Gemini, The Attention Thief Of The Zodiac, Celestial Spy, Galactic Upsetter, Elliot Rodger & The Isla Vista Chart

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Surreality reflected

Gemini is here, a dazzling hall of mirrors and like clockwork, we’re dealing with the reflection and amplification of duality right on schedule. On the twentieth of May, the 9/11 Memorial Museum opened and the Sun was at 0 degrees Gemini. Fitting since the Twin Towers were a symbolic representation of the sign of the twins. If you’ve followed this blog and my shows on GaiamTV, you are probably also aware of the fact that Uncle Larry, Larry Silverstein, happens to be a Gemini.

What makes Gemini, so fascinating, important, perverse and even deadly? First off, it’s exactly opposite the Galactic Center in the sign of Sagittarius. The GC in Sag represents a type of cosmic consciousness that is constantly pulsed in the form of neutrinos. Earth, along with all of the other planets in our solar system, and even in others solar systems wheeling through our galaxy are the recipient of this celestial gnosis.

The expression of Sag energy in it’s prime dispersal is the manifestation of truth, freedom, justice, wisdom, higher knowledge and the gateway to the upper room. As we move through the final degrees of the GC in Sag, these energies become more fleshed out, more accentuated. People of Earth, even in what seems like a terminal state of denial, crave the truth. Even though the fat middle of humanity, especially in the USA is close-to-brain dead, thanks to Sodium Fluoride, heavy metal chemtrails, GMOs and EMFs, you can’t chemically or electrically alter the soul, the divine seat of truth. Beneath the calcified portal of the pineal gland, below the ossified chambers of the human heart, there is a gateway to God. Think of the GC as the soul of the galaxy itself. The cosmic pulsations are like Morse Code, the timeless call to return home and I am not talking about some other planet or world. Home is our authentic dwelling place in divine concordance. Home is where truth dwells. Home is where the intention of creation manifests as love. We all crave it, even if we project it onto different and perhaps more sentimental forms. Jupiter direct in Cancer amplifies this call for home and if we truly honor it, illusion, denial, distortion and desecration have no place there. They cannot exist at the higher vibrations of love’s sacred altitude.

Conversely, the backside of the GC is of course Gemini. Gemini isn’t interested in the truth all that much. It’s much more interested in complexity and multiplicity. One of the buzzwords of Gemini in the current vox populi is “diversity.” Sag wants to evolve everything into a higher order, one that is an overarching system that unifies faith, belief and the individual’s expression for it. Gemini doesn’t give a shit. It would rather have some sort of randomness, disorder and even chaos. Gemini also has a really short attention span. But we love Gemini don’t we? It’s always playful, mischievous, upsetting the apple cart (just to see which way the apples will roll). Geminis are great at parties and ringers for your trivial pursuits pub team. But there’s the dark side that exists on the meta-level and with Mercury in Gemini in the US chart, it’s trickster-like energies get played out in the collective in all-too-manipulative ways.

Just days after the opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, another event was in place, all the way across the country in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara.

The Elliot Rodger show, really got under at 9:22 on the 23rd of June. The chart for that moment in time has, at the ASC, yep, you guessed it, Sag, which means it’s opposite is in Gemini. Sag ASC 22 is in wide conjunction with the GC at 28. Mercury in Gemini is at 25 degrees, getting closer in opposition with a three-degree-orb.

What’s fascinating about this Gemini-type event is how it parallels not only the profile of the 2001 Isla Vista killing spree, but the actual path itself. The 2001 event was literally driven by David Attias, who, like Elliot Rodger, is also the the son of a Hollywood director. That’s the first double, the first parallel. Both were deemed mentally unstable and Attias was institutionalized for eleven years and released in 2012. But here’s the kicker. According to Wikipedia; Turning north on Camino del Sur, Rodger shot and wounded three people at Sabado Tarde. He turned east on Sabado Tarde, following the same route used by the assailant in the 2001 Isla Vista killings. On Sabado Tarde, he struck a skateboarder and shot another person at the intersection with Camino Pescadero. On Sabado Tarde near Little Acorn Park, site of the memorial to victims of the 2001 Isla Vista killings, he once again exchanged gunfire with Sheriff’s deputies, and was wounded in the left hip. He turned south a second time on El Embarcadero, then west again on Del Playa. He struck another bicyclist, then crashed on the north sidewalk just east of the intersection of Del Playa and Camino Pescadero.

Double the trouble

From a pure, astrological perspective, we can see Mars at the MC. Mars is force, will, and even violence. In the sign of Libra, it’s in it’s fall. The masculine energy of Mars strikes a strident chord with the feminine energy of Venus. Mars/Libra war of the sexes? The violent balancing of the scales? This is what the aspect would indicate on some level. Pulling back, we can see the version of the Cardinal Cross being reenacted, this time with the Moon standing in for Uranus, closer, more directly. The Moon/Mars opposition is yet more violence. Now, with the Moon in Aries, the whole issue with guns would come up, especially as it relates to the sentimentality (Moon) played upon by one, Richard, Martinez.

