Enter Scorpio — Void Of Course Election, The Power of Transformation, Opening The Inner Eye

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Enter ScorpioI can’t help it–it’s my nature.

The breezy equilibrium of Libra has left us. The energy that supports win-win still lingers in Mercury catching up to speed in Libra, but the dominant solar expression has passed. Welcome Scorpio. I’m a bit of an oddity to most of my friends. I have little trouble staring into the pitch black darkness of world events and what some people might consider conspiratorial or hidden agenda programming. I think that this might have something to do with my ascendant, which is 28 degrees Scorpio and my Mars in my eighth house at 0 degrees Cancer. I am drawn to whatever is beneath the surface and am learning to transform the intensity of the information. This blog is an exercise in an ongoing personal alchemy that I share.

The energy of Scorpio allows us to get down and crawl into the places where we seek to understand motivations, machinations and the gears that turn the human psyche towards action. The energy also comprises intensity, depth, passion, and an affinity to summon the forces of chaos in such a way that they become the energy behind magic and ritual, thus Scorpio is often associated with the occult and witchcraft, anything that is taboo, including but not exclusive to sex.

Obviously, with the general election breathing down on our necks, this month of Scorpio is marked by a layer of social intensity that happens once every four years. It’s no coincidence that the last two elections were besmirched by voter fraud, malfunction and malfeasance. As I noted previously, the 2000 general election when Bush defeated Al Gore, Mercury was retrograde in Scorpio. It returns to the degree that it went retrograde in 2000 the day after this years election. Something will come full cycle. Some hidden aspect of that fateful election, in true Scorpionic fashion, will come to light.

This years election takes place during a void of course moon and also has the added intensity of the Saturn-Virgo/Uranus-Pisces opposition. We’re already hearing stories about ACORN and voter fraud, machines not working and essentially being prepped that we will most likely experience extreme volatility in the voting process. I have no doubt that some of this is worthy news, while other pieces are flung like unsettling projectiles, pushing us further towards the edge of what we deem acceptable, racheting up the fear that the election will be stolen from Obama, or that Obama will steal the election from McCain. As a result, racial tensions might go through the roof and if there are stories that could implicate the McCain camp or even just examples of the systems breaking down and negatively impacting Obama’s run to The White House, we could be in for some very heavy theater in the night and days that follow the election.

With a void of course moon and that epic opposition, we could witness a vote meltdown that would make 2000 seem like glitches in a high school election. There is a very strong possibility that with the chaos which could ensue, that Bush could potentially suspend the election results for months, putting it on hold even past the inauguration date. I have previously noted that there are provisos that Bush and company carved out through The Patriot Act and Executive Orders that can allow them to extend their stay in office up to two years in a state-of-emergency. That option is renewable and can simply roll over after that two year period has expired. Now I am not saying that this will occur, but based on the void of course moon and The Saturn/Uranus opposition, be prepared for high strangeness. You might want to get a little extra food and water just in case you have to hunker down for a few days, or even weeks.

Scorpio, in it’s most elevated form is the fusion of instinct and intellect, the serpent and the eagle as I have referenced before in both the alchemical and shamanic traditions, linking the root to the fruit and thus connecting the rainbow bridge of consciousness, opening us up to truth and wisdom if we can handle it, ground it, not be afraid by the intensity of it, to stare the demons inside and out straight in the eyes and pierce them with beams of unconditional love, not only for them, but ourselves, affirming our sacred ground and blessed right to be human at this deeply transformational time in our personal and collective journey.

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