From Iconic To Ironic–Chrysler Building Sold To Abu Dhabi

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Chrysler Building

The building that has stood for american enterprise, the rise of the automobile and contemporary design now belongs to a Abu Dhabi, capital of The United Arab Emirates. How is this possible? How could something so utterly american, an icon of the empires ascent now belong in the hands of city the size of Rhode Island? It’s twofold really. In case you haven’t noticed the economy is in the sewer and all of the dollars that our oil producing pals are holding are nearly worthless. It’s not breaking news though. From early on, when The West started doing business with the oil families of The Middle East, those families were beholden to western interests for the technology that would allow them to drill, pump and export the “sweet crude” we’re hooked on. That investment in infrastructure did not come without it’s own price. Shell, Atlantic Richfield, etc, The Rockefeller/Rothschild group, paid the shieks money directly into accounts, through the world bank. However, we should say that they were paid “credits” not real cash, but a form of fiat currency in the guise of federal reserve notes. By the end of the seventies, they realized that their currency/credits were ultimately worth nothing and they quickly bought as much property in the USA as they could to hedge their credits.

Fast forward to 2008 when the harsh reality has finally set in, after a long, protracted and non-winnable has torpedoed our prosperity, the dollar is sinking to the depths the shielks had been foretold that it would. Over time, the OPEC nations (except the US–an OPEC member) have built up their cash/credit reserves and since 2003 have been also trading in Euros which has fortified their financial base. Now they are looking to dump as many dollars as possible and the floodgates for purchasing US properties has been blasted wide open. This is a globalists wet dream, where the sovereign assets of a country are available to outsiders, creating a marketplace that knows no boundaries or allegiance to the city state. In essence, the wholsale liquidation of US assets has begun and with it a national identity. The building that was fueled by the petroleum based expansion of the mid-twentieth century, a paean to the steel chariot and the rise of economic expansion is now ironically owned by the group that was once beholden to it for it’s very own economic development and existence.

You can expect to hear even more examples of this in the days to come and it won’t stop with icons like The Empire State Building or The Sears Tower. I have no doubt that the auctionining off of US lands will take place in the next 3-5 years and landmarks such as The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone will also be in the hands of either foreign investors or the IMF as payment towards the massive and ultimately terminal debt that is suffocating the lives of the unaware, asleep, average american.

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