Get Out Of Denver Baby, Ritual Sacrifice For DIA, Redeeming Chiron In Pisces

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The NightMare of DIA

Leaving Denver was very different yesterday. The Rocky Mountain dump that was just beginning when I left last Thursday night was melting and the Green Shuttle shot across the glistening toll road like a rivulet of grace, gliding towards DIA where of course the talk about the underground city and all things occult associated with DIA came up. We talked about the crazed blue horse that greets everyone upon their arrival, a true nightmare, eyes glowing in the high winter sun, crazed and apocalyptic.

The driver told us that when they hoisted the horse’s head upon the torso at his studio, it fell and struck the sculptor of the beast (Luis Jimenez) in the leg, severing his femoral artery, whereupon he bled to death. That was on June 13, 2006, when the Sun was at 21 Gemini and Pluto was at 25 Sag. So we have a Sun/Pluto opposition. Duality. Strangely enough, Sag is slightly dual as well, being half horse and half man and all. The Femoral Artery starts right at the lower part of the hips, upper thigh, where the sacral region descends downward into the lower torso, which is where our “lower” nature resides. So the head of the horse, symbolic of it’s thinking capacity severed it’s creator off from his instinctual, or animal self. Flipping the script with Gemini curiosity and deftness. The thighs/knees also rule Sag.

We then talked about the other creature on the east side of the airport, a large statue of Anubis, keeper of the dead, guardian of the underworld. I suppose if you were to have a deep, underground base, you might want to have Anubis presiding over it’s safety and security. Interestingly enough, you can’t get to the east side of DIA now, since they are building a massive hotel and and convention center at the mouth of it, just past the indigo night mare. So now the upper part of DIA is becoming more and more like a city itself, with each passing day.


Once I entered the belly of the beast that is DIA, I descended downward into the entrails of the TSA, where our identities are masticated, our personal belongings broken down and our bodies passed through the electromagnetic colon and we come out the other side, reassembling our various pieces of scattered matter back into form. Only this time it was much different for me.

I entered the line and there was a woman asking me to touch a small, blue screen. I did. And from there we were either shuttled into the left line or the right. I thought this was very odd. Why didn’t they just say go to the left or the right? Why did we have to swipe our digits across that touchscreen? Well, my best guess was that this was a way for people to get used to offering up their fingerprints for TSA as the next level of security measures are about to kick in, which always means more technology, more personnel to run them, more money for training, etc., etc.. It’s a cash calf at this point.

So the right side of the line was a little station where they were checking palms for explosive powder. Another fun little sideshow on your way to someplace else. For some reason, they weren’t that interested in reading my palms for their explosive potential. I got straight to the front, while those on the left were still snaking their way through TSA’s lower intestines. Not only did I get to the front, fast, I even went through the old school scanner without taking off my shoes, removing my computer or belt. It was like it was 1989 all over again. Once I slipped through, on the other side, people were getting the pat down and the feel up. Luggage was deconstructed and strewn upon grey, plastic tubs. it was like I was operating in a separate reality–not that I am complaining mind you.

When I got back one of the long time listeners to the show sent me a rather extraordinary email, which I am sharing with you in it’s entirety, right here. It was in response to last week’s show with Andrew Norton Webber. Andrew is a proponent of drinking nothing but distilled water, but also Orine, or what most of us call, “urine.” It was a slightly controversial show as some people couldn’t swallow the concept of drinking one’s own pee. But someone could and did. Here is what they wrote:

OK I was totally haunted by last week’s show. I mean it really got to me. So I read The Water of Life on Saturday and I was absolutely lit up by the info.

I’m a healthy person and haven’t had any significant health issues but every time I go to the doctor to address an issue, I’m given another prescription.  I was becoming slightly alarmed looking at the 4 pills I take every morning – allergy, heartburn and two different ones to manage menstrual/menopause symptoms. I didn’t want to be a lifelong pill popper for every symptom that came up – it just didn’t align. I’m in touch with my body enough to know I can ask for inner guidance for healing so your show was timely even though I spent most of my time listening with my mouth hanging open:)

Sat night after reading the book, I decided to start the next morning but to get an idea of the taste, I did a couple of drops under my tongue and rubbed some onto a tooth that I had been nursing with salt water rinses. The jolt I got was immediate. My mouth tingled and actually wanted more! The spot where my abscess was shrank within 10 minutes and the “buzz” I got kept me up for hours into the night. When I finally slept, I dreamt of drinking my water and pouring it over me from head to toe.

