Flashpoint Turkey, Saturn In Scorpio, Erdogan’s Saturn Return, IRS Mess, Shifting Timelines, WWIII Aversion

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Something happened on the way to WWIII

Life is pretty damned strange. The cycles that repeat over generations, through time, are curious to say the least. When I was 8-9 our family moved four times in the span of a year. It started out when my parents bought their first home. It was a three-bedroom, two-bath with a big lot. Before everyone put up all their fences, we were surrounded by walnut trees. I thought we had moved to the country and there was a horse named “Pepper” in my future. But then, when those fences went up, it was like homesteading in suburbia. Everyone pitched in with equity and sweat.

Shortly thereafter, the old man got promoted and off we went, down into the canyons of Laguna, just a year removed from the Summer of Love. It was there where he had the equivalent of a breakdown. Sales was never his thing and the guy before him had filled his accounts to the gills. Within just a few months of our arrival, we set off in the dead of night, pushing a U-Haul up the coast highway, back to roughly where we started from.

Forty-four years later, I find myself in a similar vector. I moved to Austin from California last October and did it with my son’s mother, but separate, not together. She has her own life, own man, own house, etc.. Our son has done remarkably well adjusting to a new school, new educational standards, new kids, new little league. He’s got Moon in Libra, conjunct my own Libran Moon, so he’s good at being socially adaptable. But things have taken a turn for the weird and his Mom’s situation here just got more tenuous. There’s been hints and innuendo about a return to the Bay Area, which would almost exactly mirror the circumnavigation of my youth at roughly the same age. It’s bizarre and I begin to wonder about timelines, parallel lives, twisting paths like braided DNA.

I have a good friend who swears that the temporal order is shifting, that he’s getting younger and healthier. He told me that parts of his car are reverting to their nearly new efficiency. His air conditioning was out of service and suddenly, one day, it was blowing as hard and cold as it was when he first bought it. Something is going on here.

A long time ago, I wrote about the experiments of Dr. William Tiller and how through some carefully controlled experiments and deeply connected intention, he transformed an anomalous object into a quantum fetish. The object opened up a portal of sorts and the room that housed it had a very different set of reality protocols inside of it. I’m wondering if our so called reality is beginning to take on it’s own set of hyper-dimensional variables. Let’s take Turkey for example.

What started off as a simple protest over the last bit of green in downtown Istanbul, a fairly nondescript group of protestors with tents and a little more, wound up becoming a flashpoint for potentially overthrowing the whole damn thing.

Recep Erdogan is a triple Pisces; Sun/Mercury/Venus, with Venus and Mercury exactly conjunct. He has the Moon and Mars in Sag. Jolly ole Sag can a be a sign that is driven by extreme ideology at times. During Pluto in Sag, we saw the rise of radical Islam, dispensationalist Christians and the busy work of the Ziocons. It was the time of twin towers falling, mega-church-Bush-humping, and DOD bookkeeping rabbis that couldn’t account for billions gone missing at the Pentagon. All faiths in extremis.

Sag is positive, but it can be hella judgmental. Erdogan is proving this out in real-time, claiming that the protestors are the scum of Earth, Turkey’s lower classes hooked on cheap booze and bitter roots. No matter how he wants to spin it, something major happened there and I think it might have helped us avert WWIII for just a moment in time, a moment that might have been just enough for now.

You see, Turkey is a major launching point into Syria and the ongoing conflict, which was reaching a fever pitch last week when NATO ruled that the “rebels” aka “al-qaeda” could now purchase weapons, while a no-fly-zone, which is akin to an act of war was tabled by Obama. This was all, just last week and BOOM! Out of nowhere, amidst small park protest, in just 72 hours, Turkey has enough internal strife to divert money, resources, energy and attention away from its position and role in the assault on Syria.

Something changed the game.

Now Erdogan is also going through his Saturn Return (9 Scorpio) so he’s really in the mix as he’s learning about the limits of power; That’s one definition of Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio is synonymous with power and when Saturn’s gravity compresses it’s essence, it’s like squeezing a blister. The puss oozes out of it. So Mr. Erdogan is having his cyclical blister test.

Another entity going through something similar is of course the IRS, which is getting nothing but horrid press for everything from targeting conservative groups, to throwing lavish parties, to not coming clean about who mandated the political profiling, when, why and how.

The IRS was started by good honest Abe Lincoln on July 1st, 1862 to collect money for the civil war. Just like corporations during the New Deal, it was supposed to be just a temporary thing, but when that money is sooooooo goooood baby, you just can’t stop it now, can you?

