Decoding The Summer Cinematrix With Darren Williams

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


Each summer, Hollywood delivers it Blockbusters usually in the action/sci-fi genre.Typical, format of these films are a diverse random group coming together as a team to defeat a controlling force with evil sinister intentions.

Many look towards the 1977 classic ‘Star Wars’ as being the initial if accidental Summer Blockbuster that all others attempt to follow in terms of cutting-edge expensive graphics leading to a even greater profit in Tickets purchased at the Cinema connected with Merchandise.

Like many things in Pop Culture, things are based in collective opinion rather than fact.
The actual first genuine Hollywood Film to attain Summer Blockbuster status was ‘Jaws’ in 1975 directed by Steven Spielberg. What made ‘Jaws’ so unique was people went repeatedly, taking those to the Cinema to be converted. This behaviour had never been witnessed to that extent before in western developed world cultural history. Eventually leading to George Lucas, Spielberg’s friend in 1985 becoming a billionaire.

The 38th summer since ‘Jaws’ has produced the evolution of the Hollywood Summer Blockbuster…

Cleverly integrated messages dealing the current dangerous Geopolitical Situation.

Now, that’s a mouth-full along with being above the intellectual capabilities of your average
Pop Culture ‘believe everything the TV Newsreader says’ Developed World individual who’s just purchased a Cinema Ticket to escape the 30+ºC weather going into a darkened air-con room for at least 1½ hours hopefully obtaining entertainment.

It is my belief the instigator for this development & actual improvement is regular guest on Free Association Radio – Jay Weidner.

This conversation with Robert from Sunday 28th March 2010 is still one of the most talked about Podcasts in the Conspiracy Alternative Community as it focuses on Weidner’s extensive research about a certain Stanley Kubrick.

Gazing Behind The Veil With Jay Weidner – Free Association Radio.

Weidner’s research that has so far produced two acclaimed DVD’s available from Amazon.

• Kubrick’s Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick; Part One:
Kubrick and Apollo [Scared Mysteries, 2011].

• Kubrick’s Odyssey II: Beyond the Infinite Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick [Scared Mysteries, 2012].

It has been claimed that Kubrick in the final 10yrs of his life made a decision to overtly expose the real nature of reality via his films or those things the TV Newsreader would never dare mention.

Stanley Kubrick sadly passed away from this existence shortly after delivering his *final-cut of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ to executives from Warner Bros. Yet, people are still confused on what that final masterpiece actually meant?

Fast-forward 14 yrs later & Kubrick’s mission is possibly being continued by Tom Cruise whom played ‘Dr. Bill Harford’ in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

Cruise is very interesting as he has been in a number of major Motion Pictures (Films but with a high artistic level not reduced by passage of time) that challenge the establishment
Point of view such as…

1983: ‘Risky Business’… class distinction in Ronald Reagan’s America.

1985: ‘Legend’… warning of directly dealing with the powerful ancient dark occult.

1988: ‘Rain Man’… promoting people to think of family responsibility before personal ambitions.

1989: ‘Born on the Fourth of July’… overtly against people joining the military.

1992: ‘A Few Good Men’… a prophecy on unsettling nature of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

1993: ‘The Firm’… outward corporate employed respectability can be the actual illegal opposite.

1996: ‘Jerry Maguire’… how humane understanding can overcome racial dynamics in America.

1999: ‘Eyes Wide Shut’… analysis of Sexuality from Marriage to its use by secret societies.

2001: ‘Vanilla Sky’… elite New York hipsters controlling Pop Culture being troubled soulless people.

2002: ‘Minority Report’… society over-dependent on Technology leading to laziness & corruption.

2004: ‘Collateral’… ex – Special Forces Commandos become employees for Criminal Organizations.

2006: ‘Mission: Impossible III’… International Arms Dealer invited to an event in Vatican City.

Leading to perhaps his most interesting work to date in 2013…


The film is set 64yrs in the future in 2077 & deals with the internal struggle that America represented by ‘Jack Harper’ (Tom Cruise) deciding whom they should select as an International Partner either…

Great Britain, the traditional ally who is ‘Victoria “Vika” Olsen’ (Andrea Riseborough).

Russia, whom they are fascinated with due to historical fear combined with co-operation being
‘Julia Rusakova’ (Olga Kurylenko).

For, those of you that are quick would have noticed that the British character also love-interest of ‘Jack Harper’ has a surname of Scandinavian origin. This I believe is very clever symbolism integrated to leave a message…

The surname ‘Olsen’ is of ancient Norwegian origin meaning “ancestor’s heirloom”.
Remember, this I’ll return to its possible placing in direct relation to the film later on in within this article.

