Gemini Stellium, Ed Snowden’s Rectified Chart, Twin Cabals In An Ancient Battle, Solstice Looming

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


He’s a shadow, a specter, a burst of code incarnate. He emerges from a tropical chrysalis leaving his contortionist, soul-seeking, pole-dancing-acrobabe behind. He’s falling at light speed out of eden with the code keys to the tree of knowledge, flaming, burning his legacy onto the celluloid frames of our memory. Or at leas that’s what Edward J. Snowden feels like. To say that he’s been disruptive is putting it mildly and yet, as per any event that flashes before our eyes, we have to question, who, what, where, why and how? They are the first principles of journalism, much of which has been abandoned today, like the brow-beating and completely anal tonguing of the security state delivered by The New York Times’ David Brooks. You know the guy that the liberal press loves to tout as “getting it.” You know, the guy that helped sell the war in Iraq. Yeah, that guy and his pompous lecturing of us all as he sits behind the firewall of thought control, running cover for all his pals that capture data and crunch it for profit on a daily basis.

At the very least, whoever Ed Snowden is, he’s smoking out the vermin as they rush to defend the surveillance state like it’s the violation of some vestal virgin when i’s really just an airbrushed lady in red who will sell it’s secrets to the highest bidder. Think what you want about Ed, his motivations, his contacts, his methodology, the light of truth has been unleashed and refracted into a PRISM of experience, consciousness, conscience, betrayal and doubt. Find the ray of light that you can ride on and surf it till it brings you home. That’s the secret of the prism in an alchemical sense, but on a broader, spy vs. spy level, it’s the fracking of our lives, filed away, stored and profiled in massive computers that can, using every little snippet of data predict what you will do under any given situation. Think of all of these computers mashing and smashing all that data in mega traunches and spitting it out to see what it would look like under any pre-programmed circumstance.

Putting it in terms that you might recognize, let’s say some catastrophic scenario is programmed by one of these beasts, for say Cleveland. It could be anything from a tsunami coming off of Lake Erie, to a nuke meltdown, to a terror attack, to an alien invasion, to a civil war. They could literally run sims to see how every, single person they have data on would “likely” respond and then come up with an overall group scenario. It’s micro to macro, macro back to micro and thousands of variables, all played out in some kind of virtual alternate universe where the world has ended a thousand times over and new forms of everything have been put into place. Somewhere, buried in the side of a mountain, an alternative, holographic universe is being spun out of all of our “data.” Everyday, we provide the analytical touch points for this exercise, even now.

So who is Ed Snowden?

Details are scant but emerging. He is a high school dropout. Don’t hold that against him. I’m sure Bill Gates would have done the same if he didn’t have to appease his Boeing rich dad and go through those Ivy league motions.

Snowden decided that he wanted to follow his conscience and help stabilize or Iraq or something like that, so he signed up for special forces, which didn’t go too well. He broke both legs in a training accident and was summarily discharged.

Then he shows up as a security guard at a top secret facility in Maryland. From there he seems to rise through the ranks, moving from outside security, to inside security. There’s very little mention as to how this happens. Nowhere in his bio does it suggest that he has any type of arcane knowledge pertaining to software or code, however it’s now coming out slowly, that he had knack for computers….

Let’s get into his planets and other ephemera.

Edward Snowden was born on 6/21/1983. What’s interesting about this is the shifting date. When the story first broke, 1984 was given as his year of birth. This would have been too deliciously ironic, given the title of Orwell’s prophetic work and how it would directly relate to Snowden’s emergent mythos. So we have to now look at the 6/21/83 chart for clues regarding Snowden. Looking up the ephemeris is always informative and helpful, but unless we can set the ASC, it doesn’t really give a us a full picture of Ed Snowden’s identity.

When doing rectification, we look for clues in the past to determine how a chart can be set. For, it involves the story of him breaking his legs during basic training for Special Forces. When we look at legs and even the entire skeletal system, we look at Capricorn as it symbolizes the shins and bones in general. Second House Capricorn is basic, fundamental, grounding and training. When the ASC is set at Virgo, especially at the 27th degree, some interesting patterns emerge.

