Getting Clear, Getting Real, Getting March’s Horoscopes For All Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


At this time last year, I was gobsmacked by The Virgo Full Moon, conjuncting Saturn at my mid-heaven and opposing my south node in my fourth house, transiting Sun, eventually tugging on Uranus in my fourth as well. Reality slipped and I crashed into a hall of mirrors, reflecting the broken shards of my sanity, pieces of self scattered across the cold laminate of institutional foundations–the killing floor. Under the static hum of fluorescent stars and ever watchful eyes, I had to plan my escape through a chemical haze, affirming the watchers expectations, uncovering the coded matrices of acceptable behavior, eventually transcending them, ascending above their Minos maze. With the wings of Daedalus, merging vision with cunning, I tricked the tricksters at their very own game.

Now, I dwell at the corner of the earth, an interzone of zip codes and county lines, where trains unload and decouple, where freighters launch their way towards the rising tide of the east, each and every day. This year brings more intensity with The Virgo Full Moon as my father begins the transmigration of his soul, sprouting wings for the long journey home. The chrysalis of the body is nearly cracked and splitting with light. Soon it will not be able to contain the effusive burst towards liberation and escape. Soon. But not quite yet.

It took a lap around The Sun to close the distance between us, the years of hurt, the assignment of blame, the grievances of generations unaddressed. Death melts the stiffest and most obdurate chains around our hearts with a molten radiance, bubbling up from the core of our being. If we could live, even with a partial sense of the fragility and sanctity of life, our world would look very, very different indeed.

The powers that be have played upon our fear of death and the illusion of separation. The have conned us into supporting “isms” with utmost urgency, but none so damning and possessive than materialism/capitalism. I am not condemning capitalism in favor of some other “ism” social or communal. I am critical of it in this moment as we have allowed it to somehow grant us the false power of life ever after in “things.” The consumer is reborn with each purchase. Big ticket items hint at immortality, the toys and fetishes of pharaohs, objects beyond the ordinary reach of the common man. But always, they fail us. The Porsche in the garage is idle while it’s driver is being consumed, cell by cell, unable to turn the key anymore.

What’s important to you? Is it our skies befouled by grey streaks, barium webs of nano clouds? Or is it our food, infused with genes from animals, insects and reptiles? How about our water, filled with tranquilizers, anti-depressants and fluoride? Maybe it’s another body shipped off to protect the corporate interests of the state, where they will lose parts of body and mind, then come home to a world that doesn’t care? What’s important to you?

In a time of death, our priorities become lucid visions of the real, yet to be made manifest. You are a human. Don’t regret it. Don’t ever forget it. Celebrate it.

Let’s look at the scopes for March

There’s a scene in “The Matrix” when the “The Oracle” says to “Neo,” “Go ahead, have a cookie, once you finish it, you’ll be right as rain.” But preceding that home baked homily, she wonders if Neo is actually “The One.” She casts a spell of doubt in his head, all the while, pointing to a saying over kitchen door, the same admonition which hung over the oracle at Delphi; “Know thyself.” The first part of this month has you shrouded in the shadows of doubt. You know you’re on the precipice of something larger than you’ve ever experienced and yet you still cannot be totally convinced of this fact. Don’t worry. Reality will shape and conform itself to your output of consciousness and by the time The Sun shifts into your very own sign, you will regain a sense of confidence, moment-by-moment, step-by-step. One of the big pieces for you is and has been for a while, relationships. Surrender? Liberation? Both? Your allegiances will make you feel like they’re pulling you in two. Can you be true to self and another simultaneously? This sweet alchemy is a dichotomy of duality and you get to live it out. Unlike The Oracle, I will not tell you that you hold the life of another in your hands, but I would be remiss in my role, that you might hold the heart of another in said hands, which is almost the same. There is no wrong choice per se, unless you allow others to make your choice for you. Don’t act quite yet. Wait until the 20th, then move without reservation and trust that you know yourself well enough to commit to a course of action that will ultimately reflect current internal processing, when made manifest.

