Elenin/Niburu Meme Or Doom? Neptune In Pisces Central Casting, Deep Impact And Armageddon

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Where there’s a Willis, there’s a way.

It’s about resources. Always has been. Whether it’s gold or your mind, the goal has been the capture and ownership of everything on the planet. The USDA recently released that they own the word “organic” and it cannot be used by “organic farmers” in farmers markets without a seller filling out papers, agreeing to produce a food growing plan and have their “farm” inspected. Now that the USDA has claimed ownership of “organic” they can effectively tweak what that means to their advantage.

Imagine a day when genetically modified foods become organic, because the newly inserted genes, whether they came from a spider, a cod, a cow or a caterpillar were organic in origin. In essence, everything synthetic magically becomes organic and true organic food, food which cannot be named as such has lost it’s label. Homegrown? Uncut? Welcome to the ever weirding world.

I’ve been backing off a bit on Elenin/Niburu for a while, for a reason. I purposefully detached from the 2012 drama so that I could see it from a different and less invested perspective. The last post I did on it was casting a chart for 12/21/12 about a year-and-a-half ago. In the memetime, comet Elenin started to streak across the sky of our awareness.

Elenin was discovered by Leonid Elenin back in December of 2010. Elenin claimed to have used a simple, backyard telescope and computer telescopes to have seen Elenin.


The 1997 film, Deep Impact dishes up some compelling synchronicities and clues regarding Elenin. It came out around the same time as Armageddon and The Fifth Element, both films that featured celestial bodies of considerable magnitude winging their way towards Earth, with imminent destruction as the ultimate result.

Deep Impact begins when an amateur astronomer, Leo Biederman (Eliah Wood), like Leonid Elenin discovers a comet headed toward Earth. An MSNBC reporter played by Tea Leooni befriends the young star seer and becomes a pivotal character in the film. The comet in Deep Impact in named “Ellie” which is later revealed to stand for ELE or extinction level event. So now we have an amateur astronomer named Leo (Leonid) and a comet named “Ellie” (Ellenin). Coincidence? Predictive programming?

Just like Armageddon a rescue team is shot into space to see if they can divert the incoming comet away from Earth. The emergency craft is called “Messiah” and echoes the second coming. The commander of “Messiah” is played by Robert Duvall. His name? Capt. Spurgeon “Fish” Tanner. The “Fish” is symbolic of the age of Pisces and relates to sacrifice. Things go wrong in space and instead of diverting the comet, they split it in two (dualism) and the remaining chunks are named “Biederman” and “Wolf” which are both headed in the direction of Earth. Biederman (Better Man) hits in the Atlantic and wipes out all of the Eastern seaboard, including New York. “Wolf” (Fenris Wolf, destroyer and eater of worlds) is much larger and headed to Canada, where it will cause a dust cloud and blot out the Sun for two years, thus destroying all life on the surface of The Earth. Messiah makes one last ditch effort destroy Wolf on a suicide mission. It does and the rest of the world, not destroyed by “Better Man” rejoices and rebuilds in an Aquarian kumbaya circle jerk of planetary awesomeness.

Let’s look at the players in Deep Impact. The president is Black. He’s portrayed with a sort of grim elegance by Morgan Freeman. Freeman has been seen cavorting with his pal, Clint Eastwood up at the Bohemian Grove once or twice. I’ve already mentioned Duvall, who has another, memorable film role to his credit as Col. Kilgore, the psychotic, surfing, helicopter cavalry alpha in Apocalypse Now. Duvall also starred in George Lucas’ post-apocalyptic, dystopian vision of the future, THX 1138 as a kind of technofied version of Winston Smith.

Elijah Wood, who plays Leo Biederman burst onto the acting scene as a child star in “Witness” where he plays a young Amish boy who inadvertently witnesses a murder in a Grand Central station men’s room. One of the bathroom killers is played by Danny Glover, who will later resurface as president in the disaster epic, 2012. This scene BTW, was duplicated in Cars 2, with Mater playing the Elijah Wood role.

