Full Lunar Eclipse Scopes For All Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

7_7_moonSevens Clash.

You are about to enter a cosmic vortex of such profound ramifications, that you’re going to feel like you’re on one of those white knuckling rides at a Six Flags, but aren’t ever sure it’s going to stop. I’m talking about the Full Moon/Lunar eclipse on the 7th, that coincides with a number of cosmic factors, from the abstract esotericism of the innerverse, to the physical phenomenon of the universe.

We start with 7/7, a profound date if there was ever one. Back in the day, Culture made their mark on the reggae world with the classic track, “Sevens Clash” which was a musical ode to the rastafarian prophecies surrounding 7/7/77. There was a lot of buzz in the rasta world about what might happen on that day. Nothing much did, but we have consistently seen world events that have taken place on significant days, such as 9/11, 4/20 and even 7/7, just four years ago on the streets of London. This moon cycle, not only do we have 7/7, but 7/8/9 as well, which obviously follows the 7/7 sequence. Seven might be the most mystical of all numbers. We have seven heavens, chakras, sisters and dwarves. I could drill down further but I have to get to your individual horoscopes. You get the picture. So we have at least established a basic, esoteric primer for the date of the eclipse. . .well there’s more.

On July 4th, The Sun shot a significant burst of solar flares in the direction of our little orb. What day is the solar blast expected to arrive? 7/7. The fascinating piece around all of this, is that amidst this summer’s exceptional display of crop circles, was a circle that appeared on July 1st, that clearly resembles the burst of a solar flare.


So there’s our cosmic phenomenon.

Then we have The Moon itself in cool and reserved Capricorn, opposing loving and nurturing Cancer. Pluto will join forces with The Moon, just pre-eclipse, as The Moon will be fully in eclipse mode at 15 degrees. The Moon will move past full eclipse and then sextile Uranus retrograde in Pisces at 26 degrees. So in just a few, brief hours, it will start in an exact conjunction with Pluto, oppose the Cancer Sun, then join forces with Uranus. We’re talking powerful energies; plutonian/plutonium, uranian/uranium. Factor in that this moon can be aloof, cool and self-centered and the potential for intense encounters with the word at large and one another are highly likely.

So what to do with all of this stacked energy, omens, portents and signs?

Well, the best thing that anyone can do is surrender. Ultimately, we have no control, and there are times where we are brought to our human limits of resources and action. Now that’s not to say that we don’t have power when it comes to our intention, but intention is like setting a compass to the best formation of sails, and after that it’s all about winds and tides. Fitting for the moon.

This lunar eclipse sets in motion a summer of intensity as a solar eclipse follows at the end of the month, all leading up to the Uranus/Saturn opposition that awaits us in August.

So hold onto your hats boys and girls, it’s gonna get bumpy up in here. Let’s look at all the signs.

Let’s not mince words. This moon has you thinking about family versus career in a very deep way. Who is rightfully and wrongfully your family? Where have they and you fallen short when it comes to creating the type of family you have always wanted and desired? Is it time to bury the hatchet once and for all? Clear the air? Or just be determined that you will create the type of family you have always desired, despite the challenges and conflict that lie ahead of you. Whatever the case may be, this full moon will have you thinking more about emotional security and job security, especially as it relates to you current vocation than in almost any other time in the past.

While people may have questioned your judgement in the past, they have generally left your sanity alone, save for the occasional shoe binge, but that’s for another column/time. On this full moon however, your mental capacities are going to be challenged by your toughest critic; yourself. We often fail to recognize that we live in a strange and multi-dimensional universe that doesn’t always appear and act the way we’re used to. On this, full-lunar-eclipse, the veil between worlds gets mighty thin for you. Ghosts, orbs, UFO’s, sprites, you name it, they all could very well be making cameos in your consciousness. Get a camera, a notebook, whatever you can and catch the fleeting phantasms that flicker by. You’ll need the evidence.

The sound you’re about to hear is the collapse of economies and old ways of doing business and it will impact you in the place you’ll feel it most–your faith.
If business as usual becomes business unusual, what are you going to do? How are you going to survive and thrive during a time of massive social and economic change? This lunar eclipse offers you a glimpse into the realm of possibility and finding new ways of supporting you and your loved ones. Don’t be surprised if they have little to do with what you’ve don in the past, which should not be a problem for such a mercurial sort. When the world gives you lemons, make a new source of bio-fuel, or something like that.

