D-Day For LeBron Capricorn — Cleveland Would Be Best For Both

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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lebron-jamesWill LeBron turn his back on Cleveland?

Luciferian. That’s what LeBron’s media blitz has morphed into. The light is blazing, downright illuminating. We’ll be graced by LeBron’s presence tonight on ESPN. He’s managed to grab his own sixty-minute-special to announce which team is going to pay him obscene amounts of money. Cleveland? New York? Miami? That’s really what it boils down to.

I had Andrea Mallis on my show last week and she looked at the bones of his solar chart and she thought LBJ was going to go to New York. I posited Miami. Yesterday, Chris Bosh (Aries, 3/24) chose The Heat.

James, based on his document of birth (12/30/84), not his certificate of birth (sound familiar?), is a Cap with his Moon in Aries. So he would have a distinct connection with Bosh, whom by the way, will greatly benefit from Jupiter’s stay in Aries. Bosh will make BIG bucks and he’ll benefit from the presence of Wade and LBJ.

Dywane Wade (Taurus) will also benefit from being LeBron’s sidekick with a strong Earth connection (Taurus/Cap). Now the question arises, who else would play for the team if they sign the big three and have only enough to sign players to minimum contracts? And, will there even be a team playing beneath toxic clouds of methane and benzene? How convenient that poor shrimpers and fishermen on the Gulf Coast are getting the runaround from BP now that there livelihoods are ruined and we’re being dazzled by the false light of “Show Me The Money” starring LeBron James.

James is a Capricorn (8 degrees) and has Neptune in Capricorn as well. Pluto is resting right between the two of them. Pluto in Cap as we have seen thus far, since it’s arrival is a power trip. As it triggers Neptune (hype/illusion) and Sun (expression) Pluto is adding mega ego watts to “The King’s” blazing star and Neptune is creating a sense of deception and misdirection. The city of Cleveland was annexed on 12/23/18. As a result, it is a Capricorn city, potently expressed at 0 degrees. It’s been a city that has seen its fair share of disappointment in the realm of sports. From Ernest Byner’s fumble, to Jose Mesa’s bad pitch, to Michael Jordan’s shot, to the Browns skulking out at midnight on Art Modell’s moving trucks. The Sun in Capricorn at that degree is all about endurance, getting through. In the end, no matter what city The King ordains, Cleveland will go on. it will endure, long after LeBron has taken his last shot. But based on the chart of Cleveland with it’s Capricornian Sun and James’ own solar goat, I would take Cleveland if I were him. James’ own Mercury in Sag (16 degrees) conjuncts Cleveland’s Mercury in Sag (10 degrees). James and Cleveland both have Uranus in Sag (though not conjunct) but James’ Uranus is conjunct Cleveland’s own Neptune in Sag. Astrologically, Cleveland and LeBron would be better off together than apart.

Miami was incorporated on July 28th, 1896 and has a stellium in Leo, which will play off nicely with some of LeBron’s Sag planets, but at the end of the day is the bread and circus of LeBron’s blinding spectacle enough to divert our gaze from what’s happening in the gulf? Unfortunately, the answer is likely, “yes.”

7 thoughts on “D-Day For LeBron Capricorn — Cleveland Would Be Best For Both”

  1. We do not know what human health effects might occur after long-term exposure to food and water contaminated with benzene. In animals, exposure to food or water contaminated with benzene can damage the blood and the immune system and can cause cancer.

    Cancer is not something that will show up after a week of exposure to toxic chemicals – it can and does take years to form and cause its insidious damage. Telling the Gulf Locals to stay inside is not the answer…. the poison is everywhere, carried, as it were on the winds…….


  2. k

    It was quite a spectacle wasn’t it? (I like that you call the blaze of light around this stuff Luciferian. I always called it the “sheen of fame” that illumination they that rise to a certain level of influence suddenly get.) My daughter and her boyfriend (in their early 20s) made sure they were in front of a TV for The Decision. I asked them if they cared where he went. They were astonished that I even had to ask. Of course, they said. So I asked if that meant they wanted him to stay in Cleveland. Once again, I’m stupid. Of course not, they answered. We’re LeBron fans, not a city’s fan. I would say mission accomplished.

    And it is all very curious considering the unfolding of events that are deciding Florida’s future.

  3. J

    In light of the BP/Oil Volcano/Corexit 9500 disaster that is still in progress and destroying the Gulf, and soon the Atlantic Ocean, I would say that relocating to Miami was probably the worst possible decision that LeBron James could have made. Miami’s continued viability as a livable place and that of Florida itself is in serious doubt. For his sake (seriously) I hope he stays far away from the coast, or else staying in the limelight may very well become the least of his worries.

  4. Well I’ve been a little removed from my normal reality since I’ve been travelling around europe, but as a former resident of Cleveland and Miami (and born on 12/30/78) I figured I’d weigh in.

    Hate to say it, but I do not blame James at all for leaving Cleveland. The Cavs spent a lot of money trying to put some people around LeBron but it mostly felt like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

    Barring another major disaster, Miami will survive the BP Blowout better than the rest of Florida. The Powers That Be have decided Miami is going to be a major world city come hell or high water and you would be amazed at the multiple billions of investment that is still pouring into that city despite the recession. The economies of Central and South America are ascendent right now and no other city in the U.S. has bigger connections to those countries than Miami. I get the feeling The King chose Miami for more reasons than just dribbling a basketball. Miami is going to be a major world center for fashion, music, design, and finance and LeBron has always considered himself more than a basketball player.

    Also the Heat franchise is very well-managed and Chicago / New York are both very poorly managed.

  5. A

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for chiming in on the sports side of things. The main thrust of the article was the astrological reasons Cleveland could/would be a better fit.

    I think Cleveland did the best they could given the budget they had to work with in terms of cap space and players. They got two all-stars in Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison, as well as Shaq to play around LeBron. I’m not sure it was the mix of players, but rather Mike Brown the coach, who kept them from winning it all in my opinion.

    But let’s play the Michael/LeBron comparison game for fun.

    Other than the ridiculously talented Scottie Pippen, Michael had workmanlike players surrounding him, guys like Steve Kerr, John Paxson, Horace Grant, Rodman and Luke Longley. Chicago did not even have a true PG. The difference? Phil Jackson really.

    Also, Michael would never have given up like James did in the series against The Celtics. Not even close. James cares more about his friends and being comfortable–nothing wrong with that–it’s his life and choices. We’ll just have to define him by new standards, which in a strange way is a lot more Aquarian than the Piscean age of hero represented by Aquarian, MJ.

    As far as the conditions post BP goes, I’m not sure any of us are really qualified enough to understand the long range effects of the spill, simply because we are all in uncharted waters..

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