From Jenner To Baphomet, American Pharaoh To King James (Capricorn) And Curry’s (Pisces) Cross To Bear

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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JenderConfused Jender Roles

Well, it’s been about a week since I tossed out my two cents on Bruce Gender. The results and comments were surprisingly positive and supportive of the POV. I was thinking about how uncool it is to be more traditional and structured in one’s view of life on Terra. However, we’ve always supported the contrarian stance. America was born on the idea of revolution and going in the other direction. Well, it was born on a lot more than that too. Lot’s of exploitation and fields watered in the blood of indigenous people and shady side deals of the founders, but I’m not sure any piece of land on the matrix rock has a virginal tale of cohabitation and harmony through consensus agreement. Can you name me one?

Life on Terra has been savage and brutal. The 20th Century, even with its bloody banker wars has been mostly a respite from the constant pulverizing of people and their lands. Just go back to the Age of Aries and it’s one brutal conquest after the next. Bleeding into the Age of Pisces, the battle for land, resources, and the finest virgins the Nephilim could breed carried on. This is a planet of savage indifference driven by the dreams of madmen who are convinced of their own divine right, dark or otherwise to rule and subjugate. America and its history aren’t any different than what went on before or even after. The trouble is the cognitive dissonance between what’s going down and what’s promoted. Kind of like Bill Gates loving the children of India or Chad so much, that he supplies them magic serums that are supposed to cure everything from TB to dandruff, however, they unfortunately wind up paralyzing, sterilizing or killing said children. What’s the saying? “The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions” There’s a real disconnect in the message and delivery. However, I digress.

I was talking about how cool it is and has been promoted that taking the contrary side is. It started with James Dean striking a blow against the nuclear family in A Rebel Without A Cause. Ironically, the rage that came through Dean’s iconic performance was likely due to the fact that he had been molested and abused as young boy. Sexual confusion was a constant theme in Dean’s short life. He was linked to Hollywood actresses and was sleeping with agents and producers to get plum roles.

I had an illuminating conversation with a baseball mom/child therapist last night. It was one of those casual chats around the fields that drop into deeper territory, unexpectedly. I was talking about a player on my team that has ADD and she quickly replied that in her professional experience, most cases of ADD are linked to abuse and trauma and that most doctors and shrinks cannot or will not make the connection, so they just double down and prescribe Ritalin or some other wonder drug like Ativan. And it got me thinking in that big ole global way that I usually get to around the second cup of coffee. The planet is one, long, series of inherited trauma dramas, stacked up from generation-to-generation, people carrying around the scar tissue from the great depression and beyond. Go back far enough and you’ll run into just about anything. From lewd and lascivious uncle Ernie types, to first-night-wife-robbers. It’s all there, flushed down, from generation to generation like a massive pile-up on the karmic interstate. And we’re all walking around with it-trauma cases just trying to get by.

Baphomet-by-Levi The tragic piece of this heavy and old script are the real perps who take advantage of it on a broad, social scale. From peddling worthless drugs, to new tits for old men, they are the merchants of trauma, exploiting it at every angle. The mass market has morphed into a so-called society. Who knows what the hell really happened in Bruce Gender’s dark past? I mean he grew up in Satan’s backyard in Sandy Hook, where Adam was accused of killing actors posing as children in a school that didn’t exist. Even Adam himself is likely a cipher, perhaps the unfortunate alter ego of his brother Ryan. I wonder if Gene Rosen ever had Bruce come over to his place and play with his stuffed animal menagerie that he had on hand, just in case, there was a crisis with the local kids.

In the comments of the Jenner post, I was asked about Pluto in Capricorn and if it has any answers for this rampant case of having our sex organs turned inside out while the world itself goes upside down in a psychic pole shift. My answer is mostly “no.” Jender’s transition is a manifestation of Baphomet aka Pluto in Capricorn. Baphomet is the unisex God that is the physical resolution of duality. Jender is the gold medal standard for the Age of Baphomet.

Nope, there’s no real answer there.

