Deconstructing The Weinstein Chart, Pisces As Sacrifice, And The Masculine Crisis Pt One

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

harvey-weinstein-changing-culture-29f8f14e-d266-48b1-9643-1fd931b985bcFirst, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, then Hurricane Harvey Weinstein hit Hollywood. In typical, dualistic, Gemini fashion, the cyclonic forces of both mirrored one another, if not in actual physical destruction, the social wreckage in the wake of the Weinstein take might even rival what’s happened in Houston. Let’s quickly take a look at the two events and perhaps get a glimpse of the programs running underneath them.

While Hurricane Harvey is in the rear view mirror of the news cycle, much of Houston is still reeling. Neighborhoods destroyed, may never come back and if they do, they won’t likely resemble what they once were or who lived there. Think New Orleans, Katrina, the modern day mother of disaster capitalism.

But what we saw with Harvey was the emergence of heroes, something the American landscape had banished to the 1990’s when Bruce Willis kept saving his wife over and over again in a series of testosterone fueled sequels in the Die Hard series. Those days are long gone.

But during the deluge of Harvey, we saw men carrying people in water waist deep. We witnessed the Cajun Navy, with men (and women) from the hated South, whose historical markers were being eradicated in a different kind of storm. J.J. Watt, the larger-than-life player from The Houston Texans came to the rescue and raised over $33 million for the people of Houston. We saw unity, humanity, and a community of first responders step up and do what humans do. They took care of one another. But the images of Watt, his fellow Texan teammates and other anonymous men delivering in the clutch aren’t part of the modern mythos surrounding men. That’s a problem, because the general narrative that’s being driven is that men suck, white men suck the most. What we saw with men of all races coming to the aid of others in Houston was a quaint, if brief reminder of how men actually used to be, maybe goddess forbid, actually

Fast forward, the other Harvey slams into our consciousness with nearly the same force as the hurricane that hit Houston.

Harvey Weinstein is a Pisces, born 3/21/52 in Flushing, New York, he is a 29 degree Pisces, yes, the last degree of the zodiac, the most anoretic of the anoretic degrees. The jump to the next sign, bypassing the final lessons of Pisces, which are ultimately about dispersion, is compelling. Weinstein is a being driven by the expression of will, with Mercury and Jupiter in Aries, both in a fairly tight trine with Pluto in Leo. Clearly, this is a guy that tells people/women what he wants and according to the sordid track record, got it a lot. Throw in Mars in Scorpio, a noted aspect of sex and power and Weinstein was a three-hundred-pound rhino of libido. The square from Mars to Pluto (Scorpio/Leo) is ruthless. The reason why no one came out against Weinstein, is because people were likely terrified of him and he provided a “power exchange” that served both parties. On even a cursory view of Weinstein’s photo galleries, you can find a number of his accusers draped all over his Baron Harkonnen girth.

When looking at Weinstein’s chart, no matter how many power points he has, (Mars in Scorpio, Mercury in Aries, Jupiter in Aries, the Mars/Pluto square) he is first and last, a Pisces, and not just any Pisces, the final degree of the zodiac. Pisces above all other signs carries within it the archetype of the scapegoat, the sacrifice. It was Jesus/Yeshua, who opened the spiritual floodgates of the Piscean age as a scapegoat for his people as a failed messiah who did not lead a revolution against the Pharisees and their military proxies, the Romans. It was through his sacrifice of not just the flesh, but of the spirit that the Piscean age was born.

https-blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.comuploadscardimage618848063bb476-7e7a-445e-b305-7ad784ef5ff3Born at 29 degrees Pisces, this lesson, the lesson of the scapegoat and sacrifice is his destiny. Weinstein comes out of a community of Jewish power brokers, image shapers and economic high priests of fractional lending. One of his industry and cultural peers, Arnon Milchan has openly boasted that not only was he a high-powered producer like Weinstein, but also an arms dealer for Israel. This is a community whose power and influence are virtually unmatched and rarely criticized or investigated for obvious reasons. In essence, there is hardly any oversight into their activities which go largely unchecked, from finance, to government, to entertainment and technology.

So how is it that a man with Weinstein’s power and influence, emboldened and enabled by an industry of his peers that indulge in similar, and perhaps even worse behavior, is quartered and flayed in a communal frenzy, almost as if on cue.

From an astrological perspective, his 29th degree of Pisces demands that he go through a process of transformation that even with all of his power, assets and tribal protection, cannot secure him or wall him off from the hand of God If Weinstein were a Christian, he would see this as an opportunity for repentance and healing. He could complete his assignment on this planet and shed the rotting flesh of this world, for a new body of light. This is the final test of the 29th degree. Here is the Sabian Symbol for 29 Pisces (note we read 29 Pisces since his Sun is 29:02 Pisces).


