February Scopes, The SCOTUS Betrayal And Doppelganger Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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While I have experienced the energy of the new year, to be invigorating to say the least, If you’ve been stuck or in reverse, it’s not surprising. We started 2010 off with two planets in retrograde (Mercury and Mars) and another (Saturn) going retrograde after the year started. So there has been an inherent sense of re-tracing, re-tracking and going backwards since 2010 kicked into gear. That’s not inherently bad unless you’re on some sort of deadline and getting things done is an imperative. At that point, you have to have a deeper understanding of your personal chart to get a better sense of your cycles.

This is where transits and a transit reading can come in quite handy. Even if Mars is retrograde, let’s say it slides back into a trine with your natal Sun or Ascendant for ten days. You’d want to make real use of that cycle and time. So just because there are inherent blocks with the opening cycles of 2010, all is not lost. In fact, there’s some real magic going on, even with the challenging squares.

Saturn in Libra is Squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This is a major, major event taking place on the collective and personal levels, but as we’ll see, they are not thoroughly indistinct. When SCOTUS recently ruled in favor of corporate rights as individuals, especially as it relates to campaign spending, we saw the hard energy of that square in action. Pluto in Capricorn represents the raw and bestial power of the corporate leviathan, whose tentacles are growing and stretching into every crevice of our society. Saturn in Libra represents the rights of the individual, equality. In a very weird way, SCOTUS applied the formula of the square directly to the ruling and voted in favor of equality, individual rights for all. On the surface, this sounds wonderful, but beneath it all, corporations are anything but individuals and the relationship between individuals and corporations is anything but equal. It leveled the playing field unfairly and tilted the balance of power in the distended direction of not just corporate America but corporate Earth.

According to The New York Times, this is basically how they framed the decision: “The 5-to-4 decision was a vindication, the majority said, of the First Amendment’s most basic free speech principle — that the government has no business regulating political speech. The dissenters said that allowing corporate money to flood the political marketplace would corrupt democracy.”

Under the auspices of freedom of speech, SCOTUS also knowingly allowed corporations to have almost unlimited spending power. But the decision came down under a Saturn/Libra Retrograde, which says to me that this decision may not be as binding as people might think. What I mean by this is, is that it might have had it’s seal of approval by the highest court in the land, but I would venture that somewhere down the line, there will be a key challenge when it comes to first amendment rights on the individual side and SCOTUS will reluctantly have to rule in favor of the individual, since they have set the ultimate precedent. Look for this to manifest in the realm of the internet and web publishing, where there could be a deliberate effort to control speech and content in the future on the internet.

Personal relationships are also going through HUGE transitions and transformations right now as a result of the square. Power plays are coming into focus in all relationships; who has it, who wants it, who diplomatically negotiates for it, etc. Finances and the economy as a trickle effect of Pluto in Capricorn are also impacting and stressing relationships. Things are getting very real and people are being forced to deal with resources and power, inside and out of relationships. It’s either pull together time or pull out. Luckily for us, Jupiter has shifted into Pisces and is moving towards a sextile of Pluto. This is a great energy, especially as it applies to relationships and moving on. The energy is one of dissolve and moving to higher ground, not hard breaks and exile. Kindness and compassion are available for couples in transition and Pluto in Cap supports personal ascent. If you stay together, let the highest spiritual value and the desire to have a truly balanced relationship in all things be the order of the day.

Jupiter’s energy in Pisces is very, very different than last years Jupiter in Aquarius love fest.

Jupiter in Pisces is kind, loving, imaginative and forgiving. Again, we see the quality of dissolving playing a large role in all things, including time. Be prepared to experience non-time, missing time, lost time, timelessness, you name it. Jupiter in Pisces is an ocean of time, not a river. Daydreaming and night dreaming are highlighted. Reality becomes much more fluid in the days, weeks and months to come.

So what does that mean for you in February, leading into March, where the energies of Uranus/Pisces, Neptune/Aquarius commingle.

It’s Doppelganger Week on FB and in the spirit or doubles, twins, clones and dopps, I’ll be dropping your dopp from some other tradition or media in your scope. Enjoy.