The first thing we see is the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in the 2nd House. Saturn of course is the ruler of Capricorn, which represents the shins and the skeletal structure in general. The Second House is fundamental and basic as in basic training. With Pluto conjoined Saturn, any break or fracture as it relates to the body is life changing as Pluto brings the transformational component into play. This is exactly what happened to Snowden as he broke both legs and took him from an active participant to being discharged and on the outside. At this point, Snowden becomes a security guard for a NSA related company and thus begins his labyrinthine journey through the ziggurats of surveillance. But it’s the breaking of the legs, which leads to a fundamental transformation of his life that propels him into the vector of the most dangerous man in the world.

But what motivated Snowden to go special forces in the first place? He was apparently moved by the struggles of the Iraqi people and wanted to help stabilize the country. If this is indeed true, we can see it getting played out in his 9th House. Of all the houses/signs, the 9th/Sag is the one most driven at times by ideology. Aquarius comes close, but for Aquarius, the ideology is secondary to the energy of revolution or change. In many instances, the ideology is just a cover, but we don’t want to diverge too much. The 9th House is the house of truth and justice for all and looky what we have here in the 9th; Chiron at 0 Gemini (more on this later), Mercury, Mars, TN and just on the other side of the MC, the Sun itself. Did I mention Gemini? Well, whaddaya know?

Some people might think I’m OCD when it comes to Gemini, but I believe that it’s the tabula rasa of this world, perched diametrically opposed to the GC in the latter degrees of Sag. We dwell in a world of duality and fractured consciousness that gets hammered and hammered again and again. From the death of Gemini JFK, to the fall of the Twin Towers (Gemini), it’s all part of a ring cycle (Wagner was a Gemini) a closed loop that never allows for reconciliation of opposites. However the hope and redemption of the cyclic suffering is the simulacra of oneness, a New World Order where the suffering is mercifully ended by the demi-gods of the rule of law. This is the endgame, the only way out as it is being constructed.

Gemini is also the sign of spy craft, intelligence, dual personae and double identities, which likely means that there’s a lot more to Ed Snowden than we know. He likely has an intricate web of alliances and inside fixers. Glenn Greenwald (Pisces) is currently the other half of Ed Snowden, releasing his documents through the Guardian UK. This is an interesting phenomenon onto itself. Why would a portal/publication like The Guardian move forward with this material? Why would they publish it? For ratings? Money? The US and their allies, from the UK, to DK, to Israel have immense power through any number of agencies and means to squash and kill a story if they needed or wanted to. Why would this be allowed to happen? We’ll visit more of this later with some possible Gemini related scenarios.

Ed Snowden voted for Obama, thinking that he would live up to his promises, that his highly evolved signal of humanity was real and believable. Here again, we can see Snowden being driven by ideology–something to believe in. Then in true Gemini fashion, he flips the script and throws down $500 large for Ron Paul. He’s jumping tracks, but all the while, guided by his ideology. The Ron Paul connections a little disquieting, since of course the media, you know the ones that see Ed Snowden as a traitor will be quick to point out his Libertarian tendencies. It’s likely only a matter of time before Ed Snowden will be labeled a domestic terrorist.

If we can agree that this is a good version of a rectified chart, then we can take the next leap and say that he is acting out his destiny with the TN in Gemini right on the MC at 25 degrees. Look at where Jupiter was last weekend. He also released his info in Hong Kong, which is also very symbolic of the 9th House (Foreign Countries). It was at 25/26 degrees crossing his TN, his MC and conjuncting his Sun in the 10th, just over the MC. This is clearly a very public moment/transit for Snowden. It marks the arc of his destiny.

