Crashing Planes, Falling Economies, Rising Plumes, Streaking Fireballs And Missing Presidents

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

trioMy momma said things come in threes.

Signs, signifiers, omens and oddities abound this week. Where do we start? It was just last Friday that half of the Polish government went down in a soundless heap over the still barren trees of Smolensk. Witnesses observed the jet crashing to the ground in an eerie silence. There was no choking or sputtering of engines, no plumes of smoke, nor acrid scent of burning fuel, just a deadly quiet, announcing the tragic gravity of it’s rapid descent.

President, Lech Kacynzski and 59 others, including a number of members of his cabinet plummeted to their deaths, raising the spectres of Paul Wellstone, Ron Brown and Larry McDonald. Their cumulative deaths would be like the equivalent of a bomb going off at East Downing Street or Pennsylvania Avenue. Almost an entire body of governance, wiped out. Destroyed. I doubt that we will ever know the real truth about this, but we can begin to discern some things about the wreck and where Poland is as a country and perhaps begin to speculate why.

First off, my heart goes out to the Polish people. On my son’s mother’s side, there is a very strong, Polish lineage. Both of her father’s parents were first generation Poles. They became the ideal of the American immigrant success story, working hard, establishing their own trucking line in The East Coast, which they eventually sold. Their oldest son went to college and was a Vietnam war hero. They had a small lake house in Western Mass where the family would go each Summer to fish and swim. That little place is still in the family. They didn’t cut corners or try to sell anyone any toxic debt. They just worked hard and it worked for them. That apparently was Poland’s story as well as it had positioned itself to be the sixth most vital economy in Europe and in fact it was on the rise. The Poles were not burdened by the enormous debt of The Greeks, Latvians or Icelanders (much more about them). They were running a tight ship. But all was not well.

The key player in the crash might not be Kacynzski himself, but Kacynzski and his close friend and Central Banker, Slawomir Skrzypek. Skrzypek and Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk were at odds on a number of issues, the most pressing being Tusk’s uber-agressive timetable to get Poland in the EU and on The Euro by 2012. Skrzypek pushed back. He also wanted Poland to enter into the same financial marketplace as Germany, which has been bailing out faltering countries. Skrzypek saw some inherent advantages to money lending and offering aid. But that wasn’t all. There was also some deep conflict over what instituted profit in Poland and who got the lions share of it. All in all, we can see a serious power struggle was taking place over the soul of Poland’s economy. It’s interesting to note that Donald Tusk was not on that plane. Poland, apparently was not enamored of taking on an IMF loan, but now that Skrzypek and Lech Kacynski are out of the way, they are now ready to take on $20 billion from The IMF:

“According to the IMF’s managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF board is considering a one-year flexible credit line arrangement after Poland’s Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, announced that the nation was seeking a one-year precautionary arrangement under the IMF’s Flexible Credit Line for $20.5 billion. The move comes after the G20 meeting in London earlier this month, whereby the IMF’s lending resources were increased to $750 billion.”

One of this site’s savvy readers, John from Rose City pointed out that the T-Square of Pluto/Saturn/The Sun was right over Polish skies last Friday. Like celestial crosshairs, the alignment was clearly in sight/site.

Lech Kacynzski was born in Warsaw, on 6/18/49 and 2:40 AM. He was a Gemini Sun, Taurus Ascendant and Pisces Moon. His chart is marked by canyon-sized vectors of houses 6 and 12. To be quite frank, I have never seen houses that were nearly 60 degrees wide. From my perspective, I see this wide aperture as being incredibly significant. If the 12th House is the house of Spirit and the 6th House, the house of Service, then in Lech’s case, there was extreme emphasis placed in those two areas of his chart. The wide open window of the 12th is a macro-portal allowing a larger flow and influx of spiritual information and inspiration to flow into his life. The same width in the 6th made sure that he had the widest arena possible for the application of spiritual input. His 12th house begins in Pisces (Spirit) and ends in Taurus (Body). His 6th begins in Virgo (Service) and ends in Scorpio (Pysche). Taurus rules money and resources. Scorpio rules the sagacious use of resources, especially those that are from others. Kacynzski was astrologically wired to receive inspiration and ground it into resources and matter, have a sense of service and use those resources wisely. His chart clearly demonstrates that he had some serious wherewithal to manage The Polish economy in service of it’s own sovereignty.