So the IRS is a Cancer entity conjunct the USA, another Cancer entity. That Lincoln was sharp. He knew a little about astrology it seems. But it also has Pluto in Taurus (figures) and that Pluto is being stretched and pulled like dried catgut in the light of day by guess what? Saturn in Scorpio. Yep, that spiked hammer of the gods, that blowtorch of the underworld, is cooking these fools in places dark and unexposed. Will it count or will it all simply get washed away from the rocky shore, out into the deep of the collective psyche? My sense is, is that it doesn’t matter, at least not in the way we think it does.

You see, we are all waiting for the gotcha moment of all gotcha moments, when we pull the pants down on the emperor and realize that he’s wearing polkadot underwear like the bad guys in the Three Stooges, has a tiny-little-weeny and scaly, skinny, legs. We so want that moment, which in some ways will make everything right and the forces of evil will be so shamed that they’ll break down in tears and beg us for forgiveness for their blind, ignorant and greedy ways, exposed by the light of our brazen truth.

So when the IRS gets busted or Steadman Bailey, I mean Eric Holder gets called out, we think we’re getting closer and closer to that eternal aha, that grand gotcha. Well, lemme tell you, I don’t think it’s going to quite go down like that.

With Saturn in Scorpio, we’ll get some of it like we’re getting now, but its likely going to be closer to Tiller’s object creating local portals of temporal anomalies, like park protests exploding into national strife, draining the energy away from an all out war. This is how it all goes down; a series of strange occurrences like re-living the routes of one’s past, circular motions of infinite loops, age regression, the unchained expectancy of something greater than the sum of our sorrows emerging from the depths of our awakening. You just never, never, know and with the grand water trine approaching, the spirit is parched and ancient waters will rise, ancient waters will rise.

13 thoughts on “Flashpoint Turkey, Saturn In Scorpio, Erdogan’s Saturn Return, IRS Mess, Shifting Timelines, WWIII Aversion”

  1. t

    There was an astrologer I went to in the 80s who had taught astrology in the 70s when it was a real cool subject to learn and lots of moms were taking classes from her, my own included. She told me ‘if you need quicky reading on what’s going on in your life-check out Saturn transits first… always the big player”.

    Since “8/9″ has been a noticeable event year for both myself and my son also-I just pondered on the Saturn 7 year cycles … ages: 0, 7, 14, 21 and culminating in first Saturn Return at age 28ish. What was going on at age 7, first square to natal Saturn from transiting Saturn? and these works will manifest at age 14 -when children have their first opportunity to voice their ahem… concerns with the childraising you’ve presented them with. Age 14-the first Saturn opposition cycle of their lives…but not the last if everyone makes it through the 14 year age intact : Q which then sets the stage for the 21 year old-last square Saturn v Saturn until the Saturn Return at late 20s.

    Sooooo important these Saturn transit cyclings. The best ‘thing’ about getting age behind you is that you’ve lived through the several complete cycles so thus am not so thrown by repeat performances with the SECOND round of Saturn cycling amongst all the other action going on.

    You were talking on fb about ‘boomers killing their selves’ and I know, for myself, that Neptune transit through Aquarius just about tapped me out. Culmination with the opposition to our generation’s Pluto in Leo…signature planet imo. You called it like ‘broken ideals’ and that was the transit that major impacted it, along with Saturn in Leo those mid 00 years. But it really would have come under push/shove with the Saturn in Taurus times and going back to the Pluto in Scorpio time cycle with the Saturn in Scorpio of right now doing some clean up works on the weary.

    One beloved friend of mine expired her time card in this realm EXACTLY on her 2nd Saturn in Libra time in 2010. We knew it was coming so don’t know if it played a part in her body’s manifesting some weird problems… others have really been through some hard times and at the late 50s with all the other losses we go through as part of life —plenty who have lived their lives pretty fully just want to go home versus putting up with more hardship and losses-not the best time to play out those roles when one can’t just ‘work their way out of problems’ like we did when young, dumb and full of everything we wanted to be full of. Other boomers-going through or having succumbed or survived their 2nd round of the Saturn wheel -either have sailed through it intact or didn’t.

    Seems to me that those with the fixed Saturns have the hardest times with the returns… haven’t looked at charts with Pluto transits affecting plutos in generations along with the Saturn triggers on natal planets. Most I’ve noticed over the years doing death charts for expired buddies is that in progressed charts I have noticed for any ages if there are multiple personal planets changing signs at the same time there is a greater risk of being too overwhelmed energy wise and either manifesting diseases and dying or having extreme physical hardships come their way.

    Back to Turkey… world/Creator does work in mysterious ways. So many times it has seemed like catastrophic done deals are in the works and BOOM-saved by the bell by out of the park left field hits out of no where. The ‘economy’ should have went down for instance… in the EIGHTIES. That hideous ‘WWIII” has been lusted over for the past few decades… but hasn’t happened yet!

