Flipping The CERN Switch, The Autumnal Equinox And You Are The God Particle

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

astro_2gw_49_cern.49564.31154CERN baby CERN

As a mundane astrologer on the edge of events, I have to mark and commemorate them with a post that at the very least shows that I am conCERNed. Which brings us to the largest hadron collider on the planet getting fired up, one day from now. If there is a God, and I believe there is, then it’s always one step ahead of the dark forces that desperately want to displace and become it. It’s a natural inclination in many ways. The boy wants to displace and replace the father and in time it always comes, but there is a sense of continuity, training and the passing on of vital skills and knowledge.

Apparently, in a past life, somewhere near current day Denmark, my dearly departed father, who was then my brother was the executor of our father’s significant holdings of land and I the ne’er do well of the family complained bitterly that I got a measly parcel of rock instead of the back 40 with the view of the valley. Then brother, decided that I was not responsible enough to handle all that Earth, so in some ways, it was a test.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out like James Dean in Giant, and I didn’t hit a gusher and in fact, I probably resented big brother in the process. But we don’t get off that easy. Life is a wheel and it spins forever into eternity, like Kubrick’s rotating Hyatt in space.

Ever listen to Steely Dan’s big hit from the 70’s, “Do It Again?” It’s a paean to reincarnation; “Go back, Jack, do it again, wheel turning round and round, go back, Jack do it again.” And so it goes. This time the brother is the father and yet the song remains the same, just the configuration changes.

How do we break the wheel of karma? How can we settle our agreements and move on? How do we ever keep from coming back and what the hell does this have to do with CERN and astrology?

You see CERN is a giant wheel, not just a Hadron Collider. It is a model of the circular process of reincarnation, spinning in and out of the body, ironically trying to capture Higgs-Boson, aka “The God Particle” which in actuality is us. We are “The God Particle.” So what are they really up to and should we be concerned?

One of the things that we have to understand is that our souls are precious and I am not entirely certain that everyone has a soul. There’s ample evidence that psychopaths run the world and they are devoid of any connection to heart and soul. Now they may bullshit themselves with fairly tales about having to make tough choices for the rest of us, while celebrating their enlightened and exalted status as guardians of this world, but that’s just self-conflating hype, stories they tell each other around lines of coke and seven-year-olds. They’re not at the top of the inverted pyramid but they’re close.

Then there are others whose souls are simply not there. They’re not malevolent deal makers, but simply hollowed out containers for consumerism and malleable under the guise of ideals like God and country. It’s all surface and convenience.

Years ago I saw an NBC special on religion, this was when Pluto was back in Sag and the cultural conservatives on the right, represented by the likes of John Ashcroft were the gullible base for Bush and his NeoCon Men.

On this show, Tom Brokaw spent time in mega churches following the lives of a few people who were part of the church, one of whom would turn out to be the disgraced and fallen pastor, Ted Hagard, who at the time had a hotline to the White House and GHW Bush along with other pastors. They would feed Bush lines from the Bible like “Works of Wonder” and Bush would use them in his speeches and they would use the same phrases to their congregation so that the message was being broadcast across all platforms of the faithful’s consciousness. It was seamless promotion, lock step belief in a self-professed Christian who was getting weekly visits from macho male escorts that might have been victims of the Franklin scandal at one point and time in their lives. Hagard himself would almost become a fall guy for the not very Christian sexcapades in the oval office. Pastor Ted went down, literally and figuratively.

But I digress slightly.

In that show there was a woman who believed in Bush because he was a Christian and she was a busy Mom who couldn’t worry about whether or not 911 was an inside job or that the constitution was hijacked by 21st fascists. In that instance, we have another example of a soulless being. All the thoughts are in the right place, aligning with the right values because of their inherent brand value. Not only soulless but mindless to boot. I’m not judging her, just noting how quickly she surrendered her sovereignty because it was easy and didn’t require much thought.

