Evolutionary Leadership, The NWO And The Pseudo-Aquarian Age

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

leadersMeet your “Evolutionary Leaders.”

One of my very good friends sent me an email, which had within it’s contents a very well meaning petition from people like Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Joan Borysenko, Debbie Ford and others. These people have been tabbed our “Evolutionary Leaders” and they have a number of mandates that they want to table for The Obama Administration, most of which sound reasonable enough such as “promoting health and healing,” “engaging in social and political transformation,” “encouraging conscious media” and “building global community” amongst a few other broad, socio-spiritual agendas. I’ve been thinking about this “call to action” by our “evolutionary leaders” and I have some very definite thoughts regarding this movement.

First off, I did not appoint them to be my “evolutionary leaders.” My friend commented on all of the good work they have done in the realm of consciousness and awareness and I had to take a step back and think about that for moment. I had to ask myself, with all of his medical acumen and telegenic clout, where has Deepak Chopra been when it comes to Morgellons? For all of her political connections, where has Barbara Marx-Hubbard been on the Chemtrail front? Did Jean Houston hold a workshop or a seminar when New Orleans went to hell? When voter fraud was off the charts in 2004 in Skull and Bones vs Skull and Bones, where were our so called “evolutionary leaders” when it came to expressing outrage and turning their evolved powers of perception towards any one of these issues? The answer is, is that they didn’t, because they have book deals, and that coveted and comfy spot next to Oprah on her couch, speaking engagements, PBS specials and so on, all cutting against their highly cultivated grain, which could seriously jeopardize those tasty perks. In this sense, they are no different than our “de-evolutiionary leaders” who always seem to convince themselves that by not taking a controversial stance or assuming a challenging position, they are able to ensure themselves a longer shelf life, thus theoretically helping more people in the long run. While there is some merit in this strategy, we have seen far too many pols ultimately become compromised or have their original intentions diffused by their ongoing and often contorted relationship with moral and ethical justification.

When we look at the blood on the tracks when it comes to the economy, where were those leaders? Where was the oversight? The answer is, is that there was none. They were told to “look the other way, because the economy was a highly complex system, a living entity unto itself that would grow, expand, contract, correct, as long as it’s handlers (The Fed and The SEC) allowed it to move without restraint across the free range marketplace of the global economy.” Well, we all know how that worked out. But I am diverging.

I will now commit what many will consider spiritually correct blasphemy. I resent these spiritual oligarchs representing themselves as our “evolutionary leaders.” I deal with real people everyday and they wouldn’t know Marianne Williamson from Marianne Faithful and these people are doing just fine without the help of these “evolutionary leaders.” They work, live, love, probably drink too much diet soda with aspartame, maybe they even smoke, but they’re good people and quite frankly, they don’t really need “evolutionary leadership.” What they need is accountable representation that isn’t compromised. They need their tax dollars to support them and projects here, and not Blackwater or Halliburton, securing resources for the global cartels. Don’t worry though, Babs, Jean and Deepak will set them up with some great yoga DVD’s and catchy affirmations, so that they don’t have to worry about these nagging little details.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not turning my back on the spiritual evolution of our race and in fact, it is my perception that we are on the cusp of something powerfully transcendent, but I don’t believe that it is only for those that worship at the church of the new age or more appropriate for this column, “The Age of Aquarius,” which leads me to my next rant, surrounding all of the talk of “The New World Order” coming out of The G 20 Summit.

Gordon Brown (painfully obseqious) and Obama were chirping about the NWO and a global currency, hailing it as our only hope. Here’s a headline: “They Didn’t Just Think This Up.” They’ve been working arduously towards this moment in history and now that the economy has been gamed, on a grand scale, they’re all there, ready to roll out the model that was dreamt up decades ago by the likes of Albert Pike, HG Wells and others–spiritual sleight of hand, Hegellian dialectic, all played out in fine fashion. And guess who’s leading the charge? Our very own president; charismatic, conciliatory and photogenic as hell. I wonder what the public’s reception to these ideas would be like if Bush had brought them to the table? My guess is, is that there wouldn’t be much appetite for what old George would be serving up. In this case, it’s not about the message per se, but the messenger and his ability to sell the policy.