His Uranus in Cancer, House 2, is at 2 degrees. Transiting Pluto, going retrograde was in House 8, a house shared by Capricorn AND Sag. Does retrograde Pluto, squaring transiting Saturn his House 4, the house of his home begin to illustrate the tragic dynamic in play? Transiting Saturn in his fourth is clearly indicative of an aspect that was geared up and ready to work towards equality in his home. Saturn in Libra is all about equanimity and fair play. Mature win/wins for all around. It was his focus obviously on the economic front. Aries, the God of War, had just broached House 12, hidden and occluded forces at work. So the question becomes, did the stars kill Lech Kacynzski and the rest of his entourage? Did they foretell of it’s impending future? Or do other forces use astrology as kind of a astrochronmeter, a sextant to plot out activities during eventful movements of the stars. Jordan Maxwell would call this, “Astrotheology.” In any case, the course of Poland and perhaps the world’s future has radically changed as a result.

Where There’s Smoke, there’s likely Fire

While Poland was trying to assert it’s economic independence, Iceland has been busy trying to recover theirs. Burdened by debt, mostly thanks to President, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, and his wife, Dorrit Mousiaff, encouraging Icelanders to invest in the controversial Icesave program, which for all intents and purposes was another Ponzi scheme. The Icelanders a mostly homogeneous bunch, have clearly decided that they did not want to pay back the people that essentially ripped them of in the first place. While we here in the United States have our representatives gladly vote to compensate thieves, the Icelanders have had the gall to say, “no.” That’s bad form and sets an even worse precedent. So have the gods of money lending taken out their wrath on Iceland? Is the nearly active volcano, which is grounding flights throughout Europe, swirling with toxic Fluoride gasses an act of god from the underworld? Is this a natural disaster? Or, in the Sci-fi world of HAARPtronics, did those geothermal tubes get a little tectonic snuggy? Are the events in Poland and Iceland related? Is this sign from “The Lord Of Lucre” that you don’t mess with “the natural forces of the market place?”

Aries of course and Pluto come fully into play here. The Gods of The Underworld and Fire.

There is a strange little boy I know, with even stranger parents. For the past two years, we have helped celebrate this boy’s birthday in April, even though he was actually born in January. I couldn’t figure it out. Then it occurred to me that April was when he was CONCEIVED. We have been celebrating his conception for the past two years. Not only does this weird me out just slightly, but it illustrated the connection between Aries and Capricorn, the symbiotic relationship between the ram and the goat. This is telling, especially in the light of Uranus’ transmigration from fish to ram, which ironically also mirrors similar transition from sea-goat, to terrestrial. The esoteric mystery of Aries and Capricorn is about to be unveiled. I think it’s noteworthy to see what’s taking place now, especially during The Aries New Moon and what manifests in December/January besides that strange little kids other birthday.

Missing Presidents And Random Fireballs

The other big news this week, was Barack Obama’s missing time (a couple of hours) and the spectacular fireball that lit up the Midwestern skies. On saturday morning, Obama broke with White House protocol and went AWOL. Apparently Secret Service was also not involved. He claimed that he was at his daughter’s soccer game. I guess there aren’t any outlets there for a teleprompter. Just kidding. My friend, Dennis Whitney of Strange Planet thinks Obama had an Eisenhower moment, referring to the time that Eisenhower supposedly went to the dentist but met with a group of ET’s at Edwards AFB (formerly Muroc), with spiritualist, Gerald Light. He thinks that Obama might have had a similar encounter. Then there was the mysterious fireball/meteor/downed craft who the hell knows what that streaked across the sky. Was Obama informed that something like this might happen? Are we about to witness a space war? Real? Contrived?

So let’s look back on the week. We have:

• Mysteriously downed Polish aircraft.
• Iceland about to blow it’s lid.
• Obama vanishing into space.
• Massive fireball lightning.

