February Scopes–They’re Positively Revolutionary

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

February is for lovers. . .

The Moon is new and so is this, sort of. I haven’t done scopes in a while but the Sun/Moon in Aquarius connection has inspired me to get back in the groove. We’ve already seen Jupiter in Aries in full affect. The revolution/protests in Egypt are a direct manifestation of the Jupiter/Aries affect. I’ve noted this in earlier posts, especially in the context of self-immolation as a form of personal (Aries) protest expanding (Jupiter) into a social movement.

Jupiter has now just moved into a five degree orb of Pluto in Capricorn and is squaring it. It catches up to Pluto on the 22nd (2/22/11) and is in a direct square. Will the masses and their desire to break free from the yoke of not just Mubarak’s heavy handed grip, but also the alliances that he has forged over the past thirty years, or will the Mubarak/Sulieman coalition and allies intervene and not only quell the resistance, but try to crush a global uprising of people waking from their geopolitical slumber. 2/22/11 should provide us with a window into the future of Egypt. the middle east and beyond.

Relationships go from dress casual to formal on the 5th. Power partnering takes center stage. This cuts across coupling and collective lines. Look for strong, global alliances begin to emerge, especially on the 10th, when Venus and Pluto are conjunct, both squaring Jupiter in Aries. Personal ardor collides with agreements and covenants. The common rule is that might is right, he who has the gold rules, etc. That when it comes to order superimposing itself over seeming chaos, we have been taught that order always prevails and when it doesn’t, there is a new order to meet those needs. And while history does repeat, it is never truly the same. There are ripples and waves in the matrix, which manifest as variables. Variables are agents of true, not manufactured chaos and can spin events off into a different direction. Variables are like sparks, flying off 90 degrees of friction. Sparks are the seeds of fire and fire is the underlying energy of transformation in the alchemical tradition. The upcoming squares this month, between Venus/Jupiter/Pluto augur change, if we can imbue them with the breath of spirit. Okay. Enough preaching. Let’s look at each sign for February.

Maybe I’ve been waiting for Jupiter to arrive in your sign to start scoping again, since it lands in my fifth house. I never thought Aries would be a patron saint, but if it lifts me up out of my doldrums, then so be it. I’ll take it.
Maybe it might add a little zeal to my love life as well, especially once it opposes my natal Moon and squares my natal Saturn. For a few days I will be charismatic and stand out from the pact, I’ll attract and yet at the same time, I’ll also repel. But once Jupiter trines my natal Jupiter and natal Uranus, again, if only for a few days the world will be my oyster (grilled with ponzu and chilis of course). Oh, I’m sorry, I’m talking about me. In your scope! How does it feel? You see this has been your dilemma for a little while now and it’s only gong to get more intense, as Jupiter sneaks up on Saturn in Libra forcing other people and obligations on you. You want to jump out of your skin, do your own thing and the hell with everyone else and what they need. You’re learning through limiting the scope of the self right now, but not obliterating it entirely. No, you have to find your sphere and expand it accordingly. I will give you an example of an Aries in my life, that left a good paying job, for an even better paying job, but they’ve had to manager huge amounts of stress and really activate their inner Libra to make peace with their choice. What they were really looking for, was transformation, not just change.

The events of the world have not been too kind to you over the past few weeks. Revolution? Change? Forget it. That’s just a real hassle and the planetary energies have not been that friendly as well. Speed, chaos, energy are great when you’ve got to chase someone out of your field of lovely daisies, but spinning around you? No thanks. A more leisurely pace is your cup of tea. Things will begin to downshift for you, both on the personal and the collective front starting mid-month and into March. You’ll be able to get back into your hide as February unfolds. By months end, you’ll be sniffing the winds of Spring on the horizon, wafting through cold currents of Winter’s last blasts. Until then, hit the gym and burn off that stress and excess, because when the Sun starts shining, you’re going to remind us all that beauty is an earthy delight and that having bodies isn’t such bad thing after all. Next Thursday/Friday (10th and 11th) has the potential of being an island of pleasure in the midst of a cold, long, winter.

Maharishi-pile, farsighted-sidereal-irony. What does it all mean? Your scope is inspired by one of my favorite Gemini’s, The Cosmic Hooker, who will be on my show tomorrow. She posted one of those random games on FB about going to Wikipedia, getting the first random page, then go to quotes.com get the first random quote and so on. I decided to tap that improvisational well and opened the dictionary to five pages and let the word I had my finger on determine the fate so your star-crossed month. What you got is “Pile of Maharishi and farsighted sidereal irony.” Well let’s get down into it. Last week I was hanging with Nigel Tufnel at his man cave in the mountains, replete with a brand new Benz and hardly driven Viper, original pac-man table game and a mechanical ping pong player. Nigel also loves him some Werner Erhard. When people bring up Erhard’s less-than-perfect traits, he is less than pleased. After his third Coors light, he ripped John Lennon a new etheric asshole for dismissing the Maharishi after he found out that he loved women, drank, smoked and so on. He thought that Lennon was an ungrateful sot after Maharishi had blessed him with insight and magic. Nigel did this just before he tried to bore a hole in my soul with a positive photon launched from the center of his third eye. Events and references were piling on top of me like fallen steroidal heaps on cage night at wrestle mania. This was after we had discussed the arrival of Ophiucus and the far-sighted, sidereal irony it brought to the world of astrology. I said it was a like public address announcement for the arrival of the new gods and got people talking about astrology all over the planet and was basically wrong but interesting. Nigel liked being a Scorpio, but was also fascinated with bearing his serpent and he didn’t care one way or the other, because there was wisdom to be had in any outcome. Catch my drift?

