Full Moon Maternity — December Scopes — More Tiger

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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sagittariusFrom root to fruit.

Wanna know how powerful the Full Moon is? All night, all my kid did was moan about staying at his Mom’s place. If you don’t know much about me, his mother and I are separated. We have our individual nights with him. Las night was mine. Around 4pm he started politicking hard abut sleeping at his mother’s house. We try not to indulge these occasional moments, and I was doing everything in my power to give her the night off. I had him call her once she got off work and he went into full metal sadness mode. How could she resist? Then I thought about it. My ex has her Moon in Gemini, and the power of the moon was being shot through her natal moon like a prism of liquid light that my son was tracking in the space of his heart. Coincidentally, my son and I both have Libra Moons, separated by just a few degrees. I have also been the primary stay-at-home parent for most of his five + years. But tonight, that little turtle was trundling back to the sea, his amniotic source. His beginning. Ahhhhh, the moon.

I was trying to chat with Lynda Hill on FB last night as well and we managed to peck out a few sentences about Tiger Woods and his drama. We both saw major trouble ahead for Woods, including custody battles (Lynda) and more allegations (me). By the way, can we start calling Dawn Uchitel, “Dawn Ubchitel-it-all?” In any event, we were discussing Tiger’s Sag Moon and how both his mother (who must be mortified) and Elin are both from foreign countries. Lynda quickly pointed out to me that the Sabian Symbol for Tiger’s Moon is ” A Group Of Immigrants As They Fulfill The Requirements Of Entrance Into The New Country.” Damn, Lynda is good. She also quickly chimed in with the fact that The Sag Sun will hit Tiger’s natal Neptune today. Watch out! The dam is going to burst! I feel bad for him in a way, but I think I might take on his problems for a cool billion. Right now, it’s Tiger’s soul on patrol, and it’s dissembling the extraneous matter, so that Tiger can get closer to the source. Despite the fact that he has a billion dollar cushion, this is a major hit for a man that had seemed up to this point unflappable and wrinkle free.

But what about you? What does the future hold for you? Will you rise to meet the tide or be sucked under the foamy churn? Let’s find out? Shall we?

That sound you heard last night, was the muffled echo of war drums beating in a distant land, where armies go to die–I’m talking about shopping malls and the pre-christmas rush. Well not exactly, but you cannot sleep on your conscience at all this month. The planetary chips are stacked in your corner and and you can take a few risks when it comes to being authentic and speaking truth to power. It’s a fairly rare confluence where you’re not putting yourself first. No, you are being touched by the ideal, the flame of truth. You’ve got to speak out or you might self-immolate. Now that’s not such a pleasant image . . . is it? But even deeper (and possibly more important) than standing up for your convictions, is the fact that what you think and say actually matters beyond your own self interests. It’s going to be a fine holiday. You’ve got zeal and a fire in your heart. Find a warm love for your bed and you’ve hit the trifecta for the last month of this blurry decade. Go into the next one with your conscience right and your heart ablaze.

Trial by fire. That’s the first two weeks of December for you. As an Earth sign, that’s not really all that comfortable. But if we observe nature, we can see that the after-effects of a fire in a forest will often leave it stronger and more grown out than before. In fact, one of the worst disasters of our time, Chernobyl, has recovered beyond the wildest dreams of any scientist or researcher. Wild species like The Lynx and The Brown Bear, The Wild Boar, Wolf, European Bison and others once endangered now roam free in the “Exclusion Zone.’ Plant life has also returned with an uncommon zeal. In fact (now here is the metaphor for you) they have adapted and mutated to produce higher levels of specific DNA function, namely cellular repair machinery. We are not cut off from nature, no matter how much we are hacked by synthetic programs. That’s your underlying mission for the first part of this month. Feel the heat and mutate to come back even stronger in the next thirty days. A meltdown’s possible, but so is the prospect of Eden once the surface has cooled.

The month kicks off for you in high style. As I mentioned in the intro, your own Moon is shining down upon me, even as I type. Multi-tasking takes on a whole new meaning. Remember, you’re not schizophrenic, just multi-dimensional (keep repeating that to yourself). But one realization you’ll have is that you cannot hideout in is relationships. Someone’s going to deliver the sermon on the mount. Maybe you’ll take turns? Maybe you should do a little practice before you bust out the chapter and verse (In which case,I would highly recommend that you go to the nearest chapel of the spirits, aka watering hole, and work it out on some bemused acquaintances before you bust out the real thing)? At the very least, you’ll come to some sobering truths after it’s all done. Now, if you are on the other end of coming to Jesus, do you very best to listen with one set of ears, because the information, while difficult, will set you free if you let it reach into your cells. There’s a holographic movie you’ve got going on in there, sort of “The Last Picture Show” for the 21st century. Let the winds of the current moment blow away the tumbleweeds of your experience, clear the theater, go out and start shooting a film that you want to be a part of. You may not have final cut solely in your possession right now, but at least you are close to being finished. Very close.