Can’t wait to see what next week brings. For those of you that listen to the radio side, I am going to go live, six days a week. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I will be on with “The Farisee Hour.” Wednesdays will still be the “Navigating The Astrological Matrix”, and Sunday is still, “Free Association Radio.” Stay tuned.

Great Balls Of Fire!

16 thoughts on “Crashing Planes, Falling Economies, Rising Plumes, Streaking Fireballs And Missing Presidents”

  1. S

    Weirdness all around. I can’t imagine what life must be like for someone who has to justify 120 minutes of their life to the rest of us. I, for one, would be delighted to hear that the Obamas consult the stars/cards/spirits, like Ron and Nancy. Those consultations led to the timely deal with the Soviets at Rejkyavik in 1986. The whole world could use some other-worldly wisdom in Washington, as worldly wisdom seems to be in short supply. I wonder what Lech Kacynski’s twin will get up to in the coming months – it should be interesting to follow as presumably he shares his brother’s remarkable birth chart. BTW, Poland has been a full member of the EU since 2004 – it is the Euro zone that they want to move into. Love from Brussels

  2. T

    Strange I should respond to this particular post. Seeing I was born in January, and, was conceived in April myself. Synchronization is everywhere it seems these days. I read the link from my own blog, and it brought me here, since I like to see what Robert has been writing, as I enjoy it very much.

    Excellent post Robert, and a good astrological diagnostic of the tragic Polish government deaths.

    With the star Algol sitting on the late President Lech Kacynzski’s AC and his anaretic-YOD from his natal Saturn & Uranus pointing to Kacynzski’s natal Jupiter, conjoined to Aquila in the Ninth House, along with the interceptions of Aries/Libra – there’s more to this story than meets the eye, as the “astro-theology” transits (no pun intended) is very real.

    His Mercury/Mars natal opposition to his Chiron also is unfavorable. Along with the fact that transiting Saturn’s re-entry into tropical Virgo and the station of transiting Mars in Leo opposed to his natal Jupiter signalled that the trip to the Russian site of the 70-year anniversary of the murders of Polish officers and intelligentsia by Stalin should have not required a tenth of the Polish government to commemorate under these wholly unfavorable world transits.

    However, we should continue to closely watch the full implications of this tragic event, because, as you keenly pointed out – it has major relevance for the future. Such a horrible and very sad tragedy. My heart and prayers go out to all who passed, and to the Polish people.

    Heads of states, along with everyone else on the planet have very unfavorable travel transits this year viewing it from a mundane perspective. I continue to warn people to cancel extended travel due to the very bad transits we are just coming into.

    Along with the increased seismic year this is already (with more earthquakes to come) there are major accidents and disasters ahead on the high seas, and in the air, and on land. With Jupiter & Uranus about to conjoin near the fixed star Scheat, this is a very bad year to travel.

    This is just the beginning, I’m afraid to say, of all the big global events, and news to come.

    We have the Cardinal Crisis transits just ahead. I’ve been warning about this time for a few years now, and last year, continued to warn about the many unfavorable inclinations of the outer bodies in their configurations relative to Earth. Mundane events are about to become more numerous as the world edges closer to the cardinal transits of July through September.

    Then comes a strange, and long fall season of ramifications, mysteries, and pondering over all the world events, before another round of strong cardinal transits in Spring 2011.

    The major Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square for this year is about to set up, with Mars & Jupiter in the mix this July & August, plus Saturn’s coming southern declination by September 8, 2010, will make 2010 an historic year. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction near the fixed star Scheat also speaks of many more large-scale disasters: both natural and man-made.

    Times are changing, and these are historic times.

    1. a


      Thanks for your comments. You really fleshed this out on the deep start side of things. It’s funny. I have Jupiter in Sag in my first, plus Uranus and Pluto both in the 9th and I love me some travel, but this past year, I have been very content to stay close to home. I’ll have to add your blog to my links. Hang in there.

  3. T

    Good one Robert. Still, these are serious times, and some people who have been seeing the world through their own rose-colored glasses are in for a series of powerful wake-up calls over the next 10-12 years. A lot of this has to do with the era that is ending, the political incorrectness, the cynicism, even in Astrology, where forecasts are treated as if they are mere “opinion” so those with hands over the eyes, and heads in a box can continue their fantasies of not seeing what is truly happening in the world, and taking it seriously to heart without tuning out the real world, and tuning back into “Dancing with the stars.”

