Disturbance On Saturn, Influencing The Planets, 11th House Academy

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

saturnRecently, Saturn was observed to show an anomaly with one of its rings as a NASA photo captures a break in the outer portion of the ring. Ufologists have been wetting their pants over the prospect that it’s a saucer breaking free from the bands of a gravitational field surrounding Saturn. But I see it from a slightly different perspective.

Saturn, from an astrological perspective represents hierarchies, governments, the world at large. It is the Lord of Karma, reality, four-squared. During this time of year grads don the black Saturn cube. The moving of the tassel from one side to the other is a form of consent that you now belong to Saturn and the black-squared ways of the world. It also signifies leaving the 9th House of the higher mind and university for the 10th House. Time to don cloven hooves and work like a goat to get to the top of the mountain, and eat just about anything along the way to get there. Oh, the joys of the Saturnine existence.

But this break in the ring, is an interesting thing, isn’t it? When we look at Great Britain breaking free from the EU, it’s a divinely synced event, as the infinite order of the circular band of contained consciousness is disrupted. The EU is the ultimate expression of Saturn masquerading as some kind of feel good, Aquarian bubble party. That’s the trick and the trap of the dark Aquarian Age. It all looks and sounds good on the surface and once you’re in, the door bolts behind you and there’s no escape, and all of the utopian-crack-smoking and the instant euphoria fades to a foggy grey.

BREXIT is the burst in Saturn’s ringed dominance and this represents a breakthrough for us and those that follow the art and science of astrology. Here’s the lesson. Are you ready for it? Inasmuch as the planets have an effect on us, we too have an effect on them. Our desire and intention to break loose from the bondage of this world, the mind-forg’d-manacles is growing exponentially._85061950_ap_graduate

I am an unapologetic voice of dissent. I stopped believing in the so-called modern world years ago. I’ve resisted being cultivated and constructed into a human battery for the Borg mind and do my best to muster sympathy for the youth who are mutating before our very eyes.

On a recent tour of the Rocky Mountains and the deserts of the Southwest, I’ve been witnessing the vanishing of form as sexes bleed into one another, displaying a disturbingly grey anatomy. Ironically, in a society that champion’s diversity, this trend is anything but that, it’s a collective exhortation of sameness that’s masquerading as uniqueness.

Perhaps it’s Neptune’s spell, the rising tide that brings all things back to the ocean of consciousness, where it’s all one despite the packaging. Or perhaps this is the greatest trick of the mind ever played, buying into a faux individualism, which is supported by an aggressive group mind-set. I’m not young. I’m into my second half-century so I have no idea how I would respond to today’s bizarro world. Maybe I’d be exactly the same as they are. I mean I was a punk-rocker at 16, a budding situationist who saw life as a projection screen and every day a movie, but I didn’t stay there and I never stayed anywhere for long, because I had no interest in being part of a club.

By the time I was twenty-one, I was heading into the fourth world music of Eno and his pals and the arctic ambience of the ECM artists. Even now, I have the restlessness and urge to evolve the form and message of awakening. It was very close to this time of year, 2008 when my blog took off like a bottle rocket and it’s gone through a number of iterations and changes, but ultimately it’s been a process of awakening (for myself and others) using the stars to guide us across the black sea of night.

To this end, we are putting the finishing touches on “The 11th House Academy.” This is a 16+ hour course with lectures, labs and PDF’s to get you into using astrology as a personal sextant, for your life and the life of others. For everyone that’s pre-ordered, you’ll be getting your course by the end of the day, tomorrow. For everyone else, it will be fully locked and loaded, ready to go.

On Friday’s FARcast, I looked at BREXIT and related topics like the TTIP. Here’s the recording from good old BlogTalk.

8 thoughts on “Disturbance On Saturn, Influencing The Planets, 11th House Academy”

  1. M

    Hey. First: Thank you for the astro read a few back. Your wisdom and insight spot on and triggered several things…all good, of course. Most importantly a sense of relief and deep relaxation from a new place of okness…everything is good and as it should be..it’s that pesky SN conjuncting Chiron (Think it’s oh my for me, a friend has a tighter conjunction of both in her 12th house)
    And thank you for guiding me to Human Design and from there Gene Keys. I scampered down that rabbit hole and have just resurfaced.

    As to Saturn and the broken ring-pass-not, I have felt such a release from restriction since Saturday..of course Saturn’s traversing my ASC, but the synchronicity launched by your read and subsequent download of Gene Key info and now this can’t be ignored. Anyone else felt that jumbo release from restriction?

    You’re the best! Thanks again


  2. Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your voice of dissent!

    I look forward to hearing your podcasts and reading your blog occasionally.

    Please know that you are heard.

    Also, its nice for you to be involved with net channels like Gaia, but that sort of site is not everyones cup of tea ( like moi…).

    I prefer the real thing; good old chatting, discourse and sharing of opinion and ideas as you do.I have found your astro chat and the personal reading I had with you really spot on and very intuitive indeed!

    Power to you Robert.

    Thank you, JM

  3. T


    I’m really grateful for your insight and your fearless spirit. We are lucky to have people like you fighting the good fight. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing you back with Regina on Gaia for your quarterly astro forecast. It’s always enlightening, thought provoking, and great astro exposure for the growing Gaia network audience. You rock, my friend.



  4. E

    ” Inasmuch as the planets have an effect on us, we too have an effect on them.” It is great to know that we live now in an era in which we have free will to work on our spiritual path and have an effect on our planets. Thank you sharing your wisdom!

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