But Wood is most notably attached to Lord Of The Rings another end times epic as Frodo. As I continue to unfold the possibilities around Elenin/Niburu, using mostly film, (Neptune/Pisces) illusion and the role of deception, you will see a cast of recurring cast characters move from film to film to underscore mutable models of reality, related to predictive programming, while generating a field in the matrix of belief. Deep Impact has the deepest resonance in terms of triggers and memes to the current, unfolding of the Elenin/Niburu event, but it is by no means the only film that is supporting the grand storyline.


Armageddon, released almost simultaneously as Deep Impact was the more successful of the two films, both financially and culturally. It had an academy award nominated hit song, performed by the father of the lead actress (Stephen Tyler/Liv Tyler). The plotline for Armageddon is eerily similar to that of Deep Impact. An asteroid that is an ELE is headed towards Earth. The planet is already being “terrorized” by smaller pieces of fiery space debris destroying everything in sight. Based on those small, yet deadly projectiles, the giant rock in the sky, hurtling towards us is indeed a harbinger of doom. Of course, a band of heroes is assembled to blast the rock out of harms way. The team is led by Harry Stamper, played by Bruce Willis. Willis is an interesting character in and of himself. Let’s take a look at other key movies in his career, that reinforce an archetypal pattern and drive home a consistent message into peoples psyches (BTW, I believe casting is not merely an exercise in bankability and ROI. For a dark rumination on this, see David Lynch’s semi-autobiographic, surreal masterpiece, Mullholland Drive, which gets into the underbelly of casting films, altered-identities, and the selling of ones soul). But I dare not digress. Let’s take a look at Bruce Willis.


Willis broke through to the mainstream as Cybil Sheppard’s co-star in Moonlighting. Both he and Sheppard played detectives with an edgy love interest. The show was modeled loosely on Myrna Loy/William Powell styled, Nick and Nora Charles films of the 1940’s. While “Moonlighting” refers to after hours work, it is also a meme for illusion, where nothing is as it seems. In fact, many of the shows most memorable moments occurred in dream sequences played out by Willis and Sheppard. The stage was set and the illusory key lights in place. The career of Bruce Willis now had a template.

Willis was born in West Germany and raised in New Jersey. He’s a Pisces (of course), 28 degrees. His Sun is blessed with a bevy of trines; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Black Moon Lilith. It also sextiles his natal Moon and Chiron in Aquarius as well. There is a distinct ease of being with Willis in his acting, and overall bearing and the positive, flowing aspects to and from the Sun confer it. He also has Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the 10th house. Lucky. But it’s that Pisces Sun, that’s interesting. It’s at the edge of the sign at 28 degrees, kind of like where we are right now, hanging near the precipice of the Piscean age. In the Sabian Symbols, we would read for 29 degrees Pisces, just one up, landing Willis on the anaretic point, but I can’t help but notice the 28th degree symbol; A FERTILE GARDEN UNDER THE FULL MOON REVEALS A VARIETY OF GARDEN VEGETABLES. This of course neatly references Willis’ glamorized beginning in Moonlighting and the variety of vegetables is obviously the bountiful harvest of his career. Willis is also about to star in Moonrise Kingdom a new film directed by Wes Anderson.


Nowhere does it become more crystalline clear than in Hollywood, that the maxim that this world is nothing but illusion becomes pure manifestation. Using Willis and a few other actors, some more notable than others, I am going to show you how they are picked not necessarily by box office appeal, but more along the lines of a psychic profile, a recurring character that imprints a meta-identity into the consciousness again and again, acting not only for a film itself but some grand theater of cosmic illusion. Willis is a lead dog in this pack. In Armageddon as Harry Stamper, Willis in his Piscean glory goes into full sacrifice mode, just like his counterpart, “Fish” Tanner, played by Duvall in Deep Impact. Willis just a year earlier starred in Luc Besson’s outrageous and campy sci-fi glamfest, The Fifth Element starring opposite Mila Jovovich (Leeloo), yet another key cog and actor that shows up in recurring roles, theme after theme, meme after meme. Kabbalistic symbolism abounds in Fifth Element. Dallas (Willis) is hired to protect the superhuman savant, Leeloo (Jovoich) because she has the power to save the planet from an encroaching death star, that is all too reminiscent of “Niburu” even down to the 5,000 year cycle of return. Dallas and Leeloo form the alchemical marriage and she becomes the destroyer of worlds. She is aether, the fifth element and in combination with the other four, and of course Dallas, Earth is eventually safe. A side note, one of the more memorable characters in Fifth Element is portrayed by the British rapper, Tricky, whom I had had a very strange encounter with, one night in Miami, but that’s a different life and story. Tiny Lister, plays a “Black” president just as Morgan Freeman did in Deep Impact. Hmmm, isn’t it interesting how we also have a black president now? Lister will also provide the voice of Noah in an upcoming animated film, about, you guessed it.

