Delving Into Distraction; Singletary, Favre, Sterger And Saturn In Libra

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

EarthYou are here.

The Goddess moves in her own time, her own way. The feminine face of God is as mysterious and untamable as the earthly form. It starts with benediction and atonement. Then the ablutions begin, a series of gut-wrenching and chakra-popping communications. But slowly, the wheel turns and the balance of the heart begins to move in circular motion, cyclical in Venus, gliding backwards into the sacral region of Scorpio, where power gets played out and the volcanic fires lap around our throats, spitting fire and invective, unleashing the pent up magma of emotions from other times and places. Then the cooling process takes place and new land is formed out of the salty brine that contains and encircles us all. Slowly we reclaim, regain, retain the pieces we’ve given away. Scorpio Mars is the vulcanic machinery, the fiery engines of Haphaestus that forge new vehicles of emotional expression. No one is exempt now. The great clearing is upon us and perhaps much, much more.

With the death of The Gulf, we have come to the symbolic end of the Piscean age. Millions of dead fish do not transmigrate into loaves of gluten-free sprouted wheat for the masses. They are unceremoniously dumped in land fill zones, not far from the aquatic haven from whence they danced with the currents, flirted with tides. Piscean heroes like Pensacola Gregg are defamed. Kindra Arnesson is ravaged by disease. Matt Simmons is dead. Michael Edward must have the most bad ass angels on the planet getting his back as he continues to enlighten and endure. These are not times for the faint of heart.

So I turn my gaze ever so slightly to more mundane past times, such as sports to give me a momentary soporific. I gave up the hard stuff a while back. Nope, just cultural diversions like Brett Favre (Libra) sending cell phone cock shots to the uber ambitious and buxom Jenn Sterger, when Sterger would roam the Jets sidelines, looking to stick a metallus phallus into a players face for some deep insight.


I’ve peeped Favre’s chart before and it’s chock full of Libra in the first/twelfth houses (see below), with Libra ascendant. Saturn anyone? The league is looking into the pics and I’m sure Sterger has Gloria Allred on speed dial by now.
br>Then there’s my local team, The San Francisco 49ers. What a mess. Now, I know you’re thinking, here goes robert with that sports shit. I’m outta here. But wait. I promise I’ll do my best to transcend sports the best that I can. So follow me as I introduce you to Mike Singletary and the bizarreness that borders on Fortian.

Mike Singletary isa member of the pro football Hall Of Fame. He won a Super Bowl with the 1985 Chicago Bears, known for one of the best defenses of all time. Singletary was the man in the middle. He made it all happen. He was a devastating tackler and inspirational leader. When he stepped away from the game, he cashed in big time on the motivational speaking circuit, getting execs at companies like Monsanto and GM to go out and hit the competition in the mouth. He has that unique fusion of religious faith and feel good psychology. His story is always about overcoming hardship, defying the odds and making himself into a champion, all with the assistance of God of course.

Born 10/9/58, his Sun and Mercury in Libra are separated by a mere two degrees. Even though they are in the fair minded and peace loving signs of Libra, Singletary often shoots from the hip when he says something, Recently, he was asked who the toughest team he faced this year was and he said, “ours.” That kind of logic just, well defies logic, since his team is 0-5.

Last year, after a close loss to The Vikings, Singletary said, “we’ll see those guys again in the playoffs.” I hope his large screen TV was working, because that’s the only way he saw the Vikings in the playoffs. He recently yelled at his QB, Alex Smith on national TV, something coaches rarely do. Three weeks ago, he ran onto the field and nearly tackled a ref to get a timeout called. Later that week, he had a local sports announcer removed from a weekly interview show, for quote un quote “baiting him.” Meanwhile, his team continues to find creative ways to lose. But in Mike Singletary’s world, nothing is wrong. They’re just beating themselves. They play hard and one day they’ll get it. He will not accept any form of defeat or failure, or even an opportunity to look at his sinking ship with a critical view.

His Leo Moon turns to the stuff of bullies when he’s pushed by the press. Mars in Gemini makes him restless and even argumentative. That Jupiter in Scorpio allows him to tap into power bases, like, well like The York family (more on them later). In essence Mike Singletary fell into coaching The Niners and immediately went to the hope and change cabinet. Yep. His rise to coaching power eerily mirrored another ex-pat from “The Windy City.” In fact, both he and Barack Obama replaced the sons of famous fathers, one a coach (Mike Nolan/Dick Nolan), the other a president (GHWB and GWB). Both the Bush and Nolan family hail from Texas. Here’s where it gets really weird. I went back into Obama’s family tree and found this:

“In 1664, Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Jonathan Singletary was found guilty of slander and defamation in a colonial Massachusetts court for accusing John Godfrey of witchcraft.” (Sun-Times). Singletary later changed his name to Dunham because he was humiliated and defamed.

