Draco Hangs Low, Thuban Rises, Light And Dark Patron Saints And Kaepernick’s Chart Of Destiny

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Expediting duality

Just five hours to game time and I have to get in a quick post. Spent almost all of last night bolting down the newsletter, where I go into the ritual of the Super Bowl in a more in-depth fashion. There are some very interesting aspects to note about the sky at kick-off in New Orleans, Polaris, the pole star will be at the center of the horizon, appearing in the sky, halfway up to the dark apex of night. Just to the left of Polaris, the tail of Draco hangs and appears to drop into the very Earth itself. The brightest star in the Draco constellation is “Thuban.” It was actually the pole star prior to Polaris moving into, uh, well, the pole position. It was considerably brighter then, The Great Pyramis at Khufu was oriented to “Thuban” according to archaeologists, even though the pyramid would have been built around 2200 BCE, about 500 years after the reign of Khufu. E.W. Bullinger, author of The Witness To The Stars (1893) had this to say about “Thuban.”;

“Thuban (Heb), the subtle. Some 4,620 years ago it was the Polar Star. It is still a very important star in nautical reckonings, guiding the commerce of the seas, and thus ‘the god of this world’ is represented as winding in his contortions round the pole of the world, as if to indicate his subtle influence in all worldly affairs.”

The english translation of “Thuban” is “snake” or “dragon.” Archibald Sayce, the famed Biritish Assyriologist had this to essentially said that Thuban was a star of great devotion and importance in the astrological/astronomical work of Sargon I, King of Agade, where he made Thuban the pole star aka “Tir-An-na” (which is likely where we derive the word “tyranny”) and the Life of Heaven; Dayan Same, the Judge of Heaven; and Dayan Sidi, the Favorable Judge,- all representing the god Caga Gilgati, whose name it also bore. Also cited for this star, Thuban, Draconis Dayan Esiru, the Prospering Judge, or the Crown of Heaven, and Dayan Shisha, the Judge Directing, as having the highest seat amongst the heavenly host. Here is what the great Ptolemy had to say about Thuban according to Vivian Robson;

“According to Ptolemy the bright stars are like Saturn and Mars. Draco gives an artistic and emotional but somber nature, a penetrating and analytical mind, much travel and many friends, but danger of robbery and accidental poisoning. It gives craft, ingenuity, and valor. The Ancients said that when a comet was th here, poison was scattered over the world. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Mem and the 13 Tarot Trump, Death”.

Lastly, Thuban might actually bear some symbolic significance to the game itself and not just a darker, ritual import. The classical astrologer, George C. Noonan chimes in with some interesting correlations for Niner fans;

“When rising, Thuban indicates prospectors of gold and silver or those who are ministers of money (this might include accountants, clerical workers, cashiers etc. nowadays). If setting and If Mars is conjunct the Descendant or in harsh aspect with it, it is said to presage the native being burned in his own house or killed by public execution.”

Later in this piece, we’ll determine if Thuban is ascending or falling.

From a mundane perspective, at the start of the game, the ASC is in the sign of Leo (Sun/Gold). Most of the key players in this game are on the other fixed point of Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius. Both Frank Gore and Ray Lewis (Taurus) will be front and center early in the game with Taurus on the MC. Lewis’ emotionality is not a put on. His chart is heavily doused with water, having Venus and Saturn in Cancer and Mars in Pisces. He’ll have a strong Saturn/Saturn trine today and the Scorpio Moon will trine his Mars. Ray Lewis will be pumped up for this game (states the obvious) and he has incredible, emotional support flowing in his direction. Mars is at 1 degree Pisces today and while this won’t affect Lewis as much (though he will get a hit), it does impact Ray Rice, whose Sun is at 2 degrees Pisces. So Ray will have a Sun/Mars conjunction. Plenty of Juice there. Look for him to have an extremely strong game. One last thing about the other Ray though. Lewis will have a Sun/Moon opposition as well and this, in fixed signs could be trouble for him, including muscle strain or pulls near the sacral region. With Scorpio, Colin Kaepernick, he sizes up as Lewis’ other, his shadow and it will be Lewis that will likely shadow Kaepernic on the filed today.