I got right up Sunday AM and drank my morning brew! I also saved some and have been using it on my skin. Robert, I’ve taken to this like I’ve been doing it for years! It’s the most natural thing I’ve ever experienced.

This morning, I did not take one pill. Normally, by 10a my heartburn is alerting me that I’m late and I’m going to be sorry if I don’t do something quick. Nothing – all good. My allergies – zero symptoms. I didn’t take a pill for my hot flashes last night and had a peaceful (read: dry) night. At work we had a lunch meeting today and since pasta with red sauce was on the menu, I went and drank another cup just for reinforcement and I sit here writing to you 2 hours later with no trace of heartburn.

I have talked to NO ONE about this. I don’t know anyone who can handle it. Of course now I recall old people saying things like “pee on it” when talking about bug bites and stings but I don’t recall anyone saying drink it:)

Four days of this and I’m all in and can say the changes have been immediate and well worth the initial discomfort of imbibing from your loins. I look forward to what develops as time goes on.

Once again, I write to thank you for what you do. This is a life changing decision. I mean I really feel like this changed the trajectory of my life.”

Needless to say, I was a little blown away, but it got me to think about Chiron in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces and perhaps the alchemical mystery behind all of this. If Chiron is the activator of shame and perhaps guilt, then perhaps this statement might shed a little light on this taboo subject. I was fascinated by the possibility that there could be some healing properties associated with redeeming one of the most irredeemable of our body functions. And with Virgo as the back end of Pisces, there might just be some real knowledge here, streaming forth into our consciousness.

15 thoughts on “Get Out Of Denver Baby, Ritual Sacrifice For DIA, Redeeming Chiron In Pisces”

  1. J

    Very interesting about Orine. Maybe I’ll try it if I my heartburn problems return. I’ve been all about Julia Ross’s Mood Cures since the Sun has been disappearing … my favorite supplement so far is the 5-HTP. Makes it seem like I’m on the beach in midsummer during my childhood when all I’m seeing is frozen earth, salt crusted roads and barren tree limbs … I have a new appreciation for the deep purples of the night sky at this time of year in ice locked wind swept Boston. I’ve also reincorporated eggs and fish after being a solid vegetarian for some time .. the result is great vitality and feeling bigger and better and bolder. Maybe thats just Sag …

    DIA is a place I really want to see/but not at all … did you check out the murals? Or are they in the section that is now closed for construction?

  2. OK, I feel like a wuss. Maybe if I was actually sick, I would try it. I definitely disagree with Webber’s comment that water carries no energy. He even mentioned Dr. Emoto’s work specifically. I think he has more to learn there. Still I’m not suggesting I would throw the baby out with the distilled water.

  3. n

    There is a certain cynical post modern attitude with money, that overlays spaces that have not recovered from the previous or anticipated overlay. That is just rude.
    Probably better to call Denver a gravitational mystery spot, and not attract tourists. Hell, the savages know better than to approach that kind of stuff without invitation, and sponsors. Now, just piss on that, mark a border that cannot be attacked, at least without some rude behavior.

    Probably only matters if one lives long enough to remember different, those plains were full of buffalo, and medicine, the new horsies and dogs do not belong to the older situation. I do not blame them, or anything else, stuff changes to fit the sense of things, most cannot be home, or stay here. I might have gone another way.

  4. p

    distilled water does have something to it based on my experience years ago and synchronous enough, i got back to it about 2 weeks ago now in anticipation of a new year next year. i planned to basically do an entire lifestyle redesign but didnt want to start 1/1/14 so began biting of pieces here and there.

    the water will taste metallic at first, this being the first test so to speak; some i know, didn’t get past it. it is leaching it out of your palette, this being what ANW describes as your tastes will change. its magnetic water and first thing to go is the metal mouth we dont know we have…hehehe…

    if you take two pints in the morning, its better than coffee if you enjoy the movement it gives…if you keep drinking and get up the gallon he’s talking about a day, all the smells dial up…the second test i suppose. the third is unknown as I got away from it and am just now coming back and quickly went through those two again…

    i actually experimented with baking soda for about 8 months or so and hit a wall due to the salt…the funniest part is i had a first ever gout attack at 30 y/o’s this year. i believe the inorganic minerals can’t be filtered by my kidneys fast enough and so its being left behind in my toe (its probably heavy) where it blew up. the funniest part is some close high energy friends recommended orine therapy and i got into it for about a month.