(Notice Mar(s) embedded in Martinez). Again, from Wikipedia; “It is also used sometimes as a component word of a multi-word surname such as Martínez del Río. Martínez comes from the personal name “Martin”, itself derived from the Latin Martinus, whose root is Mars, the name of the Roman god of fertility and war. And what do we see highly aspected at the apex of this chart? Mars. There’s a war going on here people. The Grand Cross in this configuration is like a hammer, especially with Pluto in the first. Pluto takes no prisoners and is on the transformational point, like an attack dog. Uranus in the fourth is deeply destabilizing, not necessarily to the people of Santa Barbara, though I am sure this wasn’t anything close to being a progressive dinner party, but to the root and core of the family in general. Richard Martinez, in true, Mars-like fashion, went on the offensive just hours after the shootings/stabbings. Martinez throws a flaming Uranian cocktail through the LED screens of America by basically telling everyone who has kids that it could happen to them (while strangely and inappropriately smiling on occasion). In fact, Martinez has become the new, Santa Claus-friendly-face behind gun control. Within mere hours of the event, it was politicized, almost like a finely tuned, marketing campaign, which brings us to Simon Astaire.

Simon Astaire has it all. He’s a best-selling author (Private Privilege), rich, shags the lovely babies, comes from a powerful, British/Jewish family. He’s also a master marketer and what’s known in the biz as a fixer. A fixer is a guy that can solve problems, thanks mostly to a network of high powered influencers. Some of Astaire’s most notable clients come from the Royal Family. He’s also a friend of Peter Rodger’s and he is, get ready for it . . . . a Gemini!!!! Ding, ding, ding. Astaire was born on June 3rd, 1961. There are also some striking parallels between Astaire’s life and one, Elliot Rodger’s. Here are some fascinating snippets about Astaire’s life and book from the “The Jewish Chronicle Online”; “Astaire, London-born, is the son of stockbroker Edgar Astaire, who is chairman of the Jewish Memorial Council, and interior designer Lesley Jacklin. He was educated at Wellesley House in Kent and Harrow School – two pillars of the English public school system. And the experience of being a lonely Jewish schoolboy at his prep school and then at Harrow has, he believes, led to his present dissatisfaction with his life, and – more importantly – his inability to commit to relationships with a series of beautiful women. As he and the therapist began to explore his experiences at school, Astaire began to write things down.”

Elliot Rodger was seeing a therapist as well and of course, he also wrote a few things down too. Then there’s this final paragraph from the JC Online piece; “Since the publication of the book, Astaire has received scores of emails from contemporaries at Harrow who shared the misery and loneliness of being a public schoolboy. It was not something, he says, which could ever have been talked about when they were actually at school – it would have been seen as a sign of weakness. Whether it means anything at all to this narrative, Mr. Astaire has Mars in Libra, at 10 degrees, right on the event’s MC.

Is there anything in this chart that should at the very least question, if not outright doubt the official story? The answer is a “hell yeah.” Looking at the 3rd House, ruled by of course, Gemini, what do we see there? Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Astrology 101; Neptune and Chiron in Pisces offer up everything from distortion to a sense of false pathos. Chiron in Pisces in the 3rd is crying sans tears. It’s the approximation of emotion. It’s the simulacra other, tear ducts abandoned and dry. Not only that, but the Gemini Sun is Squaring Neptune. Sun square Neptune ALWAYS causes us to reevaluate any person or situation due to layers of confusion and illusion. Getting beneath the surface of the Sun/Neptune square isn’t easy, because, well, coming up with an alternate POV, can often be classified as crazy.

Saturn is the most well aspected planet in the chart, having a grand time of it up in the 11th House. That’s the house of media, social and otherwise. It’s in a fixed sign, aka Scorpio, that means whatever message is broadcast as a result f this event is rubber stamped as the official story. Pluto, in mutual reception adds corporate juice and some status quo mojo. Jupiter in trine expands the message. The Bi-Quintile to Mercury adds authoritative voices that likely go unchallenged.

While Gemini is the prankster of the zodiac, as we have mentioned, it also rules the mind. Mercury squaring Chiron, in Pisces reverberates with messaging regarding mental (Mercury) and Chiron (Health). So we are being inundated with stories about how sick Elliot and yet, this was a kid who was said to live a life on the couch, visiting therapists from a very young age, all the way up through college. It’s certainly not a ringing endorsement for the psychiatric community if this is the case. However, instead of questioning whether or not it played a role in Rodger’s supposed attacks, the dialog is about more psychiatric testing and more meds.

