Diving Into The Pisces Full Moon And Some Lunar Scopes

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

WHDF-Cliff-Diving-World-TourWings and Prayers

I’m feeling a lot like Otis Redding (Virgo) in his posthumous hit, “Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay” during Mercury Retrograde. I’m pondering the whys, wherefores, whats and whens of my life and this blog. The path that I started out on, nearly two years ago when Sah (Immanent deity of Orion) Ra (Egyptian sun god) Palin entered the election, coming from seemingly out of nowhere, just as Barack Obama did. I did Palin’s chart and my stats went through the roof. I didn’t look back. Over the course of the past two years, I covered everything from Albert Pike to Lady Gaga and have done my best to wrap it in a blanket of stars, meaning that there was usually some sort of astrological through line. The blog has become part of an awakening process for me as I hope it has been for you, but I am not sure how much more I have to say along these lines, especially as it relates directly to astrology. Mercury in my own sign, retro has me reflecting on the meaning of it all.

Last night, I spoke with Katie Gallanti and she and I were in agreement that so much has transpired over the past two years and the awakening process has become viral. Here on the day of the Pisces Full Moon, I read a piece by Dahr Jahmail, the terrific journalist from the Middle East. He traveled to Mississippi and spent time with shrimpers who not only refused to go out on their boats to catch toxic shrimp, but held their own press conference, called for the resignation of Dr. Bill Walker, the head of Mississippi’s Department of Marine Resources for lifting the ban on shrimping and fishing. Their first hand accounts of sea life trying to out swim toxic waters is riveting. They are indicative of eyes opening wide across this country and world. Nearly ten years ago, a good friend kept me at arms length when it came to my “crazy” ideas. Fast forward. He’s that guy now. The great awakening is taking on a momentum of it’s own.

As the sleepers arise from their trance-like-slumber, I’m thinking about the next phase, catching the next wave. Once we’ve awakened, what can we do?

When I was young, I had a deeply romantic and naive vision of enlightenment. Occasionally, I still do. I thought that enlightenment was the key to true magic and the conscious application of man’s and God’s will in a perfect execution of integrated energies for truth, beauty and service. I still think this to some extent, but what I never quite factored in on the enlightenment side of the equation was waking up to the horror of the world and the attendant suffering, then deconstructing the architecture of the invisible prisons that we inhabit, how we got there and who helped erect and stand over them. That’s the not-so-fun side of waking up.

There’s the initial rush, you know, the one where you get to live in a Robert Anton Wilson epic for a while and then realize that it’s just another step in the process, a seductive Bardo that can yield some really surreal and juicy nuggets. There’s a high that comes along with it. It’s the inverse of solving light’s riddle, but comes with the attendant giddiness that “you’ve figured something out.” There’s plenty of black diamonds in that mine, trust me. But my wandering soul is restless again and I’m not wholly satisfied with discovering that Barack Obama might be the son of Michael Rockefeller and Cleopatra. After a while, uncovering more illusion only begets more illusion.

Perhaps this is the dialectical dance between my Sun in the 10th and transiting Pices Moon in the 4th. I’m doing my best to ground the arc between the spark of mystical unity and the practical tools of building a better world than the one we allowed to go to hell. Part of me wonders if it’s even possible at this point? I’m considering surrender as the most efficient move-letting go of all my strategies and systems, letting the flood just crash over me. I’ve been here before. I know it. I feel it.

On the other side of letting go is a sense of freedom and release that I can only begin to articulate. The dynamic push/pull between the Sun and the Moon is creating a tension, a torsion, a bi-polar magnetic field that holds the flux of possibility.

The Pisces Full Moon wants us to get cozy at a cellular level, while the Virgo Sun wants to know if it’s a phillips or a flat head? The Pisces Moon is full credit in faith, diving head first into the ocean of oneness, swallowing duality whole. Dick Cheney and Tony Hayward are merely dark angels on the road to redemption. Aware of the depths of the darkness, the Pisces Full Moons beckons immersion and trust. The Virgo Sun wants to make sure that you’ve got a map for the backroads out of town, a tent, sleeping bag, water, a couple of weeks of food and tank full of gas. This is kind of where I’m at. An uneasy station on the cross. But I do know this–there is plenty to live for. I’ve had glimpses of a very different world coming our way and trust me I want to be there. Surrender does not mean giving up–it’s more like giving away.

It’s been a while since I’ve done some Full Moon Scopes, so in the spirit of giving practical form to the numinous, here’s some light bon-mots of astro-advice for each sign over the next 24/48 hours.

