Dallas In the Aftermath, Beyonce, Predictive Programming, Saturn, Gemini and The Dark Aquarian Agenda

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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They always let us know what’s coming. It’s part of the pattern; “Predictive Programming” is like a sly confessional from the future. All we have to do is to go back to the Super Bowl where there were two layers of letting us know what was coming.

We had Coldplay conjuring rainbows and yantras, spinning like dervishes, announcing to the planet that the LGBTQ revolution was here, that it was the New Age incarnate and that we would be indoctrinated into the Baphometric realm of the third sex.

Then there was Beyonce doing her Black Panther, X-Trip, making revolutionary dance moves with strident vocals and lyrics, edging the masses on. Let me let you in on a secret Beyonce is a vacant as shopping mall in Flint, Michigan. There’s no there, there. She doesn’t do interviews for a reason. She has nothing to say. She’s as controlled as a demolition on 9/11/01. Her lyrics are written for her, and even when she hits the stage, she’s not there. Beyonce is apparently possessed by some demon she’s named, “Sasha Fierce.” And yet, this totally vapid, cultural icon, a symbol of the blank, corrupted and soulless has become a siren, delivering the message of an equally synthetic, rigged but dangerous game. We’re talking stoking the fires of the coming race wars.

In review, the Super Bowl 50, halftime show, was telling us in advance about LGBTQ (Orlando) with Coldplay and the planned race riots (Dallas) with Beyonce.

Dallas is on the 32nd degree parallel line, just one degree of the notorious 33rd degree. The shooting took place mere blocks away from Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy was killed. 7/7/2005 (777) was when there were so-called terror attacks in the London underground. The event in Dallas took place on 7/7/16 (777), eleven years after London.

When we look at Dallas historically, it’s where JFK died/vanished/disappeared, whatever narrative you believe in, but from that moment onward, we are moving on a different timeline.astro_w2gw_35_dallas.53639.27922Kennedy, Bush, both Gemini’s were present on 11/22/63. Dallas was incorporated 2/2/56 22 + 5+6=11 = 33. An Aquarian city, with Chiron in Aquarius, it also has Saturn in Gemini. Saturn/Capricorn rule time and timelines.

The JFK/Dallas timeline stretches forward into 9/11/2001, where wouldn’t you know it, Saturn was also in the sign of Gemini.

An interesting side note, on September 16th, 1963, CERN upgraded their computing by installing an IBM, 7090, which could read bubble chambers with the help of another device called a, “Luciole.” From the CERN timeline;

The IBM 7090 was installed at CERN in 1963. It was about four times more powerful than the 709. The computer was connected to a device call a Hough-Powell digitizer (HPD) – a machine that scanned films from bubble chambers, measured important tracks, and sent the information directly to the 7090. A second device, “Luciole”, was also connected to the computer, providing fully automatic measurements from spark-bubble chambers. Over 300,000 frames of spark-chamber film were automatically scanned and measured in this way, beginning the trend towards online use of computers for processing experimental data.

When we look at the chart for 7/7/16, starting at 9PM, we see Capricorn rising, with Pluto in the 12th House, dark, hidden, occluded, bringing the sunken tempest into the periphery of our consciousness. But notice Aquarius, intercepted in the first house, with Mars (guns/violence) at the top of the chart. The dark, Aquarian agenda is hidden, tucked away by the Saturnine forces of command control, and the more passive Neptunian waters of blame, sacrifice and victimization. A potent brew for deception of the masses. Here’s my broadcast from this past Friday on the Dallas situation and more.

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