Immovable object meets irresistible force.

Both men will have their moments, but there will be one, where Kaepernick makes Ray look his age in a very apparent fashion.

Speaking of Kapernick, his Sun starts out at the nadir of the chart, which means potentially another slow start for the Niners. But as the game progresses, his Sun shifts the more mercurial 3rd House, where his running and passing really take off from the third quarter on.

He has Sun in Scorpio with Pluto conjunct his Sun by a one degree orb. Transiting Saturn is conjuncting both and then there’s that stinger moon. Throw in mutual reception of Pluto in Capricorn to his Sun and Kaeprnick is ready to make a star turn. Based on astrology, this is a moment of destiny. The only thing that could derail him is making risky decisions, want too much, succumbing to the desire of the Scorpio Moon.

Later in the game, as the ASC moves into Virgo, Ed Reed and Michael Crabtree’s numbers move to the fore, with emphasis on them in 4th quarter. Linebacker, Novarro Bowman’s, Gemini Sun is poised to reap the benefits of Gemini on the MC. Look for him to make a key play late in the game. Lastly as the game winds down, the all-important Part-O-Fortune or Pars Fortuna is in Sagittarius. Niner fans, you may not want to hear this, but it could come down to your kicker, Sag, David Akers to win this game.

The Ravens are riding a collective “wave of destiny” vibe and there’s not telling how the gods of the league want Ray Lewis to end his career, so there’s some heavily weighted intangibles on their side.

On a side note, digging around my research last night, I stumbled upon the official and unofficial patron saints of New Orleans. On the official side, we have St. Expedite, an enigmatic saint, of which very little is known. He was a Roman (Italian) soldier who denounced Rome and became a citizen of the Kingdom of God. He’s always portrayed with a cross instead of sword in his hand. On a symbolic level, this could be Kaepernick, but here, I believe it’s Flacco, the Ravens QB of Italian, descent. The other, un-official saint of New Orleans, is Baron Samedi, guardian of the underworld. In essence, he’s a devil figure and very, very popular around Mardi Gras, which is where we are now, in the middle of a two-week-Mardi Gras break. Samedi is usually portrayed with one half of his face white, with the other black, which symbolizes duality. Samedi=Kaepernick and his deep Scorpionic, underworld energies. In fact, one of the tattoos on his arm, from the bible, essentially says that, “my gift is my curse.” Draco, Samedi, Scorpio, Kaepernick. and based almost solely on Kaepernick’s big moment chart, I’m going with the Niners in a 27-24 victory, especially since Thuban/Draco, is ascending and in the sign of Virgo at game time. Thuban rules prospectors and in Super Bowl 47, The Niners strike gold.

10 thoughts on “Draco Hangs Low, Thuban Rises, Light And Dark Patron Saints And Kaepernick’s Chart Of Destiny”

  1. C

    Oh, well — glad that they were at least able to rally back so well near the end… You were right about the second half. And what about that power outage? Wasn’t that a bit uncanny?

  2. K

    50% dark, 50% light for 34 minutes balancing the duality and the winner needed 34 points to secure victory…hehehehehe…

    1. a

      Well, let’s start with Kaepernick. Last year, when he shot to fame, Saturn moved into Scorpio almost on cue. It brought focus to both his Sun at 10 degrees Scorpio and his Pluto at 9 degrees. Scorpio is all intensity and very black and white with it’s energy/results. Thus on Saturn’s first pass, Kaepernick was able to perform with laser-like focus and tap into the indomitable, Scorpio will. It was all good–even in the light of Alex Smith’s demotion. Smith was going through his Saturn return, which opposes his Taurus Sun. Smith had to deal with the betrayal of authority figures, in this case, Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh of course is a Capricorn, which rules Saturn. Alex has been cow-towed by authority figures all of his life. His father was the principle at Helix High, where Smith attended high school in San Diego. He had to deal with a secular patriarch and petty tyrant in Mike Nolan. Then he had to deal with a religious patriarch and another petty tyrant in Mike Singletary. Harbaugh is no petty tyrant-=he’s a real tyrant, but also a friendly and supportive one, which makes him a borderline psychopath.