I’ve been spending more and more time on Facebook (this is not a good thing) and I have noticed that a number of birthdays that I’ve seen pop up for Cancer
includes people that are pioneers in their own right. One is the founder of a highly successful festival in Northern California, another is groundbreaking down-tempo, ambient DJ, another is a ritual priestess, another is a Silicon Valley, PR Maven, turned uber-spiritual connector, another is a middle-aged queen of tantric industries. All these people have one thing in common and that’s to set out into new territories, occupy and anchor them with their emotion and devotion to the project or mission at hand AND they all happen to be Cancers. What does this mean? It means that you’ll be doing double duty during this eclipse, leading the rest of us through the darkness to a new reality on the other side. Don’t retreat from this appointed duty. It’s your destiny, especially as it relates to sharing it with a beloved partner that believes in you.

While you still struggle at times with the forces of Aquarius opposing or having just opposed your natal Sun, you’re learning about the real power of inclusivity, beyond what it can do for your ego. As you integrate these energies into your overall soul matrix, you’re now being asked to go even further and deeper than ever before, with this full moon. Nothing less than pure, unadulterated oneness will suffice. If you resist said call to oneness, you will have a much more difficult time dealing with the energy of the eclipse, especially since it relates to your Sun, as the Sun itself is sending the emissaries of light, in the form of solar flares to our world. We’ll all feel them, but you’ll experience considerable intensity around this event. It reminds me of the movie, “Sunshine” by Danny Boyle, where the only course of action available to a group of astronauts near Mercury, is to travel through the Sun itself, to free them of not only it’s gravitational pull, but their own, limited, consciousness. It’s kinda what’s up for you. Surrender and set your controls for the heart of the sun.

If anyone has the luxury of form during this eclipse, it’s you. Saturn is at 16 degrees Virgo and the Moon and Sun, are both going to be at 15 degrees, in Cancer and Cap respectively. So all you Virgos out there, the ones that plan for the worst case scenario, well you’ll be just fine during this intense encounter in the heavens and in a weird way, you know that. Your job from now until days after the eclipse is to reassure us with your clarity, calm and composure.
It’s an odd place for a mercurial type like you to be the rock of gibraltar, but the universe is a strange and beguiling creature that is chock full of surprises, This full moon, you are definitely one of them. Go out and tell the world, hit Facebook, Twitter, stand on a corner with sign and tell folks that “the sky is falling, but the re-sale price of clouds has never been higher.” Sometimes mixed blessings come with mixed messages. What can I say?

I was at a party the other night with a very good friend who has been out of work for the last six months. He has also been out of touch with me for most of that time as well. His plight is not uncommon and the feelings of shame for those who don’t have jobs and guilt for those that do are going to become more and more prevalent. The psychic health in this country around this issue is going to get more and more challenging, This is where you come into play. Libra always, ALWAYS, wants to bring things into balance. So your mission, you know, the one you’re about to receive in two days is to help bring people back into balance where their jobs and careers lie in tatters and their dreams are dashed on the rocks of the economic tsunami that is still hitting us. I have no idea how you’re going to accomplish this, but I can tell you that you will have some startling insight into this dynamic in the days to come. What you do with it is up to you.

If there was one sign that could take this energy around the eclipse and use it as a portal to some greater realm of understanding, it’s you. Be open to the vast potential that lies in the dark. While most people generally shy away from such intensity, you on the other hand court it and consort with it. Let the power of this moon phase pull you through to the other side, like a shamanic journey of sorts, and keep your eyes wide open as you do so. Your mission is to get back and then draw up a map for the rest of us, as we enter the next eclipse cycle with The Sun, later this month. Just remember, all the great explorers of history had to stare uncertainty in the eye and set sail into the course of their destiny. In this regard, you are not alone, but part of a legacy of those who have gone, where no man or woman has gone before. Just remember to write down the directions.

Resources, resources, resources. Its the one word that’ on your mind now, more than ever and this full moon phase has you delving into your resource pool like Jacque Cousteau. Whether it’s people or bank accounts, you’re submerging into deeper zones than ever before. You’re looking at all things that have relative value and worth in your life and figuring out what you would need and take with you if you had to evacuate in 24 hours, or something like that. On the other side of the eclipse, what you bring with you, will have immense value for you and as as result, you’ll be able to capitalize on it in such a way that you’ll be able to share it with the rest of us come this time next month. Be brave dear archer. The paradoxical aspect of courage is that you have to go through fear in order to achieve it. You are now, officially, on the clock.