Instead, we need to occupy the polar opposition of Capricorn, which is Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the mother, the eternal feminine, which is engaged in birth, nurturing and sustaining life in it’s organic dissemination. You can’t get it via injection or ingestion.

But Robert, that’s so retro, that’s so 20th Century!!! Grow a tail and some horns, shit rainbows, take a selfie of it and broadcast it to the universe so that your authentic self can be accepted by thousands of complete strangers, acting as a collective conscience!!!

Tolerance is a synthetic commodity distributed by the masses as a form of permission mixed with a heaping spoonful of denial. Just try to bring about a different perspective, one outside of the socially tolerated standard and see how tolerant the keepers of the new compassion are. Ironically, many of these people have read the Dalai Lama, Pema Chodran, Jack Greenfield and Eckhart Tolle, but express about as much real compassion and forgiveness as Cortez showed the Aztecs. It’s all just window dressing for the soul.

Back in the Victorian era, women wore high collared, long dresses, exemplifying modesty in the age of manners, but beneath the cloistered attire were the raging fires of passion. Well, at least that’s what Ivory-Merchant movies said. Our version of the Victorian Age is the New Age Nazis who will chant ancient vowels while the FEMA trains roll away the un-tolerant dissenters to the surreal circus of these times. Speaking of Baphomet . . .

I have been fascinated by the Triple Crown and the NBA finals, which are related in of course, an esoteric fashion. “American Pharaoh” won the Triple Crown on 6/6/15, which is 666. 6-6-1+5 = 6. 666. The owner of the horse Ahmed Zayat is about as Egyptian as I am. He’s an orthodox Jew who lives in New Jersey. Now he was born in Egypt (to a wealthy family of course) but his real name is “Ephraim.” According to Freeman Fly, the American Pharaoh is already here. But I find the occluded identity of Zayat fascinating and I can’t help but think of ISIS, fertility goddess of Egypt, parading around the Middle East as radical, decapitating demons, the Hell spawn of Islam, while in reality, they’re mercenaries that are funded by the same old crowd, the triangle of chaos, who wage war by deception. There’s a clue here if you can figure it out.Monster+Energy+-+Unleash+the+Beast

The NBA finals is about to crown LeBron James again, giving him three NBA titles, and thus achieving his own Triple Crown of sorts. In the first game versus Cleveland, the Warriors pulled out a signature win, led by Stephen Curry. Here’s where it gets mighty interesting.

Curry is a Christian, born into the faith through his father Dell, a former NBA player himself. Curry has strong family roots. His mother and father are always pictured in the stands. His pregnant wife nearby, and his adorable daughter by his side after games, with the Curry’s, it’s a family affair.

Curry is a Pisces Sun, and when he’s on, his game flows like the Amazon. State Farm has a series of commercials featuring NBA stars that portray their secret double as part of some sort of spy agency doubling as insurance agents. It’s all Gemini, dual identity, and covert opps marketing. Chris Paul’s fake brother/twin is Cliff Paul. John Stockton is Don Stockton and Stephen Curry is Sebastian Curry. Curry’s Part of Fortune is in Gemini. In Steph/Sebastian’s commercial, he rips off a suit to reveal superhero diving gear and retrieve a sunken boat/claim. It was my kid (Pisces) who pointed out that Curry’s descent into the murky waters of the East Bay was Piscean. He was right.

So, you get the picture, Christian/Pisces/Family Guy, traditional values.

lebronThen there’s LeBron. Bron is a Capricorn, shares the same birthday as MK Ultra poster boy, now rotten golfing clone, Tiger Woods. Woods. Woods was primed, pumped and trained by his Delta Force dad Earl. The prime objective was to have Tiger infiltrate corporate consciousness and the country club set. If a black male could transcend class and race, that image would be transferable to other higher realms and offices. Tiger was pushing inventory for Oldsmobile and Rolex, but he was really prepping the power class for Barack Obama. Shortly after Obama was elected, Earl Woods died and with it, Tiger’s handle on reality. Wild, Ambien fueled sex romps with peroxide strippers eventually led to Tiger’s demise on Thanksgiving night, 2009, where Elin Nordgren, his wife, took a five-iron to his skull when she discovered sexts on Tigers smartphone. In my humble opinion, the life of Eldrick Woods ended that night and the birth of Eldritch Woods; the lousy golfing clone. Eldrick did his job though. He paved the rough roads of the WASP mind for his composite to take the oval office.