Here in The Bay Area, the twenty-seven-year-old wiz kid that is president of The Niners presides over a team that is 0-5. His course of action? Fire the coach? Nope. Bench the QB? Nope. He texts a prominent football journalist and says his team, which has not won a single game is going to to the playoffs. Now young Jed York, the son of pee Doctor John York, who never held a real job in his life until being handed the title of “President” by his parents might be right, but the odds are stacked against him and his arrogance and youth are glaring. But more importantly how and where this team is going is endemic of the country. It’s going downhill faster than Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s ultra marriage. So let’s make a quick check list:

• Coach is under qualified for the job, yet mesmerizes ownership with his elocution and promise of change.

• Coach continues to show his lack of preparation and inability to master details. He sounds good though.

• Coach gets local sports guy kicked off his own show for quote-un-quote baiting him.

• Coach lauds platitudes like team play and hard work, yet is clearly running a regime of sphincter tightened control.

• Coach won’t let other coaches speak to the media.

• Coach makes grand predictions and bold statements like “he was born to do this.”

• Owner co-dependently supports him and despite worst record in league both maintain that their team is better than the current results.

Denial is a widespread condition and it seems to have seeped into the sports landscape as well.

Saturn has just moved off of Singletary’s Venus and is headed toward Mercury and and his Sun. His loquaciousness will be tempered and the grand pronouncements might taper off a bit. He also has neptune opposite his Leo Moon, so that could add just a tad to the delusional nature of his royal decrees, so he should cool it. Luckily, he’s got that mid-life, Pluto/Pluto trine at three degrees and it could help him find some strength and stability once he leaves the palace intrigue of the House of York.


Singletary is a big Christian as well and I as I have stated before, I believe that everyone has a right to worship whomever they want as long as it doesn’t involve the sexual predation of children, the rest is up to you and your conscience as it relates to the divine image you hold near and dear, but Singletary wears pretty hefty cross around his neck on the sidelines. It’s a like a bill board for christ’s sake. Literally. Again, he can do this. Hell, Sammy Davis Jr wore a Star of David all the time and he was a closet satanist, so go figure.

Wear whatever you want.

But the thing is, is that Singeltary has taken his coaching drama to new heights or lows depending on ones perspective and he is literally creating a station of the cross. His meta-magical faith is in over drive, creating a reality that is literally an imitation of Christ. In fact, he’s even spoken of rats in the organization that have betrayed him. It’s a curious example of how our minds shape our realities and in this case, it’s impacting his entire football team. Ironically on a side note, running back Glen Coffee, a player drafted by The Niners last year, likely under the urging of Singletary because he ran hard and was devout Christian, left the team earlier this season, because his heart wasn’t in football and he heard the call to minister. Glen Coffee was arrested last week driving without a license and carrying a concealed weapon. Then there’s Brett Favre . . . .

There’s a lot that we don’t know about Brett Favre, but we’re about to. You see, based on his chart, he’s got six planets in his 12th house. Like Singletary, he’s also a Libra, in fact Favre is born on 10/10. He had his birthday game on Sunday night against The Jets in typical Favre drama and fashion.

He had apologized to his team mates for causing stress related to the Jenn Sterger dick pics, though he never fully addressed that issue. He simply looked grey and contrite for all the tussle and fuss.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared as the Vikings prepared to take on The Jets in The Meadowlands. The game was even delayed for safety. Nothing like a little sturm and drang for Favre. He did what he normally does. He looked great at times, played with reckless abandon and despite the controversy of his penis texts to Sterger, the man love was in full swing from the announcers. Brett Favre could wipe feces on his coaches face and the guys in the booth would be yucking it up, just really feeding off of Favre’s love of the game. Then he threw killer interceptions like he always does and even then, they commented on what a great game it had been.

Saturn has been kicking up a shit storm in Favre’s 12th House and is about to crest on his ascendant. When it does, it will square his Mars in Capricorn in the third house and I am afraid father time, Chronos will have caught up with Brett. Not only that, but the third house material, communication, Libra, squaring the sexes, will also come to a head for him. Look for a semi-convenient Michael Jordan shut down by commissioner Roger Goodell. Saturn will catch up to him, but don’t be surprised if he makes some miraculous, league mandated recovery just in time for the playoffs if they get there. It would be typical Favre.

Alright, I am back on the case. More posts to come.


Brett Favre’s chart courtesy of Shelly Jordan

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  1. K

    Welcome Back! Even if it’s about sports 😉 “here goes robert with that sports shit” …lol

    I just love, love, love the analogy you make in your first paragraph with regards to volcanic emotions erupting but when cooling down (when reaching water) creates new land. I am disappointed in the amount of “land” I have prevented myself from creating by actively and consciously repressing my feelings. (Moon in Aquarius square Mars, Jupiter and Pluto and Venus in Cancer square Saturn and Pluto…sucks eh?) Well, no mo’.

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