In a perfect, brave, new, world, people would be mandatorily tested for mental health issues and then be given a strict, treatment program, which would include SSRI’s and other mental health industry goodies. This isn’t far off BTW. If there are 2-3 more (and there will be) events such as this, neatly tucked into the folds of Obamacare is mandatory psych testing. Want a job? Take the test. Want to go to university? Take the test. Going from middle school to high school? Take the test. If I were you, I’d start buying shares in Merck and Bayer. Mercury square Chiron also brings us back to the validity of the event itself. When Saturn eventually moves into Sag and squares Chiron at 20 degrees on December 23rd, 2016, there’s going to be some splainin’ to do around these parts. Saturn will also square Neptune much earlier. I’ll be writing about that in more detail later on.

There’s other tasty tidbits in here as well, like Santa Barbara is at the 34th parallel, just above the famed 33rd degree parallel. It’s close to Los Angeles (34) (Dallas (32), Memphis (35), Oklahoma City, Atlanta (33) and Phoenix (33) where they had the Bobby Kennedy, John Kennedy, MLK slayings, The Murrah Building bombings, Olympic village bombing and the Gabby Giffords shootings/events. As a sidetone, Raytheon, a long time, government contractor and newly announced tech partner of DARPA also has an outpost in Santa Barbara. Not far from Santa Barbara, in the town of of Castaic, Raytheon contracted out to the local jail, where they tested their Active Denial technology on inmates. It’s essentially a death ray that uses microwave technology to fry you just beneath skin level, where all of your nerve endings are. Raytheon built the microwave oven back in 1945.

When Gemini is in the air, reality and assorted variations of it are a kaleidoscopic fractal where nothing is as it seems. The only thing that makes sense is patterns, clues and the deconstructed narrative.

20 thoughts on “Gemini, The Attention Thief Of The Zodiac, Celestial Spy, Galactic Upsetter, Elliot Rodger & The Isla Vista Chart”

  1. t

    Excellent stuff as usual Robert, thank you. I had to chuckle reading the first couple of paragraphs. Had a rough dream this morning, with two giants pursuing me in some type of post apocalyptic world… one of them screamed ‘gnosis’ at me. at the time i thought he was yelling his name. now, not so sure. things are happening faster now, its harder to keep up with the psyops. no sooner had Elliot Roger thing fallen off the headlines then the next one exploded onto the scene… the Gowe Berhdahl show begins… strange days.

    1. a

      Strange days indeed. We are under attack. These psyops are being perpetrated on the American people. They aren’t like 911. They can’t afford that at present. 9/11 was a Louisville Slugger to the forehead and was years in the planning. These events are like death by 1,000 paper cuts. They are incessant and ongoing. They are also being staged by the very same people that are destabilizing Ukraine.

  2. K

    Love this article, from your writing style to the exposition of the topic. I’d been wondering, this past couple of weeks, what the “F” is happening with Geminis. Suddenly, they have seemed especially thoughtless and cruel or manipulative. I suspect the events you write about are going to lead to more gun control, and/or closer examination of people who seem to be unusual, for better or worse. I used to clean the Raytheon building during the summer of ’88. I never saw anything odd there except the volume of little wire clippings I used to vacuum up, and they had these stainless steel bathroom stall doors that had to be treated carefully or they’d rust. I graduated from UCSB (psychology, ’89). It was an idyllic time for me. It was shocking to see these recent events unfold at street names where I lived, or shopped, or partied during my years there. Though your writing is about the stars, I find it grounds me.

    1. a

      Thanks Kim. The Goleta Raytheon may not be mass producing death rays, but I think it’s noteworthy that they are in the general vicinity.

  3. T

    Your amazing deconstruction, which is truly beyond brilliant, is so appreciated.
    Interesting to note, and you I’m sure, already realize the satanic ritual element;
    The two parallel murder attempts occurring on Sabado Tarde street. Sabado of course is
    Saturday; Saturn’s day..

    1. a

      Yes, I noted that. Tarde is derived from the word, “Tardus.” Here are the various meanings of that word; From Proto-Indo-European *tʰer-, *tʰor- (“delicate, frail, weak”); see also Lithuanian tarnas (“servant”), Old Irish terc (“scanty”), Sanskrit तरुण (taruṇa, “tender, fresh, young”). Frail, weak, tender, fresh and young.

  4. J

    I’ve been curious about the line between Gemini and Sag stretching across the galaxy. I think of G. as a gate of a different kind, and add to my thoughts the twins called Monster Slayers, the strange sons of Changing Woman. Coyote plays a role here as well.