There is work and there is profession. In the time where we near the end of work, you need to figure out your spiritual profession. What are you going to do to make your soul’s desire manifest in form? Not always the biggest server on the planet, you might start thinking along those lines right now. Give a little bit more than usual and you’ll be amazed at what you receive in return.

There are friends who are lovers, and lovers who are friends. There’s a difference if you contemplate it for just a moment or three. Your goal is to find the friendliest lover you know and introduce them to your loveliest friend. All this selflessness isn’t really so selfless. You see, what you give, you’ll receive back in tenfold, so make sure you follow these instructions to the letter, because you’ll be more than satisfied with the results.

Home is details, details, details. Bills and mortgages, going back-to-school. The small stuff feels overwhelming at times. Death by a thousand paper cuts. Work lacks focus and direction. Will you even have a job six months from now? Then you think about those damned details again. Then you think about the possibility of life without work and the details get even bigger and heavier. What you need to do in typical Gemini genius is flip the script. Mix it up. Apply the detailed focus at work, get as analytical as you can. Press for results. At home, take one night out and do the dirty work. Then take the next night off and take your family (if you have one) to a local pool or lake, and refresh your focus and renew your understanding as to why it’s important to pay attention to the small stuff.

Somewhere out there, your doppleganger is living on an island with a small staff of servants, taking their sweet time to write the next, great novel. You’ve always felt it while you were slogging it out in the strip-mines and strip-malls. It’s like one of those Charlie Kaufman films that turns on it’s end like a mobius strip. There’s not a lot you can do about it, save that somewhere in the world, your doppleganger is writing about a mostly average person, with an above-average imagination, dealing with the trials and tribulations of a collapsing world in a quiet, yet heroic fashion whose time of personal revelation and purpose is coming closer, with each new sentence.

I was at a an odd little get-together yesterday. It was sort of a barter parlor set up by one of my mother’s friends, based on an idea from my mother. I was invited to do readings. It was a little strange. But enough about me. You’re a Leo and this is about YOU, YOU, YOU. Anyway, I was approached by a woman there who was from Kazakhstan and she was a Leo. She immediately started telling me about these great products and how they could really help me. The foundation of the products was a Glutathione supplement. Halfway through, I was nearly ready to plunk down the $250 to get the product and start my friends on it. I doubt if I will. If I want Glutathione, I can find it cheaper and probably just as good, but that’s not the point. This woman was terrific. Not once did she ever mention that it was a MLM. She just really turned me onto the benefits of the product. It was the most seamless example of transference I have ever witnessed. She was a total pro–just two steps away from Diamond level! I knew why. She owned it. Completely owned it. Totally integrated the product and the information. That’s what you need to do, whatever “it” is. Totally and completely own “it.”

Does a Soul mate = a sole mate? Or is the concept of a soul mate sort of like the 144,000 souls that the JW’s need for their arc? Once I understood the concept of group souls ala Seth, the 144,000 number began to make more sense. A group soul could contain thousands of souls. Certain people are single souled beings while others share the soul activity with more than one personality. Those aggregate souls could still comprise even lager group souls, so the idea/ideal of a soul mate can get stretched pretty wide. Now here is the twist of lemon in God’s cocktail. Despite the fact that there is a punchbowl of souls out there, it really takes a deep connection to one person to unlock the magic. This is something that your dutiful scribe is learning, even as he types.

Speaking of souls. Yours is tugging at you big time. You feel like you need to get serious–real serious–about something. You know that all is not quite right in the world. With Saturn as your weather vane, you’re feeling the winds of change come in off the shore like a hurricane, only it’s miles out still. You know you need to batten down the hatches and yet, you just want to write poetry, paint and wax on about the Moon to just about anyone within earshot. You can’t dismiss the promptings of the soul, but you also feel the need to create and exalt beauty. My suggestion to you? Write a creation myth for the world to come and once you’re done, go out and take care of the first chapter.

Turn your back away from the world over the next 48 hours. Stay in bed with someone else (hopefully someone you like) and fly to the Moon.

Read and re-read the intro to these horoscopes. I wrote it with you in mind.

I watched an out-of-print movie on “The Rothschilds” the other night. All I can say is that I understand why they went into deep cover mode during the middle part of the 20th Century. The fascinating, ahem, truth is that at the end of the film, where Nathaniel Rothschild is buying up all the stock on Broad Street to try to save England from it’s imminent defeat at the hands of Napoleon, a virtuous and wise gesture for the Queen and her people, he finds out via carrier pigeon that Wellington triumphed yet again and that he is 100X richer than before. Well in “real life” Rothschild knew well enough in advance that Napoleon was going to lose, spread the rumor that the opposite was going to happen and took advantage of a hundreds of panic sells as the market collapsed.
When the real news came and the markets adjusted, he was one of the richest men in Europe and it paved the way for the oligarchic rise of the 20th century. The moral of the story for you? Find a really faithful and speedy pigeon.

