Enter Jupiter In Aries — Connect With Your Will

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

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As the anaretic degree of Jupiter at 29 Pisces finally unclenches it’s grip and drops into Aries, I’m getting the feeling of the dam of emotion about to burst. The anaretic degree is one of the most challenging aspects in an astrological chart. There is a feeling of the 29th degree of impatience, of wanting to move on, getting on with the next course of business or sign. It’s been increasingly so with Jupiter in Pisces. The energy has been stagnant. The expansive power of Jupiter has been spent. Think of a sponge that is soaked and filled with water, unable to retain any more. That’s the image of Jupiter in Pisces at the 29th degree. Now along comes the heat of Aries, drying it out, making us more responsive to opportunity, more retentive to the expansiveness of Jupiter’s energy in our lives.

During the last degrees we’ve seen some of the excessive manifestations of Jupiter in Pisces and it’s damaging aspects. The flooding in Brazil and Australia is indicative of the watery state I’m referring to, though there are some other factors at work here as well. The oil companies have also benefitted quite nicely from Jupiter’s run through Pisces, We’re seeing record and obviously inflated prices/pisces in the states, which will have an overflow effect on the prices of goods, especially food. I’ll cover this a bit later as well. But suffice it to say, the time for a shift in energy is here and the possibility for change is not only potent, it is critical.

Jupiter in Aries is only with us for six months. It’s a like a fireball of possibility blazing across our lives. Catch it while you can. Transits are brief, 5 to 8 days at most. This is critical because of all the other factors we have at hand during this time.

Jupiter in Aries promotes individuality and the expression of will. This is essential to understand. Wherever Jupiter shows up in your chart, that’s where you need to pay attention. When it hits certain planets, you’ll need to really catch it’s fiery wave. Against the evolving or de-evolving social milieu, this energy will have an invigorating impact on the psyches of individuals. A sense of urgency is in the air. Getting things done is of utmost importance for each of us during this phase.

From an individual standpoint we must act on our desires and deepest sense of purpose now. It is key. From a collective standpoint, there is a sense that we are up against deadlines that we are only remotely aware of.

The rising cost of gas, which looks on the surface like an egregious excess of profit and greed,has become a vice grip, compressing the ability of the middle class downward into the lower strata. But this is only the rumblings of a much bigger seismic impact that is coming, which is why it is essential to channel the fiery and expansive Jupiter/Aries energy.

If the cost of fuel reaches up into the high $4.00 per gallon range, it will have a disastrous effect on the food supply as the cost of bringing food to market will become increasingly more prohibitive. If gas reaches $5.00 and it likely can and will, then we will not just have to pay exorbitant prices for food–food might not even get to the shelves. That is why it is critical to be as prepared as possible over the next 60-90 days, taking full advantage of Jupiter in Aries. Ya gots to get prepared people. Know where your water is as the first people have said. Food? You’ll need it. You do not want to get caught without food if gas prices do begin to reach upwards of $4.00 a gallon, You can piece together your own supply. I recommend Costco and Grocery Outlet for bulk, and at the end of this post, I’ll have some links where you can purchase food supplies along with some other critical pieces like water filters, etc.

Even though Jupiter is in the sign of the individual, we will need individuals linked together. Get to know your neighbors, perhaps even plan along these lines with them. The individual is the vertebrae to any culture or society. The spine is comprised of a network of bones, individual, yet connected and vital to the operation of the whole. In that way, we are connected and it behooves us to stay connected, both as individuals, and for society at large. Anarchy is not an option.

Since the inception of Pluto in Capricorn, we have seen the rise of the corporatocracy. I have written about it at length and my initial insights regarding Pluto in Cap are manifesting in ways that are seemingly forcing us into an us versus them polarity. Time and again, we have implored our representatives, from the bailout to S510 to listen to our wishes, wants and needs and yet, they continually go unheeded. In spite of the occupation of Iraq, gas and oil prices continue to rise, which for the most part looks incredibly arbitrary on the surface. When the Gulf exploded nearly a year ago, the public wanted to help, there were some novel solutions to the crisis in The Gulf (including the application of hay on the surface of The Gulf) and yet these solutions were spurned not only by BP but the DOE and the EPA. Instead, The Gulf was doused with millions of gallons of Corexit. This is yet another example of the cries of the individual falling upon deaf ears.