Vika happens to be a neighbourhood of the Norwegian Capital – Oslo, that contains the Nobel Peace Center which the famed award ceremony being held from this building. By coincidence, the American Embassy happens to be in that same location. For the role, actress Andrea Riseborough had to dye her natural hair-colour changing it to what we Brits call… Ginger, something that’s commonly connected with Scandinavia.

The personality of ‘Victoria “Vika” Olsen’ is interesting as she is something of a…cold fish.

Fig. a person who is distant and unfeeling.

The accent used by Andrea Riseborough is the plum accent originating from the Thames Valley of South-East England associated with the Oxbridge British Ruling Elite.

Riseborough is actually from the North-East of England around 260 miles away and due to the varied dialects in the UK, it might as well be another country.

That accent directly connected the character of ‘Victoria “Vika” Olsen’ as being a representation of Britannia. Another, classic British trait that is displayed by the character being her total obedience to authority without question. This is sadly based in truth, as am currently writing this article the day after William & Kate have become parents for the 1st time. This has resulted in EVERY national Newspaper, no matter its own socio-political ideology proclaiming this to be something great…

In, reality this ‘chosen one’ will lead a life of privilege & the type of support network that even I as a deep thinker can’t imagine.

‘Julia Rusakova’ (Olga Kurylenko) we later find out in Film is actual wife of ‘Jack Harper’ (Tom Cruise) but a temporary bout of amnesia as a result of genetic cloning means ‘Jack’ doesn’t realize this until being given ‘The Idiot’s Guide to False-Flag Terrorism’ by ‘Malcolm Beech’ (Morgan Freeman) leader of Humanities resistance against the Alien domination that just happen to be ‘Jack’ & ‘Victoria’ employers.

By ‘Malcolm Beech’ giving this explanation to ‘Jack’, he’s actually delivering it to the audience on how the institutions designed to protect populations for the greater good are in-fact doing the exact opposite. Meaning, this deception manipulates a significant majority of the population especially those like ‘Jack Harper’ decide to work for the Military.

I wanted to make an article that didn’t give a detailed synopsis of each Film instead making you the reader intrigued enough to watch all four therefore discovering for yourself these various themes I’ve identified.

Paraphrasing, a certain Jay Weidner doing this will be an act of alchemy not transforming scrap metal into gold but obtaining a higher state of awareness around existence.

‘Jack’; discovers via a very unsettling manner (therefore greatly directed) that not only is he a clone but also his colleague/lover – ‘Victoria’. I view this as Joseph Kosinski, the Director showing that the populations of The United States of America & Great Britain have somehow lost their humanity becoming replicas instead of being real.

Without saying, the film describes Genetic Memory, currently viewed as left-field in early 21st Century science. The hypothesis being that not only does DNA contain molecules/genetic code but also the strongest emotional memories of each ancestor. This can explain why rational people can have sudden unexplained strong emotions to certain things, is it the life-experience of another unwittingly
influencing them in the present?

As with everything, the Genetic Memory hypothesis can be traced back to Ancient Egypt particularly
the 70 days process of mummification. What historians haven’t answered is, if those living in Kemet
(Ancient Egypt) believed that when an individual departs this existence transforming into soul energy
why the importance of preserving the corpse for 2½ months?

Could the Ancient Egyptians have realized that DNA existed possibly through taking hallucinogens like Francis Crick did when attempting & finally discovering of the structure of the DNA molecule with his colleague James Watson at The University of Cambridge in 1953.

Crick mentioned that his careful usage of taking LSD meant an expanding in his thinking even seeing the double-helix structure during ‘a trip’ before the conformation of discovery.

So, did the Ancient Egyptians leave their persevered corpses as possible time-capsules so future generations could connect with them meaning their empire would in some manner return at a future date, perhaps?

Now, back to the film…

‘Jack’ realizes he’s had another life but also is a clone due to encountering his wife ‘Julia’ from the original copy. This getting to know you moment is nearly ended due to an automated drone viewing the biometrics of ‘Julia’ as being a biological threat therefore requiring immediate destruction.

This leads ‘Jack’ to stand in-front of the armed drone ordering it to stand-down via a series of spoken passwords & vacate the area. The drone then goes through a moment of confusion as it is split between destroying the target but cannot due to ‘Jack’ being in the line of it’s fire. Eventually, the drone departs realizing that ‘Jack’ safety is paramount to the target.

The next thing that really got my attention was a hint around 9/11 set in 2013. ‘Julia’ is seen waiting outside the main entrance of the Empire State Building waiting for ‘Jack’ on a romantic date. ‘Jack’ then appears telling ‘Julia’ & therefore the audience that he wants to show her something special on the observation deck.

We next, see both characters looking out towards the famous New York skyline with ‘Julia’ using the coin-operated Binoculars ( to look at the Freedom Tower. Whilst, doing the audience get the same viewpoint as ‘Julia’ then a glint appears with ‘Jack’ (Tom Cruise) saying ‘Everything is going to change’. The camera then shows from a more typical cinematic angle ‘Julia’ leaving the Binoculars to ‘Jack’ With a Wedding Ring meaning a marriage proposal.

