Duality, Temporal Distortions, Gemini Activation, Aurora, Dark Dawn Of A New Day, Part One

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


Gemini is a mirror, a reflection of the Janus self externalized. Mirrors refract truth through the lens of illusion. James Holmes, Katie Holmes and John Holmes, Falconi and Falcon. Welcome to the “Batman Code.” Over the course rest of this post (and then some), I will attempt to illustrate that what recently happened in Aurora, Colorado was more than just a tragedy, call for more and increased security or grab for guns. Yes, it is all of those things and more . . . much more.

Jupiter in Gemini comes at us in layers and dimensions of duality. First, we must recognize that Jupiter in Gemini is in its fall, thus making it a malefic. Using this as the baseline, we can already begin to see the power of reversal and inversion at work. This will be a common theme that will surface again and again.

Gemini is the sign of spycraft, espionage and subterfuge. In the tarot, it is naively practiced in the Prince of Swords. Here we see bending the truth, stretching reality and lying co-mingling with curiosity and the search for knowledge at youthful and adolescent phase. Fact and fancy are intertwined and co-mingled as the mind grapples with the enormity of reality. On the plus side, analysis and imagination are born out of it. On the minus side, the subtle and sly thoughts and behaviors that are stumbled upon and practiced become the modus operandi for the psyche and a split in consciousness ensues, thus a duality is born out of that identity. This is critical to understand as we plow through this material. Division, splits, trauma based programming are the rosetta stone to this puzzle.

In “Batman Begins” young Bruce Wayne witnesses the death of his parents at the hands of criminals. This is the shock and trauma, and the trigger that will be used to create two identities; Batman and Bruce Wayne. The bifurcation of the self/psyche/mind has occurred. In the film, young “Master Wayne” is subjected to the trauma of facing his greatest fear, again and again and again. In a deep hole he is subjected to the thousands of bats beating their wings across his flesh, terrorizing his young spirit. This trauma furthers the split in the psyche and widens the rift, allowing for the persona of Batman to become an equal partner in the identity of Bruce Wayne.

Batman lives and works by night. Bruce Wayne by day. Batman uses his finely honed instincts to fight crime. Bruce Wayne uses his rational mind to run an empire. Bruce Wayne by the way is the 1% if you had not yet noticed and Batman is not just a protector of the people, but of the 1% as we’ll see later.

In order to find himself and avenge the death of his parents, Wayne travels to what looks like Tibet in the film. Snowbound and ice locked, this version of Tibet could double as Agarhta, the Aryan sanctuary of the Vril. There, Wayne meets Henri DuCard/Ra’s al-Ghul played by Liam Neeson, a Gemini (7/7/52). Here we see the duality and double identity again. In the DC Comics version of Batman, Ducard/al-Ghul are two separate characters. Christopher Nolan has amalgamated them into one/two. Ducard/al-Ghul is the shadow of Wayne/Batman. Together they form the alchemical equivalent of “The Lovers” card in Tarot (also Gemini). The card doesn’t necessarily mean a fusion of duality, but it does illustrate and become the philosophers stone so to speak for the process to take place. The Lovers is a process and not an outcome. But here we see the mirroring of self, identity, split consciousness, etc in the two men.

Wayne’s great challenge comes as sword fight on a sheet of ice with Ducard. This is an initiation. Here he moves from the Prince of Swords, to The Knight Of Swords. The Knight of Swords is Libra, questing and fighting for justice in the name of balance. It becomes the eternalization of the Gemini process where the reconciliation of opposites is at a chrysalis phase. There’s all kinds of illusions to knights, knights templar, Law of One, Son’s of Belial throughout the film. Ducard tries to become the King Of Swords, Aquarius, by taking on the identity of Ras al-Ghul. As a member of “The League Of Shadows (LOS) He is cold and detached, dispatching justice upon mankind as a kind of psychopathic form of compassion, without conscience, without care. Here is his confession to Batman in the heat of battle; “Only a cynical man would call what these people have “lives,” Wayne. Crime. Despair. This is not how man was supposed to live. The League of Shadows has been a check against human corruption for thousands of years. We sacked Rome; loaded trade ships with plague rats; burned London to the ground. Every time a civilization reaches the pinnacle of its decadence, we return to restore the balance.” Its clear that Ducard/Ra’s al-Ghul represents the “Sons Of Bellial” and Wayne, “The Law Of One.” These two groups have supposedly been in conflict since the fall of Atlantis. “The Sons” don’t believe that humans can govern themselves and need the steady hand of discipline or a thousand plague rats to thin the herd and bring it all back into order. “Law Of One” want to let humans run the show with as little interference as possible. They believe in the human spirit.