When that happens consistently, over time, the implications are that this is taking place on purpose and the denial of the individual’s voice and will in the greater milieu cannot be ignored. Jupiter in Aries will address this to some extent. It is the way shower for Uranus in Aries, which will quickly follow on it’s heels, thus setting the spark to the cosmic fire of will, which will be played out against the backdrop of an ever increasing society of regulations and austerity programs.

Jared Loughner was a fanatical cipher that was quickly labeled as not just a right winger, but a deranged conspiracy nut that was dosing on David Icke and the movie “Inception.” The media quickly jumped on a number of suppositions and assumptions without fully looking into Loughner’s past. An early dispatch from Mother Jones had an interview with Loughner’s friend, Bryce Tierney. In the interview, he states that Loughner’s mother attended the same temple as Rep. Giffords. Mother Jones quickly scrubbed that piece and wiped any mention of the connection between Loughner and Giffords away, flushing it down the memory hole. Enough people noticed to wonder why? Though this has been disputed to some extent, it represents the fragments of truth surrounding events and what the media does or does not do with them.

Since that tragic event, Loughner has become a poster child for the attack on the “lunatic fringe” in the days just prior to Jupiter in Aries. He is the dark shadow of the voice of individuality, his mind scrambled by the frequencies of distortion, in a society that suffers from a vertigo of displacement, spinning from collective trauma to collective trauma.

Is Jupiter in Aries a panacea for the plight of not just America but of the world? Is it the clarion call for the individual to rise from it’s slumber and say with subtle, yet firm affirmation that, “I AM.”

We’ve got six months to find out.


These countries, according to are Aries countries. Look for them to be in the news more than ever during the first six months of 2011:

England, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Lithuania.


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4 thoughts on “Enter Jupiter In Aries — Connect With Your Will”

    1. a

      First of all, with all due respect Badger, I am tired of xenophobic trashing of this country. I got fed a daily dose Nam and Watergate, then I got a fat serving of the Iran hostage crisis. All of this in my estimation has been a concerted effort of demoralizing the identity and will of Americans. Please check out the story of Yuri Bezmenov to understand the long tail of demoralization. http://www.crossroad.to/Quotes/brainwashing/2007/bezmenov.htm. That said, you cannot compare Europe with The US when it comes to price of gas. We are farther apart here than in Europe and can travel freely from state-to-state, whereas in the old days, traveling from country-to-country in Europe via car was not as easy, plus you have a much more buffed out train system. Unfortunately, trains were abandoned here to sell millions of cars and trillions of gallons of gas, putting money in the coffers of the industrialists.

      We also have had cheap gas because they wanted both cheap gas and food to go hand-in-hand to help build a healthy and fairly well educated worker class to have their empires built. Well those days are over now. They don’t need as many peeps around and thus gas and food are going to explode.

      Venezuela has gas at 25cents a gallon. You just have to put up with a dictator in permanent residence.

  1. b

    …and the Tucson shooting was no lone-nut thing
    so say JFK, Paul Wellstone and Martin Luther King
    All of whom have plenty to say…
    All of whom point fingers at the cia

  2. d

    “He is the dark shadow of the voice of individuality, his mind scrambled by the frequencies of distortion, in a society that suffers from a vertigo of displacement, spinning from collective trauma to collective trauma.”
    so deadon this.
    yesterday I came around the mountain and into the city bowl to witness 7 fires burning. Helicopters and sirens everywhere. Also, a carload of kids, friends of my children, were in a major accident leaving two 16 year olds on life support. I was confronted with chaos and trauma and could only know within me that with our Aries ignition is meant to be held by the spiritual and mental strength that the Pisces time has gifted us with. By guarding this turning point of the wheel we are meant to evolve as we revolve. It is not about evading the darkside and ascending into a lightness but more about being courageous warriors amplified in the intensity and a true power force of love for the collective.
    fascinating times.

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