    The “real stars” are configuring in ways the world hasn’t seen for quite some time, and anyone who practices mundane astrology knows that the times are very, very serious indeed. We’ve been in this cycle since about 1999, but a new era is approaching by next March, then, over the next four years, the world must face the cardinal crisis transits, before another Planetary Lord Cycle begins in the mid-2010s, that would be the Age of Saturn, which starts in earnest in 2016-17 and lasts to the year 2052-53.

    I’ve been reading these global transits for over 25 years now, and the time is almost here, so I am not surprised at the tragic world events that have been taking place since 1999. There’s a lot of hope out there, but also, the angst brought into this new century from the old one has not been resolved. The global configurations of the outer planets indicate that unless progress is made, that much of the world will regress back into the ways of the last century, which was ideological bloody.

    There is hope for the new decade, but, as you said, people must unite, and until that happens, the inclinations of the planets will make things very difficult worldwide in the 2010s and 2020s.

    1. a

      “The global configurations of the outer planets indicate that unless progress is made, that much of the world will regress back into the ways of the last century, which was ideological bloody.” This is what Ellis Taylor is talking about with his 2012 Megaspell, using events and ritual to send us literally back into time to a much more feudal and fixed era.

  4. i

    Does it mean we will have corporations ruling us till 2024? Until we get to Pluto in Aquarius and we start to rebel? Or is the Uranus sqaure Pluto (2012-2015) a sign for our fight against corporations/government?

  5. T

    I don’t see that in the mundane cycle runs on the 2010s. What is more apparent to me is that the world is struggling between the outworn ways of the late 20th century, and the still unknown X-factor of this new 21st century. The generational transition that is now ongoing has much to do with this as the Pluto in Leo generation has been looking towards the future with its back turned towards it, trying to ignore the facts of life, which is aging.

    The transits of the 2010s are defined by the Cardinal Crisis Transits (2010-2014) then into the middle years of this new decade, which is brooding to say the least. But, there is hope for change as the transition from the Pluto in Leo generation to the Pluto in Virgo generation strengthens.

    The popular culture 2012 mania that will begin in earnest next year, through to December 2012 will certainly play a role in heightening people’s fears (unnecessarily in my view) but time will go on past 2012. It is a major transit year thought, but not for the reasons people may believe…

    The world transits show a period of time, from 2015 to 2017 that looks as if there’s more hope, but then, as Saturn enters Capricorn in late 2017 and through all of 2018, there is a sense of some kind of “world government” issues cropping up again. This looks to be connected to the lingering effects of the global economic crisis, which will define much of the 2010s.

    How the world handles the transition between generations, and solves many of the problems, especially economic, from now to about 2018, will determine in large part the political world of the 2020s.

    So much is about to change with many people being shocked into adjusting their lives radically without much preparation, so, the uneasiness in the world adds more power to the coming cardinal inclinations of June, July, and August 2010. This kicks off a strong four-year cycle of the cardinal transits globally.

  6. W

    As far as the unity/critical mass spiritual and energetic situation, I think we can look to the chart for the Capricorn eclipse conjunct Pluto on June 26 within the cardinal t-square/energetic cross for insight. And we have Chiron at zero Pisces conjunct true Black Moon Lilith at 3 degrees. The critical mass is there…just needs to gel, which we’re working on. It’s going to be painfully intercepted and interfered with at points (Chiron) with old wounds to work through before we can even really give a damn, but aren’t we used to working around that already? BML, I think, is a critical influence because this point relates to the dark feminine’s work in the shadows, under the radar, with only a flicker here and there visible within the mainstream. So it’s obscured, but it’s there, working away. The mean calculation for BML at that eclipse is at 29 Aquarius, the degree for the Aquarian Age start as a whole. So you see the cross-over work going on there…though invisible at times. We’re playing wounded, but we’re not out of the game by any stretch. I’d say we’re actually in good shape, all things considered…if we stay smart with it.