Get your rest while you can. “Megitate” as they say in more stonier circles. You’re going to need it. By this time next week, you’ll feel as though there is a volcano in your soul that is stirring, getting ready to blow. Don’t stress out though. You know, the bull is slow to anger, but once it explodes, look out. Instead of exploding, you’ve got to learn to channel the intensity and the restlessness. You’re getting the message. A sense of urgency. Time to move. But how? When? Where? It’s all so frustrating without any clear signs. You’ll have all the energy you’ll need, in fact, maybe too much at the end of the month when you will be set free. I’ve gone to great lengths to find you this video on youtube. It’s from 2007 and it’s the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona. Usually, the bulls blitz down the calle on route to the bull ring. In their wild rush, they stampede the occasional runner, too slow, drunk or stupid to get out of the way. But on this clip, there is a particular bull, who is in less of a hurry to get there than the others and figures out that if he stops and turns around, he can pick off a few unsuspecting runners that God has deemed worthy of some ironic twist of fate and tasty karmic kickback. I’m showing you this video because you are not quite ready to explode out of the gate and stampede down the street just yet and when you do, get there with sense intensity, but take your time and make sure that if you need to do God’s dirty work on the way, do so and take no prisoners in the process. Just for kicks, here’s one more video of a bull who has decided to play by some very different rules.

If there was ever a time where you could getaway with a workman, the early part of March could certainly give you a tryst with a twist. Maybe it’s a convention in a different city, or perhaps you meet a soulmate of sorts working for a competitor, or maybe the crazy gal that dumps her cold coffee in the office plants, becomes an unquestioned ally. Work brings strange bedfellows on many different fronts as the curtain rises on the early part of the month. You’re out there enough to go with the flow, but when the energy shifts, mid-month, so do you. Experience gives way to organization. The odd encounter might lead to a whole new community that opens you up to vast and wild ways of seeing the world. There is a great movie from The 80’s that completely flipped my wig when I first saw it. It’s called “Montenegro” and it stars Susan Anspach.. She plays an incredibly repressed wife of an incredibly repressed Swedish businessman. In a strange series of events, she winds up in the company of a traveling, Montengren circus, where she meets up with a salacious troupe of randy carnies from The Balkans. It completely and utterly changes her life, in fact to such an extent, that she finds her true self in the meeting of such obvious others. Now, you won’t go to such extreme measures, nor will you become whisked away by vodka huffing pagans, but you will connect with a group of people that will have a fairly profound impact on your destiny. Not only will you feel a sense of kinship with this cast of oddballs, they are even going to quickly look to you for some sort of guidance and leadership. Yes, it does seem a little surreal, but what isn’t these days?

Of all the signs the recent quake in Chile probably hit you the most. Astrologically, you are attuned to the subtle vibrations of distant lands, especially as they ripple through the mantle of the Earth and her oceans. Pay close attention, because this will not be the last time you will have such a sensitive reaction to the effects and the aftermath of a quake, and I would pay much closer attention to your body overall. During periods of heightened tension and stress, especially ones that seemingly appear out of nowhere, take notice of it in your body and trace it’s emanations. Write down what you feel. Draw what you see. What you will be doing is linking up your own bio-sensory network that can not only feel out disturbances in the Earth’s geomagnetic grid, but also in personal relationships and even in your own life. While I don’t want you to run around with the idea that you are nothing more than an emotional seismograph, going off at every minor disturbance, it’s critical that you pay attention to formidable ripples in the matrix. By doing so, you’ll develop an even keener sixth sense, a powerful feeling for self-preservation and a geomantic clairvoyance that will serve you for years to come. Meanwhile the ability to move forward on creative projects for cash money get green lit and brings you back into balance with your creative output. You’ll find numerous allies to help bring your product to market, for they’ll see in you an authentic ability to lead without leading. Pluto is still cranking up the heat in your relationships, especially as it continues to square Saturn. Let’s face it, you are in it for the long haul, but a commitment that lasts a lifetime might only really be 1-2 years in the emergence of quantum time.