I felt watching this scene that Director & co-writer Joseph Kosinski, was trying to possibly imply that the union of masculine America & feminine Russia can create a balance to overcome the impact of 9/11?

That reminded me of this insightful moment from current President of Russia – Vladimir Putin about the differences in psychological geopolitical outlook between America & his own nation. It’s essential viewing as Putin mentions Cinema:

The Russian connection with ‘Oblivion’ get’s more interesting due to Kurylenko & Cruise at a Moscow Press Conference. Cruise strongly mentions the inspiration that Kubrick had on ‘Oblivion’ especially an updated version of the cinematic technique first used on ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ known as…

Front Screen Projection.

This mentioned technique has been analyzed extensively by Jay Weidner.

Am, sure Tom Cruise wouldn’t be as free in expression speaking to a group of journalists that English was the primary language. It’s worth watching for Cruise’s mention around his close friend, Steven Spielberg’s viewpoint on ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ [1977] & ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’ [1982]:

Before, I move on to the next film what made me realize that ‘Oblivion’ was trying to deliver something between the lines was it’s direct connect connection with the planet Saturn.
In, terms of Astrology, the planet Saturn is a dominator impacting the mood along with life-choices for
Individuals & the entire Human Race.

‘Oblivion’ is geopolitical, astrological & a possible warning against scientific meddling within Human Genetics.

I located this from the BlogTalk Radio archive of Free Association Radio from mid-June 2010 connecting Saturn & Pop Culture.

Source (listen from 34mins & 50secs):
Skipping Saturn’s Return, “The 27s” With Josh Hunter.

‘Oblivion’ along with numerous sci-fi films shows the vast majority of Humanity being unaware via clever deception of sharing Earth with Extra- Terrestrials.

The film reminded me of two quotes made at different times in the 20th Century by two American Men of The Industrial-Military Complex whilst never actually meeting, directly changed our world forever…

“A man must know his destiny… if he does not recognize it, then he is lost. By this I mean, once, twice, or at the very most, three times, fate will reach out and tap a man on the shoulder… if he has the imagination, he will turn around and fate will point out to him what fork in the road he should take, if he has the guts, he will take it.” – General George S. Patton.

“The challenge for governments in the future will be to prevent man (majority of Humanity) from effectively discovering his true self, and keeping humanity locked in consumerist materialism.” –
Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Which one of these two would YOU invite for dinner?


It is without a doubt that Robert Downey, Jr is an artist rather than a simple Hollywood actor, he has
Elements of the late Marlon Brando.

Downey, Jr had previously played a certain Sir Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 biographical film ‘Chaplin’.
Am sure, this specific apex in Chaplin’s career lead to ‘Iron Man 3’.

Downey, Jr playing the master detective – ‘Sherlock Holmes’ that in both films portrays adversaries being leaders of shadowy groups determined to gain global control via political manipulation.

Due to the success of the previous two Iron Man Films, I believe that Downey, Jr feels confident to directly inform/educate the audience on the notion of…

False-Flag Terrorism def; “False flag describes covert military operations designed to deceive the public & media in a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities, groups or nations than those who actually planned and executed them.”

What is interesting is Disney being involved in distribution of the film meaning that they had to be fine with the themes expressed obvious & not so. Yet, this isn’t such a surprise as Joseph Kosinski, Director of ‘Oblivion’ had previously been at the helm for ‘Tron: Legacy’, a film that was overtly
anti-corporate greed as shown in the first major set-piece within the film.

‘Tron: Legacy’ did an interesting job in explaining the dangers of genetic manipulation in terms of

Kosinski’s ‘Tron: Legacy’ & ‘Iron Man 3’ whilst praising the amazing potential that technology can have in the improvement of Humanities personal development also makes it clear that if in the wrong hands will create a futuristic dark age. This being told to us by the people that gave us ‘Bambi’ [1942]; how culture along with existence has radically changed in these 68yrs.

‘The Mandarin’ played with brilliance by Sir Ben Kingsley explains that a future threat to American national security may not necessarily come from Asia rather sinister internal forces using fear & racial stereotyping as a mean of manipulating the population a.k.a the audience.
Guy Pearce, plays the role of yet another physically vulnerable scientific genius that refuses to accept his condition in ‘Iron Man 3’ that of ‘Aldrich Killian’. The other role being ‘Peter Weyland’ in Sir Ridley Scott’s – ‘Prometheus’ [2012]. You have to ask yourself, if such casting is just coincidence, synchronicity or a deliberate action?