    Your portal energies change talk… I’ve experienced that and other unusual episodes and they are mind blowing… in encouraging ways. (yay for mindblowing wake up events) I don’t know if you caught Clif High’s talks about this subject back in early Feb or late January… it was weird enough to catch my attentions and I don’t think he did any follow ups on those events he and the few others he compares data with experienced. I know he’d injured his skin on his hand or something and this ‘time thing’ involved in its healing.

    I’ve been counseled and have counseled others to ‘never give up because you just do not know from moment to moment when a miracle save or interest will present to you!” but that is having good health myself at the present time. Having your body go on a binge of breakdown or worse can be the straw the breaks the camel’s back.

    love you Robert and all your works! Spent catch up time listening to your radio shows for the past month and your knowledge about events and memory tying the players into the events is very impressive. You’ve got to be one of the most informed interviewers around.

  2. K

    I have Saturn in Scorpio, so I am also on my second Saturn return. How I see it is Saturn in Scorpio is the war of attrition in digging up what is hidden, because you just don’t give up until you find that. Couple that with Pisces home and you are going to see the veil torn. My vibe is the intelligence agencies are going to be exposed. In the Soviet Union when they finally knew what had been going on in those Gulags they tore the place apart in disgust and horror.

    Pluto to oppose the US Sun and unearth all she is hiding, for all these years. Founding was much past this opposition, so this is the first time. I like Scorpio rising for the USA because it works, that puts the Sun in the 8th. The stock market country, the hidden agenda country.
    We are the Soviet Union, and by the way the cold war was fake. All the false intelligence coming out of the CIA about the Russian Navy, was wrong. The MIGS were a joke, but it kept the beast fed, military industrial complex.

    Saturn in Scorpio is a war between coverups and mighty Pluto in mutual reception in Capricorn.
    Here comes the truth…………hang on its bout to get real.

    1. a

      Yes, I am in agreement with most of this comment. I think you can throw the Mossad in their as well, hopefully tipping towards nine one one. I see the USA Asc in Sag ala the Sibley chart. The reason I see Sag in the Asc is the USA’s pre-occupation with sport, which is extremely Sag, the intense role that religion plays here, also Sag and lastly the importance of the horse itself which played an enormous role in western expansion. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. You know I was thinking the same damn thing, these riots in Turkey might have averted world war III. I believe today John Scary said the U.S. was losing their ability to influence events in Syria.

    Those soviet migs however were the best out there at that time they say. They are still the best as a matter of fact, everybody is trying to buy them.

  4. J

    great post Robert. my shunning of (NYSE: FB) continues but I still feel connected to your astrological matrix. can’t believe the Sun’s transit through Gemini is nearly halfway complete. Mercurial is an understatement. I recently fulfilled my civic duty as a juror in a criminal case and wow what an emotional drain but moral reward.

    just a minor drunk driving case involving a workingman from hard up Framingham, Mass. no one was hurt, in fact he merely got stuck in the snow on his friend’s front lawn. there were some twists and turns and a missing person by the name of Zink, who fled the scene but was escorted home by the local PD and may have been protected for legacy reasons …. this mysterious individual was the lynchpin of the defense, who argued that it was indeed Mr. Zink who was operating the vehicle that cold March night (two nights after Fukushima, by the way). the defendant’s testimony spanned two days, and on the final morning it looked as if he felt the hammer coming down. “hearing the footsteps” we used to say in football. he was extremely somber and melancholy, slow with his words and responses and confused by simple questions. the young prosecutor had tied him up and caught him in half truths while reconstructing the night of the incident. he and Zink, while ostensibly looking to console a friend who had unexpectedly lost a son that week, made a tour of all the tragically named “restaurant” bars in the area … the Chicken Bone, Grumpy Hog’s Garage, the Happy Swallow and on and on, until a fateful visit to the China Jade in nearby Marlboro.

    poor Kenneth Sutherland was clearly trying to have a good time while looking for his bereaved friend. and the addition of Mr. Zink, who has a lifetime driver’s license revocation, certainly did not help things. but eyewitness testimony showed that Zink “booked it” when the PD arrived, hid in the bushes, and was driven home while it was cooperative Kenny who was arrested and literally booked. Zink’s subsequent disappearance altogether was salient. couple that with the fact that the Zink name carried a memorial in Framingham center … a war hero policeman who long ago died by carbon monoxide … (?) and it seems like we have a conspiracy and a scapegoat. I had been leaning towards the oily but persuasive defense attorney all along, but on the stand Thursday morning, Kenny’s weathered but boyish shaved face and icy blue eyes carried the “thousand yard stare” .. it was pretty clear that he had a lot more than the two drinks he claimed. it was also quite possible that he was indeed operating the vehicle at the time of the incident. but the prosecution was unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he drove into the snow. the eyewitness was nearsighted, testimony showed that Kenny and Zink are of nearly identical height, build, dress and age .. “like twins” .. and we had a defendant who was probably guilty but certainly not provably. We the jury deliberated and four young ladies were reasonably convinced to change their judgement towards unanimous. they were going on that feeling that Kenny probably was guilty. but criminal judgement is about facts not feelings. and the material facts simply did not exist. the circumstantial evidence bent all parties towards mercy.