That sound you hear is the buckling of the chains that have been holding you back. The forces of inertia cannot hold sway any longer. Your titanic struggle and strain against them has not been without vain. A prisoner of your own thoughts and belief systems, you have searched and fumbled for the right key or position that would liberate you from the gravity and suffering of your current state of affairs. First there’s anger, frustration, rage, irony, surrealism, humor, despair, more anger (less this time though), a crack at surrender, then a few prayers, meditation to cool the mind, seeking answers outside yourself, noticing others in similar straits (ah you’re not alone) seeing a few people actually prosper (fuckers), more strain, some hopelessness, a brief respite by a random act of kindness, try a little more surrender, then the existential, what the fuck? Well all of that has not been in vain. It’s created enough tension to loosen the lock on your spirit. Come mid-month, you will summon one, last, regal roar and blast those chains to smithereens, fearless and no longer forsaken. You understand that if life is worth living, it has to be on your terms and the last few months have given you some keen insight into what that is for you. The Ram kicks in for support and new relationships, connections and possibilities are born. Get ready to pounce on the impending moment without fear and don’t look back at your cage, because it simply will no longer be there.

In “Eyes Wide Shut” Tom Cruise plays a doctor (healer) which is a Virgoan occupation. He is at the beckon call to the rich when they get in a jam or to lend support. He represents a good little Virgo until his wife (Nicole Kidman) shatters his illusion about fidelity and the motivation that women have for having sex. It triggers his neurosis and self esteem, sending him spiraling out into the dark night of his soul where he follows the call of pianist, Nick Nightingale (a gale force night) to the pit of power and depravity. He cannot handle what his eyes of seen and his Virgoan innocence and naivete is stripped bare in front of him. Then, he has to deal with powers beyond his comprehension, demons he’s unleashed in his life as a result of his puerile curiosity and search for self. The place he goes to is the interzone of Pisces and Aries, where the commingling of illusion, power and ritual sex gets played out before him. At the end of his nightmarish odyssey in hell, unfortunately, he still doesn’t get it, clinging to illusion and the sentimentality of hope, like a child and his nursing blanky. Don’t make the same mistake this month. You may not enter into a den of mind-controlled-sex slaves, but the veils of innocence part. You have glimpse into the belly of the beast and a realm beyond illusion. Keep your eyes wide open from that point forward.

Saturn continues to work it’s dark magic on your memory. It’s taking you back on a journey into the heart of your relationships, from your first love to mommy and daddy. It’s kind of like the life review at the end of the tunnel of light, but a little less dramatic and it may not be a conscious check list of who, what, where and when. It’s triggered by a scene in a film, a line of poetry, a stranger that resembles someone you used to know, a toy you used to have. These are all mnemonic devices, triggers that will send you back into the holodeck of those relationships. It’s essential that you let these reveries play themselves out and not only be a mere witness but to reanimate the emotional signal they transmit. If it was loss and grief, so be it. If it was incredible joy and giddy anticipation, let that come forward as well. This is critical for you now. You’re in a process of soul retrieval of sorts. This time, with Venus conjunct Uranus, it gets played out at hyper speed. You can move fast and re-assimilate if you are willing to put in the work. By the month’s end, you will be facing some very powerful reflections and it’s in your best interest to prepare for those strange and surreal meetings of the self. You might not always like or agree with what you see, so braiding strands from the past will actually weave a protective coat over you, shielding you from the harshness of your visage revealed without blinders or filters. It is the last part of this first stage of assimilation and breakdown and integration. On the other side of April, you will be slowly regaining your emotional and psychic equilibrium and bringing new insight and depth into all existing relationships. You’re moving from pupil to teacher.