Looking at his ASC, I have him pegged at 27 Virgo. Let’s face it. Ed’s a geek, a nerd. Just check out the frames, the neatly trimmed facial hair, the coolness of the Virgo front. His 7th House has Pisces on the DS and remember that Glenn Greenwald is a Pisces, so there is an overtone of partnership, even though Greenwald’s Sun is located in Snowden’s 6th. But the Sabian Symbol for 28 degrees Virgo seals the deal;

PHASE 178 (VIRGO 28°): A BALDHEADED MAN WHO HAS SEIZED POWER. KEYNOTE: The sheer power of personality in times that call for decision.

Whether at the religious or at the socio-political and cultural level there comes a time when obsolescent patterns of order and cultural refinement have to be radically and relentlessly challenged. Catabolic personages emerge to seize power and dictate decisions that alter the structures of society; or within an individual life, an intense urge for cathartic changes mobilizes the will, and traumatic decisions are made. At such times, the issue has to be met and, ruthless as the power may appear, it must be accepted.

At this third stage of the thirty-sixth sequence we face the un-postponable necessity for decision and transformation. Existence is motion. No static formation, however beautiful and inspiring, can remain long unchallenged. Everything bows to THE POWER OF THE WILL — divine, executively human, or Satanic.

If 27 degrees Virgo is indeed his ASC then transiting Jupiter would have indeed triggered this “catabolic moment” in Snowden’s life. However, it could also have greater ramifications as well, as it triggers even more extreme examples of ruthless power grabs and drastic measures taken to rectify the revelations of PRISM and the depth of data gathering in the Post-911 world of spooks, spies, renditions, listening parties, constitutional run-arounds and the net of the communication grid that gets tighter and tighter around us.

People have asked me, is Ed Snowden real? My reflexive reply would be; Are any of us real? But I get the inquiry. I can tell you this; I believe his motivation is real. With Jupiter in Sag conjunct Uranus in the house of Gemini (3rd) and gathering of information to unleash a shocking revelation, this conjunction is symbolic of that motivation. With Venus residing in the 11th House, Snowden has some desire to live in a world that’s more fair than the one he witnessed. The trine to Uranus in the 3rd is the activator towards that type of society.

And as quickly as he appeared, in a flash, he is gone again. Rumors have it that he might flee to Iceland, maybe Russia. If it’s the latter, it would add to the growing list of litanies against Mother Russia. From dissing Gay rights, to fomenting oppression against the Chechens and now potentially harboring a cyber-terrorist, the cards are stacking against the former USSR.

Did Ed Snowden have help? Of course he did. But who helped him and why? Is he a pawn in the game being used to enact even more draconian security measures or is he an agent of an opposing group on the inside. Is the ancient war between the Sons Of Belial and The Law of One getting more and more open as the days progress?

Keep your eye on the 21st, Ed Snowden’s birthday and the Summer Solstice as well as Prince William’s too.

More revelations are at hand.

11 thoughts on “Gemini Stellium, Ed Snowden’s Rectified Chart, Twin Cabals In An Ancient Battle, Solstice Looming”

  1. W

    Do you have any idea why Bryan Kemila of illumunatti Matrix hasn’t posted anything in two months on his website. I believe I was made aware of his blog in one of your posts and found his take on things very interesting. Then right after Boston marathon his site went silent to this present time. Only thing I’ve been able to find on internet is another persons comment on a discussion board wondering why he has stopped posting also. I find your insights interesting too though your sports predictions haven’t been too on. lol

    1. a

      I haven’t been to Bryan’s site in quite sometime. He’s generally pretty prolific. Maybe he’s just taking a break–we hope. I got a little burned on the Super Bowl, but I came close to almost all of my predictions panning out. Put your money on all things Boston now. I think we know why.

  2. t

    Read this last night-I think she was called a ballerina due to a flirty pic of her wearing a tutu… her foot showing didn’t look like any dancer’s foot to me (piscean foot expert analyst : Q)

    I think the entire story is made up of poo. Read similar stories of sim identities before. This one a friend and I delved into as it was written so badly… the story..