though he shares the same birth date as Woods; LeBron James is another matter entirely. If Stephen Curry is the Fish That Saved Oakland, James is the Beast From The East. He’s the Illuminati’s poster boy flashing the pyramid with Jay-Z and this interesting pose from the Olympic team, where he sported the number six and classic 666 mudra.

While Curry’s backstory is full on family fare with God at the center, James’ early life is much more obscure and in many ways, even occult.

James never really knew his father, Anthony McClelland. His mother gave him up to a local football coach to be raised. While the Curries are hanging in the stands, James’ mother is nowhere to be found. He’s had a controversial relationship with her. At one point, it was rumored that his teammate, the gun crazy Delonte West was sleeping with LeBron’s Momma. Even in his own life, James has eschewed traditional marriage and has a live in arrangement with his kid’s mother. Now technically, that would make his boys bastards, since they were born out of wedlock. I’m not making a judgment–I’m just providing the juxtaposition of these two personalities.

One could easily make a case that this is LeBron (Illuminati/Capricorn/Baphomet) versus Curry (Christian/Pisces/Jesus).

666_CurryAfter game one, I spotted this “fan” doing something very strange in Curry’s general direction. This is the end of the game and everyone is loose and ecstatic except Mr. 666. Look at how he’s dressed. He reminds me of some of the Intel stiffs I’ve seen at protests and Occupy events, dressed the part, but looking stiff and out of place. Well, Curry has played like shit since then. Meanwhile, James has channeled the furies of creation and single handedly dominated this series.

Curry has been plagued by not only some supernatural hex, but also by a guy named “Matthew Dellavedova.” Dellavedova is a Virgo and he is Curry’s opposite (Virgo 15 vs Pisces 24). Opposite signs in men are signs or rivalry and Dellavedova’s try harder Virgo tude is getting to Curry. He looks almost like a man possessed. With a Shaggy beard, and red eyes, he looks more like a Teen Wolf than an NBA point guard. His Jupiter in Leo is in Curry’s First House, which is 0 Leo. That Jupiter is a like a methane cloud choking off Curry’s usually flamboyant self expression.

So we have LeBron, The King and American Pharaoh converging. Then there’s proto Jew Ahmed Zayat and on LeBron’s side, David Blatt, coach of the Cavs, who used to coach in Tel Aviv and has the ringing endorsement of Bibi Netanyahu.

Blatt has dual citizenship with Israel, which makes sense for a Gemini, but he’s also a virulent Zionist who cheered while Gaza was blown back to the Middle Ages last year. In a league with a Jewish commissioner, with mostly Jewish owners (including the Cavs and Warriors) Blatt received zero criticism for his openly aggressive stance towards the Palestinians. In another, strange twist in this surreal series, Warriors coach, Steve Kerr’s father, Malcolm was killed by two assassins in Beirut, while teaching college there at American University. Malcolm Kerr was considered one of the preeminent American scholars of the Middle East at the time of his murder. Kerr had a deep insight into not just the conflict but the roots of it, which no doubt intersected with “The Right Of Return” and the annexation of Palestine to the Rothschild/Zionist cabal. But more importantly, Malcolm Kerr was a proponent of peace, not conquest

Who killed Malcolm Kerr?

After the smoke cleared and the tears fell, the radical group Jihadi claimed responsibility for his death. But were they really the ones who pulled the trigger on Kerr? As we tap back into the ISIS, Pharaoh theme, it’s clear that ISIS or IS or ISIL are not who they appear to be.

MayaMost radical groups are fronts doing the bidding of countries and agencies that are engaged in proxy wars. They are controlled opposition whose job is to destabilize, create more chaos, and inflict more suffering, while conquering and dividing. If people truly understood the playbook and had the details of these so-called terror events revealed to them, they might have a chance of fully awakening.