Your patron saint for February is Ogun. Ogun comes out of the Yoruba tradition and is the god of war, will and iron. He’s a smith, a metallurgist and magician. He gives strength through prophecy and magic. It was the spirit of Ogun, who supposedly led the Haitians to rebel in 1804 and gain their independence. It’s a great fit for you, because he is often compared to Aries. Why Ogun? Because Mars is reminding you why it’s important to retain your sovereignty in all things. To do so, you need to be vigilant and aware like the finest and most attuned warriors. True warriors are also consummate peace makers, like the samurai, who never drew their swords unless forced to take a life so that they might save their own or anothers. By channeling the fiery will of Ogun, you’ll be able to see more clearly as to what it takes to have a true level of peace in your life. That means you don’t start or escalate an argument unless you want to take it to it’s ultimate conclusion. But Ogun also dabbles in magic and prophecy as well. Jupiter, Venus and later in the month, The Sun, soak in Pisces, which makes magic and dreaming essential to you. Dreaming is a vast field of possibility and I won’t be at all surprised if you hear the following words in the coming month, “You know, I had a dream about you last night.” Warrior, peacemaker, messenger of magic and prophecy. Live your life honorably and fairly in February and Ogun will stand with you, side-by-side, stride for stride. If you don’t, well let’s just say that you don’t want to piss off Ogun.

Your patron saint for February is Santa Margarita aka Saint Margaret. What’s the resonance? There is an interesting link between Margaret and Aphrodite. The church has had a long and sneaky history of converting pagans to the faith of the new world. Aphrodite as we know is the goddess of love, while Saint Margaret happens to be the saint of pregnancy. Like Taurus, she is very connected to the earth and the cycles of creation through the act of love and attraction. With Pisces now pregnant in your house of friendships, it’s time to hug the world dear Bull. There’s a scene in a very underrated film called “Resurrection” with Ellen Burstyn. In it, she plays a woman that has had a near death experience as a result of an automobile accident. When she finally comes out of her coma and decides to rehabilitate her life, she discovers that she has the power to heal. She can do this in a number of ways, but she’s the most effective when she hugs someone. She might just be hugging on the surface, but below the epidermis, she’s lighting up cells like Hoover Dam illuminates Vegas. She’s unassumingly hugging people while ailing their ills. This is part of your undercover work for February; to channel the power and the light of the hug. While you’re doing that, you might want to think about implementing something just slightly revolutionary in your work place. Whether it’s some new policy that takes tea drinkers rights into account or finding a way to make Youtube a channel for corporate presentations. Just ask Santa Margarita, the patron saintess of Tequila, Lime, Cointreau and salt for a little inspired guidance.

You and doppelgangers go together like grape and jelly. By the way, how come everything else is a jam besides grape? Also, why is there no such thing as white grape jelly? Anyway, there are so many dopps, I can pluck out the air for you, but I don’t think there’s any better doppelganger than Prince. Let’s face it–he’s so iconic, he’s mythic. If he didn’t really exist, someone would have to make him up. It’s not every generation that has archetypes that live past 27, but Prince did and your Gemini double is the saint of sex and redemption. You’ve got a fair amount of that going on right now. Pluto and Venus are hanging out in your house of down and dirty They’re in the sign of the lusty goat. Temptation is never a word that you’ve been afraid of nor reversed tracks when confronted with it’s perfumed scent. And we’re talking power here. We’re talking bosses, higher ups, people on top. Get my drift? Do you go there? Before you split yourself in two, remember that both of those planets square Libra for a fair part of the month, which means that if you play, you may pay or at the very least, it might impinge on current relationships that seem more like obligations than gifts at present. So what are you going to do? What would “The Purple One” do? Let’s look up at the mid-heaven, the peak of your chart and there’s Jove overflowing with creativity and inspiration. There’s your answer, code and key. Use the kundalini reactor to your advantage. Get creative instead of pro-creative for the time being. You might even be able to flip one of your creations into a new career path. Once you birth that new thing, well, the rest is between you and your conscience.