The NWO, “evolutionary leaders” etc, feel like the shadow of the aquarian age, not the real, organic, pulsing and deeply healing love that transforms everything in it’s path regardless of their spiritual cred or some artificially created global society. That shadow reality is in actuality the final demarcation between the haves and have nots, the sealing off of the capstone, where the uber-rich, elite caste of high economic priests are the ones that have become in essence, de facto gods of this world, ruling over the planet with one rule of law for all–but themselves of course.

Last week, I watched an interview with David Icke and Project Camelot and though I am not completely sold on Icke, his ideas are in line with mine, more often than not. There were two key points that they touched on in the interview and one came from Icke. He talked about an “X-factor,” something outside the rules of the game that will have a role in balancing the affairs of the planet. He wasn’t specific and it’s the first time I’ve heard him mention this, but it’s also something that I have been thinking of as well. For me, the best way that I can articulate it is, an emergent reality that wants to blend with us, though our conscious relating to it. But to do so, we would need to unplug from other belief systems that keep us from having an experiential relationship with this “X-factor.” I have had glimpses of this phenomenon as it begins to breath into this reality, which will create strange occurrences that seem to defy the physical laws of this dimension.

The other piece that I found interesting in the interview was brief discussion of black budget physics, which posits that the realm of black or secret physics is 10,000 years ahead of the private sector. Think about that for just a moment. How would that look? What kind of mind warping technology could they be sitting on?

I brought these two subjects up, because they represent to me, what the aquarian or new age is about; The conscious awareness of and participation with a cosmic intelligence that wants to emerge through us and the enlightened application of technologies that border on science fiction.

For me, this is the true spirit of the new or aquarian age, unfortunately, not all people feel this way. Here is an unusual story that I just found on an inventor named, “Mylow “who apparently had his free energy, magnet motor confiscated by a dark and rather nefarious figure. So maybe while I think it’s a great idea, there are those that don’t and would like to keep us as dependent as possible on many different levels. I wonder how our “evolutionary leaders” would respond to this? Maybe they’d send Eckhart Tolle over for a couple of grand and tell “Mylow” to just allow the events to unfold around him and simply observe the experience.

9 thoughts on “Evolutionary Leadership, The NWO And The Pseudo-Aquarian Age”

  1. e

    Right there with you, Robert. To me, the clear sign that these are not our “evolutionary leaders” (which is not to say that I don’t respect and value much of their work) is that they’re petitioning the president!! To fall for Obama’s act as Mr. Conscious Evolution and to expect him to care about their well-meaning input is just naive – and does not make me trust their intellect or intuition.

    Yay David Icke – bring on the X-factor! And where’s Terence McKenna when you need him – he’s MY idea of an evolutionary leader (probably busy orchestrating multiple X-factors from the other side…). in gratitude, Emily

  2. a


    The irony is that we don’t need petitions or layers of enculturated consciousness mandated by a spiritually elite body. Theoretically, The Constitution gives us enough latittude to explore the vast expanses of our consciousness and if our elected representatives were/are doing what they have been tasked to do, which is safeguard our well being and our rights, we could soar. But they have not, so we think we have to add new concepts upon their failure. The intenton is noble but the premise is flawed.

    I don’t want to dismissively bash them, because I know that many of them have dedicated their lives in pursuit of their version of the truth, but to me, ithey represent yet yet another hierarchy.

    We need new voices, like yours and Caroline’s (Casey) that are inclusive, yet discerning, the new razors edge.

    Yes, Terrence is working his magic big time.

    God bless his gentle soul.

  3. T

    When reading many astrologers pining for the golden Aquarian age dawning, I hear the small voice behind my right ear: consider the consequences of the shadow age: Leo.

    It seems to me that the ages manifest in the polarity of signs. What might the polarity of Aquarius & Leo manifest?

    Aquarius: equality, invention, wavelengths poured from the stars, fellowship, sorority? And Leo, fiery sun-god child gambler? A shadow age of celebrities, kings, superstars and—?

    Consider the Pisces-Virgo passing age and how the compassionate empathetic impluse of the Christian revelation resolved into the dogma, detail and discipline (inquisitions, anyone?) of formalized Church law.

    Consider the Aries-Libra age and how the martial warrior empires were countered with the creation of laws, art, architecture.

    Consider the Taurus-Scorpio age and how the husbandry and fertility of the planet was formalized, grain stored, animals domesticated, the bull cult of Knossos transcendant. And in the shadow of Scorpio? Sacrifice.

