating conjunction with Saturn and Uranus in Sag (25/27 degrees). I know the 25th degree intimately since that is where my Jupiter sits and the Sabian Symbol for it is quite appropriate for Lin; A Flag Bearer In Battle. This speaks to Lin’s fearlessness and picking up the flag for a flagging franchise. Sag is the sign of athletes and normally, Saturn/Uranus create a bit of a grind (think foot on brake and gas simultaneously) but when aligned in the right direction, especially under the galloping rhythms of Sag, it can be a type of controlled explosiveness.

Lin must also also be feeling Uranus in Aries as well, since his Mars is in the sign of the ram at 11 degrees. With Uranus at 2 degrees now, Lin’s dynamism is set to peak in June and July of this year when Uranus hits 8 degrees and Jupiter reaches 4 degrees in Gemini, conjuncting his natal Jupiter exactly. Can you say NBA playoffs?

While it’s going to be extremely difficult for him to maintain this torrid, record setting pace, Jeremy Lin, is not a fluke. However, with both western and eastern stars aligning for him, 2012 will be his greatest year as a professional basketball player.

Its a true pygmalion story. He’s a Taiwanese-American kid that was passed over by Stanford, a school just blocks away from his house. Instead, he played at Harvard. He was cut by the Warriors (his hometown pro team) and the Rockets and now, well, he’s managed to rip a chapter out of the book of Eli. Yes, he’s displaced Manning as New York’s man of the moment.

God, I just love the cosmic irony of these strange days.

Better get used to it.

In the video below, you’ll see the “Kobe System” which is chocked full of more illuminist symbols and Luciferian “superstars” like Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins and Kanye West. Keep in mind that Jeremy Lin outscored Kobe Bryant last night.

2 thoughts on “Giant Buzz Kill; Introducing Jeremy Lin, B-Ball’s Tim Tebow, Zero Degree Virgo Sunshine”

  1. I love this kid! NYC is in love with this kid! I find it hilarious that Kobe was talking so much shit about not knowing who Lin was…well he sure knew who he was after Lin scored 38 points on him. BOOM! I also noticed that Jeremy & Kobe share a birthday, just 10 years apart…I was just remembering what a hot ticket Kobe was when he first came onto the scene. I wonder what the synastry is like between their charts & if Kobe is feeling the clock on his career.

    The Kobe system is so blatantly Illuminati, I’m wondering if they’re thinning the veil in order to rev up for something terrible.

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