Fifteen Minutes Ov Flame — Live on Robert Phoenix.Com

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

29 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes Ov Flame — Live on Robert Phoenix.Com”

  1. K

    Hey Robert, may Hermes, god of techne, be with you in your endeavor!

    A new name? Aletheists? (Greek for truch, “To un-forget”) Even the word truth is problematic now.

    Couldn’t comment during the show, see if this works.

  2. “..and we walked back to the road…Unchained!”

    ..all the ‘rights & royalties’ from this was given towards funding more ‘Glastonbury FREE Festivals’ or others akin to.. if the..’Sun Machine is Coming Down! And we’re gunna have Party…yeab.,yeah..yeah’..?
    You should use it! He’d approve! Mefinx? Tahfer ‘link’!

    L&Ps..! ;Q xxx

  3. it..IT..! won’t let me chat or comment..Cheif! I wanna be a molecule…too! “..hayelp..hayelp”..?

    Lurve & Peas! ;Q xxx

  4. .That colour of your sweatshirt.pulley? Really suits you! Takes at least 10years off you! Are you a Handsome Knave or Rogue? Haha! Doesn’t matter as long as you remain a’ll always be a Star!

    Lurve & Peas! ;Q XXX

  5. K

    I tried to comment on your live show but I’ve been disabled from leaving comments because I said “f you tube” I guess that is hateful and dangerous.

  6. T

    You predicted that Mothers would be protesting and I expect to hear about a sniper shooting at them. Something else, the time you talked about Phil Schneider your feed was interrupted a lot. I think the powers that be are onto you, Robert. Be careful.

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