For you dear Crab, I will go back into the brief history of mascots to find your dopp. Before The San Francisco Giants latest mascot, the terminally tepid, “Lou Seal,” they had “The Crazy Crab.” While it wasn’t “The San Diego Chicken” or “The Philly Fanatic” It surely lived up to it’s name. The Giants were terrible under the brief reign of the crab, but that made it’s exploits even crazier. CC lasted just one season as The Giants lost 96 games. It became kind of a sacrificial totem for the fans and the losing team. Then manager Frank Robinson had to be restrained from attacking it. Players threw rosin bags at it, the fans yelled epithets at CC, but this was the point. The Crab absorbed the negativity and the losing and made going to the game fun. Actor, Wayne Doba was the Crab and turned it into a treasured and remembered icon for Giants fans. Crazy had no shame and no guilt. It was the outward expression of the fans Id. It’s loved so much to this day that there is a website, Rehab The Crab that is still championing it’s return. The Crazy Crab was abused and loved dearly. Now is that a co-dependent relationship? With cosmic heavies hanging out in your house of relationship, you need to ask yourself if you’re engaged in some form of co-dependency, not by choice, but by habit. You see, your doppelganger made a conscious decision to channel the angst and frustration of the fan base. He transmuted scorn and derision into comic relief. Had he been the “Crafty Crab” or the “Cool Crab” the results would not have been the same. He was CRAZY! Channel your inner Crazy Crab and be the master of your restless and frustrated relations. Show them real crazy is better than closet crazy any old day.

One has to be really, really careful when it comes to finding a dopp for a Leo. No sign has as much vanity and pride as the lion and you need to tread carefully around lions. Humor helps–only the court jester can get away with teasing the king or the queen. So with that in mind, your doppelganger for February is “The Detroit Lions.” Think of the name alone. Detroit and Lions? It’s a football team owned by the Ford family. You’d think they could have come up with a better name based on the family business, like their basketball counterparts, “The Detroit Pistons.” The Lions are terrible and have been for quite sometime, but they have a new coach, who is young, smart and doesn’t like losing. I’m betting on The Detroit Lions return to prominence and excellence. Just a like king, they always host the Thanksgiving game, but they are in jeopardy of losing that royal status because they’ve been bad for so long. It’s not going to happen. With Mars retrograde in your sign, you need to go back in time remember the taste, smell and feel of success. What was life like when you were on top and winning? That memory is in your cells and available for access. You know how the game works; don’t settle for anything but the best tools, highest quality experiences and treat others like kings and queens in training and you’ll begin to re-assemble what it takes to be a success. With the blast of Aquarius blowing through your chart, single lions might want to try their hand at a little online matchmaking. The elements are ripe for a connection. Allow spirit to guide your purpose and mission as you reclaim your rightful place on your throne of purpose and you, like the lowly Detroit Lions, can rise again.

Your doppelganger for this month is none other than fellow Virgo, Keanu Reeves. Let’s take a look at Keanu for just a moment. His acting range is as limited as wheelchair on carpet, but that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the highest grossing actors of all time. Not only that, but despite the Virgoan humility and call to serve, he’s always saving the damn planet, city or cyberspace. Keanu is a cyber-christ that resurrects from film-to-film. As such, he resides opposite Pisces, which is usually attributed to Jesus and the “Piscean Age.” But it’s Reeves and his Virgoan self that almost always sacrifices for others while transubstantiating terrible reviews and snide comments about his acting ability. He’s turned it into a long term career of cinematic redemption. In many ways, he’s showing us that this might not be the Age of Aquarius after all, but might in actuality be “The Age Of Virgo” the backdoor of the Piscean Age. Like Arnold, I am hear to pump you up! So let’s say for a moment, you are heroic, even as you toil without recognition in the name of service and unconditional love, well that’s all about to change, because all it takes is one person to see the great redeemer and the hero with a thousand faces beneath your weary and wise visage. Yes, your own personal Trinity is at hand, to remind you that “you are the one.” Not many signs can handle this kind of claim and pressure, but you have trained your ego well in the name of service to finally accept the fact that your time is coming. All it takes is just one reminder from someone that has nothing but love for you to see your future memory in motion.

