Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Signals The End Of The Decade And More

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

lunar_eclipseComing soon to a sky near you..

The second Full Moon of this month will take place on the last day of this decade, the icy Blue Moon, will also be in partial eclipse mode and can be seen throughout most of the northern hemisphere. It takes place on the 31st of December, the last day of the year, New Years Eve, the dark before the dawn of a new decade. The numerological value of that night, the number nine, falls in line with the theme of endings pervading it; end of year, decade, numerological cycle, etc.. It’s auspicious to say the least and marks what could be a social flash point on the horizon of the USA and Earth’s very own destiny. The dark Moon is in eclipse mode at 10 degrees Cancer.

This is quite significant.

On the final day of the year, The Sun will be in Capricorn at 9 degrees. It will form an exact conjunction of Pluto in Capricorn in The US Chart. The Moon will be just one degree beyond both planets at the zenith of the eclipse. For the past year, I and a number of other folks have felt like our lives have been on hold, waiting for the other shoe to drop in some ways as we suck the fumes of an economy running on empty. My sense is that this night will provide us with some insight into these feelings. It feels like a culmination in many respects. The end of a nostalgic worldview at the very least and something potentially more ominous could also come into play as well.

The Moon will be conjunct the US Sun in Cancer at 13 degrees, lighting up it’s meaning for The USA, activating the very qualities that made the US a great country for many years. Cancer is nurturing, kind, loving, protective and caring. It’s nature is anything but aggressive. The ultimate in oxymoronic activities is a Cancer country going around the world to “spread democracy.” That’s not the nature of the crab. The crab is not the flying fish of the zodiac. It rarely moves forward if it moves at all. The pre-depression isolationism of the US is much more in alignment with it’s Cancerian nature. Somewhere along the way, the crab got caught in a trap and a beast of different temperment asserted it’s will as the instinctive and (super)natural force of the US. Perhaps the animal in question is Cancer’s opposite, again, Capricorn.Fiat-Empire

On December 23rd, 1913, at 0 degrees Capricorn, The Federal Reserve Act was signed into being by congress. The creature from Jeckyll Island was unleashed upon an unwitting populace and the birth of fractional reserve banking came into being. It was on that day, that the goat displaced the crab as the synthetic ruler of the United States and gradually, over time, the energy shifted from support and aid, to dominance and dependence. Democracy became something to spread as long as Bechtel, Halliburton, Blackwater and The Carlysle Group came along for the ride, funded of course by massive borrowing for the war machine, all orchestrated through the federal reserve. Our national and astrological identity was hijacked nearly 97 years ago. From caring to callous, from conservation to consumption, we were socially programmed, re-engineered and ultimately fooled by a virus that distorted our values into something barely recognizable any longer. But the upcoming full moon, partial eclipse could very well be a signal that the tide is indeed turning.

Crabs aren’t really that aggressive, but put your hand in a tank where some crabs are crabbing about and they’ll slice your fingers open. Don’t fuck with a crab and they won’t fuck with you. It’s a pretty understandable position actually. However, if a crab is continually prodded and poked, jabbed and jimmied, they get pretty pissed. Now, you may or may not agree with the so-called conservative element in this country, but I can share with you, that I am seeing friends that were more in the progressive camp become sadly disillusioned by what is happening in the US and become more conservative with their pov, especially as it relates to war, uncontrolled spending and ultimately freedom. While the corporacratic forces of Capricorn are lining up and assembling, the shadowed moon stirs the Cancerian spirit, especially on 12/31/09 as it lights up the US natal Sun. In essence there is an event on the horizon that will cause us to re-member.

As The Moon moves towards its eclipse point, just a few degrees prior at four degrees, it will square Saturn in Libra. This is an important development as Saturn is exalted in Libra, standing up for the underdog, working hard at relationships, hanging in there to find balance and mediating win/win as much as possible. The Full Moon arcs at an angle towards Saturn, challenging us to do the same, evoking memories within us of what’s it’s like to be picked on, left out, bullied, put down, and tossed aside. It will remind us of who we are whence step up to be our brothers keepers. You see the US Saturn is also in Libra, at 15 degrees. The Moon will first square off against transiting Saturn in Libra, then square The US Saturn. The whole concept of fairness and rights, the clash of what is acceptable and not will be unavoidable. It will trigger the event cannon that will unfold as an ongoing theme throughout Saturn in Libra for the next two + years. In essence, something happens during this time that we will work with for the entirety of Saturn’s stay in Libra. Throw a retrograde Mercury into the mix (also in Capricorn) and boy howdy, chaos ensues as more Capricornian “might is right” gets channeled into the mix.