I know a Cancer woman that is one of the most tuned in and gifted people I have ever met. Multiple degrees. Multi-dimensional. And she is as economically challenged as most of us right now. So what is she doing? She’s moving ahead of the curve, learning how to make her own cheeses, her own rejuvelac and so on. She’s taking the limitation and expanding it into recipes for the future. Quietly, determined, she’s not bemoaning her fate, but crafting the sustenance of tomorrow. Another Cancer I know eschewed her rent and zip code, festival and couch surfing for nearly a year, weaving a broad cloth of community in the process, an invisible network of soul support. She’s landed now and is on the verge of getting a gig that perfectly aligns with her sensibilities. Another Cancer has decided that her identity isn’t tied up in becoming the top dog astrologer on the planet, but something else, something even wiser and deeper than decoding the stars for profit and fame. All three have taken routes that are not traditional, circumnavigating the robotic and linear assembly line of their lives, possessing aptitude and displaying fortitude in the process. I bring these three muses up, because you can channel the energies of innovation and adaptability in your life this month. You can be both traditional and cutting edge, timely, yet ahead of your time. The choice is yours. You can crawl back into your shell or mount it with home made turbos.

I am about to blaspheme. I have come across Obama’s Mombassa birth certificate. I am going to do a post on it soon. Julian Assange sent it to me from his pimped out digs in the English country side. He saw my post on him and was overcome with a sudden clarity. What’s fascinating about the Obama birth cert is that he’s still a Leo but the birth place has shifted, changing his chart. It got me thinking about legitimacy. Not just about his presidency (trust me, he is not the first non-US citizen to sit in the White House), but of his chart. Since the public has more or less acknowledged the “other chart” and decoded his traits and tendencies accordingly, then maybe the new chart opens him up to new possibilities and ways of interacting with global crisis. I’m going all Heisinberg on you now. In essence, if we receive new data about ourselves, things that we did not know, nor were ever disclosed, how would it change us or at the very least our perception of ourselves? This is your challenge/gift. Because you’re going to discover something about yourself in February that is contrary to what you have believed and taken for granted and yet, you’ll have an amazing opportunity to grow beyond the safety of your definition. I can give you one clue. It has to do with giving something away–part of your cultural heritage and entitlement. What you get back is priceless. Oh yeah. Go have some real, kick ass fun during the full moon on the 18th.

Thank God for Virgo’s. One of my pals, Michael Edward is a Virgo and his work on the Gulf is a real gift to us all. Not only that, his inscrutability should be on display in Washington. I bring this up, because our signs are constantly delivering life lessons. Last night, he was on Rense breaking down the Gulf and let’s just say that Jeff had other ideas and agendas, shuffling Michael off after three minutes. Well, Jeff did it to the wrong guy and the wrong sign. You’re a maverick this month. A radical approach to your work gives you a flare of genius and you are working ever so hard to bring balance into your life, reserving criticism for the right moment and time, squaring accounts in a timely, yet fair fashion, but beneath the methodical approach to your soul’s evolution, there is a fire burring and you won’t suffer phonies or fools any longer. Near the end of the month, the fires cool a bit and you a comforted by the refreshing reality of being seen for who you are, not just a steady cog in the universal engine of the great cosmic Winnebago of souls, traveling through the void of space at the sped of light.

I’m not sure what’s worse for you. Being alone or just being with one person without the possibility of being with another. If I had to choose, I would choose being with another and solely with another, no options, no outs. It’s not that you would actually stray, it’s the thought, the option, that keeps it scintillating and leaves the avenue of possibility open, because you always need the potential for meeting someone that can change you and reflect an aspect of your being. Either way though, you need to commit to yourself and sometimes that means committing to someone else as well. February poses some serious challenges to this kind of one pointed and singleminded approach. First of all, Jupiter wants to take you anywhere but where you are and, it’s gonna get worse one Uranus hits Aries as well. Your restlessness will push you through the roof. Aquarius is always whispering the words of wider and more spacial contact, which appeals to your intellect, but not always your heart. Like Aquarius, you’d like to sleep with the world, but one person at a time, not a group effort. Gemini just wants to watch. Anyway, with all that temptation and commitment you’re getting tested. What are you going to do? Throw caution to the wind or cautiously stay the course and navigate through the narrows? I am not here to pass judgment, but I will say this; “Think long term gain.”