In “Batman Begins” that position, one that underpins this faith in humanity is personified by Morgan Freeman’s (now there’s name) character; “Lucius Fox.” Let’s begin the deconstruction now. “Lucius” of course is none other than good ole “Lou” himself. And he’s a foxy one, giving humanity, I mean Bruce Wayne all that cool technology to use to defeat evil and make the world a better place. Sound familiar? Morgan Freeman is an interesting cat. Its been rumored that he’s hung out at the Bohemian Grove with his good pal, Clint Eastwood. Eastwood is a full-fledged member. Freeman’s sign? Gemin of course. Eastwood? Gemini again. In fact, their Suns are exactly conjunct. Freeman, 6/1 and Eastwood, 5/31. Black and White. More duality. Sometimes the universe is a sly comic.

Freeman has played God of course. But one of his more interesting symbolic roles takes place in the film, “A Dolphin’s Tale” where he plays a scientist that actually outfits a dolphin with a mechanical tale. A sweet, heartwarming, family film. But when you look a little closer, you can find out that the true story is based on the work of two men, not one and they were white. I guess Obama would call that a composite. I don’t have any problem with it. But on a symbolic level, Freeman is taking the symbol of Christ (the dolphin/fish) and augmenting it with an artificial fin, thus creating a transhumanist dolphin and morphing the dolphin from a symbol of the Piscean age to the Aquarian age, a mechanical chimera.

Keep your eyes on the doubling theme, there’s more–a lot more to come.

So with the help of Lucifer, I mean Lucius, Bruce Wayne/Batman defeats Ra’s al-Ghul/Ducard. Ducard means “Two Card” or “Two Carte” or “Two Chart.” Charts in this case are maps. There are “Two Maps” or two sets of direction at a arriving at a destination. Again duality, doubling and mirroring.

The climax of the film is when al-Ghul/Ducard gets ready to unleash a drug that will turn Gotham into an insane riot that will break into chaos and destroy civilization and as a result, end the corruption and crime. Let’s see, people going insane, tearing at each other? Where have we heard that one lately? Its the zombie apocalypse. And who gets that party started? Dr. Crane aka Scarecrow, yet more duality. And who plays him? Cillian Murphy? What sign is Murphy? Can you say, “Gemini”? May 25th, 1976. And what film did Murphy star in? “28 Days Later.” And what was that film about? The zombie apocalypse. And who directed? Danny Boyle. And what is Danny Boyle’s next big production? The opening ceremonies of XXX in London, this Friday.

Mayhem ensues as the drugged out populace sees demons everywhere. Scarecrow/Crane rides a horse, like one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, not a motorcycle, but a horse. There is one particular angle where the horse looked quite familiar to me. It reminded me of the bizarre horse outside the Denver, International Airport. By the way, its reported that the Queen of England owns most of the land beneath and around the DIA. Inside the DIA, there are of course the bizarre murals, which some say actually mirror the murders at Aurora.

During the scene where Scarecrow terrorizes Rachel Dawes played by Katie Holmes. Here we have the doubling and Gemini again, as Holmes mirrors the alleged Aurora shooter, James Holmes. Both are Sagitarians.

In the film, Katie Holmes has a young boy who is terrified. This is a mirror of young Bruce Wayne. Unlike his dad though, Miss Dawes comports herself without fear and dispatches Scarecrow with a timely taze. Chalk one up for the ladies! Bruce’s dad couldn’t handle a bad guy, Rachel sure can.