What I liked was the notion of karma clearly shown in the manner that ‘Tony Stark’ ignorantly dismisses ‘Killian’ business proposal due to his disability yet that humiliation would threaten the life of ‘Stark’ some 13yrs later.

Another unique thing about ‘Iron Man 3’ is how it overtly then covertly deals with the fact that America was taken through a systematic process of genocide from that lands native people.

The overt is done through a public announcement from ‘The Mandarin’ (Kingsley) to the population via the hacking of the entire American Television Network in the attempt to justify his crimes by saying that the Sand Creek (Colorado) massacre of 1864 in which unarmed unprotected Cheyenne and Arapaho Women, Children & Elderly where executed by a 700-man force of Colorado Territory militia.
Lead by Colonel John M. Chivington who also just happened to be the initial Grandmaster of Freemasonary in Colorado.

This historical mention of the Sand Creek massacre is a highly uncomfortable moment as for the coolness that America has & will continue to create; it along with Holly wood has yet to deal with the notion of genocide in North America.

Remember when I mentioned Marlon Brando, the mention of the tragedy of the Native Americans might have been ‘a tip of the hat’ to his memory.

The more covert came during the film moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee of all places. ‘Tony Stark’ encounters a statue of a Native American Chief…

Could this image represent America throughout time…

Native American is organic natural past standing in the shadows with his back turned to…

‘Tony Stark’ is USA whilst being protected from the cold due to science isn’t in contact with nature…

Iron Man Mark 47 Battle-Suit is waiting activation. Trans humanist future opposite of Native American.

Many have been pondering the significance of Chattanooga, Tennessee within the film.
I view it as a representation of traditional American values or ideals that have been forgotten
by big all consuming cities/federal government/corporations. Whilst being a victim of a surprise attack the ‘Mark 47 Battle-Suit’ takes the decision via protecting ‘Tony Stark’ to fly directly away from ‘nouveau-riche’ Malibu, California to ‘main-street America’ Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Whilst in Chattanooga, Tennessee ‘Tony Stark’ is reminded by a child that it was his intellect that created the various upgrades of Battle-Suits along with him becoming too dependent on his various high-end tech creations.

The child calls ‘Tony Stark’… ‘The Mechanic’, this at once got my attention as I realized it might be another cleverly placed hidden message with the film & it was.

Paul Revere, an inventor but also critical player in the American War of Independence against
The British Empire in Boston, Massachusetts was part of a covert guerrilla warfare group known as…”The Mechanics.”

This perfectly connects with ‘Iron Man 3’ showing how the depicted President was a corrupt due to his involvement in the Petrochemical Industry notably around his being part of a cover-up around an oil spill that caused major environmental damage.

The Presidents surname is ‘Ellis’ connection with Ellis Island Immigration Centre (1892 – 1954) being the first time immigrants notably from Europe had landed on American Soil.

‘President Ellis’ in ‘Iron Man 3’ is betrayed by his Vice-President ‘Rodriguez’ (Miguel Ferrer), it is implied in ‘Iron Man 3’ that ‘Rodriguez’ being fed-up of the corruption of ‘Ellis’ decides with the assistance of ‘Aldrich Killian’ (Guy Pearce) to assassinate ‘Ellis’ therefore becoming President. This is directly taking inspiration from the assassination of President JFK that directly made his Vice-President – Lyndon B. Johnson his successor.

The actor Miguel Ferrer departed mother, actress Rosemary Clooney (aunt of George Clooney) of Hollywood’s golden era was a personal friend of Bobby Kennedy. Rosemary was part of the campaign entourage that witnessed the assassination of Bobby in Los Angeles on June 5th 1968. The shock of this happening resulted one month later, Rosemary having a mental breakdown. At this, time Miguel Ferrer would have been 13yrs old therefore aware of the historical importance of Bobby Kennedy’s murder to America.

‘Iron Man 3’ brings up yet another uncomfortable issue that of the integration of former Military Personnel that have seen warfare Post 9/11 back into civilian life particularly those that have been made physically disabled. The film clearly serves as a warning to the American Government if these highly trained individuals aren’t fully supported then manipulation by those with sinister intentions could occur due to feelings of being rejected by the nation they once made an oath to protect.

Like ‘Oblivion’, a strong anti-drone theme exists within ‘Iron Man 3’ in that whilst taking humans out of conflict zones they distance people from the reality of destruction reducing it to almost a video game for adult men. Thus, at the end of ‘Iron Man 3’, it is clear to the audience that the difficultly ‘Tony Stark’ has endured has finally in his 40’s transformed him into a more considerate individual. This theme goes against the typical generalization of lead male characters in Hollywood Action Films, in that the trauma makes increases their mojo especially walking off with a woman like a reward for his work.

Out of all the films in mentioned in this article, ‘Iron Man 3’ I found to be the most entertaining & also most confident in delivering it’s messages on the current state of the world.


