Decoding The Coder, Julian Assange, Through The Solar Chart And Beyond

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

all_children-from-the-familIs the child on the far right a young Julian Assange?

So just who the hell is Julian Assange? His ghostly and gaunt visage strikes a slightly gothic pose, world weary wiki-leaker, man on the run from everything but his conscience. That is the alternate image. The other reflection is that he is the devil incarnate, putting soldiers lives at risk, taking a wrecking ball to democracy, finishing off America with a flurry of demoralizing cables to the solar plexus. Oh, but wait! There might be some really good UFO stuff!

However, that juicy little tidbit, hanging ever so temptingly on the side of the table, waiting to drop into the mouths of starved believers, must apparently wait. Truth’s man on the run is now cooling his heels in London, surrendering to Scotland Yard, determined to clear his name. He is two steps away from the cross, a scapegoat for the half truths served up by gate keepers that are getting ready to slam the door shut on the internet and whistle-blowers in general.

Julian Assange is precariously poised and ready to be the hanged man for the truth movement, with dire consequences as a result of not his actual leakage, but apparently some other unsavory behavior, you know like rape. Major momentum killer.

So now he will have to defend himself against charges, which may or may not be true, meanwhile Wikileaks has become synonymous with security issues and quite possibly, treason, but since Assange is a man without a home, it’s really hard to trace where the treasonous roots emerge from. His soil is the soil of the planet and of course he becomes the perfect fall guy, since he is everywhere and nowhere.

Assange is the manifold personality of the Net itself. He’s not so much a person, but an avatar, and I mean this in the game playing sense, not in the Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed. Krishna sense, though there are some that will be ready to unofficially canonize him should the other shoe fall. Yes, in a world dying to be saved, he is unfortunately, the most recent semblance of a savior. The world needs truth now, more than ever, but if your sweaty Texan, radio-heckler version, or your middle-aged, English reptile-hunter version just isn’t cutting it, then the rock star hacker with a heavy dose of aftermath might just do the trick. But let us return to the very first sentence–just who the hell is he?

In the somewhat immortal words of Jimmy Castor, leader of the Castor Bunch, let us go way back, way back into time.

It’s the late seventies and the psychedelic dreams of the love generation have slightly faded. Jerry Rubin has his eyes firmly affixed to Wall Street and Ken Kesey is thinking that people are out to kill him. But not in Australia, where young Julian was hatched into this world on 7/3/71.

Young Julian was the progeny of a two “New Age” parents. One of them, some sort of New Age musician. I would use the wolf/sheep analogy here, but I respect wolves too much. Let’s just say that predatory energies of another kind were some sort of influence in young Julian’s life. Beyond predatory actually. Shall we say, malicious and evil? Okay. I just said it. Let me introduce you to Anne Hamilton-Byrne. Based on what I can piece together, she was like a cross between Joseph Mengele and Alice Bailey. What I am about to share with you is from the other “Wiki” as in pedia. This is what they have to say about Anne Hamilton-Byrne, who was at the center of New Age group called, “The Great White Brotherhood” aka “The Santiniketan Park Association” aka “The Family.”:

“The Santiniketan Park Association, also known as The Family and The Great White Brotherhood, is a controversial New Age group formed in Australia under the leadership of the Yoga teacher Anne Hamilton-Byrne.” There’s more.

Around 1964, Dr. Raynor Johnson was hosting regular meetings of a religious and philosophical discussion group led by Hamilton-Byrne at Santiniketan, his home at Ferny Creek in the Dandenong Ranges on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne. Also connected was a series of weekly talks he gave at the Council of Adult Education in Melbourne, entitled “The Macrocosm and the Microcosm”. The group purchased an adjoining property which they named Santiniketan Park in 1968 and constructed a meeting hall, Santiniketan Lodge. The association consisted of middle class, professional people; it has been estimated that a quarter were nurses and other medical personnel, and that many were recruited by Johnson who referred them to Hamilton-Byrne’s hatha yoga classes. Members mainly lived in nearby suburbs and townships in the Dandenongs, meeting each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening at Santiniketan Lodge, Crowther (Crowther?) House in Olinda or another property in the area known as the White Lodge. And yet, more.

