Gemini Spies, Twisted Twins and June Scopes

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

olsentwins1Monarch keys.

I love Gemini. Since most of my 7th house is Gemini, I have always been attracted to Gem women or women with Gem Moon, for better or worse. Usually both. Usually both at the same time. But more than the Gemini Anima, it’s the overall vibe. I’m fascinated by twins, dopplegangers and clones. I find it interesting that the uber-strange and creepy, Olsen twins are Gemini. The six degrees of Olsen and Gemini an also apply here. The Olsen twins of course, made their mark and fortunes on “Full House” which starred Dave Coulier, who would later go on to date Alanis Morrisette, Gemini, who would make her mark and her fortune, screaming about how much she wanted to castrate Dave Coulier in her hit song, “Ironic.” Of course, Morrisette was a child star in her own native Canada, much like “The Olsen Twins.” Hmmmm? It’s that crazy, intertwined and knotted world of strange attraction that makes Gemini so fascinating. Let’s look at another, totally strange example.

Most people know Gemini, Chuck Barris (June 3) as the wild and whacked out host of “The Gong Show.” Prior to “The Gong Show,” he was the godfather of game shows, giving us rich cultural institutions like, “The Newlywed Show” and “The Dating Game.” But Chuck also had a very odd and disconcerting habit of telling people that he was also a hired killer, an assassin for The CIA. In fact, they even made a dark and pretty hilarious film about it, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind starring Sam Rockwell as Chuck Barris and George Clooney as his CIA contact. Sharing the same June 3 birthday as Barris is Anderson Cooper, the young and dashing first man of cable news. Anderson of course is the son of jean queen, Gloria Vanderbilt. His involvement with The CIA is far from secret, even pop culture sites like Radar have written about it. Chuck Barris/Anderson Cooper, Geminspy. That’s the strangeness that abounds in the sign.

On a slightly more personal note, I have a really good friend that has been through some rough patches in his life. He and his brother were adopted at the age of two after an event that brought child and family services into the picture. I’ll skip the details, but trust me, his adoption was for the better. In his mind, he always had two brothers; one that got adopted out with him (now deceased) the other that got left behind. He never had much contact with that brother, since said brother has been sadly unable to conduct his life without the aid of alcohol. The parents that adopted him had also passed. In his mind, he was alone–or so he thought. Just as transiting Venus in Cancer was about to move into his progressed third house (brothers and sisters) and trine progressed Chiron in Pisces at the end of his twelfth house, out of nowhere, a woman with the last name of “Fisher” connected with him through Facebook to tell him that she was his half sister and that he had four other half siblings that he did not know about. That’s a total of five new people that just showed up! In his progressed 12th house, shared by Aries and Pisces, there’s a veritable family in there. Yep, 1-2-3-4-5, five planets, five new half-sibs.

Miss Fisher (Pisces/Chiron) made the call, but it happened when transiting Uranus moved into Aries and conjuncted his progressed Mercury in Aries, 1 degree. Are you following me here? In the month of Gemini, sisters and bros, he just found out that he has a whole new tribe out there. Gemini is high strangeness indeed. I’m happy for him and hope that somewhere in the mix of five new souls entering into his world, that his aloneness will be somewhat abated and a small part of himself can be put back into place.

Of course, we’ve got this great big, freaking cross coming up at month’s end, but as we get closer, I’ll have more details for each sign

Horoscopes are —>

I’m listening to Gemini, Miles Davis as I peck out your future. It’s the magnificent, Live-Evil record. Sensing a theme here already here? Uranus has and soon, Jupiter, will move into your sign. It’s a blessing and a curse. Uranus for you will cut both ways, like Live-Evil. Like many of the volcanos on this planet, you are ready to blow. Uranus has been swimming like a hammerhead beneath the waters of your psyche and now she emerges, even if briefly like an electric arrow aimed straight at the center of your third eye. You are pure energy, even if just for a few brief weeks as Uranus heads underwater again until March 12th of 2011. What happens now is a glimpse, a taste of what’s possible; pure-undifferentiated-energy. It’s a good thing that you’ll have some downtime to digest it all, because, quite frankly, you’re not quite ready yet, especially when Saturn comes back around and begins to oppose your Sun. That’s a little tricky for you and you’ll have to deal with some restless natives, clamoring for justice. Temperance and patience is the key, because in 2011 the world is yours. For now, do your best to ground the energy. Get it out and move it in any way you can. If you don’t, it will burn not only others around you, but you as well. The Miles track is nearly over, John McLaughlin (Aries) is biting down hard on metal strings, taming the amplified chaos, chirping out bits of notes, a precursor to his breakthrough release, Birds Of Fire, where the speed and energy of his playing stirred a wild orgy sound in my brain as an adolescent. That’s where you are and where you’re headed.