Just like that commercial where the guy invents an inflatable car wash sprinkler toy picked up by Whammo, sometimes dreams and ideas do turn into spiffy inventions that can bring you fortune and fame. Can you imagine that guy driving around neighborhoods, looking for kids playing in his inflatable car wash? Anyway, that’s a silly example, but I’m trying to get you to think about using that brilliant mind of yours while you sleep at night. Act on your dreams and you might manifest an entirely new waking life.

Relationships? Commitments? You need a good fantasy for a change. Take a walk on the wild side. This might be the one time where you may not get away with it and yet still manage to build even more intimacy and commitment in existing relationships. Yes, I know it’s a gamble, but have you noticed the chip count lately? Sometimes, you just gotta push all in.

41 thoughts on “Diving Into The Pisces Full Moon And Some Lunar Scopes”

  1. S

    Miserable Bitch Back Agin.
    Well this dbl Virgs/Scorps Stellium is here to tell you what to do with that Philllips!
    Yes, it’s a friggin shitmire and you kin talk all you want bout who went n dun it n itll take a lot o lovin foren I sez it warn’t youse guyz – hellnall youse been runnin dis joint since Lawd knows when – hell didnt youse all even invent dat Lawd guy? You n Mr Francis kin give me n muh sistahs a break – nyouall have tuh wid Saturn in Libra – cuz we been takin itup duh asss sideneveryotherwayz since yuh dudes got duh steroid end o duh stick. Might meks right, ain’t dat wot yuh sez?
    Doan give me nuh lip Mistuh – I heard yuh duh furst time I wrote in: yuh new agez guyz still doan geddit: duh times is a changin and duh sistahs aint gwine tek duh wrap fuh youse all. Nuh way! Nuh Man I ever met put nuh full credit in faith – yuh all go on wid dat shit. Yuh dialectics n yuh frenetics n yuh genetics – yuh full of splenetics ifn yuh ax muh.
    Po fella fell in sum blak hole he done thunk up hisself – why lackamercymuh!

  2. a

    Dbl Virgo and Scorpio stellium? Too bad you missed out on the the Libra part. It might have imparted you with some actual wit. I thought Canadians were supposed to be funny?

  3. S

    You sound really mean? My political is personal to me but I don’t even know you so if you take it personal, wellhell….
    I thot Canadians are supposed to like hockey and ‘heroes’ who die in Afghanistan and Bushian political ‘values’…..
    I have never – since I could think about it – believed that any group could/should own the earth. If I am Canadian it is not by any choice of mine. As for funny – well, I can be, but not about anything as serious as all this shit.

  4. S

    Plus you will get nowhere with bitterstype stuff cuz that’s guy thing to diss youwith like you’re ugly or you have a fat arse or whatever. Have to do better than that.
    Signed could be hysterical cow or whatever type female.

  5. S

    OK got to 1 minute 8 seconds: I love you too, Robert, and – and it’s a big and – because I have read your outpourings/listened to some of your audio and ‘feel’ something of your apprehension of reality (I can relate to – big thing to convey parenthetically!).
    Virgs a bit/lot uncomfortable with another gush/smush/slushing over oneself: much preferable to be gushee! (As astrologer sure you will appreciate.)
    It is so fun you at other end ‘live’ right now. Almost what younguns call ‘chat’, ain’t it. Sure we could ‘chat over lemonade (n gin/vodka) in ‘real life’ and perhaps more amicably?!

  6. S

    My heart has been/is since sentience (not to mention being eldest of/totally repsonsible for mini herd of 5 others – and I mean life and limb minimum) stretched – my 6th grade girlfriend with no clothes and not much to eat and never there nasty dad and oh god I don’t like the past cause it – like the present – is a never ending cold cool observation – that ultimately affects the heart and ‘reason’ etc – the kid in grade 8 with the harelip/hunchback – and not surprisingly bad tude – the, wellhell, I am Virgo twice cursed I could tell you about every person today on the street – the one I passed by – caught up in my own sad story – and then heard asking for ‘spare change’. It is a curse to be compared to Mother Theresa: did you know her fondest wish was to be canonized? You are right to call me bitter – because such knowledge makes me so. I am no saint nor would wish to be but my eyes are so wide open no sunglasses seem to darken the view. My heart is so thin I do wonder what will be the final tear – but you and Willow and many others out here in ‘cyber’ space help me feel less vulnerable and give me perspective. Wot Ho! I have no problems – ye olde Ken Saro Wiwa, now there was a saint. Thanx for helping me to remember I’ve got my head up my own arse – and there’s no view there at all!