Sometimes my timing is exquisite and so it is when it comes to your dopp for February. Your doppelganger is none other than Ayn Rand, whose birthday is today, February, 2nd. Rand was born in St. Petersburg as “Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum” and in some ways, she could have been the equivalent of today’s Neocon’, but Rand leaves them in the dust. She was an active opponent of collectivism, statism and fascism of all types. The Neocons masquerade with these values while championing empire building in the form of “Democracy” and “Spreading Freedom.” It’s one of the modern perversities that contributes to our collective insanity, but that’s another story altogether. Pluto and Saturn are re-racking your value system and the whole concept of the individual, individual rights and freedoms should be becoming more and more important to you. The coproracratic thrust of Pluto in Capricorn is tweaking you and Cancer more than any other sign currently. Rand was a warrior with words and a printing press. You could do well to follow her lead and start putting paper to pen, or finger to key. You need to communicate what’s right and wrong. Letters to the editor, congress, senate, your own memoirs, a blog, message boards and forums. You’ve got the energy, now bum rush the stage and grab the mic, but once you do, make sure you’ve got something to say and say it with conviction. No matter what Yeats once proclaimed–the world still needs some passion in the rush of the second coming. The Fountainhead of your life is looming larger and larger, with each passing day.

Not long ago, I discovered a man by the name of Bruno Groening. Never heard of him? There’s probably a reason why. Groening was one of the most unique people of the 20th Century and perhaps one of it’s most persecuted. He was a faith healer extraordinaire. He lived in Germany from 1906 to 1959, where he healed thousands of people just by directing energy to them from the balcony of his residence. The stories of his ability to cure and heal diverse conditions and maladies are captured on film by those that experienced the miracle of Groening’s ability to channel healing power. He never asked for money and died penniless and more than just broke, he was broken. It’s a familiar story. The powers that be did not look kindly upon Groening’s gift, especially since it cut out the allopathic middle man, while rebuilding peoples faith. Groening was a marked man. He was stopped by the insidious forces of the medical establishment and the gift he brought to this world, his light and the flame of healing was extinguished. Why Groening for you? Because he exhibits the type of faith that you need and can have access to right now. Jupiter is a regenerative force in your life. It’s expansive, creative and wants to lead you deeper into a passionate relationship with sacred forces that want to move through you. Mars is moving backwards when it comes to moving forward in your career, so it’s not the best time to bring these energies into the world just yet. Let them soak and seep into your being. Let them ferment to a level of potency that you can tap into come March and then blast them like a ray of healing love into the world at large. In the meantime, upgrade your home computer set up. Get faster, sleeker and more integrated with your multi-media access.

When I was a kid, I used to get up every Sunday morning and watch some old school TV. If I got up early enough, I could catch “Ma and Pa Kettle.” Now there’s a blast from the past. But after Ma and Pa Kettle, I’d watch episodes of Mr. Ed. They just don’t make’em like they used to. In case some of you don’t know who Mr. Ed was, he was a talking horse that could only talk to Wilbur, an anal architect with a wife that was way to hot for him. Ed lived in the barn of course and that is where Wilbur would go for advice, wisdom and companionship. Mr. Ed was part of Wilbur. It was his wild side, wise and wise-cracking. Ed was always getting Wilbur into hot water for one reason or another and then bailing him out, showing more natural sagacity than Wilbur could ever muster. Without Mr. Ed, Wilbur would have been ground under the wheels of subservient relationships and psychopathic employers. Mr. Ed led Wilbur into the wilderness of his own limitations and constantly forced him to go beyond them. Wilbur consequently hated and loved Ed. In a weird way, there was slightly trans-special eroticism at play. Ed was a highly trained horse and his mouth moved like he was talking when the trainer placed a piece of nylon in the lower part of his mouth, which Ed would try to retrieve. Are you getting that Mr. Ed is your doppelganger by now? What’s the lesson Ed brings with him? It’s time to get your inner Wilbur and Ed together and merge your intellect and instincts without looking back. Just don’t make any grand pronouncements without a little fact checking. You don’t want to resemble Mr. Ed’s ass.


I’m going back into the realm of Catholic sainthood for your dopp. Did you know that St. Francis of Assisi was once a playboy? Did you know that he came from an elite family and could have parlayed his wealth and connections into an empire? That sounds good to you, doesn’t it? Well I recently did a reading for a Capricorn and I’m talking Capricorn; Rising sign, Sun, Mercury, you name it. Guess what they’re going to do? Serve. The spirit of the impoverished and the poor is calling them to find ways to make the lives of the less advantaged better and ultimately more livable. This is your lesson and St. Francis is your doppelganger for February. You’ve got the juice, so use it well. Lift your vision higher than the current circumstances and opportunities in your life. Flirt with the entirely subversive mission of Assisi and you’ll not only feel better about yourself, but so will those around you. Now here’s the really good part; you don’t have to give up sex. Isn’t that great? In fact, you can use that energy to do good works in the world. Wilhelm Reich was all over this. Tap into your desire and it’s expression, then take it to a higher level. We’re counting on all of you awakened goats to counteract the rise of the corporate state. You are our agents of change. Surrender to love.