    I really cannot adequately describe the feeling of importance and power that the final stages of this civic exercise aroused in me. what started as an inconvenience and lost work week had slowly but surely transformed into a jolt of majesty in moral fiber, energizing me down to the very bone marrow. my Libra heavy chart was in its element and five planets were humming up and down my chakras. the entire dog and pony show is put on for the jury alone, and it is subtly reinforced over and over that we are the most important people in the room. on the other (occult) hand I was keenly aware of the gold fringe surrounding the federal flag and that of the Commonwealth. the Court language also hinted at the mercantile bias and misplaced jurisdiction of Admiralty Law. (working class court bailiff pronouncing ” ‘dis Honorable Court” reinforced the perception.) but I was pleasantly surprised by all the God language that hangs on in the secular landscape. it appears He retains primacy in the Merchant’s House as well. so the verdict was handed down and the suspense was heavy. after the foreman pronounced not guilty, I gave a few seconds to let it soak in the room and took a glance at Mr. Sutherland. He looked like a drowning man that had been given a breathe of life. his eyes were beaming with gratitude.

  5. J

    Afterwards, by the elevator, the girls had already googled Kenny. turns out this was his fifth OUI charge. they felt disappointed that we made the wrong decision, that this lowlife was going to be back on the road endangering other good citizens. I countered that maybe the experience had taught him a lesson, that he dodged a bullet and would be more careful, more responsible going forward. this seemed to console their worry that justice was not served. slightly. for my part, I felt even more resolved in the certainty of our verdict. sentencing is never discussed during the trial but I reasoned that this man was at least facing loss of license and a significant lever of economic mobility for himself and his teenage son. I’m not sure what the rule is, but am willing to guess that the Commonwealth would also demand significant hard time for a conviction on a fifth OUI charge. so we really did give life to a dying man.

    I lost a week of cutting lawns, but gained an indescribable taste of power and mercy. We who follow the hands behind the curtain know well that Power is more important than Money, and I received a visceral demonstration of that fact this week. Despite tyranny, the Rule of Law lives on in the hearts and minds of the People and is expressed for good or ill in small courtrooms across the Republic. this is the Good News. The Bad is that the enforcement wings are severely misled, misinformed and improperly educated. DA offices doggedly throw the book at minor offenders and waste time and money on inconsequential, harmless trivialities while well heeled thugs at State Street are in the final stages of looting public treasuries with an implicit nod of approval from fading, bloated debt institutions like Harvard University and the Boston Globe (Reinhart and Rogoff notwithstanding). But like Erdogan and the mushrooming power vacuum opening up beneath his feet just as he was about to put his defiant neighbor Assad on the ropes, small locations are becoming power objects of divergent realities. We are living through a furious tale of two economies, two justice systems, and indeed two City’s Towers …

    there is a divergence occurring in the precious metals market. the CNBC quoted price of Gold and Silver (derived from paper/electronic contracts derivative to what) continues lower as the premiums on physical metal inch up. these shiny little power objects are becoming harder and harder to find while the sluggishly awakening rich are realizing just what their prized “con-tracts” are worth. who knows what sort of reality solvency is being moved from West to East as long earned Trust gallops far, far, away from the power centers of New York and London. April and May movements in the Japanese Government Bond market has been downright vomit inducing. all is NOT well in the world’s third largest economy and largest total debt to GDP holder. and despite incredible efforts of the BOJ, the Yen of late has been stubbornly strong against the Greenback. this was not the plan. and then there’s basket case Europa with domestic unrest from Turkey to the long presumed placid socialist paradise Sweden. never mind Greece and Spain. as the global economy wobbles, all eyes go back to the One Ring, the Marriner Eccles building housing the Office of the bearded Princeton Professor hailed as “the Hero” by the status quo media .. will he taper? will he continue to provide the monetary cocaine that fuels the Cons of megalomaniacs and psychos? I suspect it doesn’t matter what he does. the sea is calm for now, but uncertainty is creeping back in … lack of confidence as well … and of course the credibility trap remains. will this ship steer True? or is it far far too late already?

    I think you are correct. The ancient waters will rise.

  6. yes…………the ancient waters are rising..literally the highest marks since 1501 in some lands of Central Europe…..and some levels are highest in history of humans…..so….

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