If there is ever a time of torment for you, it’s this moon. It’s in your sign, which is not always a strength for you, unless it conjuncts the Sun in your natal chart, or has some positive aspect with a water sign, also in your natal chart. The energy of the moon is antithetical to you on so many levels. Yours is the most masculine of the Earth signs and the moon in direct opposition to you is always calling you to soften your stance, be more flexible and fluid in your approach to the top of the mountain This moon doesn’t just call, it demands that you overcome your rigidity and begin to think about people in terms of other than greater or lesser. It calls on you to stop your quest and realize just how much you need others in your life. It demands that you remember where you came from and who gave you comfort and shelter, to the best of their ability, no matter how it went down. If you can manage to do this, you will rise, and bring the masses with you. If you don’t well there’s this saying about “being lonely at the top.”

Deep in the recesses of your being are the ruins of past civilizations, epochs and dynasties. Other worlds. Over the course of this full moon/eclipse cycle, you’ll have the power to glimpse into these lost realms as both a reality and metaphor. What does Atlantis mean to you on a personal level? Is it a memory of a past life? A code for an enlightened, yet doomed existence? A time in your life where you were on the cutting edge, but sacrificed your position for acceptance and love? You’ll get some very deep insight into this dynamic starting on the 7th and what you will do with it is entirely up to you. Will you bring forth a completely visionary aspect of how things can be if we all pull together? Will you alert us of the challenges that we face? or will you simply file it away for further observation? I’m going with the first scenario.

I am reminded of Michael Jackson’s love of horror movies, as evidenced by John Landis and Jackson’s collaboration on “Thriller.” Jackson had a Pisces Moon and Pisces just love things that go bump in the night. Poe was a Pisces. Nuff said. So this full moon/lunar eclipse is right up your alley. You have no problem rolling with it’s intensity, but the question becomes what do you do with the energy? How does it impact you? There is something regarding the survival of the species that will become very clear to you as result of this moon. How do you share a vision of hope? Of legacy? Of continuity? It’s easy. Go make a movie. I’m totally serious about this. Get yourself some video editing software and direct and produce your own message on the beauty of being a human and the power of realizing that we are all part of the dance, together, here and now. Lights, camera, action!!!

5 thoughts on “Full Lunar Eclipse Scopes For All Signs”

  1. e

    Thank you for your ongoing mission to cast light on the mysteries.

    Isn’t it interesting how many events are converging in the world right now — including the fact that 7/7 will be pop star Michael Jackson’s much hyped memorial? It’s sure to be covered so heavily by the media that it will distract us from these more important messages.

    Search You Tube for the latest crop circle interpretations by noted UFO researcher Jaime Maussan, an esteemed journalist from Mexico, and host of their “60 Minutes.” Maussan notes that all of the recent circles are about the sea and the sun/solar flares. The circles have been warning us about solar flares for years now–and Maussan says that the flares will be more frequent and intense as we approach 12/21/12. He heeds that humans on earth need to take immediate action to reduce global warming emissions because the ozone layer is so thin now that the earth can’t tolerate the extra heat coming from the solar flares. Maussan says that benevolent visitors from other galaxies are visiting us and leaving the crop circles in an attempt to warn us.

    But what the circles don’t answer is what can we do to prepare at this point? Tell everyone and everything to slow down and stop? Move to a mountain top? Worship the king of pop?

  2. Recently I had a conversation with Andrew Cohen (how’s that for name dropping?) about the 2012 blah blah blah, and he shrugged. HE SHRUGGED! “Eh,” he said, “it’s already happening. All that shift in consciousness. It’s going to be Y2K all over again.”

    “So, Andy” I said (said I) “what you’re saying is that it’s biness as usual?”

    “noooo …” he replied “I’m just saying that people are going over board with Apocalyptic Nonsense, and that ain’t the way I fly …”

    He could have told me that his latest zine was going to be filled with 2012 stuff, but … he didn’t. Maybe he presumed that because I’m side kick I’d get to remote view his articles before publication?
    So enewai, this is an amazing update.
    7/8/9? I wasn’t EVEN paying attention. Now I know why I feel so giddy.

  3. a


    I think Cohen is basically right. I fear that the new thought community has placed as much hope and promise around 2012 as the evangelicals have the rapture and yet, we have to take into account the math that not only The Mayns, but even someone like Terrence McKenna did in order to see 12/21/12 as an important node in and out of time.

    We are in the throes of powerful energies right now. Some of which are beneficial, some of which aren’t,

    On my calendar, it says that 2010 is a really big year with major planetary shifts with Saturn and Uranus making HUGE shifts into opposing planetary energies.

    Libra vs Aries.

    Peace vs War.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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