Wayne mansion gets burned down and the train that his father built to bring the people into the city gets destroyed. So here we have creative destruction out of that destruction, Wayne Industries and Bruce Wayne will rise again. In the center of town, lies Wayne Tower. The symbol “Wayne Enterprises” is a “W” in the shape of a trident. This is symbolic of Pisces and the age of Pisces, which is passing. The destruction of Wayne Manner and the monorail is just the start.

Christian Bale. Now that’s an interesting name as well (Aquarius–see end of the age of Pisces). Bale was, like others as you’ll see in another Christopher Nolan film, “The Prestige.” Its actually a pretty great film. It stars Hugh Jackman and the aforementioned Bale. The two are dueling magicians and Bale’s character has mastered a unique trick called “The Prestige.” It is essentially a trick where Bale’s character disappears and then to the amazement of the crowd, reappears in a different part of the theater. Jackman’s character will not be denied. He searches far and wide to find the answer to the prestige. He lands in America, where he finds of all people, Nikolai Tesla in . . . Colorado. There, he’s working on some odd experiments surrounding a form of teleportation, or sort of. Well, Jackman’s character buys the secret from Tesla and returns to London to perform the prestige. While Jackman uses a black technology and even blacker ends to make his trick work, Bale’s solution to the prestige is quite simple. He has, get ready for it, a twin, yes, a double, so that it appears that he has escaped some calamity and re-appeared elsewhere. Jackman’s version of the prestige was quite different. You see the technology he bought from Tesla didn’t teleport anything. It made a double, a complete copy of the original. So now we have twins and clones. What is Nolan getting at in these films, who the heck is he and what does this have to do with Aurora?

Christopher Nolan was born in England to an English father and an American mother. As result, he has dual citizenship. One of his early films was titled, “Doodlebug.” Its a short about a man that chases a bug around his grungy apartment. Just before he’s about to squash the bug, realizes that its a miniature version of himself (again, the doubling theme). Nolan hit it big with “Memento” starring Guy Pearce. By the way, both Hugh Jackman and Guy Pearce are Libras, who are working out the duality dialectic in their own sign/way. “Memento” was adapted from a short story by Jonathan Nolan, Chris’ brother. His sign? Gemini (6/6/76). Its about a character who has suffered a head trauma and cannot remember anything. He suffers from anterograde amnesia. The film has two separate story lines, and the narrative essentially goes in reverse. Pearce’s character due to the head injury is two different characters. The backwards script is Crowley-esque. Its a magical working of sorts operated in the film. Crowley called it the “Occult Law Of Reversal” and suggested that if someone wanted to understand the realm of magic, that they needed to learn to do things backwards, including walking, talking and writing.

Jonathan Nolan was the scriptwriter for “The Dark Knight Rises.” We’ll get to that film, but we have two more to go and then Aurora, the black dawn of a new day, which took place at midnight, when the dark night rises. Stay tuned. There’s more–much more.

12 thoughts on “Duality, Temporal Distortions, Gemini Activation, Aurora, Dark Dawn Of A New Day, Part One”

  1. T

    Hi Robert
    another STUNNING peice – blimey i am hanging on for part two.
    Ive got som more dualisms here for you – some chick has drawn up a chart which shows connections to the Shooting and olympic games

    Anyway i thought od give you the heads up from here in UK – the energy this morning is so acute i can hardly breath – there is no sunshine just a muted excrutiated cloudy heat. I can feel it building – not sure what ‘it’ is but not loving the feeling. A couple of years ago i went to hear an astrologer talk and he said that the galactic centre was going to be exactly AT the point of the olympic stadium in uk at the opening ceremony sitting between the two arrows of pluto and sagitarius tales.. who knows.

    The british people seem to be apathetically nonplussed by the olympics so far – wondering if its safe to watch the opening ceremony tonight….
    oh we do live in exciting times…

    blessings for your incredible and insightful work!