From, the start delivers a message that people familiar with the work of Zecharia Sitchin would have become excited with in that ‘Captain James T. Kirk’ (Chris Pine) & his crew at the Planet Nibiru.

Nibiru according to Sitchin is a vast planet that has an extensive orbit that takes hundreds of thousands possibly millions of years to complete only to directly collide with Earth.
This impact will destroy all life on Earth completely.

Director of the ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, the acclaimed – J. J. Abrams along its Co-Writer – Damon Lindelof where key members of the team that created Television first truly diverse global Hit…

‘Lost’ (ABC American TV).

The initial event of ‘Lost’ being a passenger plane that crashed whilst on a journey to an American airport which was then covered up by a multinational corporation.

The success of ‘Lost’ was due to it introducing varied themes sometimes even into one single episode…

Quantum Physics, Reincarnation, Ancient History, Geopolitics, Philosophy & Literature.

The last example being the most intriguing as for 5½ yrs ‘Lost’ won a total of 57 awards from some rather prestigious institutions:

Golden Globe
Television Critics Association
Festival de Television de Monte-Carlo
British Academy of Film and Television Arts
Screen Actors Guild

As the characters where stranded on a mysterious tropical Pacific island, the only form of distraction was within Books retrieved from the wreckage then later other locations. Literary works up to that point had never been promoted to such an extent within Pop Culture before with some authors mentioned being…

Harriet Beecher Stowe, Carlos Castaneda, Ayn Rand, Philip K. Dick, Agatha Christie etc

So, the people behind ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ are defiantly well read taking inspiration from a wide range of sources meaning what is presented is a highly thought provoking film.

After, the rule-breaking event on Nibiru leading to the demotion of ‘Kirk’ something more dangerous happens in the form of International Terrorism addressing what is known as…

Blowback. def: A term originated within the Central Intelligence Agency of America during the 1980’s,
planned intention of supplied weapon(s) and/or operative(s) unexpectedly used against the interests of the United States & its citizens.

Blowback in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is totally represented by the character of ‘Khan’ (Benedict Cumberbatch). What is interesting is J.J Abrams deciding to use a White British actor to play the role rather than an individual that could pass for looking from Central Asia as Mexican Actor – Ricardo Montalbán did famously playing the same character in ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’ [1982].

Photo: Montalbán (left) in 1982 then 31yrs later ‘Khan’ returns to ‘Star Trek’ played by Cumberbatch.

Some critics have accused J.J Abrams of whitewashing the cast to make it more acceptable to an American audience yet I feel the decision was a master-stroke as casting a non-white actor would have played into ‘the powers that be’ native into contemporary Muslim International Terrorism post 9/11.

Yet, the following landmass incorporating current nation states…

Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Contains individuals, who’s skin pigmentation & features are similar to Londoner – Benedict Cumberbatch. This fact was due to the adventures of a prolific ancient Warlord: Alexander the Great.

Am sure due to being well-read, Abrams & Lindelof are aware of the genetic melting-pot legacy that was instigated by Alexander’s Empire. So, the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch shouldn’t offend yet those that subscribe to being anti-racist can actually become what they are fighting against due to lacking knowledge of factual Human History.

The ‘Khan’ of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ reminded me of Marlon Brando’s ‘Colonel Walter E. Kurtz’,
the ultimate cinematic personification of blowback seen in the film – ‘Apocalypse Now’ [1979].

What you are about to watch, is eerie an prediction as according to numerous reports Osama bin Laden would narrate from Time Magazine, an American weekly news magazine. Why this publication interested bin Laden was using it as proof therefore justification to his audience around Western Developed World Capitalist Neo-colonialism & the need to fight against it by any means at his disposable…


Willard is passed out, lying on the floor of a metal CONEX CONTAINER. It is hot. Some CHILDREN are peeking in at him.

The two front doors of the container are opened. Light floods in. Kurtz is standing there with the children. He holds a bunch of magazine articles.

He sits down on a dirt step, surrounded by children.

He looks down at a magazine article and begins to read it to Willard.
From; Mystery Man On Film; Apocalypse Now Redux

Osama bin Laden during his time as an operative-asset of the C.I.A had the code name of ‘Tim Osman’. Within, the fictitious ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ the ‘Section 31’ code name of ‘Khan’ happens to be ‘John Harrison’. In, the world of ‘Star Trek’, ‘Section 31’ is portrayed as being the ‘Starfleet’ equivalent of the infamous Mossad (Israeli Secret Intelligence).

The reason for ‘Section 31’ being mentioned within the film is a warning on what is specifically happening in the UK & America due to the 2013 revelations of Edward Snowden on the entire monitoring of The Internet.