Many years ago, I was really taken by a film called, “Man Facing Southeast.” The main character was a man named “Rantes” who shows up at an asylum for the insane in Argentina. He claims to be an alien and while he is at the asylum demonstrates some very unique gifts and behaviors, one of which is to stand in the corner of the yard each day and face southeast to receive transmissions from his home planet–hence the title. The therapist that watches over him is dying from the inside out, a cog in a machine that is grinding away at the last vestiges of his soul. He lives alone, divorced and drinks heavily. The arrival of Rantes in his life challenges his scientific predilection and assumptions. Rantes doesn’t conform to his version of reality. He’s a dangerous element that has washed ashore on the barren shoals of his spirit. He threatens the therpaist’s own version of reality and thus his sanity. Rantes changes him and awakens him to the magic and beauty of life. He witnesses miracle upon miracle with Rantes, while his position and reality are innocently called into question by the man who calls himself an “alien.” You are both the therapist and Rantes. With the Sun in your sign, your scientific self is highlighted, while Mars opposes it and it’s ability to rule and dominate your consciousness is being reassessed. Jupiter brings a sense of blessed possibility and affords you the richness of miracles and the potential that magic can actually provide for you in wondrous and unexpected ways. Bridge the gap between the alien and the observer within you and you’re one step closer to home.

In comic bookdom, “Namor” was the name of “The Sub-Mariner,” the son of Poseidon and the ruler of Atlantis. He looked a little like Mr. Spock with a crew cut, but he was totally cool–way cooler than Aquaman. He could communicate with sea life and count on them to keep the balance of good and evil intact on the planet. He also had wings on his feet, which gave him the ability to fly outside of the water. Dude had it all, plus a really gorgeous twin flame in Lady Dorma–blue skin and all. Here’s where his comic book legacy gets pretty interesting. A ruler of Atlantis, he is also a member of group of super heroes called, “The Illuminati” which also has Iron Man, Dr .Strange, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic and Professor X. We’re talking elite inner circle here. But Namor finds that the Illuminati had been infiltrated by a Skrull, an evil, shape-shifting alien that had taken on the guise of Black Bolt. The skrull tried to kill the rest of The Illuminati, but was stopped by Namor, who then went onto leave The Illuminati. Are you getting my drift here? With Jupiter in your sign, it’s time to access your super powers, while disentangling yourself from dark alliances. Namor then went onto create a sanctuary for mutants off the coast of California called, “Utopia.” Drop the old guard and focus on getting your real pals to sanctuary and starting building on Utopia. It’s never too late to start such a meaningful mission.

5 thoughts on “February Scopes, The SCOTUS Betrayal And Doppelganger Signs”

  1. I hear where you’re coming from on SCOTUS. At first I was very put off by the ruling, but after listening to some pretty brilliant libertarian political analysis from the CATO institute I understand where SCOTUS was coming from, kind of. Though I still disagree mightily with concept of “corporate personhood.” seems to me they’re more of an entity/egregore but try arguing that…

    I am frankly so disgusted with the willful ineptness of both major parties I am trying to just tune out mainstream political discourse as much as possible.

    Personally I had a very up-and-down January and am strangely energized so far this month yet that energy is manifesting as anger much more than I’d like.

    By the way thank you for connecting to my website.
    I really appreciate your insight and the kudos means a lot…

  2. a

    Thanks Mark. I was reading the other day that Obama had met with Chief Justice Roberts on at least two occasions before the ruling. There is some noise that they wanted some grandfathering or some sort of cushion, because of the inordinate amount of corporate cash that came into the Obama fund in the run up to the election.

  3. B

    Maybe if dick cheney had been made to wear his KBR/haliburton colours we wouldn’t have been involved in two occupations ?

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