Gathering In The Void — 12/31/08 — 6AM PDT

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

doublevoid.jpgBe there then

I’m often accused by those closest to me of being too cryptic or taking for granted that other people know what I am trying to communicate, so for the sake of clarity and being explicit, here are the basic protocols for “Gathering In The Void.”

This is simply an exercise and an opportunity to synchronize with others in a non-local space. To be able to notice potential connections between “strangers,” uncover patterns and even through our attention, send ripples of awareness through time.

Why now?
Because I have been sensing that time is speeding up and “reality” is much more malleable with each passing day. I’m not alone in my observations and this is an opportunity for us to explore the perameters of “the real.”

Why today?
The end of The Gregorian Calendar year seems as good a day as any, but it also happens to be one of the most potently synchronistic days of The Mayan Calendar, as the day falls on “Five Caban. Here is the tone/code for the day:

kin 57: Red Overtone Earth

I Empower in order to Evolve

Commanding Synchronicity

I seal the Matrix of Navigation

With the Overtone tone of Radiance

I am guided by the power of Life Force

Simply get into a relaxed state at 6 AM PDT for thirty minutes with a pen and paper nearby. When you feel relaxed enough, simply notice your toughts and feelings, images, names, dates or places and write down whatever seems appropriate, or draw if the images are vivid enough. Then simply return here to this post and record whatever your experience was in the comments section. We’ll then look over the comments section to see if we can find any commonalities and connections. Please be sincere in your effort and when posting a comment. If you are posting here for the first time, I’ll have to moderate your comments, so this will afford us some measure of control for this go round.

I truly feel as though 2009 has the potential to be an incredibly visionary year, (eleven vibration with Jupiter in Aquarius) if we are willing to leap into the void and find our balance in new spaces, places and ways of being. I hope that we can use this space to calibrate our own personal and collective attention/intention for the days and nights to come.

See you on the other side.

18 thoughts on “Gathering In The Void — 12/31/08 — 6AM PDT”

  1. a

    I am typing this to let you know that I did not oversleep. I will organize my info and post just a little later, but wanted to let everyone know that my overall sense of the experience felt very connected and had a sense of others in the space with me. I will share more detailed pieces later in the day, but please feel free to use the commnets field for sharing your experience.


  2. T

    Hi Robert!

    I didn’t read your above post before I started, but I think I proceeded more or less as you suggested. I decided to sit by the computer with it on-line, my blog on the screen, partly to check the time on computer also because the net is the point of actual contact we have and probably the point of any non-actual contact too.

    I sat with my back to the screen for most of the time. First I thought about “the void”, imagined outer space to be like a call-center all closed down and quiet, or like city streets before dawn with hardly any movement or traffic.

    Having sneezed earlier on and caused some sinus pressure above my right eye, I kept being distracted by the pain, so concentrated on a mobile someone gave us at Christmas – it’s constantly in motion a bit like Sun and planets. Then I noticed the ceiling fan was also very slowly turning (to distribute warm air) and got the feel of myself turning, turning, turning.

    I quickly glanced at the computer clock thinking about 5 mins. must have passed and was surprised to see it had been 14 mins.

    Then I noticed the Sun was causing a shadow from the venetian blinds to a big painting on the wall, causing horizontal lines across the painting’s pattern which is largely vertical – and I thought of astrological squares. The Sun’s rays moved gradually to another part of the room and the horizontal pattern appeared on the light colored wall.

    I didn’t find anything extraneous popping into my head – at least, it didn’t seem so. The 30 mins did pass very quickly for me though – I found that quite surprising.

    So…. nothing dramatic, but hope it’s of interest. 🙂

  3. a

    Thanks Twilight-

    So here is a laundry list of what came to me during the space in time:

    I had a very strong image of England and saw massive amounts of money comingiin and out of England and funding many of the overt and covert projects taking place.

    The color violet.

    A crescent half-moon-crown.

    The name, “Jaimie McIntyre.”