‘Section 31’ was created by ‘Starfleet’ to combat extreme threats with allowances for “bending the rules” during times of extraordinary threats. What exactly is classified as ‘extreme threats’ / ‘extraordinary threats’ is subjective yet we see this again in reality with the prime example being The National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) of the United States of America –

“…indefinite detention of American citizens without due process at the discretion of the President.”
[Section 1021 of the NDAA bill of 2012]

‘Khan’ decides to obtain revenge against his superiors by attacking a vital ‘Section 31’ base in London.

As in ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Iron Man 3’, the issue of Genetic Engineering is also raised within the script of
‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ as ‘Khan’ origin is revealed as the product of secret lab experiments conducted during the late 1960’s – early 1970’s of the 20th Century by a group of elitists whom wanted to create in high-tech laboratories, a new breed of Humanity physically & intellectually advanced leading to a cull of the more traditional variety.

‘Khan’ and his type however fail to succeed due to all things infighting created by jealously, an emotion.
Therefore, due to feeling failure something ‘Khan’ wasn’t designed to accept, a decision was made of him & his followers to leave Earth by a cryogenic sleep hopefully finding an uninhabited Planet to make their new home.

As, you’ve gathered this didn’t happen due to the ship being intercepted by the head of ‘Starfleet’ – ‘Supreme Commander Admiral Marcus’ (Peter Weller) & what we find out later also in charge of ‘Section 31’. Therefore, this shows the audience that ‘The Spooks’ or military intelligence are running the show going against it being diplomatic & scientific organization promoting liberty, rights, and equality.

Peter Weller is a very interesting individual, due to gaining at 57 yrs old a Master’s degree in Roman and Renaissance Art at Syracuse University. This shows that Weller is clearly aware of the on-going debate seen by many crystallized in The Roman Empire of…

Democracy vs. Fascism.

In basic terms, Democracy is about two ideals:

1). The rule of Law to implement Justice regardless of the status of the individual(s).

2). Political class willing to have constant interaction with the citizenship around progression of
nation state that promotes human rights for all whilst being against corruption notably financial.

Whilst, Fascism is one ideal:

Selected individuals in Politics, Business & Military; becoming a cartel in which their ideology
made into reality benefits them whilst the majority of the population serve without seeing little or
no rewards. Any & all quires made in public that question the elite are seen as subversion leading
to harsh punishment delivered by a Military Police.

Peter Weller is best known in pop culture for his portrayal of the character ‘RoboCop’ in the 1987 film of the same name. This film looks at scientific meddling violating an individual’s human rights creating them into a weapon to benefit a multinational corporation fascist rule of a city.

Therefore, it’s more than likely as Director – J.J Abrams selected Weller not only for his acting ability but for his sensibilities around the never-ending struggle between liberty vs. totalitarianism. The same type of very selective casting happening within ‘Iron Man 3’ as mentioned due to Miguel Ferrer.

An overt mention occurs within ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ happens that is directly about the current American Presidential authorization that uses dubious weaponry in this never-ending War on Terror ™ being…

White phosphorus – a nasty chemical weapon that the American government and military claims actually is simply a regular weapon on par with bullets yet, bullets when hitting a target aren’t designed once exploded therefore exposed to oxygen to burn even going through Human Bone.

Drones – Or to use the official name: Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) been used since the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 due to the events of September 11th of that same year. UAVS are aircraft controlled by ‘pilots’ via a satellite connection anywhere in the world, an example being Creech Air Force Base that’s a 40 min drive from Las Vegas, Nevada is the Control Centre for UAVS Operations being over 7,000 miles away from Afghanistan & Pakistan.

Due to an ingenious attack attempting to execute the entire senior Command structure of ‘Starfleet’ by ‘Khan’ resulting in the mentor/farther figure of ‘Captain Kirk’ dying. ‘Supreme Commander Admiral Marcus’ makes an executive order for ‘Kirk’ to use any & all means to eradicate renegade Agent ‘John Harrison’ (‘Khan’) rather than attempt to apprehend him so he can account for his crimes in a court. As a means of carrying out this order ‘Admiral Marcus’ gives ‘Kirk’, a number of experimental torpedoes deliberately created to hide any type of scans.

As Chief Engineer on the Enterprise ‘Montgomery Scott’ reminds his Captain that he is legally responsible for every delivered item taken on the ship therefore meaning if required a full inspection to ensure the delivered cargo is not a threat to the health & safety of the crew along with not being contraband. ‘Kirk’ admits he doesn’t know the payload of the experimental torpedoes but trusts ‘Admiral Marcus’ judgment to which ‘Scott’ resigns his commission as the rule of law are no longer being followed by the Captain.

‘Spock’ as 2nd in Command, later questions the notion of shooting on sight rather than firstly attempting to apprehend, as a successful arrest means via interrogation then a full legal process the entire truth can be obtained on the motivation along with intellect of ‘John Harrison’. After, a successful conviction; actions can take place meaning such death & destruction can never take place again.