ControversialThe lovely Angelica Andromeda sent me this video link. It’s a man named Allen West giving a speech to potential voters in Florida. He’s a retired Lt. Col and he’s running for congress in the sunshine state. West is compelling in the video, really tapping into the Cancerian zeitgeist that I have been referring to throughout most of this post. But who is Allen West?

Before setting his sights on being a representative from Florida, he was in “The Big Suck” aka Iraq, where he was nearly courtmartialed for torturing and abusing an Iraqi. He made a few quick moves and got himself out of the mess, with full benefits. Now, he’s off and running for congress, hitting all the right populist notes. In fact, he’s doing what all potential members of congress ultimately must do and that’s travel to Israel. Here is a picture, a slightly creepy photo of West with swastikas over his head at the holocaust museum. West was recently there for a big meeting of Homeland Security in Israel. Folks, I wouldn’t be pinning my revolutionary hopes on Allen West anytime soon, but I sourced the video for a reason, as it speaks to the spirit of our time; a time of tea parties and people wanting to reclaim some sense of power and sovereignty in their lives. How this revolationary energy unfolds and expresses itself is yet to be determined and hopefully the likes of Allen West are not going to be our leaders during this sensitive and critical phase. While he might sum up and tap into a collective frustration that’s building towards burst, I think we need new models that can re-define the issues that West addresses without it’s martial thrust. It’s gonna happen though. The showdown between goat and the crab is going down. It’s inevitable. It’s in the stars.

9 thoughts on “Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Signals The End Of The Decade And More”

  1. In 2008 I supported president Obama but I had a nagging suspicion he may be the US Feyd Rautha. If you’ve ever read Dune by Frank Herbert, Feyd was the nephew of the evil Baron Harkonnen. Feyd was intelligent and charismatic, and destined to replace the violent idiot Beast Rabban on the throne of arrakis. In comparison to Rabban, feyd would be seen as a savior and embraced by the masses. But in the end, he still worked for Baron Harkonnen. 1. obama is related to both Bush and Cheney 2. The resemblance of Cheney and harkonnens personality is uncanny and 3. Obama was embraced as a savior and rescuer from George w Beast.
    He could still surprise us, but it is pretty clear that Obama is as cozy with the status quo as any other modern American president. So let’s speculate: if potus is a wolf in sheeps clothing, what is his intention? I had an intersting discussion the other day with an ardent Obama supporter who said “Obama is about global equilibrium. He’s re-integrating the us back into the global community, and if the economy suffers as a result, he’ll take that risk.” I found that rather profound, as i’ve long felt the global power structure knew that US superpower status is beyond unsustainable and are looking for a “soft landing” collapse of u.s. rather than the alternative a few years down the road.
    Could it be that Obama is the smart, charismatic, supposedly compassionate face that will be the figurehead in the US’s collapse and transformation? One could read into your post above, and foresee such things going on.
    Either way, my 31st birthday is 12/30 and I’ll be interested what awaits the day after. I don’t drink anymore, but I’m halfway tempted to keep around some bubbly in case we’re asked to toast some new overlords in 2010.

  2. Yes feyd was played by sting in Lynch version. If you’re interested, the scifi channel did a far superior version of Dune a few years ago that’s out on DVD. But nothing compares to the book itself…

  3. Dude… Things just keep getting weirder and weirder… I hope there is some New Year’s resolution to this tension.

    Do you have any thoughts on the weird spiral formation over Norway that was supposedly a failed Russian ICBM test? It looked more like the opening of a portal to me.

    Thanks for all the great articles.

  4. a

    The “Russian Missile Effect” doesn’t feel quite real to me, though I won;t discount it. It could be HAARP related, some Project Bluebeam test run and I have heard noone mention the fact that The Hadron Collider is up and running. Is there any connection there? Got my eyes wide open.

  5. spiral-
    Some folks have found it significant it was over norway, before obamas Nobel. I also felt it connected with CERN. And apparently, there is a mini-haarp facility in Tromso. Even if it was a missle (haha) it still synchronistic.

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