    1. a

      June, you bring up a good point. The Twins have played a truly important role in the form of tricksters and even polarized creator gods, like Enlil and Enki. However, something happened during the assassination of Gemini, Kennedy that changed things, reversed polarities and altered the timeline. We are now living in some sort of multiphasic overdrive, manifesting as a type of mutation, a social metastasis. Of course, the corresponding physical allegory is the widespread epidemic of cancer.

  5. J

    It didn’t occur to me that this change applied to the gods or other spirits. I’d thought that a different reality was pulled through the gates, one other than that intended. Among NW tribes there is bone gambling using two ‘sticks,’ male/female, etc. The creation stories are related to this – power songs, hereditary power, etc. In other words in certain circumstances one can ‘pull’ on this opening. I assumed this is what had happened. I’ll go back and re-watch Gaiam videos to see what I missed.

  6. M

    Maybe, that alteration of the timeline 50 years ago was necessary for exposure. Like in discovering your true self. Not that I’m fond of the idea of more and more people dying of cancer and societies falling apart.

    The events in the Ukraine might well be a tipping point and a sign of an unavoidable reset. I wish we wouldn’t have to go through this whole shebang but how else do you flush out the mischievous?

    The only way out is in.

    1. a

      It does come down to that ultimately. But it’s also no guarantee either. I remember witnessing the horror of the Bush admin and the Neocon war criminals and thinking how they were essential to our awakening and that bitter lesson now seems lost. Let’s hope this version carries a few more numbers towards soem sort of critical mass.

  7. t

    with the slender man knife attack and the Vegas white supremacist anti-government shooting spree in the last couple of days, it certainly seems that the agenda has been kicked up into high gear. meanwhile war and financial collapse press closer… but sadly, so many Americans remain so unaware.

  8. K

    Hi there. I found your blog while trying to figure out what in the heck is going on. Several of my friends with gifts of a Neptunian nature as well as myself are suddenly advanced in the level of known skills and/or acquisition of new ones. At first I thought it was just the Merc Rx since I am Virgo and am often sent people who need my help during these periods. I suddenly have ideas about complex situations involving components in which I have no expertise, only to read an article which seems to confirm them hours later. In speaking with a long term friend about other issues, we discovered that we share extremely similar beliefs as to when/where/how our next incarnations will be and that it involves a major evolutionary change. Patterns are repeating, synchronicity is in the air like I have never experienced. Given the typical retrograde associations I cannot tie these particular visions to the past as they are all future themed. (I am having some typical retro experiences, but they are pretty obvious.) Is this a Neptune Rx Q Galactic Center influence? If so for how long and should I have my entire chart analyzed for the particulars I need for my journey. If not, what the heck is it, because of my friends (2 west coast, 1 south west, and one on east coast) having similar experiences (which none of us have had before, much less at the same time) only the strongest Neptunian charts with indicators of special talents and having most of their “work” behind them are the ones affected to this degree. I am sorry for the rambling – I am having trouble explaining this.

    The article I mentioned above actually seems to apply to the subject of this blog with regard to what is happening on our planet and our best chances for changing it. It is an intense interview with Henry Giroux and a is a big bleak as to what extent the American civil right to speak out against the government and change it has been decimated while the population as a whole is being brainwashed, distracted, or otherwise incapacitated to the point of unconditional surrender. I am posting the link and please accept my apologies in advance if this is a faux paux on your website.

    Thank you very much for your input and again my apologies for what is clearly NOT my best work on a research project/blog post/request for help!

    1. a

      Hahahaha. That’s quite a rambling, circumnavigation around the subject so to speak. Sounds like you are having a next level awakening. I’d need to know where Neptune is in your chart for a personal application, but there is something there on the collective level, which is about the dissolve of the veneer. Neptune rules all solvents, including things like turpentine (which dissolve) and Linseed Oil, which binds pigments together in paints. So we are looking at a complex application of Neptune, both dissolving and binding. Sounds like as your enculturated beliefs dissolve, you are also binding with others to form complex arrays of color and tone, creating something new in the context. Does this help?

    2. a

      BTW, I do not agree with the author’s premise that the Tea Party is racist and that anyone who does not agree with Obama is a de facto racist as well. The world is being run and controlled by 2-3 significant factions that work with and against one another; 1) House of Rothschild (London/Geneva/Tel Aviv/New York/EU). 2) The Jesuits/Holy Roman Empire. 3) Satanic Networks aka secret societies, Hollywood Babylon, etc.. All corporate and gov entities evolve out of all three.

  9. t

    >>2-3 factions

    Robert, imho, these factions are all controlled by the same force, regardless of whether they are aware. People on the net tend to bring up the Jesuit thing quite a bit, but without looking into who founded the Jesuits… it seems the same people that created the so called bavarian illuminati and also infiltrated other masonic groups. Of course they fight among them selves, because as we all know, in satanism and evil generally, there is no loyalty… power rules all, and you keep what you kill… (as the necromongers told Riddick).

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