During the late 1960s and 1970s, Newhaven Hospital in Kew was a private psychiatric hospital owned and managed by Marion Villimek, a Santiniketan member; many of its staff and attending psychiatrists were also members.

Many patients at Newhaven were treated with the hallucinogenic drug LSD. The hospital was used to recruit potential new members from among the patients, and also to administer LSD to members under the directions of the Santiniketan psychiatrists Dr John Mackay and Dr Howard Whitaker.v One of the original members of the Association was given LSD, electro convulsive therapy and two leucotomies during the late 1960s. Although the psychiatric hospital had been closed down by 1992, in that year a new inquest was ordered into the death of a Newhaven patient in 1975 after new claims that his death had been due to deep sleep therapy. The inquest heard evidence concerning the use of electro convulsive therapy, LSD, and other practices at Newhaven but found no evidence that deep sleep had been used on this patient. The Newhaven building was later reopened as a nursing home with no connections to its previous owner or uses.”

Had enough? Didn’t think so.

“Anne Hamilton-Byrne acquired FOURTEEN infants and young children between about 1968 and 1975 (Assange born 1971). Some were the natural children of Santiniketan members, others had been obtained through irregular adoptions arranged by lawyers, doctors and social workers within the group who could bypass the normal processes. The children’s identities were changed using false birth certificates or deed poll, all being given the surname ‘Hamilton-Byrne’ and dressed alike even to the extent of their hair being dyed uniformly blonde.


“The children were kept in seclusion and home-schooled at Kia Lama, a rural property usually referred to as “Uptop”, at Taylor Bay on Lake Eildon near the town of Eildon, Victoria. They were taught that Anne Hamilton-Byrne was their biological mother, and knew the other adults in the group as ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’. They were denied almost all access to the outside world, and subjected to a discipline that included frequent corporal punishment and starvation diets.

The children were frequently dosed with the psychiatric drugs Anatensol, Diazepam, Haloperidol, Largactil, Mogadon, Serepax, Stelazine, Tegretol or Tofranil. On reaching adolescence they were compelled to undergo an initiation involving LSD: while under the influence of the drug the child would be left in a dark room, alone, apart from visits by Hamilton-Byrne or one of the psychiatrists from the group.”


But there is always someone that manages to escape and one of the little Hamiiton’s did. her name is “Sarah Hamilton-Byrne.” And this again from the other Wiki is what is writen about the psychedelic trauma cult.

“A few children managed to escape. One adoptive daughter, Sarah Hamilton-Byrne, later wrote a book, Unseen Unheard Unknown, in which she claimed, among other things, that children were stolen. She claimed that her biological mother had come to get rid of a baby and that members of the medical establishment in Melbourne and Geelong took part in a process where women were told that their babies had died at birth, when they had actually been taken away and eventually passed on to Anne Hamilton-Byrne.”

So, let’s now circle back to Julian Assange.

Again, simply from Wikipedia:

“Assange’s parents ran a touring theatre company. In 1979, his mother, Christine, remarried; her new husband was a musician who belonged to a controversial New Age group led by Anne Hamilton-Byrne. The couple had a son, but broke up in 1982 and engaged in a custody struggle for Assange’s half-brother. His mother then took both children into hiding for the next five years. Assange moved several dozen times during his childhood, attending many schools, sometimes being home schooled, and later attending several universities at various times in Australia.” Can you see the pattern at work? Custody struggles, children in hiding. Assange has even had his own custody struggles, with his ex-girlfriend:

“In 1989, Assange started living with his girlfriend and they had a son, Daniel. She separated from him after the 1991 police raid and took their son. They engaged in a lengthy custody struggle, and did not agree on a custody arrangement until 1999. The entire process romped Assange and his mother to form Parent Inquiry Into Child Protection, an activist group centered on creating a “central databank” for otherwise inaccessible legal records related to child custody issues in Australia.”

Now this is not to say that he isn’t a brilliant guy. He obviously is. His hacking exploits, physics and neuroscience pursuits, at six different universities ziggurat? If he is, then what he’s up to, is even more egregious. So, without further ado, Let’s role out the chart!!!!

