Gates and Gates, Crowley and Crowley, It’s A Doppleganger Universe Reality Show With Beer!

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

beergateWho wants a cold one?

I have to say, whenever I see the names “Crowley” and “Gates” involved in the same story, I have to admit, it sets my jaw back just slightly, head to the wind, sensing the unusual patterns emerging through the breeze of these strange times. Reading bones hasn’t changed much in 2,000 years. We’re just playing with slightly different and less efficient technology.

So before I drop into the stars, let’s just play some free associative footsie with those two names.

First, we have Officer James Crowley, the even-tempered race-relation specialist. He’s kind of like “The Officer Troy” of The BPD. He’s written the manual on how to deal with racially charged situations. He’s considered an expert AND he’s the one who just happens to show up at Gates’ place, while Gates is going nuts. Coincidence? Good timing? Selected ahead of time? Let’s look at his name. “Crowley.” Who else do you know of that has that last name? Why “The Beast” himself, one Aleister Crowley. Thee magus of the 20th century and possibly Barbara Bushes pappy. What was his speciality? It was opening and closing g-a-t-e-s. We’re talking inter-dimensional gates, ferrying entities across state lines without permission (do as thou wilt). That was Crowley’s stock in trade. Opening and closing spirit gates. Doorways. Portals.

Then we have Gates. You know, like Daryl Gates. Like Rodney King (how’s that for a magickal name–“Rod King”)? Yeah, Daryl Gates, LA race riots stylee. Strange, isn’t it? It gates, I mean gets weirder.

Henry Louis Gates just happens to be working on a special for PBS on? Drum roll please . . . . .Race! Imagine that. Now we have Obama getting into the mix, calling out Crowley for being “stupid.” Supposedly without any knowledge of Crowley and his background. Excuse me. Do you think that anyone as studied and sculpted as Barack Obama just flies off the cuff like that? There are things called “advisors.” Within five minutes Obama could have a fully fleshed out report on Officer Crowley and his background–no problem–he could see that he was an expert in handling these types of situations. Now, he’s inviting them over to The White House for an epic and important couple of beers.

Nixon had Watergate, could this be eventually known as “Beer Gates?” Will the PBS film crew be on hand? Are we dealing with a reality show presidency? I’m half expecting Simon, Randy and Paula to be sitting on sidelines, commenting on the entire affair:

randy_jackson1Randy: Yo dog, I liked how you worked it out. You were a little pitchy at the beginning and you stayed with it, found your voice, and brought some serious harmony to the whole thing. Dude, you rock!

paulaabdulPaula: You know, I just love you. You’re so silky . . . smooth . . . you know like Smokey or, or, Marvin and you’ve got what it takes to be a really big star in this business and you proved it here with your beautiful smile and your ability to make people smile to. When I hear you, I have this inner smile, kind of a like a big cat smile, you know, like from one ear to the other ear, because I hear you, and your smile. You’re just great!

simon-cowellSimon: I’m actually appalled, and in this case, I’ll call it “apaula-ed” because you stooped so low to break out an old cover tune that isn’t going to gain you any new fans and boost your popularity. Nope. Sorry, You’ve got to do better next time. After your past performances, America deserves better than this.

It all smacks of reality TV, where that holy trinity of Aquarius, the sign of TV, is beyond Obama’s natal Sun, but still opposes his natal Uranus in Leo with transiting Chiron in Aquarius. Here we see the opposition of The Sun and “The Wounded Healer” in the sign of mass media, waves of information and waves of influence. Of course, Uranus itself is the planetary home of the wave bearer. Is this a storm in the celestial skies of Barack Obama or a brouhaha in a beer stein? Maybe, just maybe, it’s something else. Maybe, just maybe, we get to see racial reconcilliation before our very eyes and captured on PBS to boot!

Barack Obama has some definite connections on the astrological tip with Professor Gates. First off, there is a direct conjunction between Obama’s Mars in Virgo at 22 degrees and Gates’ Virgo Sun at 22 degrees. This is a dynamic pairing and suggests even a type of mentorship, from Sun to Mars. We also see another, tight conjunction between Obama’s natal Pluto and Gates’ Venus in Virgo (6/7 degrees). Transformational relationships, but also dark, with an undercurrent of power and it’s acquisition through relating–shadowy and possibly redemptive. Gates’ own natal Jupiter is at 29 degrees, which makes it nearly conjunct both transiting Jupiter and Neptune–expansion and possible delusion/illusion through technology and the media.

Ultimately, we must return to the royal pronouncement and eternal wisdom of “The Rod King;” “Can’t we all just get along?”

2 thoughts on “Gates and Gates, Crowley and Crowley, It’s A Doppleganger Universe Reality Show With Beer!”

  1. T

    I only heard about the incident briefly from a TV in the hotel were we stayed at the weekend. It seemed to be very odd reaction by the police guy – at least in the way it was reported. I felt there was something not quite right – unbelievable in fact. I’ll usually believe quite a lot about bad behaviour by police and security officials, which goes on all the time – but somehiow this particular incident didn’t seem kosher. I thought , at the time, that perhaps the reporter may have had some misinformation.

  2. Oh Robert, you find interesting spin on the signs along the way. The Crowley analogy was very insightful. I never knew anything about Led Zepplin and Crowley; makes me think about them being a fav rock band.
    You are right though, this is an episode not to be missed. Has the old wizard Crowley found himself a way into the home? Threatening because someone “supposedly” called this in? I wonder who that was.
    The “Gates” have been “forced” open….
    The winds of change are going to blow some mighty changes through those gates…And we are once again given the beer analogy, before it was just which president would you rather have a beer with? Now it is how do you get to have a beer with the president?
    DeBeers have it…
    PS, like your new post over at the Examiner, good luck with that!

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