Have you seen that sinkhole in Guatemala? The one that looks like it goes straight down to the center of the Earth? Well that sinkhole is a metaphor for you over the next few weeks. It might feel like the bottom is dropping out, but in reality, it isn’t. It’s all a matter of where you’re standing in proximity to that hole. Instead of seeing this circular chasm as a hazard, I would suggest that you get on your waders and boots and go soul spelunking. Drop a line down into that void and use it to explore the depths of your psyche. Uranus and Jupiter are the lights on your journey and provide you with a sense of security and confidence as you descend deeper and deeper into the darkness. I’ve just popped on “Step Into The Light” by Terry Callier, which segues into “Lazarus Man” his trademark song. This two song cycle as it were, is emblematic of your journey in some ways. But before you step into the light and are reborn as Lazarus Man, you need to take that trip down into the hole. It’s triggered by dreams of staggering, epic proportions, mythic landscapes and prophetic visions. Cave art come to life. You come up for air when Uranus slides back into Pisces and catch your breath for a few months. You’re into the tangible and real, but the treasure you seek is the El Dorado of your soul. Face your fears and descend.

I’m locked into a live version of “Marquee Moon” by Television, from The Old Wardorf, at the height of their powers. Television was channeled by the “twin” guitars of Tom Verlaine (Sag) and Robert Quine (Gemini). “Marquee Moon” shimmers with an incandescent glory. Quine and Verlaine’s playing wrap around each other in vine like fashion. When they hit the deep structure of the song, It’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. The spiraling arabesques, post-modern arpeggios, fuzzy chords, all meld into one, fluid expression of pure light. It’s the Marquee Moon for Goddesses sake! What does this have to do with you? Plenty. Circle this date on your Calendar; 6/11/10. Some major rectification takes place for you then. The quest to meet yourself in the world has taken you into multiple directions, at times, splitting your intention into fractal realities and selves. But on 11th, with Sun, Moon, and Mercury all in your sign, you’re like Verlaine and Quine, playing as one, Uranus and Jupiter add a blast of enthusiasm and general good will to the mix. Don’t sleep on this powerful time in the run up to the big cross. You’ll need all the integration you can get. Gather your forces.

If you’re feeling a bit nauseous at times, it’s okay. You’re settling into a new gravity before we get there. That queasy feeling is the roller coaster ride ahead and you’re already there, bending the time space continuum itself. Your courage and dexterity are to be lauded. I’ve settled into “Indigenous Legend” by Surfers. Outside, I hear the rumblings of large vehicles in the dark of night. It evokes images I’d rather not give power to. Instead, I retreat back into the music, where echos from our primordial past reverberate into the future. You see, you have an idea, a seed, a dreamworld that exists in the imagination of your spirit and it is up to you to bring that world into being. You are a superb dreamer and we need your astral imaging, deeply emblazoned upon the screen of what’s possible. Part of this requires that you shift your thinking at a very deep level. You’ve been to the future. You understand the potential time lines and in some ways, you have more accountability and responsibility heaped on you. I know it’s tough, but it’s why you’re here. Take it on and once you have fashioned the world to come, from deep inside, let it flow through you, in every thought, deed and word. When it does, the next step and the one after and the one after that begins to unfold. Become an active agent in the application of that unfolding.