I got off the phone with my mother this morning and she told me about a storm that’s coming down from Canada (arctic) while another comes in from the pacific via a Japanese hurricane. Sounds like the perfect storm, doesn’t it? That’s what is whirling your way near mid-month, so you’ve got some time to get things in order. Batten down the hatches, secure the doors, make sure that all of your lawn gnomes are either safely tucked away or have return addresses affixed to them. You’ve got roughly two weeks to get your life together because in January, we’ve got another eclipse coming our way and it’s in your Moon, opposing an army of angry goats. Get strong and stay strong. Vitamins, supplements, clean water, rest, orgone under garments, poly-tetrahedron bubble wrap, St. Gumby, etc. Look, it’s not that bad, but of all the signs, you’re the most sensitive right now, especially as Capricon/Pluto is still gathering it’s powers like Sauron. We need you. The meek shall inherit the Earth, but it doesn’t say how or even if they were meek in the process of inheritance. Just take one day at a time and ask yourself, “Is there anything else I can do to get stronger, wiser and more grounded?”

I have a dear Leo friend that’s learning to be a human. She’s lovely and her transition from mermaid to terrestrial is daunting, but she’s figuring it out, slowly but surely. One of the lessons that she’s learning is that it’s better to be pro-active than have the forces of socialization have the first move. It’s not easy for her, because going with the flow is deeply encoded in her DNA, but now, she’s got to learn to stand on her own two feet. While this example might be somewhat extreme, it applies to you on some level. You have an abundance of celestial support for just about anything that you want to make happen. In fact, your ability to manifest might be at it’s all time high. You’ve got a ten day window in order to get as much through the ethers of creative thought and activated will as possible. At the end of the month, you’ll have to put it all together, make it work and show us all how to do it if we ask nicely and invite you over for cake and some Moet to toast to your success. As far as my mermaid goes, she’ll do fine once she learns that she’s a child of the universe, not just of the sea.

December can often be a confusing time for Virgos as the blunt rays of The Sagittarian Sun bounce off their rather refined sensibilities. Holiday shopping? Forget it. Virgos avoid the crowds like the plague (in this case, you might even be avoiding the plague itself). You’ll find Virgos shopping online to steer clear from the madness of December. The force of the Sag alignment squares your sensibilities. It’s Falstaffian and larger than life. Food, drink, rum cake, egg nog is not for the timid Virgoan digestion or disposition for that matter either. Then you’ll have Virgos either denouncing the hypocrisy of Christmas and it’s wanton materialism and either opining for more pure expression, either celebrating the birth of Jesus (though the time of year is wrong) or the joy of “Festivus.” You’re getting my drift . . . aren’t you? You’re kind of a pain in the ass, especially this year. But wait, just hold on until mid-month and you’ll be able to create new traditions for a sacred forever in the tomorrow of our lives.

Over on Facebook, John Perry Barlow (Libra) lobs statements from his Twitter account like social networking molotov cocktails. The comments light up with mostly agreement, but when the occasional dispute breaks out, it’s a doozie. My pal Lawrence (Aries) took no prisoners on a recent firefight on Barlow’s thread. He cited chapter and verse about what Obama had promised and what he has thus far failed to deliver. Then the personal attacks came at him, dumping him into the angry white male, Fox news bucket of slop. Lawrence could not be further from that image. I even got caught up in the fray the otter day linking Afghanistan to a broader geopolitical agenda, with Israel, The US and the military industrial complex. A staunch defender of Israel came at me first with a smile and “don’t want to fight” stance, then she pulled out the daggers and started calling myself and groundbreaking psychedelic artist, Wes Wilson, “Arseholes.” Now this type of rowdy to and fro might b a bit much for Barlow and his Libran sensitivities, but I’m sharing this with you because you cannot avoid conflict any longer. You must embrace it like an opponent in jiu jitsu and make a friend of conflict. If you can do this first inside of yourself, your ability to bring peace to the world around you will be unmatched.

While most of us are struggling to pay our internet bills, you are poised to have a unique opportunity to advance yourself and your ability to accrue income. Let me give you an ancient alchemical formula to achieve this end. First, you must sacrifice a cherished belief, which is ultimately getting in your way and blocking your ability to be a wider and deeper channel. You can do this by publicly renouncing it in front of a group of people (witnesses) and then allow them to take one item from your home that reflects this belief. It may be painful at first, but it will be liberating. Secondly, you must sacrifice a person in your life that you have looked up to or projected a great deal onto. This could be someone you know or a popular, iconic figure. Burning a photo of said person with what they represent to you scribbled on the back of the photo will do just fine. You must include the written piece or it could have other unintended consequences. Thirdly, you must be willing to confess any and all beliefs that keep you from understanding the greater cycle of abundance in your life. If you believe that you are limited by the economy, then you are. If you believe that God can crank up the manifestation amplification to compensate for Man’s greed and avarice, then you can open wide and profit from the new currency.

