Does Mercury Retrograde Strike Again For Obama?

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

0204_greggHas Mercury Retrograde and a double dose of VOC Moon struck Team Obama again?

President Obama has had a very difficult time holding onto appointees since his Void of Course Moon election and Mercury Retrograde/Void of Course Moon inauguration.

Senator Judd Gregg (R New Hampshire) has withdrawn his name from conisderation as Commerce Secretary nominee, basically citing irreconcialable differences. Obama was lauded for picking a republican for the spot, reaching across the party divide, but apparently, that divide was deeper and wider than Gregg could bridge.

He cited his differences with Obama on “The Stim Pack” and “The Census.”

Synchronistically, Gregg is an Aquarius, born on Valentines Day, 1947. The Aquarian idealism/skepticism (however it manifested) obviously did not allow Gregg to dive head first into Obama’s new economy. His Sag Moon also probably did not make it easy for him to agree to positions and mandates that did not sit well with him. Gregg’s natal Mars in Aquarius opposes Obama’s natal Sun and his Aquarian Sun, opposes Obama’s Uranus in Leo. This fixed polarity was obviously leading towards some form of power struggle in two, very stubborn and fixed signs.

Lastly, Gregg’s natal Saturn sits at 3 degrees Leo. While it does not aspect any of Obama’s Leo aspects/planets, it does oppose Obama’s natal Jupiter in Aquarius at 1 degree (more opposition). In the end, no matter how prosaic Gregg waxed eloquently about Obama and his presidency, it’s clear that there was a total disconnect on vision and ultimately authority and Valentine born Gregg could not silence the sound of his heart.

3 thoughts on “Does Mercury Retrograde Strike Again For Obama?”

  1. M

    Hi Robert,

    Any numerological/astrological thoughts about today being Friday the 13th and the fact that next month will also have a Friday the 13th?

    Love your blog!


  2. s

    Hi Robert,
    Nice delineation of these two horoscopes. You illustrated quite nicely that there is virtually no way that these two can work in close proximity to one another. Maybe Obama should consult with you as his “Head of Human Resources and Appointees.”

  3. a


    When the ripples are so close to the surface it’s fairly easy to read which way the tide is moving. How’s that for a little Kwai Chang Cain metaphor for a Friday? 🙂

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