I’m listening to Porcupine Tree as I type your scope. The lead singer, Steven Wilson is a fine representative of your sign. He is not afraid of the dark side. You can hear it in every chord and subterranean passage of his music. The great thing about it is, is that he has found an appropriate outlet for his shadow to come out and play. That’s part of your dance this month. The early part of March gets you into mythopoetic rhythms and spaces. Lovers become archetypes and creative acts hint at the numinous potential if they are followed and played out. Mid-month, everything tilts on an axis and you will be called upon to really put your heart into your art. When I say art, I don’t necessarily mean art in the traditional sense, but the art of living. The art of being you and finding the most appropriate expression for it. Not every Scorpio is a psychedelic, prog-rock shaman like Wilson, but you don’t have to be. All that is required of you in the latter part of this month is to bring your intensity to the surface and let it permeate what you do. Don’t be afraid to show your hand, or make overt displays of passion. There is a profound sense of permission you will grant others in the process of letting the fullness of your psyche come to the fore. In essence, you will be exhibiting some form of integration. The only challenge that I foresee is the internal critic that will chide you about what is right and respectable. This goes back to childhood when you were not allowed to fully show up. But the times, they are a changin’.

There are few things more amusing than a Sag at the beginning of Spring. The fresh scent of flowers, the planet’s pheremonal creation across all life forms wakes them from their philosophical slumber and their body kicks into gear. All of a sudden, love or lust is in the air and the heart becomes a playground for possibilities. If you happen to know a Sag and they are at a party or some social event with you later this month, sit back and watch them work the room, grazing from fascination to fascination, soul mates and chardonnay every five feet or so. Then there’s always the philosophical justification for their wandering ways. But it’s all part of a process of waking up for them, stretching their various bodies awake for the months to come. This month also marks a considerable shift for them in terms of being able to see the world from a much higher and positive perspective. A sense of adventure infuses your system and you are ready to hit the road or at the very least try something completely different. The world and all of it’s struggles may not be changed by overt hand wringing and ambient rage, but your world could definitely use a mood elevator ride to a higher and more breathtaking perspective. The view from that place could be so inspiring, that the world will change subtly from your ability to move from chronic cynicism, to unquestionable awe. Make it so.

While you’re still trying to get acclimated with your new super powers, you’re being called upon to become not just ethical, but more of a champion for the underdog in your place of work/career. You can see how certain types of people are held back to some degree by the social institutional standards. Normally, you respect them as they give you a sense of proportion, balance and protocol. You have built your life in some ways on platforms that are more the social norm than not. Hierarchies, chains of command, etc. But now, something is different. Your own humanity is coming alive and you are beginning to see terms in ways that are not so absolute. People that have been conditioned by their system are responding to your seeing something different in them. This marks a major turning point for you and you will practice it over the next two years–it’s about power versus empowerment. If you hold onto too much of the former, you will become something of a pariah to a world that is waking from it’s sleep of control. You have a chance to be a al leader in the days, months and years to come, but you have to know at some point that you already have enough and now it’s more important to share the secrets and skills of how you got to where you are. You’ll be finding yourself spending more time away from home in the workplace this month as well, and that creates it’s own dilemma. The more time away, the more friction. The more friction, the more time away and so on. The solution? Plan one, really passionate night per week that warms the cockles and keeps the home fires burning, without them turning into an uncontrollable blaze.