Mars has been pretty good to you once it got it’s act together and moved, didn’t it? Cats always land on their feet-don’t they? So you’re back on you game, feelin’ no shame, shoulderin’ no blame. Now what? I’m hitting “Salute Your Solution” by The Raconteurs. It sounds a lot like he past two months for you. Lots of good feedback, a whompin’ backbeat and a sense that you had a lot more give and take than when Mars was dancing backwards on your head. June is Party II, when Venus shifts into your sign, mid-month. You’ll be saluting other peoples solutions as a result. The cat is back on the prowl. Take advantage of the Venusian radiance and let your love light shine in an unabashed fashion. When it eventually shifts into Virgo, you’ll be much more concerned about not being so critical and wondering why the bloom has worn off ever-so-slightly. But now is not that time. Now is the time to play your hand and reconnect with the spirit or romance, love and all things being possible as we round into the delivery of Summer. The Summer of 2010 will be one to remember.

I spent three hours tonight having some bar side fellowship with three preachers. It was one of the most fascinating exchanges of conversation I have had in quite sometime. All three graduated with degrees in theology in the deep south. All three are now ministering in Oakland, on the front lines. As I spoke with them, I got a real sense of the burden and joy of their lives. There were administrative duties, dealing with regional church offices, personal connections, one-on-one ministry, preaching to the congregation, outreach programs such as feeding the poor, weddings, baptisms and even tragedy. One of them had recently baptized a woman on Mother’s Day and a week later, she was found in parts, sunken in a suitcase off the shallows of the bay. I asked them how they dealt with their stress and the ability to stay inspired, while not succumbing to cynicism and entropy. Each one of them, in their own way spoke about “faith.” They did it without glamor or a hint of pride, but more like a finely honed muscle that they had developed. As I listen to “Pray” by Little Axe, it takes me to the foundations of such a faith, born out of bondage and cultural displacement that still reverberates through time. With Saturn sitting on your Sun, for just a few more weeks, the sweet promise of salvation is not that far off for you, but until that day, you need to continue to work that muscle of faith and serve the planetary flock, with the very same attention that these three Henessey sipping, men of God do.

You thought that you could get off easy. Uh huh. Love wasn’t that important. Perhaps a higher form of planetary agape, you know, we’re all lovers had set in. That personal stuff was just, far too . . . personal. Sorry Charlita. “Love Has Reared It’s Ugly Head” Yep, Uranus is getting ready to crash your impersonal party. Now this will mostly effect early Libras, but you’re all so attuned to shifts in the emotional weather, that you’ll feel it through the other, if not yourself. Then Jupiter comes in and kicks up your cosmic lust dust, blowing you off the fence and right into the emotional mess. Don’t worry, you’re used to it. When you get tossed into that pheremonal swamp, it’ll take you just a bit to find your watery wings again. Venus adds a little flare from the side, bolstering your romantic powers and prowess. Leos aren’t’ the only ones allowed to have access to that channel. It’s not a silly waste of time, nor is it just some projection/illusion. The planet needs some damn good love stories right now, and who better to deliver the goods, in Living Colour?

Much like Pisces and Cancer, you are one of the signs that is feeling the Gulf disaster in a very, very big way. It’s part of your nature, your watery nature. You can sense the struggle of lifeforms, gasping for air, struggling for safe ground, in a crime of the century against humanity. You’re in no mood to be jovial, placating or even forgiving. Nope. Risking being a pain in the ass, you’re more than willing to tell people just what the fuck is going on without a lot of coaxing or prompting. This is fine, and in fact, I truly advocate it, but you have to make sure that you are as fluid and lubricated as you can be. Increase your intake of fresh water and make a conscious effort to connect with the source of the source. You’ll find some room for cover in July (and a few allies as well) but you’ll need to take very good care of yourself in the interim. If you want to take a journey into an aquatic dream world, or shimmering, psychedelic, proportion, I would suggest you find “1983 . . . (A Mermaid I should Turn To Be)” by Jimi Hendrix and return to the sentient waters of MU, lapping upon the consciousness of your galactic memory. Take that stunning beauty into the world where you can content to take a stand. Dare to remind people of the beauty they are close to squandering for a very, very, long time.

