Crouching Tiger Hidden Demons — Uranus In Pisces — Ritual Sex — Global Warming — The Hanged Man

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

video-tv3We will return control shortly.

Things with Tiger are going from bad-to-weird. His mother-in-law was carted out of his place this morning on a stretcher. He still has not shown his face since the infamous tree hug with his Escalade. Elin has now apparently moved out and there are a total of twelve women, all stepping forward, some with rather graphic details about Tiger regarding everything from his manhood to even more salacious aspects like how he likes it rough, hair pulling, spanking etc.

Then there’s the Ambien sex trips that he and Rachel were apparently into. In case you haven’t seen this one yet, they would do Ambien, stay up long enough to get into a “floaty space” where inhibitions evaporated like his soon-to-be corporate sponsors (Gatorade just dumped his “Focus” line of drinks). Oh yeah, there’s a porn star now involved as well, amidst all of the other accusations. Most people say, “Who cares?” “Who gives a shit?” Many of Tiger’s jock sniffing supporters in the media are nervously circling the wagons.

Jason Whitlock is someone that never met a position that was too politically incorrect to stake out. He has been outspoken against thuggery in basketball, especially the travesty the NBA allowed in Las Vegas over the all star game held there a few years back. In essence, Whitlock (who is black) has had no problem calling out his community when it needed some honest candor and yet, he has taken the “cast the first stone” approach when it comes to Woods, even going so far as to call out Rick Reilly (who used to be controversial) for his position on Woods. Whitlock outed Reilly for having a party at his house in Denver some time back, where teenagers were accused of improper sexual behavior, bordering on assault. I guess it’s okay for Whitlock to chide the “criminal elements” of the black experience, while holding Tiger up to a “holy” different standard, but Whitlock is not alone.

On the radio, Dan Patrick has rushed to Tiger’s defense, asking that people butt out and stay out of his business. Tiger is his friend. But what’s really going on here?

On the surface, Tiger’s fall from the top of the sports pyramid (and he’s still in free flight) is almost unprecedented. We’ve seen it before to some degree. Kobe got nailed with the rape charge. Magic tested positive for HIV, Michael Jordan had to sit out a year because he was up to his eyeballs in gambling debt and nefarious company (oh I forgot, he really wanted to play baseball at the height of this career). But Kobe was never corporate America’s spokesman. He didn’t travel in such elite and influential circles as Tiger. Basketball, while delivering riches, does not have the same social clout as golf. Tiger was rubbing elbows with the elite of the elite. His image was one of perfection, starched, creased and squeaky clean.

At his best, he was a robotic mercenary on the golf course, dispatching the worlds best with an icy calm reserved for fighter pilots and micro-surgeons. He was also intoxicatingly bi-racial, a race unto himself, “Cablinasian” as he called it (Caucasian, Black, Indian and Asian). Tiger was setting standards we never knew existed. That’s why his sudden fall is so compelling. But beyond all of that, are there other forces at work?

I suppose that since this is ostensibly an astrological blog, that I delve into the stars.In earlier posts, I noted that Tiger’s Venus in Scorpio in the third house, was emblematic of a restless seeker of pleasure, hunting out secret relationships with women, numerous women, and relationships that were based on power exchanges, hard sex, and who knows what else. Now we have the drug element coming into play (more Scorpio, more sex).

Gemini is a kinky sign. Trust me. I have had a few of, shall we say dalliances with women that have had Gemini featured prominently in their charts and I can attest to the wide range of possibility they embrace. So the third house puts an almost manic spin on Tiger’s voracious appetites. Not only does it frame the context of his liaisons, but he was also apparently found by his wife, texting Rachel in their home, after the affair had broken through the tabloid curtain. Again, undone by the Third House and communication.

We also saw that Saturn is now cranking hard on him in his first house (difficulty in partnerships, struggles with legal challenges, agreements, fairness, etc). Then there’s Uranus, wreaking havoc in his Seventh House of relationships.

In my brief exchange with Lynda Hill last week, we talked about this and how the final degrees of Pisces are hard as far as Sabian Symbols go. We didn’t really get into this in great detail, but I would assume that this is because it is the end of a much greater cycle, when the 360 degree compass of becoming draws to an end. At those final degrees, any dross that would hinder the last stages of transubstantiation would be expunged and burned out from the personality, so that there is nothing but a wide and deep channel for the wisdom of the soul to become manifest in the life of the individual. In some ways this is what we are all going through culturally. Uranus is exploding illusions like Rambo across the landscape of our slumbering existence. Climategate and those pesky emails are yet another example this. Al Gore cuts and runs from Copenhagen, canceling his $3200 a handshake social, while conservative members of The Academy Of Arts And Sciences are urging him to return his Oscar. Meanwhile, The EPA, UN and just about everyone else who has an investment in profiting off of CO2 emissions is doing everything in their power to downplay, ignore, strong arm and deny as The Copenhagen Summit arrives. Again, it’s the vaporous, fluid, gaseous and cloud-like illusions of Pisces, being burnt out and eviscerated by the sheet lightning and collective thunder of Uranus. It’s Tiger Woods and his fall but at a much higher level.