An interesting, if somewhat trivial aspect of Willis’ work is how many of his films contain numbers; Four Rooms, Fifth Element, Sixth Sense, Lucky Number Slevin, Whole Nine Yards, Ten (to be released in 2012), Twelve Monkeys and 16 Blocks . I’m not even counting the sequels. Without reading too much into it, there seems to be some sort of numeric significance to Willis’ film trajectory. The main thrust though is that we see him as world savior in two films released a year apart about an incoming planet/asteroid threatening to be an extinction level event. They weren’t the only ones with the hero/world savior theme for Willis.

In Twelve Monkeys Willis plays James Cole, a schizophrenic refugee from the future, sent back in time to thwart Jeffery Goines, a psychotic animal lover, maniacally played by Brad Pitt. Goines unleashes a plague and wipes out all of humanity in favor of the animals. The surviving humans flea the upper realms and must live in a dark, sadistic, underground society where it’s clear that torture and cruelty are de rigeur. Humans in essence, become the new animals, caged and prodded, examined and experimented on. The majority of the filming of Twelve Monkeys takes place in and around Philadelphia, the same place that would serve as the backdrop for Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense. The former is M. Night Shyamalyan’s take on a modern comic book hero come to life. Yes, Willis is that hero. Images of terrorists, bombing and security checks provide a tense background narrative to an under appreciated film. So we have Philadelphia where the first Rosicrucian lodge was founded, in 1694 as the key setting for three Willis films.

One film where he does not play a hero is The Siege which foreshadows 911 in a way that only the highest levels of predictive programming can. Willis takes on the role of proto-fascist-hothead Major General William Devereaux who orders martial law in New York on the heels of Islamic sponsored terror events. Can you see the programming at work? Willis in our minds eye has saved a plane, a city, a planet, the entire universe for that matter. In The Siege he then pulls a hard right and starts locking people down, thus making it a lot easier to swallow in some ways. You’ve been conditioned to embrace a particular view of him and the brain, BTW, doesn’t discern what’s real or not. That’s up to us to work out as consciously as we can. But even if we pay full attention, Willis or Tom Cruise or Keanu Reeves are burned into our psyches, like an image left on an overhead projector in our minds eye for too long. A level or recurrence and redundancy casts a familiar character, an iconic reference point and then they move from role to role, driving home often similar themes or inserting new programs when needed. But to what end?

In the next installment of this series, we’ll look at some lesser characters and actors and illustrate how you don’t have to be famous to play a part in the grand drama over and over again. And oh, we’ll eventually swing back around to Elenin/Niburu.

12 thoughts on “Elenin/Niburu Meme Or Doom? Neptune In Pisces Central Casting, Deep Impact And Armageddon”

  1. Top notch article Robert, thanks. Armageddon was on TV here last night. Your observation: the Ellie – ELE – Elenin trips, is brilliant. Morgan ‘Freeman’ immediately latrailed my mind to Cathy Freeman – The Sydney Olympic games sun sacrifice (another Piscean bye-bye event as well as a forewarning of the end of free man – which it was.) Funny how the names Cathy and Morgan both relate to Dark goddesses – Hecate and Morrigan. With all the conjecture that Elenin might be a space ship – or a purposely guided comet (missile) – that the name reversed gives ‘The Nine’ is very intriguing, I feel. Besides what I consider to be rather sinister ‘space brothers’ channeling it also suggests the Egyptian Ennead, major characters in the 2012 MegaSpell. (‘latrailed’? me mucking around with words again, just a bit of fun but it’s short for lateral thinking.) Can’t wait for the next instalment my friend. You’re on fire!