    The still small voice, the one behind the right ear, is whispering “Leo.”

  4. a

    Awesome take Tessa. Certainly the “evolutionary leaders” reflect a leonine layer of spiritual aristocracy. Interesting that Barack Obama is also a Leo as well.

  5. T

    Oddly enough, Robert, I agree with your views on those “evolutionary leaders”. I have no time for those people named or any like them.
    David Icke has his moments, and if he would extract the reptilian stuff from his views I’d be a fan of his – he goes just a bridge too far for me though. I do prefer him to the ELs.

    As I’ve said before, Obama’s time is too soon for NWO. He might be sending a few related vibes out there, but it’s not time yet – unless it’s forced upon us by events outside our control – environmentally.

    Tessa’s views are interesting.

    I’ve often wondered whether we are all barking up the wrong tree with our hopes and wishes for what the Age of Aquarius might bring. Whether any of us on Earth now will ever see it is a moot point, of course. the New Age is likely many centuries away in reality. I have a funny feeling that much of what has been tagged on to Aquarius isn’t quite right. There’s an aricle on Astro dDspatch today about how Uranus came to be connected with Aquarius.

    I tend to think of Aquarius as the Airy side of Saturn (Capricorn being the Earthy side) – no more than that, and as such is not necessarily going to bring “harmony and understanding, sympathy and love abounding”….etc.etc.etc. I see it as being a cool, unemotional but very intellectual age. Very different from the Piscean Age we’re in now. Maybe too cool and unemotional for many humans.

    I think Aquarius needs stripping down – it has gathered too much fluff over past decade or so. :-)

  6. a

    Twilight. I like your take on the softer version of Saturn for Uranus/Aquarius. If we were to exted that arc outwards, we’d see that evolution continue with Neptune becoming softer still, to Pluto, where we encounter the void, or zero point.

    Icke has moved away from the reptillian agenda alot as of late, but they were very specific in the interview that the reason why such inhumanity exists on this planet is because it ain’t the humans doing it. I am mostly in this camp, but it deosn’t take much for humans to get in on the psycho party, just look at Milgram, Stanford Prison Experiment and Abu Grhaib.

    I was also thinking about Tessa’s keen insight and how much of a role Leo is playing through two generations, with the Pluto in Leo “Boomers” and The Uranus in Leo “Generation Jones” of which Obama, Geithner and Emmanuel are a part of.

    Lively in here today!

  7. R

    Do you think Icke was talking about Planet X? The Zeta’s say that Planet X is near the sun and is going to cause Earth to have a polar shift.

  8. a

    I think Icke would have been more explicit about X/Niburu. No, I think he is hinting at something far more beneficient.

  9. L

    Very insightful, or should I say, incite-ful observations, Robert.

    It has been interesting to observe the subtle and not-so-subtle transformations of the best-selling new-age spiritual elite as they become more deeply inmeshed and entangled in the very structures they have aimed to release us from, e.g. out-dated religious and political machinations, restrictive societal confines, etc. Obama is the absolute perfect pitch-man to entertain these types of folks, and even give the impression that he is one of them [wink, wink, smile].

    Celebrity status has long been an enticing lure, and gaining access to the Gates of Power, even under the well-intentioned spell of “making a difference” is a slippery slope indeed, one that would take a true saint to be able to navigate safely and avoid the trappings found (and offered) along the way. I guess the choice would be, take these gifts and live long and prosper, or…?

    It is difficult to say why certain people in positions of power, able to access and influence a fair amount of people, why they have studiously avoided specific subjects that people like you and I find imperative, e.g. 9/11, chemtrails, free-energy sources, etc. Noam Chomsky would be a perfect example, a man that has influenced so many, yet remains mute or complacent (or worse) about 9/11, and in that sense, is a collaborator, a Gate-Keeper on the Left.

    When it comes to Obama, we’d be wise to remember the famous words of Marshall McCluan regarding the Medium being the Message.

    Obama rides the wave of power as the Great Uniter, BUT under the bi-partisan pretense of bringing together the Left and Right, the Democrats and the Republicans, the rich and the poor, the elite and the disfranchised, ARE HIS INTENTIONS REALLY HONORABLE?

    It is vitally important for us to read between the lines, see past the charm of hope and look at what he does, not just listen to what he is saying. BREAK THE SPELL!!!

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