Election Check In, Mars Sag, Moon Virgo, Conservatives Rule, Results To Get Messy

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

pot_flagTo heck with red and blue states.

Just a quick duck in to give my sense of the mid-terms. With The Moon in Virgo, expect conservative emotions to rule the day. Mars in Sag just crossing into The US First House will bring an energy that will zap the already overstimulated Tea Partiers into hyper-patriotism. Unfortunately, their zealotry can be played upon like a fiddle. They want less government but not at the expense of the military budget or scaling back on two, draining, wars without any end in sight.

Mars forms a wide sextile with Libra. Expect a number of rulings to be challenged in the days after the elections, especially if any foul play at the ballot boxes is revealed.

With Neptune retrograde Aquarius, results will be spotty, numbers called out in fits and starts. Certain candidates will be projected to win and at the last second, their fortunes will change. This is because the mass media will be under the illusory influence of Neptune and the results will be anything but linear as reported by The MSM.

Sorry you smokers and tokers. Virgo Moon opposed Uranus in Pisces does not bode well for any number of Marijuana initiatives, with Oregon (state sponsored cultivation) being the sole exception.

Here is a sort of psychedelic youtube vide of me on Michael Edward’s show last week. Thanks Linn for putting this together.

2 thoughts on “Election Check In, Mars Sag, Moon Virgo, Conservatives Rule, Results To Get Messy”

  1. A

    Well for sure Moon in Virgo backed conservatives but Obama did not go that bad that many thought and Tea Party not that good. I think this it maybe Mars in Sag that backed in some way the actual President…

  2. A

    That was a really special show with Michael Edward on BTR and Linn did a super job with the video 😉 A job well done Mr Phoenix.

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