Just peeping at the solar connections, there’s plenty to bite off on. Assange was born on 7/3/71. The first aspect that jumps off the chart for me is Neptune in Sag at 0 degrees, retrograde. Now we can read into certain aspects what we would like. There is a subjective quality to life and astrology. Under one aspect, one might view harbinger of truth, while another might see merchant of illusion. Assange’s Neptune qualifies as such an aspect. Neptune is watery, illusive and clouded. It casts a film over everything it envelopes. Neptune rules cinema and film, which is essentially images captured on the distilled gels of petroleum products. Light hits the frames and the illusions dance before our eyes. Sag is truth. It honors honesty, though plays with the bounds of honesty defined by it’s own rules. Blake was a Sag and he knew this, as exemplified by the following proverb of hell; “The same law for the lion and the ox is not a just law.” So there is a hint of subjectivity at the heart of Sag, truth is a moving target. Sound familiar when it comes to Assange?

Here, in his chart it is retrograde. I think understanding the effects of retrograde motion are really challenging and again invite us deeper into the realm of subjectivity. How do we define the reverse movement of a planet, especially in the positive sense? Mistakes made? Course corrected? Cursed forever? Here we see in Assange’s chart, where illusion and truth co-mingle in a conspiracy of backward movement, it takes on the effect of a delayed detonation. The handle is pushed downward and some time later, the explosion hits, sending shock waves. In the case of Wikileaks it’s all about what has already taken place not what will happen. This is representative of the retrograde motion, when the past comes boomeranging back into the present. But what is really being revealed? Is it bread and circuses for a world craving for truth, some real body of knowledge outside the mainstream? The world is starving for something real, something that will feed the soul of humanity. We are being soiritually malnourished on a steady diet of illusion and distraction. Wikileaks isn’t bread and circus for the bone scrawny spirit of truth–it’s bread crumbs. This is based on my conclusions, not Neptune/Sag, though that alignment does carry a high illusion quotient.

First off, let’s assume Wikileaks is legit, wouldn’t whistle blowers the world over be forwarding more than just cables that had passed through the hands of dozens and dozens of people? Wouldn’t there be real meat instead of glutton of gluten? Kennedy? Nam? Suppressed technologies? 911? BTW, Assange does not and will not allow any dialog other than the official 911 story. His supporters claim that it would jeopardize the bigger plan/piece of Wikileaks.

Jim Kirwan has done a remarkable job making a map of shield around Israel, which has thus far managed to escape Assange’s dispatches of chaos. Perhaps it is because they already made a side deal with Assange?

spy-vs-spy copy


The twins are almost always associated with espionage. Double agents, dual identities, allegiances and alliances. Gemini is the Janus face of intelligence. Assange has Venus in Gemini. He plays both sides and he does it for power, as Venus Squares Pluto in Virgo his chart. This alignment would lend itself to the idea of leverage and using it to further ones aims. But Assange is playing with fire. Pluto is destructive and making deals with devils is risky business. Virgo/Pluto is the only Earth sign in a chart dominated by water and air. It could easily explain his lack of location or place. He also has Saturn in Gemini, which is where his greatest life lesson is. Again, we’re dealing with the matrix of duality, twin allegiances, manifold alliances and perhaps, perhaps, partitioned aspects of both self and mind. This goes back to my original thread involving Anne Hamilton-Lynde and her little Aryan brood. What they were doing to those kids was hacking their minds, with a battery of drugs, electricity and terrible punishments, revolving around isolation. I’ve yet to determine how deep Assange’s pipeline extends into the chemical vats of “The Family” but even if he merely spent his early years there, they are indelibly imprinted on his psyche.

All of this is potentially leading us towards a much more tightly controlled internet, where perhaps pieces like these are removed. If you can’t rip down the first amendment, you might as well dissolve the vehicles for it.

Newspapers are disappearing. Most of the media is owned by a few conglomerates, so the only thing left is the internet. It doesn’t matter if speech is free or not, if no one is listening or reading. I have no proof of his alphabet pedigree, but I would be willing to go out on a limb and say that there are parts of his own psyche that he is not aware of. This is solely based on my intuition, grasp of his chart and background.