    Read ‘her July 20’ diary entry for example. “A ball gown”? referencing “Diana Dors”? hmmm Only 36 but “Dr Woo had trained as a contem­porary dancer before deciding to take up medical studies at the age of 22. Until last year she was working as an associate medical director, with a six-figure salary, with the ­private health firm BUPA.

    Prior to that, she had spent five years as a general surgeon at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London.”

    Sounds like Dr Woo was a compilation of ‘Ed and his girlfriend Lindsey’ …

    I had missed this update on “Dr Woo and her helper man Paddy”

    My friend and I went to the ‘website of her non profit’ which had been set up right prior to Dr Woo’s death. There was another commenter who had ‘issues’ same as ours. The construction of the story lines read like a cheap badly written romance novel. But the comments from all those praising the good doctor’s bravery and selflessness and more importantly the hatred of Moslems and those of the ME was most noticeable.

    the gardener

  3. n

    i know this guy, no one agrees with the date of birth, or what He did, as a teenager. Tracked, and anticipated before birth. Refused that anti stuff, just would not take the deal, and just stay herded, even with the breaking of the legs, and traveling. You know, with all of that tracking, and stuff going on, a lot of memories are being sacrificed to some damned consensus. Born twice, no death, and faking it, that would be some dynamic. Sounds like a spy novel, set in some stars, maybe not doubled, maybe exponential, that is what happens when that guy gets dirty.

  4. H

    Lovely post, you’ve summed up so much for further thought.

    And here’s a funny thing I wanted to mention to you about Snowden. First I digress a bit. When I first saw the picture of the legless guy at the Boston marathon in a wheelchair I thought “WTF, he lost his legs and they have him in a wheelchair? Isn’t that gonna create more blood loss”. It was so weird, just one of those thoughts that you put out of your mind (well, until the whole Internet explodes with theories!).

    Anyway, when I first saw the picture you’ve posted of Snowden I thought “he looks like the first guy they showed with the google glasses” (check it out – just google google glasses if you dont remember (but i bet you do!)). Glass “frames” are very similar, and the shadow on the Snowden’s right glass frame is where the google glasses camera would go. Both guys are thin white guys, about same age, the google glasses guy has a little more face hair, but essentially very similar. Ok, now I’m not going Ed Chiarini on you or saying it was “planned”, but isn’t it kinda weird, in a sync kind of way?
    Are things being “framed” for us? What kind of “prism” are we actually talking about? Can Snowden be for real and yet ………………………

  5. C

    “Where are the Snowdens of Yesteryear?..” This is the line from Catch 22 that crossed my mind when this story first broke.

    Who knows who this guy is… If he is truly who he says he is and his motives are sincere, I wish him the very best in all things and the protection he needs.

    And/but it does feel as if we are now operating in a veritable House of Mirrors/House of Horrors — where (in a Gemini way) things are replicated and spun in duplicate and triplicate ad infinitum.

    Have been re-reading 1984 — a good choice for these times. Very helpful to see how everything good in life is reversed and nullified, crushed, and rendered mute when absolute power prevails.

  6. t

    Just had to check when Prince William’s year of birth was. Thought it was 83 also but it was 1982. “Snowden” rang my bells for “Lord Snowdon”… Princess Margaret’s consort/husband. What caught my attention-after the ‘google glasses’ was the big mole on the left side front of his neck.

    Holly, I thought you were going to say that Snowden looked like the wheelchair guy! and ‘going Ed Chiarini on you” LOL!!!!

  7. H

    Gardener, I wondered about the Lord part too, but hadn’t looked it up, thanks for the reference.
    Also I didn’t remember the Snowden from catch-22, wow Catherine.

    Robert, not only do you have great posts, but the commenters are adding nicely to the puzzle.
    Too bad I don’t do Facebook, I’d like to be your friend.

    BTW, are we snowed in yet? As a Wisconsinite, I know when that happens you sometimes don’t get out for a while.

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