    Anyway, I asked my tea leaves what was ahead, and they swirled around and all clumped together. Critical mass…all coming together after chaotic insanity. hee hee

    1. a

      This has been an incredible thread, with some really heady observations and calculations. I do not ascribe to the Jordan Maxwell theorem that we are fucked and there is a lot of information posted here that affirms we are not. My sense is that shift can at times, take place on a very small scale, with seemingly insignificant or minor events cascading into a gale force of chaos theory. For me, this re-visitation, albeit brief in Saturn/Virgo (retro) as a cosmic driver that highlights small stuff, little indiscretions, details, missed meetings, dropped calls, faulty decimal placement, tiny monkey works.

      The beauty of it all is that we don’t know when or how these things manifest. Perhaps a guy driving a truck with suspect materials, makes a wrong turn and is delayed from arriving at a specific location, during a set time and as a result, everything gets pushed back a little, but just enough so that something else enters into the fray and a new dynamic shapes a new event vector.

      The one thing we have on our side is the mystery of creation, always one step ahead of even the most esoteric calculations, insuring it’s own survival regardless of anyone’s great plan. The stars can be a map by which we can trace a line of inquiry or a future memory, which can remind us of the immensity of the forces at work, played out in the seemingly mundane affairs of the human race.

      My sense is, is that when we become more conscious of this intelligence and consciousness, it becomes more alive and awakened in our own and thus a symbiotic relationship evolves out the conscious awareness of our non-dual selves in relation to creation and vice-versa.

  7. T

    The world is heading towards a shift in Eras. This has always been my analysis of the world transits going into the 2010s for years now; and I continue to stand by my long-range forecasts. Moreover, I’ve already completed my diagnostics on the 2020s and 2030s, in fact, I’ve gone further than this, but will not elaborate here.

    What is most amazing about the 2010s will be the fact that the outer planets touch upon the cardinal seasonal points, and this signifies great changes just ahead, and evolutionary consciousness. We even will have UFO disclosure in the 2010s, among other items of interest for the world. The spiritual transitions about to take place have the 2010s very active (Uranus in Aries) with militaristic rumblings and pre-revolutionary sentiments, revolts, and rebellions (which I’ve forecasted) along with powerful natural events on tap; earthquakes, floods, storms, and odd anomalous weather events, which I forecast as an astrometeorologist.

    The generational and spiritual changes are most fascinating, which is why I’ve been highlighting this of late on my website. The mysteries you spoke of Robert, the mystery of creation, is the key to everything that is going down. “That which is above corresponds to that which is below and that which is below corresponds to that which is above – to accomplish the miracle of the one thing.”

    There is a reason for the things I write and forecast, according to what I see coming down the road as a mundane astrologer. The mutation of humanity is most important, and as world consciousness expands, along with gnosis, we can expect many to awaken, as others reject awakening. It has always been playing out this way through Earth’s history, but we are entering a unique time, and a very important one, according to my astrological calculations.

    However, the planetary transits, the most urgent ones, are those of the outer planets. We are now entering a new era within an era. By the mid-2010s, we will have reached another peak of this preparatory decade, and I expect continued great changes, that, when all is said and done by the end of the year 2020 – many people will look back on the 2010s as a decade unlike any other in the history of the world.

  8. s

    So, if this is what Lech Kacynzski’s chart looks like, how does it compare to that of his twin brother who is now touted to be likely to take his place as president of Poland? That might be interesting…

    1. a

      This is actually a really good question and one that many astrologers have spent countless hours debating and interpreting. There is a school of thought that when one twin dies, the power of that twin actually braids with the other. I would look to his progressed chart, which might reveal another layer of their compact coming into this lifetime. In essence, the progressed chart and the natal chart in twins could serve as a composite chart, if one twin is deceased. My son has recently bonded with with an identical twin. I think it’s fascinating that one and not the other was drawn to him. They express themselves in quite different ways as well. Perhaps one of the mysteries of twinnng as it applies to astrology is the ability to for each one to work on various parts of the chart separately, but as one. It was said that Elvis had a twin sister who died at birth and her soul braided with his, thus doubling his power.

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