KEYNOTE: The analytical power of the mind necessary for the formulation of life processes in their many aspects.
Cycles of existence begin in unity and end in what I have called “multi-unity.” At the stage of consummation the many individual differences are totaled; they constitute a sum. Within that sum — a unified total — the inevitability of the future process of differentiation is implied, because every cycle leaves a mass of waste products slowly returning to the unconscious state of chemical matter, of “humus.” What the symbol tells us is that unity will always break again into multiplicity. The “prism” is always there. There is no absolute unity; if anything could be called “absolute” it is the relationship between the One and the Many.
This fourth stage symbol of the concluding five-fold sequence of phases points to the fundamental type of operation in all modes of existence. The most beautiful and seemingly everlasting experience of unity will in time be superseded by the need to attend to a multiplicity of details. Existence implies DIFFERENTIATION.

So one can see here that the 29th degree is symbolic of dispersion, that the personality is disseminated through a process of spiritual diffusion. In essence, Weinstein has to surrender his personality up for a greater process in not only surviving this period, but to be able experience this as a triumphal moment of the spirit over the flesh.

The trigger for all of this was likely transiting Chiron in Pisces on his Sun. While not exact, Chiron’s influence on his Sun is close enough to trigger the healing crisis of the chart and the individual. All of the Piscean drama associated with this influence, much of which we’ve already covered comes along with the package; betrayal, sacrifice, scapegoating, and redemption. Chiron crises force us to deal with either adapting towards more structure (Saturn), or rejecting the constricting structures of the personality in favor of a radical departure from one’s already appointed course in life.

In Weinstein’s case, he’s used and abused Saturnian power throughout his life, but he’s done it with the radical expression of his emotions. You can see this in his Moon in Capricorn opposes his natal Uranus in Cancer. Moon/Uranus oppositions offer an erratic pulse of emotions that is highly unconventional and plays by it’s own rules. So how does Weinstein reconcile his Chirotic crisis?

surrender-1280x640In order for Weinstein to navigate this, he must surrender both his relationship to Saturn and Uranus. He can accomplish this by radically renouncing his relationship with Saturn (power) and apply more discipline with his emotions and seek redemption, not gratification. Will he do it? It’s doubtful, as he’s hired lawyers to sue his own company and even his brother. But are there other layers at work here.

Why would Weinstein’s community of ultra-rich power brokers offer him up as a communal sacrifice? Don’t you think that Weinstein has the goods on many of them as well? I think that there’s layers and depths of depravity that are hidden and that this level of “abuse” is a smoke screen for what lies beneath, which is a satanic network that far exceeds any butt pats, salacious whispers, or grotesqueries of Weinstein jacking off in front of his, ahem, clients. No, there’s a deeper chamber horrors that’s being occluded by the parade of the angry and incensed and it’s not just Weinstein, but even fossils like G.H.W. Bush who are being accused of untoward behavior. Bush, in particular is an interesting case, admitting to a lesser crime, is covering up much deeper and disturbing behavior as recalled by Kathy O’Brien in “The TRANCEformation of America” where she describes Bush as a vicious, speedballing psychopath, who subjected O’Brien and her young daughter to bouts of extreme terror and trauma as human prey in a most dangerous game, where they were hunted down by Bush and his pal, Dick Cheney. This seems to be the model that’s also operating in Weinstein affair, exposing the lesser crime in lieu of the greater sin. I talk about this as the “revelation of the method.”

The fallout from the Weinstein affair has been instant and pervasive, but not necessarily in the way that we might want it to, if we have some investment in the truth. We’re not talking about the aiding and abetting of Weinstein by others in the Hollywood tribe. We’re not talking about child molestation, trafficking and abuse. We’re not talking about occult disclosure. We’re not talking about the power exchange between the actresses who submitted (in most cases willingly) which enabled Weinstein to continue his creepy and sociopathic actions. We’re talking about Adam Sandler and how he has to apologize for touching another actresses knee. It’s virulent sexism on anabolic steroids. Throw in Stephen Paddock and his “supposed” rampage in Vegas and the dominant message is that men are vile, evil, and pathological.

This, all in advance of Chiron in Aries, where men will be at their most vulnerable, with the great potential to re-define masculinity. This almost feels like a pre-emptive strike as men begin to wake up from their slumbering consciousness of the past forty-five-years.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the chart of Corey Feldman, and try to determine if he’s the skeleton key to Hollywood’s pedophilia network or compromised operative that acts as a gatekeeper in conflict as we continue to explore the dynamics of masculinity in transformation as Chiron approaches Aries.