This is the time of year, when you get that fixed square in your eyes. The Aquarian energy challenges your level of trust and urges you to come out and join the human race. You ask yourself, “How can these people be so positive and affirmative? There must be a catch?” Can you let down your formidable guard long enough to gain a few allies along the way? Can you bite your tinge just a little on Valentines Day and not shred your new agey Aquarian friend who goes on and on about helping others and how it’s our responsibility and not the governments and when you ask them for help, it’s radio silence? Are you capable of transforming those thoughts into higher perceptions and not want to strike out when the human race lets you down over and over again? It’s not the easier, nor the greatest challenge and gift to have. But only the best students get the toughest assignments or so they say and this one is a life lesson for you. Sacrifice your resentment on the alter of pride and show the world how it’s done, not how you want it done for you.

Has this thing in Egypt got you all hot and bothered? It happened on your watch really. Venus and Sag were both in your sign and let’s face it, you never net a revolution of some sort that you didn’t like. What does it mean for you? I’ll tell you what it means? You have to gently oust your own inner Mubarak, that’s what it means. But you have got to take some lessons from the Egyptians as well. You can’t overthrow a brutal regime without food, so bakers have been making bread in long stretches, to feed the uprising. What happens if blood is shed? You’ll need more blood? Egyptians have been donating blood at a record pace in anticipation of that actually happening. And what happens if that inner dictator sabotages your efforts by sicking nasty thoughts and memories upon you? Well you do like the Egyptians have done and police that shit. In essence, you can be free, but it does not come without some sort of sacrifice and new organizing principle based on emerging needs in real time. The question, is, how bad do you want it? Do you want to live like you’re living forever or do you wan to be free? Truly free? Te get to it. Go out and make some bread, save for future catastrophes and protect your heart like it’s your home.

There comes a time when we have to look in the mirror and really face ourselves. I did it today and I shaved. I don’t particularly like how I look without facial hair, but I do it every so often to remind myself that there is another face beneath my face. I usually keep it for a bout a week and then, eventually grows back. I don’t ever really get used to it, but it’s a good thing to do. You are about to have your mirror moment. Your transiting Sun is behind you and there is a brief pause before Venus and Mars enter into your sign. Their arc towards Pluto will challenge how you use your personal power, especially in relationships, but now is a calm before the intensity hits. Take a glance in the mirror and discard something that is no longer serving you, keeping you from seeing yourself in totality, without fear, without judgement. Simply let it go. Now for most of you, this cannot be some abstraction. It must be physical and it must represent a sacrifice of sorts. For me, it’s vanity. For you, it might be some zeros in your bank account. Whatever it is, it will lighten you load and help you become a ninja of transformation in just a few, short weeks time. The power is yours. The choice is yours.

Don’t you just love it when people are wanting a more democratic and free world? Don;t you just love it when they’re using Twitter to do it? Man, you must be high on all this. It must be your birth month? Yep, It sure is. A few weeks have passed, but happy birthday nonetheless. You are streamlining systems and cracking open minds. This is when the world is you own, open love fest. That’s why Valentines Day takes place in February. Love for everyone. It’s also why there’s only 28 days in the month. The party has to end sometime and though the 22nd or 23rd usually ushers in the fish, the fun still keeps flowing. Okay, here is your gift from me. You are about to get a revolutionary idea, one that is about to change your life and the lives of others around you. It may come in a dream, or your car might be stuck somewhere and you’ll sit down and talk with someone at a cafe waiting for Triple A and hit will hit you like the hammer of Thor, right in the third eye. And then what? Will you work your ass off to make it happen or will it languish on the floor like so many other good ideas that you’ve had before but never acted on? Don’t pas this gift up, because the gods won’t be so generous next time. Trust me.

Want to get a glimpse into chaos theory? They stage a revolution in Egypt and my kid gives his substitute teacher a raspberry. He’s a Pisces. Why am I mentioning it? It’s because you are far more permeable and open to influence than nearly any other sign and right now, you’re being played like a Wurlitzer at Coney Island. Mercury, Mars and the Sun are tickling the keys to your psyche. This is not such a bad thing, if you can somehow channel forces that even you are not aware of. If you’re acting odd or displaying unusual traits of behavior, it’s probably a sign that your psychic weather vane is spinning. Either that or your brain has adjusted to your last dosage of Xanax. Anyway, what are you going to do with this ambient madness? I always urge creation and exorcising the disincarnate spirits of the world through art. And you dear Pisces are one of the most creative signs in the zodiac. You must give these feelings life if you’re going to maintain a healthy perspective. The gloom of winter will pass. The tragedy of dying fish will pass along with it to some extent, and your grief will move to other places. You have a few months before Neptune flows into your sign and when it does, the psychic floodgates will open. Better get used to it now.

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