Is he a sleeper?

Sleepers and alters are all triggered by code and code is what Assange traffics in. He’s known for creating wicked code actually. This can also be seen in his chart with both Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio, a love of puzzles, secrets and mysteries. Jupiter in Scorpio is the treasure trove of mystery and also other peoples resources, upon which Assange and Wikileaks leans heavily on. The Moon is the mother and his was deeply enmeshed in secrecy and hiding. She also passed on a sense of arcane knowledge. Julian Assange is likely not just a trafficker in info, dis or otherwise, but he is likely also versed in esoterica and ritual, but what other part of his persona is operating magical workings is another story altogether.

In the aforementioned confessional by Sarah Hamilton-Byrne (real name Evellyn Grace Victoria Edwards), she talks about how Momma Annie’s kids were always on the run, staying at safe-house, to safe-house, using elaborate rituals, over time they would have to pack up and leave and thus arrive at new digs, again and again. This compulsively underground lifestyle completely dovetails with Assange’s early years. The influence of “The Family” on Assange and his current situation of hiding and evading, a man without a true home, can no doubt be linked to the dark and unstable gypsy existence of his youth. And, I imagine, there is a whole lot more in there as well.

Assange’s Sun sits a at 10 degrees Cancer, just three degrees off the US natal Sun. This is pretty significant. It means that he has a major role to play in shaping the identity of The USA, but before you start pinning happy flare upon his Sun’s heraldic crest, just remember, GW Bush had his Sun directly conjunct The US Sun at 13 degrees, so proximity doesn’t always translate into positivity. It merely means that the individual has a solar signature that brings it closer to the axis-mundi of the US chart. The rest is up to a lot of other factors.

So we know that Assange is having a deep impact, but how deep will the crater be?


Just yesterday, hackers in support Assange took down a Master Card site and compromised Sarah Palin’s site and personal info. This does two things. It makes people feel terribly unsafe about their finances and it turns Sarah Palin into a victim and if some of those folks that support her, don’t think she deserves the invasion privacy, they will be calling for Assange’s balls, and support any kind of “safety measures” that can be taken to protect innocents against the new threats of cyber-terrorism.

Classic, problem-reaction-solution.

Wondering what happened to all the great tech/tracking tools they had at their disposal in the days following 911, when it was found that certain people shorted United and American Airlines stock, just before the planes went rogue? With all of the strum and drange surrounding security, very few people actually attempted to chase down who made the call/options on those airlines and where the money went.

Pluto by the way, is quickly opposing Assange’s Cancerian Sun and it will peak in 2011 when Pluto will top out at 7 degrees, just a three degree orb off his Sun. All bets are off. Will Assange survive? Will he be sucked into the vortex of the beast, claiming him as one of their own, or will the final tumblers click on the lock of his mind and turn the game sideways, breaking his own codes, hacking into the true identity of Julian Assange once and for all?


Lastly I want you to consider this trinity of Julians. In a strange way they all fit together. Of course, we have Julian Assange, Clearly stated above. Then there is Julian Cope. Cope was the psychedelic visionary behind the band with one of the greatest names of all time, “The Teardrop Explodes.” St. Julian as he went on to become known as, was/has been extremely fond of psychedelics and the shamanic experience, and has gone onto write quite a few successful books, including “The Modern Antiquarian” which was heralded as a fresh, new approach to decoding the mysteries of ancient megalithic structures across Britain. Cope, for a number of years was considered the “enfant terrible” of the post-punk scene.

The other Julian worth noting is the actor, Julian Sands, who starred in “A Room With A View” opposite Rothschild progeny, Helena Bonham Carter. But it’s his incarnation as a warlock, in the surprisingly creepy film of the same name (Warlock), where Sands’ character is summoned, via seance, to LA in the 20th century. Once he shows up, he is in hot pursuit of a the secret name of God, which of course is code. So here we have three different Julians, psychedelic, devilish and deconstructing. In the overall scheme of things, it probably matters little and yet from the perspective of strange attraction, Assange could easily be an assemblage of all three; rock star, devil, decoder, actor.