I have a good friend who is an Aquarian. She has recently discovered the power of “Biocentrism.” If you don’t know about “Biocentrism” it’s basically the theory that we create consciousness and we have ultimate responsibility for our reality and that nothing else matters. We create our reality and the universe conforms to it in matrix-like manner. It’s actually a pretty decent theory and places the responsibility of creating ones world solely with the intention of the individual. Sounds great. But there is an inherent danger in this thinking at times and that is a certain type of solipsism can exist and ferments into a particular brand of spiritual narcissim. My Aquarian friend is abandoning her progressive do-goodism and focusing solely on how her consciousness creates her world. With the upcoming sextile in Aries, these types of ideas are really powerful for you. They give you a sense of purpose in terms of your thinking that you might not have had in quite sometime. You’ve struggled with the cause and the lack of progress that progressives have suffered. For you, little or nothing has changed. or at least not enough. Concepts like Biocentrism can be extremely powerful and liberating but just think about what could happen if you expanded the possibility of creating your reality to include others? For you, I would direct you to Alex Proyas’ underrated masterpiece, “Dark City” which explores the theme of “Biocentrism” at it’s core. It’s a metaphor for the power of ones thoughts and how others can benefit from them as well. Remember, you are not alone.

The birthday is on. It’s been now for a few weeks. With all of the action in Pisces, it’s been a pretty juicy time. Well, mid-month, the party will draw to a close and you’ll have some more pressing issues to deal with, like survival for one. Your thoughts become much more focused on how you are going to get by and through the times ahead. Your solar return has brought you some wonderful insights and now you have to get really concrete and practical with how to make them manifest. One of the things to look out for is potential partners that are willing to lend a hand, especially those that are inspired by a good idea or the chance to make some money, at the very least. Deep down, you are seeking someone that can help you unlock the secrets of your spiritual legacy. This can be anything from a life coach, to a priest, to a shaman, to a soulmate. This exploration is not some temporary affair. You are going to be plumbing these depths for months to come. But March gives you some very clear insight into who, how and what you need. There is a dynamic synergy that is waiting to be activated between two people that starts of with business-like intentions and has the potential to go so much deeper.
While you still have two weeks left in your sign, I would lovingly suggest you get yourself to some hot springs and let the sulfuric currents bubbling up from deep within the Earth to cleanse you deeply and provide the soul-cleansing baptism for another journey around The Sun.

10 thoughts on “Getting Clear, Getting Real, Getting March’s Horoscopes For All Signs”

  1. k

    Yay, for once Leo gets a good forecast! Life’s been so shitty since January. I admit, things aren’t better, worse even, but I just can’t get down since this week. Everything around me is going wrong or exploding but I remain calm. More than that, I am bursting with energy. The more things go wrong, the more love and patience I can give. Negativity seems to go right through me and not affect me. Better yet, I am actually able to fix/heal situations. All the crappy stuff is in the social department, btw. So it’s all in the relating.

    It thought it was because of the cleanse…but I guess it’s all in the stars 🙂

  2. Robert, WOW!!!!

    That was the most amazing piece of work from you yet, at least for me. I am talking initially about the prelude. Spellbinding truth, words as if Emerson himself had written it. Just spectacularly lucid and clear. You dazzled me right past the harsh reality of what my own sign indicates, bravo.

  3. I am a fan. And I was just discussing with my husband, tonight, all the crap we, as a society, have spent our money on. It becomes more and more apparent, our wasteful ways, each time something shiny and new comes my way. Like new trains. Ridiculously-corrupt NJ spent money on new trains when we could have just cleaned up the old trains and paid to have them run more frequently.

    But I guess that the latter would involve paying workers more and treating them more respectfully. So that’s out.

    Can’t wait to see what happens when the luster wears off. Ugh.

    This Libra is moving from pupil to teacher, huh? I like the sound of that. I used to work in a classroom. Hate our school system so I left it behind in 2007. Since then, I’ve been enjoying various professional roles, hoping to make my mark in the world…

  4. I noticed you mentioned Biocentrism in the aquarius forecast. I am almost through the book Biocentrism from Dr Lanza and I think it’s just awesome. Did not think of the connection with Dark City but you right about how the movie a good metaphor for the theory in action.

  5. d

    a beautiful describing of death and the father – our fathers and the humbling now – how gentle we must be, but truthful and kind despite all the greed and wrong doing.

  6. Thank you for that deeply touching insight in your prelude. I also appreciate the horoscope.

    I look forward to continuing reading your blog.


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