So what is CERN? Is it a portal to other dimensions? Is it a time travel device? Are demons going to pour through the intergalactic gateway? Is it going to crack the Earth and allow the giants of inner Earth to ascend—the return of the Nephillim? Is it just another con in a series of royal scams? I’ve heard that some scientific types are actually nervous about what they’re going to do, because they essentially don’t know what the hell is going to happen. How does that grab you?

What if CERN is a soul catcher, kind of like those quaint Native American thingies, only it’s playing for keeps, trapping us in the incarnational cycle for eternity?

A number of years ago, George Green was peddling a series of books called, “Handbook For a New Humanity” and there was some startling ideas that surfaced, namely that the dark lords of the universe wanted to play God/be God and their strategy was to create their own universe, a negative universe, and the fuel source would be our souls. What if CERN is a soul harvester? I’m not saying it is, but if that is indeed the intent, then they would need the technology for such an operation. It’s madness and it will never occur BTW. These people ARE NOT GOD, no matter who they’re playing poker with and the force that over lights everything will not let them get away with it. Now that doesn’t mean that it might not cause some damage, but they’ll always, always be one step behind pure creation.

So let’s take a look at the big day—shall we? SEE CHART ABOVE

I chose 6:06 AM, Zurich time for the big event. That puts Virgo on the ASC, with the Sun at 29 degrees in wide orb. That’s the degree of my Sun BTW. The TN is there at 1 Libra, asserting balance. Juno and BML round out the cast of celestial characters in the first house.

The chart itself is a ‘See Saw” where the energy is bouncing back and forth between two sides of the wheel. If anything, the motion is kinetic and dynamic. It’s Cardinal vs Mutable. There’s also two Grand Trines in the mix forming a tilted Magen Star (If we include the POF and Pallas). Pallas/Uranus/Venus form the trine in fire. Pallas is the most interesting of the asteroids for me. The daughter of Zeus represents ideas and patterns, intelligence in general and in Sag this is related to consciousness in its purest form, organized religion in its density. It’s interesting to note that the Pope, also a Sag will be in Washington D.C. the next day. Flipping the switch on CERN and the pope’s arrival—just a coincidence—right? It’s sounding more and more like a Dan Brown novel the more I think about it.

Pallas is in trine with Uranus, that’s unstable energy. Uranus is fun to hang out with, but you’d better know how to tap dance with Chaos. In Aries, it’s the creation of the new man. It reminds of the scene in “The Last Days Of Man On Earth” a little known, but great cult film from the 70’s where the Earth is running down and there has to be a plan in place for the new man, which takes place in a particle reactor of sorts as they try to create Baphomet, the merging of the two sexes and well, what they do get is something wicked and sardonic. I’ll skip the spoiler. Trailer posted below.

Venus in Leo is creative and vibrant as it approaches the 12th House, ingressing into darkness. Mars at the final degrees of Leo is already there. Now I am not a superstitious sort, but Mars in the 12th House is usually a red light or at the very least a red flag and at the 28th degree, the energy is much more chaotic and volatile. This is the nature of the energy in signs at the final degrees. It squares Saturn and opposes Neptune. Saturn is the law enforcer and Neptune is GOD, the sacred and the profane. Behind the scenes Mars is breaking the law (Saturn) and opposing God (Neptune). Do the math. Its’ all part of the bloody network of crisses and crosses, the See Saw back and fort of oppositional energy.

Then there’s Gemini on the MC; D-U-A-L-I-T-Y, 13th degree. The cool and dispassionate Moon in Capricorn gets a creative rush in the 5th House, Ceres is there like a shepherdess in another Grand trine, late Earth, and early Air. Both are in wide orb with Pluto, which adds deep intensity into the root of the event. Pluto as we know is transformation at the very bottom of the chart. If I were the folks at CERN, I’d be concerned about the various floors of their massive superstructure. Just sayin.