Keep your eyes affixed to the gaze of chaos erupting on the event horizon, and keep your head low as the distracting debris hurls it’s way like asteroids crossing the gaze of your attention, from the deep space of the media void into the empty and void-like expanse of public opinion.

Lastly, I did a little etymology on the name of “Assange” since it is highly unusual. It appears to be Portuguese, but when it is broken down, some interesting pieces begin to emerge: “Ange” can be translated into “angel” or even “arc angel.” “Ass” is not as clear one might think. It can be translated into “arse” or even, “ares” which becomes, “Aries,” which opens up a whole new book of secrets. “Aryan Arc Angel” is one, “Ass or Foolish Angel” is another.

Given Julian Assange’s penchant for both sides, they might both be entirely applicable.

9 thoughts on “Decoding The Coder, Julian Assange, Through The Solar Chart And Beyond”

  1. S

    “Julian Assange is precariously poised and ready to be the hanged man for the truth movement”

    Better they get him than us. (knock, knock, knock)

    Oh Shasbat!!

    Speaking of truth, no planes hit the WTC. Dat’s the FACTs, Jack.

    Blessings on your Journey!

  2. L

    Wow, I can only say that whoever put this together, has the wildest imagination! Supposition upon supposition. Tried hard, to find any evidence of all this supposition. Still looking!

  3. “Kennedy? Nam? Suppressed technologies? 911?” Oh and UFOs?
    Right, these leaks are like mashed potatoes. Where’s the beef?

  4. T

    I enjoyed reading your take on Assange, Robert. I’m relieved that someone else senses that “there’s more to it”. I wrote my post before I’d read yours. A commenter led me to yours this morning. I’ve just now added a link to your piece to the list in my post.

  5. G

    That Assange has his Sun close to the one of the USA horoscope is on thing, but I found that he is so to say Hillary Clinton’s soul mate: And that explains why the Lady recently stated that her present job will be her last public job. Assange did it…

    A’s Neptune (R) is at 0 degr. 43 Sag. / C’s Jupiter is at o degr. 39

    A poses his Moon (probably) on C’s Sun, beginning of Scorpio

    A’s Venus, at 25 Gemini is exactly on C’s Uranus (R)

    A’s South Node at 16 degr. Leo on C’s Mars/Saturn at 14-15 Leo

    A’s Uranus on C’s Neptune – 9-11 degr. Libra

    And FOREMOST: A’s Mars at 21 degr.33 Aqu. opposes Clinton’s Sun at 21 degr. 27 Leo

    Pretty close shots.

  6. a

    I just love the internet. This came across the screen from Elsa’s site. Clarity about the picture and more of Assange’s background from what sounds like a real insider of The Hamilton-Byrne world:

    “In answer to your question, the child on the far right is not Assange. the boy in the photo was raised as Anne and Bill Hamilton Byrnes’ son and considered to be one of three triplets, with Sarah and another boy. In her book, you can also see a picture of the three of them as teenagers. When the boy in the picture went to a private school in England as a teenager, he had already changed his hair colour to brunette.

    Julian Assange was never raised by Anne and was never Up Top.

    by the way, the first thing that happened when the police raided Up Top 1987 I think ( I loose track of dates) and took the rest of the kids was they cut and redyed their hair. One thing I can guarantee is that 20 years on, none of the Hb kids still have bleached blond hair!

    By the way ,as you can see in your group photo, not all of the kids had their hair dyed in any case. Yes there are a couple of brunnettes there even in the early days…
    The point of the hair dying was to make the kids look more like actual brothers and sisters. Anyone who was a bit blond was made more blond, and one child with dark tightly curled hair also had her hair dyed blond to make it look more caucasian. (The top girl with the shorter more curled hair) “Foster kids” or kids identified as having their own parents, not Anne and Bill, also stayed Up Top for some years, but Julian was not one of them. None of the kids up Top have ever even met him.

    And by the way. foster kids never had their hair dyed.
    hope this helps a little.

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