  2. Connecting Elenin to ELE = Saying that Leonid Elenin’s last name refers to an ELE. Unless we are to claim that this man was invented out of whole cloth, that doesn’t make much sense. Celestial discoveries get named after their discoverers regularly. In fact, there is an astronomer with my last name who has a comet named after him.


    1. a

      Hey Mark,

      Nice to see you. There does seem to be some discrepancies around Elenin and his supposed identity. Root around the net a bit. Here’s an interesting place to start.


      And, btw, while it is a central theme to my post, I’m also touching on some other subjects that are related, to Elenin, but also transcends them.

  3. Good God, I love your mind – but I love how you make me laugh even more (an Aquarian kumbaya circle jerk of planetary awesomeness). Thanks, I needed that.

  4. h


    1. a


      My maxim is “Tether your camel first, then trust in God.” I also believe that we should truly be as present as we can be in at all times, not just end times.

  5. C

    Hi Robert, your writing is brilliant and I am blown-away by the connections you are making. At the same time, I find it hard to believe that ANYONE (Controllers or not) could be THIS organized to orchestrate this level of subtext. Unless there are 300 Einsteins in the Shadow Government, I just don’t believe it can be done. There wouldn’t even be TIME for them to do that and also mind the fed and the banks and wall street and etc etc. Perhaps all of this symbolism and synchronicty simply reveals a larger fabric or weave within ‘The Universe’ that goes beyond our understanding. Memes coming from Neptune or somewhere else that are played out in Bruce Willis’ chart and the dovetail of all the other players. Neptune in Pisces CONFUSES so that we can find our way out through our internal guidance system. Pluto in Capricorn rips the mask off the nefarious powers behind the scenes. We are to reach deep and become aware and to use our free will to put a stop to it. First we have to wake up others around us, then it all falls like a house of cards. A friend of mine calls it The Polarity Game. Our job is to finally release the World Management Team from their ancient role in teaching us to think and live for ourselves from authenticity, integrity and truth. Well, that’s my .02. I am still trying to understand all of this, i.e. the Conspiracy Theories swirling around me and not simply espoused by ‘lunatics’ but also by intelligent people whom I respect (such as yourself). What is True and What is Paranoia? I wonder about this all the time.

    1. a

      Hey Carol. Thanks. We tossed this subject around yesterday while we chomped on grilled sausages, tortilla chips and guacamole. I’m not sure we came up with any definitive answers, but more of a broad array of phenomenon. Here’s the best that I can break it down.

      1) There is a highly organized principle that uses symbols, media and dark magic to maintain control over this domain. Secrecy is a big deal and unfortunately, there is more collusion than we would like to believe.

      2) After a while, the memes and tropes take on lives of their own and people begin to live with them as a locus of control. This is what we call “the system.” Its artificial, machine consciousness and self-generating after a while.

      3) Somewhere between the state I refer to above and the complete void is Jung’s collective unconscious, which also drives myths forward into our “current consciousness” to get played out and re-cycled, since the universe is big on re-cycling. This realm really powers astrology and archetypes ala Pisces, Willis, film etc. Collective dreaming made manifest.

      4) Rips in time. I don’t think they blew up all those nuclear bombs in the 60’s, 70’s and 80s just for kicks. Those bomb blasts created temporal shifts. Something happened. CERN continues to bend the linearity of time and we’re getting into weird places with it. Odd syncs, reality bleeding into film and vice versa.

      Have no fear.

      The eschaton is near and everything gets played out real fast, real soon, then we can get on with the business of living apart from what you refer to as “The Planet Management.” Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

  6. C

    Fantastic reply — I was thinking when I first read your article above: how does he SEE all of this and write it so eloquently. I really appreciate the thought and discussion and depth-perception that goes into your work. Illuminating to say the least:)

  7. E

    I have recently started a website, the information you provide on this website has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work. “Patriotism is often an arbitrary veneration of real estate above principles.” by George Jean Nathan.

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