Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton’s Telling Astrocartography And The Importance Of The Relocated Chart

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

trumpandhillJust for kicks, I decided to look at the astrocartography for both Hillary and Donald. The results are both fascinating and validating.

Before we get into the results, let’s talk a little about astrocartography. Astrocartography was developed by the late, Jim Lewis. I actually got a reading from Jim back in 1989/90 in Seattle. Bless his soul. Jim was great at breaking down my lines, but I was going through my Saturn Return and no matter how kind or enlightened he was, I was pretty attached to the gravity of my situation.

Jim’s program essentially casts the entire natal chart across the planet and notes where planets align on the AC/IC/DC/MC. There are also planetary lines running horizontally. There are crossing lines as well. When you put them all together, there’s a geocentric pattern that emerges, where aspects get played out, good or bad, light or dark, occasionally a combination of both.

My first, real aha moment with astrocartography came before I was even aware of the program.

I was 24 and on my way to Findhorn in Scotland. I was traveling with a group of people to stay a month at the famed, spiritual community. Our group had already been together for two months and were getting our minds blown on a daily basis.

We pulled into London on Sunday at 10AM.

london-streets-at-night-black-and-white-black-and-white-and-colourOur train would leave that night at midnight.

I spent over twelve hours having one of the most intense days of my life. Jetlagged and hungry for experience, we set out to spend our day in London, twelve bedraggled Canadians and Americans. As the day wore on and our patience wore thin, I spotted an event at a church that was happening that night. The event was titled, “Death and Transformation.” Being that we were in the month of Scorpio, I thought it was par for the course.<br.
We piled into the old, medieval church on this cold, November night and were greeted with sweet nods and knowing glances. It was a full house. Then things got a bit weird. A young woman came out and began to talk about another woman, a woman who had given her life to others in the cause of service. She read a poem by John Donne, and then brought on another woman to play some Bach on a cello. We were at a memorial service for someone we didn’t even know. I felt ashamed, like I was a spiritual tourist and wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

Six years later, with Jim Lewis, I would find out that Pluto was on my Mid Heaven in London and ran right through Findhorn. Death and transformation.

There have been other, clear confirmations that astrocartography not only works, but it, along with the relocated chart must be taken into account when undertaking long and short term moves.

Let’s look at Trump and Hillary’s astrocartography charts. Hill2Let’s start with Hillary.

Hillary’s Jupiter in Sag runs about 150 miles west of D.C. That’s enough to make an impact on the chart and life. My interpretation of Jupiter there in Sag, is that number one, Hillary would be more inclined to connect with foreign countries and their governments than the people in this one. Clearly, that’s the case, because she has been into expansion (Jupiter) in foreign countries (Sag) when she’s been in the White House at an administrative level (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine and even Russia). She also has numerous, foreign investors in the Clinton Foundation. Jupiter in Sag does have a bit of a globalist feel to it at times. It is considered one of the best places on the planet to live and incredibly fortuitous. Perhaps this is one of the “astrological” reasons as to why Hillary appears to be so “lucky” when it comes to skating on thin ice consistently, without ever crashing through the jagged surface and falling into freezing waters. It’s the type of aspect that could even expand and inflate facts and figures when they’re needed. In D.C., she is just plain, lucky.

Don2Trump on the other hand has his Mars running right through DC. His Mars in Leo is aggressive and prevocational. If he’s elected, he will wage war not on the American people or even the people of the world at large, but on Capitol Hill, specifically. He’ll arouse enemies and it will take everything in his power to hold onto the reins of leadership and even his life.

To this extent, Trump is real–it is not some act, some game, some esoteric theater. His aggression and antipathy towards the Beltway and the system that surrounds it is not a sham. If Trump should get elected, it will be a daily fireworks display, should he even stay (live) through his term. If I were a RINO or even a member of Obama’s admin, I’d be very concerned. Trump will take no quarter should he get elected.

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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton’s Telling Astrocartography And The Importance Of The Relocated Chart”

  1. n

    Astrocartography combined with animistic and climatological migration flow factors.
    Mounds, architecture, rock art. Once the nonlinear actions are encoded into the map, that would just look like bird tracks, or high energy particle collisions, or genetics.
    It is interesting that the patterns are very dynamic. Tree rings and tortoise shells.
    Of course, that is pictures in Space. I think the Time part is a bit more creative than is usually noticed. Otherwise, the pictures would not get up and around.

  2. B

    Great read!
    Did you interpret this from their relocated natal charts or their natal?
    Do you ‘factor in’ the natal planets positions as ‘imprints’ on the native’s intrinsic character, and ‘lay it over’ the relocated house positions?
    I ask because i have relocated and find that the natal influences are still there and ‘masked’ by the relocated house changes – so in essence it’s like having twin houses for each planet, so the interpretation of that planet now occupies 2 areas of life.

  3. H

    Thank you for sharing this info. I had never heard of astrocartography until You, Robert. I also checked mine out and realize exactly what is not working out here and why. I need to move from this area.

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