Fall Equinox, Personal Equilibrium Vital, The House That Ruth Built, Death Of An American Icon In The Last Days Of Pluto/Sag

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Harvest/Fall/YankeesTaking a well deserved break from the intense political and economic drama being played out before our very, eyes, we step back and give thanks as The Sun moves into zero degrees Libra, which symbolizes the arrival of The Fall Equinox and the shift from Summer to Autumn. This is the time of perfect balance and inner peace. It’s critical that on this day that you assess your life, your resources, your investements, your projects, your relations, your relationship to yourself. It’s not quite a day of out time, but it’s as close as it gets in the western sense of astrological data mining.

Why is it critical? Because we are staring down chaos in a way that supersedes any other period in recent memory. While The Fed has come to the faux aid and rescue of a financial calamity they helped to create, the solution to the hemmorhaging of The US economy and it’s long term impact are still a vast unknown and even our representatives in congress would not reveal what was said to them and the steps needed to make the change.

In addition to The US economy sinking faster than an ex-Seinfeld cast member sitcom, Russia is sending more ships to Venezuela, a hotel blows up in Pakistan where their leaders were supposed to have met, and The G-7 refuses The Fed’s latest version of the bailout plan. Today is a sacred time to re-connect with balance, stability and what that means internally for you, your loved ones and your own personal harvest.


One of the things that we try to do here is view reality, through astrology from the meta level. Quietly, a symbol of The US dominance and role as global leader in the 20th century passed away yesterday. It’s not a person, and yet it has a symbolic character that is mytho-poetically rich and profound in meaning. Yesterday was the last day of the beloved, Yankee Stadium, “The House That Ruth Built.” If there was ever a fitting end to the final days of Pluto in Sag, it’s the passing of this venerable shrine to The US. It was here that Babe Ruth became a Bunyan-esque figure, larger than life itself, reflecting America’s rise in the consciousness of the world. It was Yankee stadium, where Lou “The Ironman” Gehrig said farewell before his body became choked by ALS, a disease now named after him, where in his farewell speech, Gehrig heroically announed to the world that, “He’s the luckiest man alive.” It was Yankee Stadium where Joe DiMaggio (Sag) roamed the outfield and courted Marilyn Monroe (Gemini), refelcting the rise in Hollywood celebrity, paving the way for the likes of Madonna and Brittney. It was Yankee Stadium, where the new Ruth, Mickey Mantle carved out his own legendary niche, both on and off the field and it’s where George Steinbrenner took his team and the sport into the marketing and financial stratosphere of the late-twentieth-century, shadowing the social and economic dominance of The US in The Reagan and post-Reagan eras. Ironically, one of the few times that The Yankees lost their way was was in the mid-sixties, when The United States moved away from the patriotic, homogeneity that had preceded the social turbulence of The Sixties. It’s even rumored that Jimmy Hoffa, who represents the death of the unions is taking a concrete nap in Yankee Stadium.

On this day of the culmination of harvest, the life cycle of Yankee Stadium organically follows the cycle of planting and harvest as the first pitch was thrown on April 18th, 1913 and the last on the 21st of September, 2008. Ironically, Pluto was in Gemini at 28 degrees the day that the first ptich was thrown and eighty-five-years later, the day the last pitch was caught, Pluto was in an exact opposition at 28 degrees Sagittarius.

There will be a new Yankee Stadium, right across from the original, but it will have it’s first game under Pluto in Capricorn and come to mean something wholly different than the symbolic stadium of America’s rise in the 20th Century.

Tomorrow, we’ll get political again and look at how the upcoming Mercury Retrograde will impact the debates, financial markets, the election and certain key state initiatives.

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