  7. A

    I have experienced/felt that overwhelming feeling of profound loss at the moment of enlightenment (albeit procured by extra curricular activities). Once the veil lifted, that starry grid made me feel trapped and cut off from accessing the connectedness of my soul. I appreciate the full moon scopes…no one else does them. I will work on my creative visualization a la B. Marciniak, including a clean Gulf and (occasionally) loopy astrologers :)….Happy BDay!

  8. D

    Just sending some love Robert. I look for your posts every day and I miss you when you’re ‘gone’.
    Your writing, even with its occasional angst, is very comforting. Because we’re all going through it
    only we’re not anywhere near as poetic, lyrical or prolific as you are. You’re the best and btw
    Happy Birthday!

  9. K

    This thread broke my heart as much as my spirit. Words. I hate them. People attach so many different meanings to words that it’s easy to get lost in translation and alienated. Especially words on a screen. They only give you access to the logical part of the writer and not their spirit. How does one engage or disengage towards such form of communication?

    Words like violence
    Break the silence
    Come crashing in
    Into my little world
    Painful to me
    Pierce right through me

    I’m glad that the dust settled and that people came to their senses in the end, but for some reason, I still feel the sting. Perhaps it’s this ridiculous moon in Pisces mixed in with a sleepless, agitated night…

    Feelings are intense
    Words are trivial
    Pleasures remain
    So does the pain
    Words are meaningless
    And forgettable

    The irony for me is that it was words that ended up chasing the dark clouds away… “I love you.” Perhaps they work because they actually convey sentiment. Love cuts through logic and that phrase becomes more than mere words… How can you misinterpret “I love you”? It’s always win-win with love.

    I guess that of late, the best we can hope for is a world of broken Hallelujahs… I leave you with this, and oh, yeah…Je t’aime.


  10. a

    Yeah, it was not fun for me either, but I can see that something alchemical came out of it. For me, it was cut to the chase and get to love as quickly as possible. Thanks KK for the reminder.

  11. K

    “cut to the chase and get to love as quickly as possible.” You are a magician.

    …and that will be my new mantra.

  12. S

    If only it were so easy to cut to the chase but seems like so many in this world on the run it can become overwhelming.

    (Didn’t miss out on Libra, Robert, just FYI, Juno, Mercury and True Black Moon Lilith in Libra 1st, and Psyche and Neptune in Libra 2nd. Mercury square s node Cancer 4th and n node cunjunct Mars Capricorn 10th.)

    Katrina, yes the word can be misused but remember it is said in the Bible, John 1:1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. I do try to remember the first of Mr Ruiz’s Four Agreements is to be impeccable with my word. Synchronously, my sister’s name is Katrina and while we can vehemently disagree, we love one other very much.

  13. T

    “Once we’ve awakened, what can we do?” you wrote, Robert. this is something I ponder every day. I read so many eloquent pieces about what’s wrong with the world, and with the USA in particular – but not many ideas of what’s to be done about it.

    Letting go isn’t a very good option in my opinion, though it’s probably the best one to take for those of ultra sensitive natures and wild imaginings – if sanity is to be retained at all.

    I’d rather be part of something – don’t know what – some kind of movement, doing what I could from my keyboard, or to otherwise to assist. Politicians are out – I will not support anybody currently on the scene. They’re all rogues, out for themselves, even those I’d trusted in 2008. Religion is definitely out – for me.

    Don’t know what next – any ideas, Robert?

  14. a

    I think that the following “should” happen immediately:

    1) The elimination of all futures and derivative trading henceforth. This can be legislated.

    2) The end of floating exchange rates.

    3) The creation of a universal living wage across the planet.

    4) The immediate dissolution of Goldman/Sachs, Monsanto and Halliburton.

    5) The refusal of all people from around the world to do anything, that means purchase, travel or attend their jobs until these things are met and accomplished.

  15. S

    ‘Free’ healthcare – including access to birth control – and education for all. The elimination of all ‘national’ boundaries, ie, freedom of movement of humans around the globe. Gee, this sort of dreaming is close to my heart!