“Hallelujah.” What does that word really mean? well, essentially, it means “praise Yahweh.” Now what does that mean? And who the hell was Yaweh anyway? He was a biblical badass, smoting and striking, handing down proclamations like a village warlord, rewarding nothing less than pure obedience and raising up those that followed his instructions to the letter of the law. I’m bringing Yaweh into the mix, because you need to figure out if this God still has any sort of hold on you. Do you bow down and obey out of an ancient habit or are you simply following orders so that you can move up on the chain of being? Who is the Yahweh in your life? Is it time that you thought about casting this type of unquestioned obedience aside? The energy to liberate yourself from damning dogma and enabling relationships with the lower agencies of divine expression has never been greater. You don’t have to go all Luciferian on us either. I would suggest that you sit down with Blake for margaritas over the river styx and liberate the demons from the fiery river of consigned eternities by throwing a few well placed magic ice cubes into the smoldering and bloody waters below. In essence, it’s time to create your own rules around who and what is God and how you express it.

In the world of sports, Capricorn looms large right now. Tiger Woods is of course a Goat. So is LeBron James, the one athlete that might actually match Tiger in terms of clout and ultimately dollars. But over the summer, LeBron got dunked on by a relatively unknown college player at a Nike camp. Bron’s people quickly went to where someone was videotaping the camp and confiscated the video. They didn’t want LeBrons “image” to suffer a hit. Now, Tiger is going through something similar and much deeper. They are extremely powerful and iconic and Pluto must strip them down before it can bestow any more power upon them. Drew Brees, another Capricorn is rapidly becoming the best quarterback in The NFL. Last Monday night, he achieved what many consider to be a perfect QB rating for one game and he did it against The Patriots and Tom Brady. Drew Brees killed the king. But what most people don’t know about Brees is that his estranged mother supposedly committed suicide recently. She was deeply involved in Texas politics. That says enough already, but Brees had long since cut off ties to his mother and moved on with his life. Now, he’s literally resurrecting a city (New Orleans) almost singlehandedly. How does this apply to you? Get your demons out of the way in the next 14 days, because you won’t have a choice in the matter after the fact. In fact, if you do, you’ll be poised to achieve Brees-like-feats.

When Aquarians dream of a perfect tomorrow, it must have something to do with the internet, but the cosmic internet of sorts, like being able to chat in real time with Arcturians or download the latest sounds that emanate from the outer moons of the Plieades. But this type of privilege so to speak must be able to be experienced by all people if an Aquarian is really being true to itself. So in order for you to bring such a grand vision into real time, you’re going to have to practice it in the here and now. That means you’ll need to treat everyone with the same sort of love and respect that you would need/want, unless they are petty and cheap intolerable assholes, then you have complete permission to cut them down to size with your considerable intellect. If you can do this, while opening your aperture wider than ever before, you can begin to have conversations with the citizenry of the universe, which you’ll be able to record at a later date with some little device you dream up in your sleep. However, one word of caution; Your relationships are demanding some here and now time. Don’t be too remote and humanitarian or you might lose what matters most to you.

Almost all of the great spiritual classics of the 20th century are really travelogs. Casteneda? He goes to Mexcio to discover the truths of Don Juan. “Mutant Message From Down Under” takes place through one woman’s journey to experience the wisdom of aboriginal culture. James Twyman wrote “Emissary Of Light” a spiritual odyssey of his journey through the war torn Balkan states. What do all of these books have in common? Many people have questioned their authenticity and veracity. They all have their detractors and wonder if these people even went to the locations where they culled their wisdom and experience. Does it matter? Does it detract from their teachings? I’m asking you this question specifically, because if I could, I would send you on a journey to some place like Brazil, where you could meet up with a lost tribe in the Amazon and capture their vanishing life and essence for an astonishingly successful book. But I cannot. What I can do for you though is give you complete permission to go there in your minds eye and create whatever story you like, as long as it’s consistent and share with us the creative essence of what you experience. Take a spiritual journey and turn it into a lifework.

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    I’m a Capricorn who happens to share birthdays with tiger and lebron. Tiger’s a bit older than me, lebron a bit younger. I can tell you that since december 1st I have been getting ripped to shreds with horrific inner turmoil and the intense chronic pain that arises now and then in my neck and jaw. And this is after a really superb thanksgiving weekend. I also haven’t been able to get the Hindu goddess Kali out of my head.
    All I can do at this point is surrender to what’s going on (not an easy thing for me to do) and as you say, see what personal demons need to have their head chopped off. Maybe I’ll be able to make a pretty necklace.
    Thank you for your insight.

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