The Nuremberg Trials occurred after World War II, so humanity could understand therefore not engage in a tragic future reproduction yet it seems this has sadly been forgotten…

The last section around ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is a obvious reference to 9/11. ‘Khan’ decides as a final act of revenge to kamikaze his Spaceship into ‘Starfleet Command’ San Francisco. You might be thinking why not New York yet Flight 93 was a scheduled morning domestic flight from Newark International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, California.

Some claim, if it wasn’t for the actions of the crew & passengers forcing the plane into the a field at Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania then a collision course would have occurred with possible targets being either the Golden Gate Bridge or even the infamous former maximum-security prison, Alcatraz.

In, what I am sure was some sort of symbolic message the audience sees the Spaceship of ‘Khan’ crash into Alcatraz Island totally destroying it. I have no idea what importance Alcatraz has as in 1963 it stopped being a Federal Prison due to a order from the then Attorney General being a certain… Bobby Kennedy.

At the time of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ being released, revelations of Edward Snowden to The Guardian Newspaper [UK] around the entire surveillance of The Internet in a joint-operation of collaboration between the Military-Intelligence Agencies of The United States of American and Great Britain. One of the most shocking aspects was a quote by the Director of the National Security Agency of America (NSA) during a motivational speech to I.T Experts who archive the data: “Can’t we collect all the signals (meaning data from The Internet), all the time?”.

It seems unfortunately, in reality we have our very own version of the fictional ‘Supreme Commander Admiral Marcus’ in General Keith Alexander, the individual who uttered casually such a terrifying ambition.

So, to the final film in this 2013 Hollywood Summer Blockbuster Review…


Two main themes exist within ‘Man of Steel’ being Genetic Engineering & the current struggles between the press dealing with the American military.

Unlike, the normal comic narrative’, the home Planet of ‘Superman’ – ‘Krypton’ is a society totally based on a hive-like structure. Roles in society are pre-determined due to the interference of Genetic Engineering placing levels on intelligence & empathy.

From the start, it is obvious that ‘Man of Steel’ is a tribute to ‘The Matrix Trilogy’ directed by
The Wachowskis, as the hero of those films also is an all-American Boy whom is trust into saving the day. The ‘Matrix’ connection was confirmed as ‘Man of Steel’ progressed due to the involvement of two actors yet not placed together in any scene…

Laurence Fishburne playing ‘Perry White’ whom is Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Metropolis’ newspaper ‘The Daily Planet’.

Harry Lennix playing ‘Lieutenant General Swanwick’ whom is head of United States Military – Northern Command (USNORTHCOM).

Lennix plays ‘Commander Lock’ within the second (2nd) & third (3rd) ‘Matrix Trilogy’. The responsibility of ‘Commander Lock’ being the defence of ‘Zion’ – the citadel of free Humanity whilst the role of USNORTHCOM is to defend the main-land of The United States of America from terrorist attack or even full-scale invasion.

Fisburne within ‘The Matrix Trilogy’ plays ‘Morpheus’, a character who’s main trait is the liberation of Humanity via the spread of a message of truth these traits should be the core-values for all Newspaper Editors.

‘Man of Steel’ just like ‘Iron Man 3’, seems to view small-town USA otherwise commonly known as ‘Main-Street’ being a place where people seem rooted with the idealistic American values.

America wouldn’t be the same without the Flag and 7 Eleven.

I enjoyed the performance of Amy Adams due to her interpretation of the character – ‘Lois Lane’.
‘Man of Steel’ is a decent film but it felt that all the actors whom were playing roles previously portrayed in cinema and television versions, appeared unintentionally restricted due to the memory being so iconic in pop culture except Adams.

The performance of Margot Kidder playing ‘Lois Lane’ in the classic 1980’s ‘Superman’ Films is one of the most memorable in Cinema History due to the charisma she delivered, as a woman in a competitive male career being tough but yet having femininity. For those possibly young enough not to remember Kidder’s performances, this publicity photo perfectly sums up what I’ve mentioned about her…

Amy Adams 2013 version of ‘Lois Lane’ is a confident dodged reporter prepared not to be censored by USNORTHCOM & the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that’s represented in ‘Man of Steel’ by the character of ‘Dr. Emil Hamilton’ (Richard Schiff). Many in the alternative theory community, view those working for DARPA to have the ability due to their scientific expertise in improving the quality of life for all Humanity rather than make top-secret equipment for the American Military.