    I had three songs alternately play during this period. 1) “Someone’s Always Watching Me,” 2) “Thanks For Christmas,” and 3) a song by The Charlatans UK, where I kept hearing part of the chorus, “The storm will come or is it just another shower?”

    The name, “Ellie.”

    I also saw a number of pyramids on another planet, positioned towards Earth.

    A major event of some taking place on the full moon.

    Saw rows and rows of bamboo growing acroos the planet and felt as though it (bamboo) has a capacity to transmute negative energy and emit positive energy.

    Had a feeling that I was being observed.

    I heard ancient languages at times, either “Celtic” or “Gaelic.”

    Then, at the very end, I saw a checkered flag at the finish of a race and took this as a time to end the experience and I got up to see that it was 6:31.

  4. M

    Hi Robert,
    I walked down by the lake and at first was distracted by the ‘highway noise’ nearby. But then the bird songs started to come into the foreground. The words that stood out to me while I was listening, were whale, Cherokee, Russell Means, New York City, flame, voice, the memory locked in the land and voices for life. About mid-way through a white loon flew across the lake. I did get a sense of enveloping darkness, in the company of others, a rich space. Toward the end, it felt like I could hear better, so I’m sure next time, it’ll be clearer.

  5. T

    I set my intention last night to wake up before the gathering. I woke at 5:38.

    I dressed in the dark, went upstairs and drank a glass of juice and ate some cottage cheese. I looked out the window, down the hill to the park, and saw a light, a flashlight bobbing, someone walking, a watchman.

    I lit a candle and laid out my mat. Both cats came to settle with me, one at my feet, one above my head.

    Thank you for this.

    My experience was simple: it began with seeking, it was sustained with a sense of calm communion, it resolved with several themes.

    the watch
    heat generating from the inside
    wheat & barley

    Whit Sunday – Pentecost

    Thank you for the invitation to join.

  6. R

    Despite being in the Upper Midwest, where it was 8 a.m, I slept.
    In my few awake moments, I thought of “Hezbolla.”
    “Ellie” is the name of my son’s gf, we had dinner last night.

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year 2009, your blog is excellent.

  7. M

    I woke up at 5:50AM, turned on my computer, and re-read your blog post instructions. It didn’t say anything about having to keep the computer on or doing anything with the computer, so I turned it off. I sat in the dark. Two names came to mind: Carla and Kate. It’s so strange why certain names will come to mind at a certain time, isn’t it? I was reminded of a story regarding a Carla I used to work with; I pondered wishing I had the ability years ago to interact with her better on a work-related issue, but I just didn’t have the skills to do that back then. I recently met a woman named Kate — she is from the UK (London), is back there visiting family right now; she still has a hint of a British accent. General imagery of dense trees/woods and a lake also came to mind. I hugged my (sleeping) dog, thankful for her companionship.

    Happy New Year to all!

  8. I am a jupiter-aquarius person. so as my friends from my age (23), all of them don’t know about astrology, and they keep telling me that they are feeling it’s going to be a great period in a time soon for them, and I fell the same for myself.
    So, I don’t know if I was in that void, but I prefer to sleep when the subject is getting deep contact with others in subtle way, because my dreams are powerfully vivid and dynamic, I mean I can actually feel everything again, remember most part of the vivid dreams, words, places, etc. despite the fact that some are so intuitive dreams that they may happen in the physical world but sometimes with different themes, people or things but with the same context and meaning (when I do not have to go through hard clues).
    So, I slept at 5:00am and something. I live in Brazil, I dreamed about:

    – A little reptile with yellow shine eyes in Egypt
    – Beach in Italy
    – Cemetery with people running around sadly
    – Distant crowd
    – Friends and intelectual conversations
    – Sense of freedom
    I have Neptune in Capricorn at 1’ degree, some friends of mine have it too or higher degrees and they are those I can actually talk about vivid dreams because they frequently have it too, so I think it can count on my recent dream that I just wrote about.

  9. Happy New Year to Robert and all fellow readers.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share. It was a bit of a challenge because 6am PDT is exactly midnight (New Years eve) in Queensland, Australia, so I had fireworks in the background.

