Gathering In The Void Part 2 — Pisces New Moon

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

void_crystalSpace is the place.

Please feel free to use the comments section below if you participated this AM and have anything you’d like to share and compare notes with.

Due to semi-popular demand, I am going to hold the space for another “Gathering In The Void” to be held on The Pisces New Moon on 2/25/09 at 6am PDT.

For those of you that did not participate the first go round, the concept is fairly simple. We gather wherever we are at an appointed time and simply breathe, relax and notice our thoughts, images, words, messages, feelings for thirty minutes etc, then capture them somehow and return back here to report back on what we experienced. The idea is to find commonality, threads, shared themes if they exist.

As we hurtle through space and the anxiety regarding our financial situation rises, I think it’s important that we connect non-locally, to feel one another in the midst of a presence of silence and space.

As I stated before, this is not a ritual to send love and light anywhere, it’s an opportunity to feel, experience and be.

In addition to it being a highly sensitive Pisces New Moon, it’s also 9 Ben in the Arguelles count of The Mayan Calendar. It is an auspicious day, a galactic activation portal.

Red Solar Skywalker
I Pulse in order to Explore

Realizing Wakefullness
I seal the Output of Space
With the Solar tone of Intention
I am guided by the power of Universal Water
I am a galactic activation portal enter me.

16 thoughts on “Gathering In The Void Part 2 — Pisces New Moon”

  1. T

    Are we commenting here, Robert ? Okay!

    From 8 to 8.30 this morning I put my mind out there into the void as far as I could. Three things popped into my consciousness: first, for some reason, horses. A kind of whooshing as a big group of them galloped past, and later again I kept seeing a horse or horses. Then spirals. Then for some reason a voice in my said said “remote viewing” .

    Not a terribly inspiring collection !

    Once again, as in the last Gathering in the Void, I felt the time passed very very quickly. Normally I find 5 minutes a long time to wait – so the fast rate of passage of time in this experiement is quite noticeable for me. Oh and, as in the last experiment, I sneezed (twice actually). :-)

  2. a

    Hi Twilight,

    Yes, this is the place. Last time in the void, “remote viewing” also came to me. This time, I was in a much deeper space than last and I could feel and sense the presence of otherness. I didn’t have as many thoughts or images as last time, but I had my share. 330 Hertz came to mind. I have no idea what this means or signifies, so I’ll have to do some research on it, but it seemed connected to some sense of a planetary frequency, one of entrainment, almost like a mass hypnosis. I also kept coming back to the phrase, “mile-wide-smile” which is the name of track from a group from England. I had the sense, of great, planetary grin. It was quite amusing actually. The name, “Sanchez” also popped into my consciousness, but this go round was more about feeling and presence versus thought. My cat was with me the entire time and I think he was really digging it. Time did not go as quickly as I had a bit of head start and started relaxing into the spact at about 5:50. Thanks for showing up.

  3. A

    @Twilight, may I offer some resources for your sights?

    @R.Phoenix, et al.,

    My experience is likely a continuation of dreaming into Donna’s dragon artwork (which can be seen here: which I had cast eyes on just prior to the time of Gathering in the Void.

    Nevertheless, a little imaginative fuel never hurts to stoke the flames of insight.

    In the Gathering, each perceivable consciousness was a scintillating scale upon a behemoth, cosmic dragon. Each scale reflective, brilliant, and glistening with the promise of awareness – illumination.

    Naturally, the dragon’s body was enormous in order to sustain such an infinite mass of consciousness’s (to reiterate, each individual consciousness represented by a luminescent scale).

    So, as the host or Source of such expanse, the reptilian body of the dragon was mountainous – its contours reminded me of scientific diagrams illustrating quantum fields. Wefting, waxing, warping.

    This was tremendous fun, quite trippy this time out. Thanks for sharing, and allowing the experience to unfold.

  4. T

    Robert –

    Thank you for calling us back again to the void.

    I woke up at 5:52 with a sore right shoulder, neck and arm. I went upstairs and laid out my mat.

    I struggled at first to find stillness, that sense of suspension, to move into the witness place that observes without judging. The rain and wind agitated the wind chimes and tripped the motion light. I worked with my breath as though calming a startled bird.

    The themes that came were:

    -the recurring word “leitmotif”


    -mirror facing mirror creating endless prism doorways

    -a very persistent image: a Neolithic goddess figure, reclining within the earth, on her right side with huge hips and belly and breasts (interesting, that my right side hurt now that I write this) covered with strata of sediment, sandstone, limestone, and the goddess the same color as the soil around her. Her eyes, if she had any, were closed. I could perceive her beginning to move very slightly and shift the earth around her.

    At 6:34, I rose and rolled up the mat and checked the time.