You are in similar straits in some ways to Leo this month, even thought the Lion has been surfing on Mars. The love light is flickering on for you as well. But unlike old snaggletooth, you’ve got options, choices (maybe too many). But in order to feel truly fulfilled, you’re going to have to make a bridge across the depths of security, joining desire and freedom. No easy feat, but before you settle on the closest option and retreat from the act of building such a rainbow bridge, you might be giving up on the greatest adventure and most meaningful act of passion in your life. If you’re firmly snuggled in a cozy commitment already, this same energy and intention applies to any meaningful, creative activity you’re engaged in. Don’t give away the opportunity to create something truly innovative and life affirming. Stay with the task at hand. It takes blood, essence, sangre, the elixir of life to truly infuse any romance or work of great measure. How much are you willing to risk? “Bloodletting” by Saul Williams drips through the speakers as he leaves his heart and his art out on the stage. His words are a lifetime’s worth of observations. Don’t settle for the easy fix. Let your blood flow towards the immortal.

I was talking with an old friend today on the cell as I cruised around, my kid in the back seat. On speaker, my friend started dropping F-Bombs like Rahm Emmanuel. All of a sudden, my kid chirps out, “Why do people say fuck so much? Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fucking. That’s all they say.” Both my friend and I cracked up and I caught a sideways smile on his little mug in the rear view mirror. He knew exactly what he was doing and it spoke to a precocious sense of timing and humor, something you can no doubt relate to. But I’m telling you this for a reason; You need to master the word “Fuck” because in the weeks ahead, you are going to be one it’s great interpreters and as such, you’ll derive your cues for relating to people through their various fuck tonalities. In doing so, it will give you a certain measure of perspective and detachment and will lend itself directly to crisis management of sorts. With Virgo moving into Mars, you will be called upon to help others in a much more personal way. Just make sure you give a fuck, in a disarming, yet impersonal fashion. If I could point you to one piece of music that would really illustrate this, it would be the taped ending to “Anais Nin’s Plot” by Snooze, where he uses an old recording of Chet Baker in his more degraded stage, getting into a pissing match with an engineer and dropping a classic eff you in the process; “What’s the problem here? Jesus? A lot of fucking attitude is going on here. Don’t let me get one.” Let that be your mantra.

Twin, twinning wtun, “Love me two times baby, I’m blown away.” It’s that double mint effect taking hold in your mind, sticking to it’s neo-cortex. Venus in Gemini is camping out in her house of amore, while Uranus peeks into the neighborhood. This is decidedly less Utopian than your normal beat, though you can certainly groove with the occasional perversity that Gem caters to. Who needs new software when you can have hard toys? You may see the decline of western civilization for what it is, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your freak on. Besides, you’re here on a research mission anyway, so you may as well throw yourself into your work. Mars is about to trip into your psyche, so you also have the ability to step back and objectively deconstruct the whole affair while it’s happening in real time and when it’s over and done with as well. Bouncing between the objective and the subjective, doors open and your idea about who you are changes as you pass through them. A certain mutability enters into your normally fixed gaze and makes things decidedly more fluid. Do yourself a favor and drop the analysis–just go with the flow.

I’ve reached the end of the scopes and as I do, “Turtle Beach” by Blu-Mar-Ten wafts gently across my speakers. Images of giant tortoises gliding through waters, ancient smiles on their faces, a simple joy, flickers across the screen of my mind. You are the keeper of some very special keys right now. You’re a water keeper, a conduit for a liquid, living memory. It’s vital that you recognize and do your very best to preserve some sanctity inside of yourself around this. What’s happening in the Gulf isn’t just happening there. It threatens the entire existence of the planet. You instinctively know this. Despite the fact that you must be in this world and deal with it’s own, very conflicted nature, you must reserve some ancient preserve within you. Keep your own, emotional waters pristine. Deal with any nasty habits that might threaten your ability to feel. That means clocking your intake of sugar, alcohol, smoke and even coffee. Believe it or not, your equilibrium, just by the nature of your sign and Mars’ shift into Virgo demand that you be accountable for your own deep waters, even though others on this Earth may not be accountable for hers.

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  1. K

    Actually there is a lot of debate on the net as to whether that Olsen Twin shot is photoshopped. I would tend to agree as they do NOT have big boobs like that.

    Then again, wouldn’t the fact that the pic is a fake make the whole thing even more fitting?

  2. Loved this. June 11 is the day after MY day, and I needed to hear all of it.

    I’m printing up copies and distributing among friends as birthday cards for my birthday. ;o)

  3. a

    Hi Robert,

    Reading these scopes late, but I have a question:
    How do you think the June eclipse will affect?
    Any thoughts?

    Thank you very much for the scopes btw, as great as always.

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