    My meditation started an image of a Marigold aka African/Mexican Marigold (Tagetes sp) then nothing much because of background noise and getting the mind stilled again. I did end with a “aftertaste” of the word LOVE in solid white three dimensional Times Roman type font on a black background.

    I think it was more successful than I thought it be.

    Definitely worth doing again.

  10. a

    Hey Rafael,

    I’m going to look into the Neptune in Cap generation a little bit more, since Pluto is impacting your degree right now. A Pluto/Neptune transit is deeply transformational.

    Dreams are such a powerful tool, in that they allow us to exist outside of the permission of our limitations and show us what can be. I think it would be very empowering for you to make an artistic record/statement of your dreams and breath life into their conscious manifestations.


    Thanks for coming out and playing with us as the fanfare exploded around you. That was some commitment! One of the tests that I floated during the exerecise was sending an impersonal signal of love into the void. I framed it with the title of a piece by The Mahavishnu Orchestra called, “Sapphire Bullets Of Love.” Glad someone picked up on it.

    Thanks so much for everyone for taking the time to participate and the courage to share.

    Happy Gregorian New Year one and all!

  11. Thanks Robert !

    I am a very dream-curious person; I want to invest some part of my time researching for these mysterious phenomena (especially with Jupiter-Aquarius coming) that I am so privileged to pay attentions even to details in my vivid dreams. Now Saturn is retrograde I fell heavy dreams, literally on my skin. I will tell you my recent premonition; if that is that you can tell. Santa Catharina, the state I live, about 2 months ago, had its mountains felt, highways were destructed by the heavy rain, and cities were flooded, and beaches were devastated, a natural disaster. But I live in countryside, not near the beaches at all, but 3 months ago, I had an intense feeling to travel with 2 friends (23’s too) to theses beaches, we went twice in 2 consecutive weekends. So, if you take a look at my profile, you’ll see a photo (dated automatically to the day I posted), see that my friend took a photo of my in one of these beaches, and then back home, I manipulated the photo (I manage Photoshop) with 3 planets destroying each other and sending some kind of energies to the earth, and the beach I was in, but I was immune to the destruction (representing not myself, but the human itself).
    2 weeks later, I couldn’t go back to the beaches, highways were all banned for a great period of time. News showed everything of the destructions.

    So, I am really feeling this intense energy, so as my friend from my generation. I don’t want to prove nothing, I am just conscious about it, I also have Neptune in Capricorn in the 12th house, and Pluto in Scorpio at the first degrees as well. I am conscious about the fact that Pluto is giving me pushes to my Neptune right now too.
    Just a sharing with you only, since you wrote you will find out more about our generation.
    About the art part, I am very artistic too, photos, videos, music and so. I am always recording stuffs.

    Thanks again!

    Rafael R.

  12. a

    Hey Twilight, I would definitely do it againa some time, when the aspects are favorable.

    Rafael, I would like to recommend a book to you called, “The Lathe Of Heaven” by Ursula LeGuin. It’s about a man whose dreams can alter reality. I think you would find it very interesting.

  13. my last words now, just to add something to what you just said. and then you can delete this if you wish.

    Neptune in Capricorn – I still haven’t read too much about it. But one day I read that people from this generation may have the abitily to make impossible dreams come to life and blabla. Since I had conscious that I could dream, the realistic dreams sometimes are forms of my subtle ways of dealing with the material world, with sensations that are highlighted and emotions are expressed in different essence, and the real perception that you can encounter yourself in depending on your conscious degrees at the moment of your dream, is of course, in a different cord as well. And then I wake up:

    “Why couldn’t I just have these sensations now?” –I wonder

    This makes me wonder so much about our primary motivations on life, whenever I have these dreams in which knock hard on my intense likes and dislikes, I always try to get close to the feeling/or whatever I had while I was sleeping into reality. And sometimes I am so successful in doing this, that happiness is not a word enough to express the whole context of complexities of dream-real life transition.

    Rafael R.

    about the book i will provide it! thanks for sharing.

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