16 thoughts on “Deconstructing The Weinstein Chart, Pisces As Sacrifice, And The Masculine Crisis Pt One”

  1. B

    Robert…You constantly astound me with the efficiency of pulling together disparate bits of significant information…….Thank you for being here Now…….in the words of Kramer….I also ….Do what I do….its all leading to a magnificent future for humanity!

  2. A

    Call me naive
    Call me whatever you like
    I have great faith in men
    And love them deeply
    These women knew what they were walking into from reputation and power influences.
    They are to little to late
    Temptation for power
    Was a critical desire that opened the door to this fat devil to offer his price.
    They paid the price
    They were celebrated (what they wanted)
    Adored ( what they desired)
    Given awards
    Paid massive sums of money
    And now they face the devil
    That took a piece of their soul
    That they were willing to sell
    Long ago
    That’s paying your dues
    In a depraved and morally comprised business built on image
    False standards of beauty
    They “these accusers” leveraged themselves
    Essentially sold themselves
    In an effort to gain,garner, profit and promote themselves
    In a high stakes game
    That they have unfortunately “aged” themselves out of.
    (Rose, Gwenyth, Ashley, etc)
    Now their trick to turn is to look like a victim; so they can appeal to their lack luster audience and seem “human” in the diminishing twinkle of movie stardom.
    Hollywood has been failing for years; this is just a PR move to lend validity and empathy to people that are has beens, washed up, fake and no one attatches the longing of glamor to anymore.
    There is no “Stardom” in Hollywood any longer.
    We see these people
    Right through them
    To the bone
    They are fake
    Idols that project spoiled, elitist attitudes and a detachment to what most of us value as real.
    Why as a woman would I identify with anyone in Hollywood, the fashion industry or the music industry?
    The behind the scenes of this Harvey (fat devil) drama is just another tactic to divert us towards hate (gender separation) and pick sides
    Male/ Female
    But what’s really happening is that this is all a ploy to give us a one dimensional side of a long term “game” that has been hidden, yet known in these industries.
    As a woman
    I don’t fall for these stories
    Collapse into a ball
    Feel like cozying up and rehashing all the times of my so called sexual harassment and feel like naming all in that past 20 years of my career (like Rose, Paltrow, Judd)
    It’s a snowflake
    I refuse to blame men
    And I’m sick of being fed that I’m powerless due to them and our power structure.
    All Hollywood sells is sex
    Violence towards all
    Bizzare phycotic games
    That I am well tuned out of.
    Why on earth should I care about the privledged
    And “willing” victims
    That traded their sexuality for fame ???
    Thanks for the write up
    Both fat
    Wet, drippy Harvey storms came through like a hurricane
    Glad you paralleled the two
    And the devestation they caused
    Let’s move on to the real tradegedy
    People that lived in the actual storm.

  3. C

    So yeah, let’s redefine then. Far too many damaged men twisting at the moment, and buying the narrative they are somehow solely to blame for our “predicament” (thankfully the cause of most ills can be laid upon the “white male” so narrow definitions become unneccessary) I am all for the reclamation of fully one-half of our shared Divinity………and learning again how to do it and its subsequent Creation service and justice.

  4. J

    This was a helluva piece, Robert. It is so well-written I couldn’t help but receive the clear picture and energy impression of Weinstein and everything involved here. In other words, what Bill said.

  5. J

    Robert!! This piece and Annes comment….absolutely what I feel in my gut….that something is wrong with this whole scandal…I feel that it as a smoke screen, keeping us distracted whilst they sweep something much bigger, under the carpet. The usual modus operandi, I look forward to seeing how Corey Feldman looks in your reading. I hate to say that I generally mistrust him…but I know that abuse can affect people in terrible ways…surrounding himself by women in Hugh Hefner style could be one of them…so, yes, I will be very intereste to see that. Thanks Robert, you are as usual, extremely insightful.

  6. C

    Ok…so it’s taken long enough for Pluto to grind the Capricorn Palace doors down, but now that it has started it will not stop.
    In the 8th house it was sex destruction sex.
    In the 9th house it was sex destruction religion/ international travel.
    In the 10th house it is sex sex destruction business/authority/success.
    In the 11th house it will be sex destruction politics/organizations etc.
    Ok…admittedly over simplified.
    Plutonic enlightenment has longtail ramifications, the fallout will continue for years.
    Revenge is also part of Plutonic energy, and as people find their voice, the guilty will fall.
    God bless the injured spirits that seek to shed light on the scum of the earth and to restore balance.
    In the end this is a prime example that the flip side of success is failure, it’s the same coin.
    Oh BTW…love your reference to Chiron…whose work is much under estimated!

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