  5. T

    A Venefica ~~ Thank you for those two links . I like the Native American interpretation of horses best – definitely NOT the “war” ones though!
    Spirals are good! Hmmm- more inspiring than I’d thought originally! :-)

  6. Hey Robert

    This lunation is especially in touch with my sense of being out of body experience. Well, I felt I was out of my body, it usually happens when my intentions are for it. Unfortunately, Images were not strong enough this timefor me to tell what I saw, but my intuitions guided me in the void, and I found the word ‘RED’ the ‘figure’ of the experience. That’s all.
    Hope to do it again.

  7. g

    Didn’t hear about the previous void gathering in time to participate but read the comments on the experiment and was eager to join in on this very apt (for me) Pisces moon. Here’s what I received……

    a big black labrador dog wagging his tail…..

    a galaxy (or something bigger but I think it was our Milky Way) looking like a top (like the old fashioned children’s toy) being pumped up and down by an invisble hand/force to get it spiraling around – not really faster but causing it to vibrate with more powerful energy and intensity ever building……later also the spiral theme again as a galaxy that looked exactly like a pinwheel – very vertical – like at a right angle to our milky way galaxy…….

    then a stylised symbol of a fir tree that melded into an early type texas oil drill that then melded into a scene of hundreds of buoys floating along the shore
    connected to long rods that collect wave power……

    a coyote and an owl traversing a desert ( that seems rather contrived – but I did see it)

    RFID chips – (but this could just be me – as I am getting a bit freaked out lately about privacy issues etc)

    the earth starts slowly developing red cracks here and there and then is covered by them – it looks just like the cracks on a hard boiled egg – but it is a clear feeling that these cracks are beneficial – almost like etheric neural networks developing to strengthen and connect us all……..

    at about ten minutes in I first saw a stack of waffles with a very round scoop of ice cream – then about twenty minutes in… club sandwich with a very round green olive on top. Of course, that is almost too embarrassing to include – looks like a bad case of the tummy rumbles intruding and nothing more! But no! it definately felt significant. Is it a metaphor for over consumption? Then apon deeper reflection, one dish was sweet and the other was savoury (yin/yang -duality) and both had 3 layers (3rd dimensional world or body/mind/spirit, the trinity, past present future?) of squares (symbol for earth) crowned by a single sphere (perfect unity/oneness is “apon” us?) Plenty of geometric symbolism represented! 1,2,3,4…….testing, testing…..

    at the end very loud humming like a beehive very near and intense royal purple everwhere in between receiving the other images.
    Also an overwhelmingly calm feeling of the expansive hugeness of IT ALL but at the very same time feeling the closeness of connecting to the minutest part of it all…….

    Hope I’m not rambling too much here. It will be interesting to see if there are many of the same themes cropping up. I was excited to see other people saw spiral related things too…..

    Thank you for offering the opportunity to experience the gathering in the void for a second time. It was great to have such a pleasant time frame here in western australia to participate – it was a very civil 11pm here. Usually the time difference being what it is, makes it very difficult to join in with real time events. Thanks again!

  8. a

    Good stuff Rafael,

    Thanks for dropping back in.

    The great thing about the new moon and this cycle is that these images, feelings and perceptions are like clay that you can work with moving forward. The symbolic can become real through art and the concretization of feeling into form, if one so chooses.

  9. a


    Very powerful. It’s always hard to differentiate our programming from what we might be perceiving. Glad you were able to participate at this time.


  10. T

    It’s fascinating to read the experiences of others. :-)

    Robert – That “remote viewing” thing is weird isn’t it. I don’t think I was remembering your experience last time – I hadn’t re-read your report since I first read it, and had forgotten all about it. I definitely heard a very clear male voice, quite deep, saying the words. Eery!

  11. a

    Twilight, I went back and read my comments and I had put down, “feeling as though I was being observed” which dovetails with your remote viewing piece. That pretty much describes what it felt like.

  12. YES YES, it is a quite sensitive time to explore your soul experiencing out of our present reality, and this years is the strangest year for me in terms of weirdness, it’s been wild, since I am having my Jupiter return…

    I think with this Jupiter placement we can ‘talk’ to the cosmos, this experience is been great so far , its like we can talk to each other in the speed of light with a sure foot on the ‘sky’ behind the veils of our perception. Kind of a ‘new/old’ language.

    Thanks for the oportunity again ! you rock !

  13. Sorry I am late in reporting in.

    The imagery I saw was very clear. The central theme seemed to be a kind of a clear bluish light. The light seemed to be for me close to the type of lighting Vermeer used in his paintings. (When I checked Vermeer actually used brighter lighting). I asked if there were anything I should tell you Robert and saw a blank wall of a room lit with this bluish type light coming from a celestory window type source. Again a very interesting experience.

    Thank you.

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