  2. P

    Hmm indeed, sorry these two people look different. What are we looking at here? This just gets weird and your right much more here, where everything is ‘backward’ ala The Beatles. Am staying tuned, but this is looney tunes..and it’s not all folks.
    On the back of this, my daughter went to see the film on Wednesday and at the cinema there were staff with night vision glasses and armed police in the foyer!!
    An amazing piece of jigsaw storytelling Robert.

  3. d

    You nailed it Robert… but don’t ya think the whole of life and humanity and Mother Earth is a process not an outcome…an observation[spirit]
    not a judgement[religion]? ….and at the end of the day if we can’t get jiggy with the 2 halfs of our own minds… tptb will always be?

  4. E

    Thank you for diving into this, Robert – can’t wait to read more! I’ve been sitting with Neptune’s square to the Gemini South Node, and the Aurora event seems like an explicit (shadow) expression of this aspect – as you say, “Mirrors refract truth through the lens of illusion.” Looking forward to your further insights and illumination, Emily

  5. F

    Fascinating stuff and thank You Robert for sharing Your insights!

    But, just as in astrology (well, in everything) nothing exists in isolation, celestial bodies are affecting one and other, perpetually. Yes, we can demonstrate that when this conjunction, that opposing… occurs, then palpable effects will be experienced. But all such phenomena are merely highlights, rather, areas of directed attention – which, for convenience only, considers not the fact that these oppositions, conjunctions, ascendants… exist as part of one great ‘symphony.’

    What I’m getting at, is this idea that “the bad guys” are in charge, is to be oblivious to the fact that every “moment of time” is a consequence of the myriad forces of our universe in perfect harmony. I say pefect, in the true sense of the word, where, beyond such closed-minded perspectives which believes the proverbial “them” are ‘in-charge;’ with all its judgements and condemnations – there is an intelligence beyond our understanding which clearly see’s fit that all these things occurr.

    I’m not suggesting a sense of apathy or resignation to what will be, will be – not at all. On the contrary, I feel that if we are to truly embrace a new paradigm, as probably we’re crying out for – then at some point we have to give-up our small-mindedness, open up to this incalculable genius which births our universe. Because, if ‘it’ can create all life, then there’s a good chance it can deal with all our moans and inadequacies.

  6. k

    Duality, the mirror reflection/illusion. opposites, backward talk- saying one thing meaning the opposite, ritual trauma over and over again (bats in the cave terror) to compartmentalize the brain which causes personality splits… these are all techniques of mind control…. and we are seeing this theme show up regularly now in movies and music videos. Great Article! So, why? Why are we being shown this over and over ? to compartmentalize ourselves so that we cannot think, we can no longer see the whole picture? And all of this only works if there really is a Satan vs a Creator God.. but on another note:
    I really appreciate what Flex has added to the conversation.. ” Nothing exists in isolation” Things just appear so, as in polarizing. light and Dark are of the same pole, and it is subjective perception to determine at what degree when light becomes dark, or dark turns to light.

    Being able to break the movie down into it’s parts like you did here Robert helps us to see it as a Whole, how all the parts are making up the whole, and gives us the lessons/insight we need to choose the path we want to take.

    1. a

      I agree with yours and Flex’s comments and yes, without Dick Cheney we cannot define darkness and that these agents of the matrix are not only our call to awaken from our trance-like slumber, but might even be created by us as well in order to do so. Part of that equation is kabbalistic. Where I’m heading with this is, when I get there, is that there is some sort of temporal distortion going on and the insertion of synthetic realities, hi-jacking of timelines, etc, and astrology plays a role. A big role. When I get more time, likely Weds, I’ll add the next part and perhaps some of this might become a little more clear.

    1. a

      Its true and we even passed through the full moon and Lolo Jones’s birthday. If anything happens, it has to happen after the USA hoops team leaves. That’s far too much money to leave on the table and besides, Lebron has pyramid protection. I actually stated in my post about the Olympics that I didn’t think anything significant would come about. The goal is to pass the torch to Brazil, the new Atlantis.

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