The current role of the main-stream media is examined within ‘Man of Steel’, during a scene in
‘The Daily Planet Newspaper of Metropolis’ between ‘Perry White’ (Laurence Fishburne) arguing with his lead journalist – ‘Lois Lane’ (Amy Adams) over her article that details the alien origin of ‘Superman’ early in the film. ‘Perry White’ mentions to ‘Lois Lane’ whilst he totally believes the authenticity of the article, it would ruin the credibility/reputation of the newspaper to print the story as it would lead to ridicule. ‘Lois Lane’ reminds her Editor that it’s about factual quality journalism delivering truth to the people; ‘Perry White’ delivers his final issue on this matter by placing a ban on the article.

Watching this debate reminded me of the release of horrific details of the lifestyle of recently deceased British celebrity & close friend of The Royal Family – Sir Jimmy Savile.

‘Margaret Thatcher insisted Jimmy Savile be knighted despite pleas from her concerned aides’ – Daily Express Newspaper [UK], Wednesday 17th July 2013.

It seems it was well known in the Political & Entrainment Industry (the latter includes the News Media) of Savile’s illegal bizarre predilections leading to numerous arguments between honest investigative Journalists & Editors for 45yrs from Savile’s start at the BBC to his death [1968 – 2011].

‘Lois Lane’ commitment to the truth leads to her risking her employment by giving her unreleased article to a Blogger, whilst not directly stated in ‘Man of Steel’ is defiantly a Conspiracy Theorist. What saves ‘Lois Lane’ from having her employment terminated is the arrival of the elite Kryptonian Military lead by General Zod (Michael Shannon) declared to the world via Television, Radio and the Internet in a hijacking of all Earths communication networks.

The inclusion of a Blogger was possibly a clever hint by the makers of ‘Man of Steel’ that the alternative independent on-line media shouldn’t be ridiculed as at times it can & does deliver the truth due to not being concerned by losing advertisers. This very article is prime evidence of the alternative independent on-line media giving insight not available within the established well-funded media.

The final part of this article deals with ‘Man of Steel’ possibly for the first-time in Hollywood cinema dealing with the vast-data storage capacity of DNA. This is shown at the start of the film when
the biological father of ‘Superman’ – Jor-El (Russell Crowe) by use of advanced technology transmits the entire DNA code of each living species of ‘Krypton’ into his new-born baby son ‘Kal-El’ whom would later be found in Jonathan and Martha Kent given the Human Name of ‘Clark Kent’ whom becomes the Super-Hero ‘Superman’ (Henry Cavill).

The separate work since 2012 of Professor George M. Church [Harvard Medical School, USA] &
Dr. Nick Goldman [European Bioinformatics Institute, UK] in the field of molecular genetics has seen successful experiments in being able to implant varied data into synthetic DNA then create a method to access them. The following examples that both academics stored show the potential of DNA in holding information…

All 154 Shakespeare sonnets (Sonnet: a poem of fourteen lines that follows a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure), a book, photograph and 26 second audio recording of Dr. Martin Luther King jr
‘I Have a Dream’ speech.

It seems Google is very interested in the potential of DNA due to investing in two separate scientific companies whom are involved in cutting-edge research:

Navigenics & 23 and Me

Synthetic DNA kept in the correct controlled conditions lasts longer than biological DNA meaning the potential to save natural resources that currently make up our Computers, Smart-Phones etc. Yet, are you reader comfortable with multi-national corporations unlocking the potential of DNA…!!!

As mentioned in this article, I view the research of author, filmmaker, hermetic scholar and Television Executive – Jay Weidner as having a major influence on top Hollywood Film Directors in now creating work with multiple levels of understanding; meaning one individual will sees the main theme of the Film being the obvious narrative whilst another connects with that plus the cleverly partially hidden subtext.

Yet, every now & again Hollywood attempts to create a mass-psychological change for the better improving Humanity that Weidner would classify as The Alchemical Process. If you, have completely read this article I recommend you watch the following two Motion Pictures from 1964 being possibly prophecy on the future of The Western Developed World:

‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’.

‘Seven Days in May’.

*Note: A number of interesting Alternative Theories exist around the death of Stanley Kubrick, shortly after giving his Directors Cut of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. This has yet to be released as according to Warner Brothers it contains explicit sexual content.

This article is dedicated to for making me consider new possibilities.

Darren Williams is Guest Contributing Writer for…

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    Egypt and Chattanooga. I have been to both, really a lot in common. Mounds, buried things, as anchors in trans-temporal circuitry, alchemically, and astrologically aligned. Any Mound Priest would tell you that. Now, in Chattanooga, a lot of what was buried, and sleeping, was humanoid, some very small, some very large, from the times when humanoids are of a range. Egypt, I do not know if they are there, or have been relocated. The smarter underground stuff is tunneled around such things, it is safer to leave sleeping things alone, and most of those underground newbies know that, now. All that genetic stuff, just trying to fit human minds into the machines. That never works out, machines get angry, mutants go their own way, and that is why there are Mounds.

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