So what does it all mean you ask? Well, it’s very likely that nothing will happen. Today will come and go, just like any other day and everyone will wipe their brow and go back to playing Fantasy Football. But there’s another possibility and it is that something might actually happen and we won’t know about it initially and it might have a longer and delayed impact on us. Now that would be the equivalent of the open narrative or the skillfully designed out, but it’s also true with expansive Jupiter in the 12th House, where the second Sun is occluded.

What should you do? Go about living your life and take solace that you read this and shined a little light on a very dark place and sometimes, that is enough.

I was watching an extremely well done video the other day, it had to do with the opening of the rugby season in England and there was the usual opening ceremony, which is not so usual anymore. This one looked like it was done by the same folks that dialed up the equally bizarre and luridly symbolic opening ceremonies in London for the 2012 Olympics and while I doubt that Danny Boyle directed the rugby opener, it still had that same look and feel.

The commentator of the video breaks it down succinctly and he is spot on. They are in the act of summoning these subterranean entities from the bowels of the Earth; Giants, Nephilim. From a sports standpoint, the San Francisco Giants have won the World Series 3 out of the last 5 years. The New York Giants have won the Super Bowl twice over the same span.

In 2014, Neptune and trident symbolism was all the hype, everywhere one looked. Neptune of course is the god of the ocean, the deep, and he’s not a very nice guy. Think Zeus underwater–lots of rage. It’s the same system/story; The summoning of demi-urges to unleash them on the planet and trample the rest of us so that they, the summoners (not really a word) can rule over the rest of the world. But nothing ever really goes as planned. Those who summon become the ruled. However, what struck me was that this was an elaborate game of wish fulfillment and invocation through imagination, though it’s all becoming a bit tired and overwrought. They are desperately craving for a craven outcome, bringing it all out, hiding it in plain site, telling us not what’s going to happen, but what they wish to do. And the great thing about it, is that we can see it for what it is; An overblown production that resembles something like a cross between a Nuremburg rally and Disney World. Whether it’s live or commercials or another TV show with dystopian endtimes themes, they are feverishly writing the script.

You don’t have to buy in.

As of 9:03 AM, CST, CERN has had an issue and has had to shut down for 24 hours. Well, they missed their Equinox window and that might be just enough to keep the satanically possessed pocket protector types busy for while, as their precious symbolic portal passes by.

Go out, enjoy the first day of Autumn. It’s your planet too.

12 thoughts on “Flipping The CERN Switch, The Autumnal Equinox And You Are The God Particle”

  1. p

    ha – i KNEW you’d have SOMEthing for today – me, i’m burning a bayberry candle magick style 🙂

    i wasn’t able to confirm the shutdown yesterday, it appears it shut down on 9/1/15 for a day…

    also of note – this thing allegedly produces an 8 tesla strong magnetic field vs Earth’s magnetic shield is roughly 25-65 MICRO TESLAS in strength…given this is orders of magnitude difference – we’re talking ROUGHLY 1000X more powerful which doesnt make much sense…the local affects are more likely experienced in Switzerland and surrounding country side…

  2. n

    Well, attempts to create a singularity always look like nothing happened. Kind of like finding out why a cloned simulation is the bounce back of gravitational information that reorders the paradox. I would not worry about that, most history changes are not noticed by homo sapiens.

    I would not worry about the Nephilim. There was a jailbreak a couple of thousand years ago, very selective.
    I do not know if there are any unrepentant still remaining.

    Modern Man? I think after getting kicked out of the Garden, replication and relocation in the Wheel is probably the safest option, as far as that goes.

    I mean, not being worthy for the inner orbit, and not thrust into the outer darkness, is not such a bad thing, for a simulation.

  3. R

    That “soul-catcher” hypothesis of yours sounds credible enough.
    If that is indeed the case, all we can do is pray to St. Joseph – our protector. I think, perhaps He and God Almighty are all whom we can depend on to keep from getting sucked into the “celestial stew.”
    Pray Baby, Pray.

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