      So Kaepernick is having his second pass of Saturn over both his Sun and Pluto. And in true, Scorpio fashion, he’s now experiencing the dark side of it all; the dark side of fame, publicity and power. And as titanic as he looked last year, he’s now looking equally vulnerable and even weak. He’s approaching a crisis moment in his life as Saturn will cross Pluto again and won’t return for another 28 years. This is a major re-set for him. Kaepernick has played angry most of his life due to the fact that he was given up for adoption and felt cast aside, tossed away. It’s fueled his desire and I am not sure that’s enough for him now. He needs to reconcile something about his birth/Sun/father with Saturn touching down on both. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Scorpios are very secretive and perhaps his birth father is reaching out to him. I am just speculating here, but Saturn is bringing pressure down upon not just his life force (Sun) but also his birth/life force (Pluto). The next few weeks should really give us some insight into how he will deal with this crisis.

      CK has virtually no Earth in his chart. He has Neptune in Cap and that’s it. So being grounded is not his strongest suit, especially when dealing with stress. He’ll get a boost in the 1st week of October as the Sun will conjunct his natal Mars at 14 degrees.

      Make no mistake, he is in deep right now and the Saturn/Sun/Pluto conjunction happening in St. Louis is huge. Remember, this is where and nearly when Alex Smith got concussed and lost his job to CK. He’s returning to the scene of the crime. Should be very, very interesting.

      Now Harbaugh is a wholly different beast.

      What Harbaugh is going through is Chiron return. Chiron = shame and the opportunity to own the shadow. What is he dealing with? Aldon Smith’s alcohol and drug issues (Neptune/Pisces/Addiction). That’s one manifestation of Chiron in Pisces. Harbaugh needs to go back to the age of 10, his Chironic moment. Something happened to him then that caused him to cover up some type of abusive behavior. He has trans Pluto opposing his NN in Cancer, which is sitting on his SN in Capricorn. It makes him complex. He’s supposed to move towards a more nurturing and softer persona, but he’s so loaded in Cap (Sun/Mars/Mercury) that it’s a real struggle between being the hard ass Cap and the more nurturing, feminine aspect. It’s interesting to note that Harbaugh slept at the facility after the loss, instead of going home with his wife. He chose the South Node and the comfort Capricornian control. His father (Jack) is a Cancer, five degrees, so Jim will seek his advice. Harbaugh needs to find his faith in this Chiron crisis.

  3. M

    Wow!! Thanks!

    I hope Harbaugh moves towards a nurturing, softer persona that you note he’s supposed to. I don’t think you can continue with the crazy intensity he has at the NFL level without flaming out. You can see the toll the team crisis is taking on him in his demeanor in his latest press conference.

    That’s a lot of intensity for Kap what you’re seeing. And they are also putting more pressure on him to carry the team on his back as they’ve gone away from their traditional power running identity to relying entirely on Kap’s arm (w/o much receiver support and the o-line struggling). So I’d imagine this is just compounding what you are identifying in the chart. Though my virgo planets compel me to point out that Alex’s concussion happened at Candlestick. The game in St. Louis was the loss where Greg Roman called that ridiculous pitch to Ginn when we were backed up towards our own endzone and the botched pitch resulted in the Rams scoring a touchdown. Not our finest moment….

    Btw – you were spot on when you said last season that Alex would be fine. He’s certainly thriving in KC. Good to see his success!

    Hopefully the injury bug will go away as well. It’s not looking so great right now that we traded away our defensive depth for seventh rounders in the off season. Not to mention the usual lack of depth at the wide receiver….

    And positive vibes to Aldon for his recovery.

    1. a

      Thanks for the reminder about the place. It was SF. Here is the Sabian Symbol for Harbaugh’s Chiron, 11-12 deg Pisces “In The Sanctuary Of An Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated Members Are Being Examined And Their Character Tested.”

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