    that’s when i realized how salty my blood was…it was eye opening on so many levels (want some third eye? seriously ritualize the first time u do this in any manner you see fit. be completely open when you take the first cup…go for a lot, we want power…and you get it, on many levels, mostly subtle until the loop is closed for awhile). after awhile though i couldn’t keep going b/c my diet sucked so bad and i was eating baking soda and eating with mineral salts to cover up the meat and grains i intuit aren’t that great for this body.

    so piece by piece i’m going entirely a harmony of raw fruits/veggies with every now and again chicken, fish and eggs focusing on spices over adding salts and see where that gets me. the mound builders of america’s bones have been discovered and it was noted in a book written by a university professor, they had double rows of teeth and near burial sites, the only meat they ate was fowl, mostly chicken i believe; other wise was hunter/gatherer.

    i’d say clean your blood first using distilled water and if you’re really weirded out i’d try to fast for 24 hours before on a distilled water cleanse so to speak, eat stop eat style (dinner to next dinner). i’ll get back to it at some point that feels right…i’m got into alchemy at an early age so i understand the distillation reality as part of a greater 7 step process. check out where distillation comes in….

    have fun with it…also look up a little gem of a book called the book of aquarius which leaves me at the last thing i wanted to point out. i’m surprised it wasn’t brought up on the talk, the whole age of aquarius and how ironic it is we’re talking distilled and living waters…



  5. I

    I started the distilled water Friday night-so it has been a gallon a day on Sat, Sun and now today I’ve done 6 cups or so at 11am.

    One thing that hit me today was that coffee tasted yucky. Really bitter/sour. Choked down two cups so maybe this will be the end of a habit with the beginning of a new habit?

    Read your post the other day with the person ‘starting with drops under tongue’ etc. I tried it Sunday after a good 36 hours of distilled water. Tastes like chicken!!!…broth! hahahaha that’s how salty it was. Really get it how over salty I am and have been cutting it all out since that taste test.

    Still feel like I’ve got to cleanse out more before taking orine all the way straight. I did some half and half in the water and it made me wretchy.

    I had remembrance of Michener’s book “Centennial” whilst reading your post. Need to read that one again. History and prehistory of Colorado region.

    and oh, I read a ‘recipe’ for doing distilled water. It was “2 cups upon a rising, another 2 cups prior to breakfast, another 2 at mid morning, another 2 pre lunch, another 2 mid afternoon, another 2 pre dinner and another 2 after dinner-mid evening”. A whole lot of peeing going on!

  6. S

    I started doing orine therapy a few days ago and am experiencing quite a decrease of arthritis in my joints, improved vision and concentration, better skin and hair, etc… Thank you so much Robert for bringing this practice to my attention via Andrew Norton Webber and for all the great work that you do. Here’s a video with others giving testimony —

  7. n

    water that begs for change, that is not tech. That is like taking what little is given, and making life out of the small disagreement. Shiny does that all the time, just the part that gives hydrogen, oxyfied compounds, it really does not take much, but that is that vetted stuff that runs wild in physical constants, but obeys the command to hold fast. I do not know how or why that narrows everything into choice. Maybe that is the part of the picture that messes up the painter, and the painted. Black Body Radiation, I do not know how that is not understood by the Visible Spectrum as a certain something to be paid attention to.

    Seemed normal, some get shiny, some drag, some probably are deciding to risk a jump, or two.

  8. n

    I think of course water has memory, and it used to be important to draw from a source that has transformed trauma into more Life. That helps the clouds, and weather, and people, and such. Entire nations of lifeforms migrate to sacred springs, no rational explanation for certain instincts, thank goodness.

    That is of course going on in outer space, kind of a big deal. Up there, looks like optics, lots of living and dying going on, and migration. Distilled water still remembers, but that does not begin to tell the real story, more like a certain thing that has been altered for safety. That is like a lobotomy for social safety, lose memory, and nobody remembers enough to do anything but replicate.

    Oh, and thanks for letting me post here, it is nice to share.

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