  16. b

    Love your ideas Robert …and just think of the harmony that comes with free energy…
    Nostradamus in his Epistle to Henry II said…
    “And such will be the peace that the instigator and promoter of military factions,
    born of the diversity of religions, will remain chained to the deepest pit”
    he went on to say…
    “Hearing the affliction of his people , God the Creator will command that satan be cast into the depths
    of the bottomless pit and bound there. Then a universal peace will commence between God and man
    and satan will remain bound for around a thousand years”

    …sounds like somethings gonna give…

  17. T

    Items 1 to 5 get my wholehearted support, Robert, as well as the healthcare point proposed by Sabina.

    Next question: HOW?

    That’s the hardest question of all in today’s corporate climate. The Tea Partiers have managed to form a movement of sorts with the help of money from “the elite”. Any group of people with items 1 to 6 as their “manifesto” is going to have dificulty rasing enough money to fund much action, other than writing on the internet.

    Item 5 needs some leadership (Robert??? – how about it ? )

    Could item 5 ever be carried out at the required level though? I think things ( in the US anyway) would have to become a lot worse than they are now before enough people would respond in this way.

    “Great oaks from little acorns grow”….as we know from the history of Halliburton and Sam Walton’s Walmart. Surely a comparable growth could be attained by even a small group seeking to better ALL of mankind instead of a few of the wealthy elite? If not, then it’s clear that we do not deserve to survive as a species.

  18. S
    Susan in Brussels

    Love and respect, Robert. Whatever you are prompted to do, it should include writing/communicating because you do this with grace and ease. I enjoy reading your posts. BTW, you were right – I DID meet somebody during my trip to India! How cool izzat? Still not road-tested, though… we’ll see what life brings me. Your (probably) second midlife crisis resembles a lot of my own feelings these days – what to do when you no longer feel what you’re doing fits right, yet people around you are clamoring for more!? Let me know when you find the answer! Big hug from Brussels.

  19. a

    In HD, bitterness is only experienced in the “not self” mode, meaning you’re not working your strategy if that is the dominant theme in ones life. Projectors have to be very careful about the energies they surround themselves with, since they theoretically have no energy of their own. Love is certainly an option, but I guess you have to wait for the invitation. 🙂

  20. S

    Well, it took me this long to get back here cuz – unlike ye richierichies I have old fashioned tower plus always clogup on the hour out in your parts –
    Yes, after all these years – and all this abuse – I think I have already got it that I should not be surrounding myself with vibes from, hey, mebbe guyz like you? Love is possibly an option – but that ‘depends’ on others, as far as I understand it. IE Not my problemo.
    And, frankly, I hate happy faces and any derivatives thereof so perhaps you might find another way of expressing yourself – if you can afford the keystrokes.

  21. b

    … and obama took his daughter for a dip in that toxic shit makes me thing that bp is bankrupt …
    they’re sucking the blood out before they throw us(the planet) the rotting carcas…

  22. a

    “Well, it took me this long to get back here cuz – unlike ye richierichies I have old fashioned tower plus always clogup on the hour out in your parts –
    Yes, after all these years – and all this abuse – I think I have already got it that I should not be surrounding myself with vibes from, hey, mebbe guyz like you?”

    Tell you what, I’ll save you the conflict and make the decision for you.

    “:And, frankly, I hate happy faces and any derivatives thereof so perhaps you might find another way of expressing yourself – if you can afford the keystrokes.”

    I can afford the key stokes. In fact, there is a really powerful and economical keystroke. It’s called, “delete,” and I will more than abundantly use it with any forthcoming comments from you.

  23. R

    I think a person needs to be careful about what they are ‘giving up’ or ‘giving away’ to. As this could be the equivalent of throwing the baby out with the bathwater or even tossing away that rescue line or life saver. Too many of us actually don’t think about the mechanics of this. Many of the things we try to get rid of are just representatives of reality that are trying to make themselves known whilst we simply try to run away from them or ignore them all together, rather than really learning something from them.

    The enormous cost of trying to shove ones head in the sand or live in a ‘bubble’ of fantasy….? I’m thinking the consequences of that could be catastrophic. What if it effected a whole country? I don’t think we have much time left as we will shortly be seeing this. The consequences are going to be up close and personal, catastrophic for many people, and it pains me.

  24. K

    Sabina, your proctologist called. They found your head.

    Take your self hate somewhere else. I, for one, has had enough. I was gonna offer you a hug, but I figure one of these would be more appropriate: 🙂

  25. P
    Pallas in Scorpio

    Go, Sabina! Pallas in Scorpio is reading your mail loud and clear.

    Most of the self-declared awakened are still fast asleep, anyway…

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