In my last post on Jay-Z, I got into the whole concept of selling out. I was taken to task just slightly by a faithful reader (Badger) and I went onto explain my position and some of the evidence that I had accrued. In some ways, I don’t think there’s much of a difference between Tiger and Jay-Z. Let me try to break it down

What I was trying to do in the Jay-Z post was illustrate that there were forces at play, not just in his life, but in the entrainment industry at large that are Luciferian, occultic and black magical. While I don’t want to come across as Anita Bryant, I don’t think it’s very difficult to view Jay-Z as part of a continuum that includes Brittany Spears, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and even my own cherished punk rock movement–in essence our idols are created for us. Albert Pike exclaimed and ordered as such many years ago. Through our idols, we are indirectly controlled to live, die and buy via industry standards. To facilitate this sounds, symbols, images, and technology are all used in the service of our continued entrainment. Music is the most powerful of all mediums, because it gets inside of us. Music opens our chakras like no other influence, save perhaps sex. We’re emotional and suggestible. Add compelling imagery, ancient symbols, coded language, stealth recording, secret frequencies and the conductors of the grand symphony play the populace like strings. Peeps like Jay-Z get to play at such a high level because they have bought into the system. What they do with “the power” is then up for further examination.

If you drill down into Jay’s lyrics, they’re mostly self-serving, self-aggrandizing, self-centric. This is a far cry from a form of hip hop called, “conscious hip hop” practiced by the likes of Blackalicious, Saul Williams, The Roots, Panacea, Mos Def, The Pharcyde, Erykah Badu, Speech, Michael Franti, Tribe Called Quest and others. Those artists and groups espouse community and support and empowerment. This is not Jay-Z’s message at all. In fact, his newly emerging artistic tableau, experienced in tracks like “Umbrella” and “Run This Town” are much more like invocations and exercises in power. In doing so, we see Jay-Z through a different lens, likely more along the lines as he sees himself; a dark mage using words as incantations, and rhymes as spell casting. In essence there is a power that is being courted and simply by observing his product, he is obviously quite conscious of this, even if it is the simple manipulation of symbols to excite branding and sell more records. This is not too dissimilar to what has happened to Tiger Woods.

Unlike Woods, Jay-Z has gone with the flow, so to speak. There’s no scandal or fall with Jay. In fact, his story has been nothing but ascent from the hard streets of Brooklyn and Jersey. Woods, for all of his Stanford education, discipline and steely reserve allowed “power” to use him like a tool and in the hour that we are perhaps at our most vulnerable, with international treaties, cap and trade, the very sovereignty of nations at stake, with 30,000 troops on their way to throttle 100 unlucky Al Qaidans, with the dollar on the brink of total collapse, we have Tiger Woods and his sexcapdes beaming back at us 24/7. In essence, Tiger’s tale has become the ultimate distraction–a train wreck of epic proportion. It’s hard to avert our gaze from the wreckage and bodies piling on the tracks. He has now become the ultimate sacrifice in the society of the spectacle. Woods is “The Hanged Man,” suspended over “The Yggdrasil,” The Norsk Tree Of Life. He is being drained through reversal of position. The Hanged Man represents Neptune/Pisces (again) and initiates his meeting with The Devil Baphomet/Capricorn (his own sign) then The Tower (Mars) to disassemble him even further. But the main difference between Jay-Z and Tiger is one plays the game, while the other seems to be getting played.

One of the more interesting stories along the occult, information highway is the strange tale of Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. I won’t go into excruciating detail, but Parsons, Crowley’s charge for The OTO in the states, along with his Navy pal, L. Ron Hubbard (yes, that guy), and Parsons’ wife participated in a three-day-sex magic ritual called, “The Babalon Working” where they essentially used Parsons’ wife a as a gateway to bring forth what’s called a “Moonlet” or what Casteneda might call an “inorganic being.” In either case, it was a dis-incarnate spirit. Parsons likely learned these techniques from Crowley. In addition to mapping out some sacred geometry, aka their circle, the main goal was to induce a fugue-like state in Parsons’ wife, keeping her sleepy/awake and sexed up for three days. This meant that both Parsons and Hubbard had to be awake and sexual during that time and no doubt were either using amphetamines and or cocaine to accomplish this. The whole idea is to set up the woman as an interdimensional gateway, chalice as channel. The fugue and highly eroticized energy would then allow the moonlet to come forth.

Upon the culmination of “The Babalon Working” Hubbard and Parsons ended their very close relationship. Shortly thereafter, Hubbard penned “Dianetics” while Parsons died in a mysterious lab fire at Jet Propulsion Labrarory, where he designed rocket engines with pentagrams etched into the booster chambers.

If the Ambien sex stories surrounding Woods are true, then it’s my leap of faithlessness, that Woods and Uchitel were also playing with a similar energy–not intentionally–but due to the fact that they were wide open during those moments of ecstatic, if groggy communion, they too were open and diffuse to potentially otherworldly influences. In essence, for Tiger, it may not necessarily be the failings of a man with too much power, but perhaps the devil made him do it. Am I talking Big Lou himself? Some lower order of fallen angel? I’m not sure, but Woods’ behavior, especially lately, has bordered on a man possessed. His household is in ruins and his fortune might not be far behind, meanwhile he is providing us with a tawdry and increasingly lurid grand illusion while the world teeters on the edge economic and geo-political stability. Timely, is it not?

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    That someone blessed with such a charmed life should put so much energy into his lower chakras…
    Maybe he needs a visit from Mr Floppy to teach him some manners…?

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