Given that scenario, it would not be too far fetched to make a case that Malcolm Kerr was killed by part of the same faction that David Blatt creams over. Like Blatt, Kerr is also an air sign (Libra). Dave Zirin, one of the more enlightened sports writers of our time has written a potent piece on David Blatt’s politics and the striking double standard at play when it comes to promoting Israel and Zion’s often bloody interests without much critical retort.

In another, very strange twist to this series, Synchro-mystically, LeBron and Steph Curry were born in the same Akron hospital, four-years-apart. Sometimes sport expands into and beyond mythopoesis. Perhaps, what we’re witnessing is the forces of light and dark in a contest for truth and justice, before our very eyes.

In the days of the ancient Maya, a ball game not too unlike our own basketball was played by two teams of two to four men each, warriors chosen not just for their skill, but their willingness to be sacrificed AS VICTORS! They couldn’t use their hands or arms to knock the leather orb through the stone portal, a hoop turned sideways. By playing this game, performing this ritual. The balance of the universe was reset as the cosmic drama of life, death and sacrifice was played out under the watchful eyes of invisible gods, judging the final outcome as a bloody redemption for the tribe.

In our culture, the sacrifices to appease the leering gods of this world come in many shapes and forms, like a former Olympian, one who had performed at the highest level of sport, in the Greek games named after those gods, sacrificing his own living flesh.

Meanwhile, as the sacred hoops shift back to the Golden State, Curry has to somehow shake the curse, while King James summons the pyramidal forces of ancient overlords who have shaped his destiny from his very first breath and the forces of Zion exert their influence and will at every turn, with every possession.

Perhaps, we are seeing our very own salvation being played out in front of us, a child’s game played by men, with stakes so high, that we may not be able to comprehend the outcome of the final score. I’m not sure I have a lot of hope for Curry and the forces of Pisces. They’ve been turning the other cheek for the past 2,000 years and unless there’s some sort of divine intervention, I don’t see that script changing much now.

8 thoughts on “From Jenner To Baphomet, American Pharaoh To King James (Capricorn) And Curry’s (Pisces) Cross To Bear”

  1. k

    (Your link to Zirin’s piece detailing Blatt’s criminally-minded racist political ‘views’ isn’t working, Robert)

  2. o

    There is a lot of cultural manipulation going on here, I think. I can’t look at the dichotomy of steph and lebron without thinking about the infighting that has existed between African Americans of different complexions, in conjunction with Pharrell Williams declaration of The New Black a little while back in his Oprah interview. Titles of current pop culture phenomenons like Fifty shades of Grey and Orange is the New Black are starting to come off as hidden-in-plain-sight NLP. The NBA finals occurring at the same time as this Rachel Dolezal scandal sets off an alarm for me. The cognitive dissonance created in the minds of the people seems to be at an all time high. My facebook feed consist of people applauding Caitlyn Jenner and demonizing Dolezal. For me the situations are really no different from one another. Dolezal’s situation looks like a litmus test to see how effective getting people to accept transhumanism has been. When gender and race are taught to be social constructs, humanity as a social construct may not be far behind.

    1. a

      LeBron cracked his crown on the all-seeing-eye. If he had been wearing his headband (Saturn’s ring) there’s a good chance that it doesn’t happen. That was the turning point for the series.

  3. H

    Great information. Been following Robert on Gaiam since its beginning. Heard he is back. Its all good!
    I see the triple 6 hand sign much in sports. Wrestling, if you can call it a sport, has a wrestler John Cena who uses this sign before every match it seems. The same as the picture above with both arms. IDK if, to him, it has a different meaning, but the Beatles did it all the time. Someone once told me that Helen Keller in her later years created sign language and used occult hand signals as the basis of the language. When training to dive the old triple 6 is used for the “I am ok” hand signal. In the Necronomicon grim, also called Al Azif, transcribed by the author of the Enochan language of the “Angels” John Dee, there are four hand signals, one of which is a middle finger. According to this old text, when one gives the bird, it is to open a portal. The bird is the word!

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