Cosmic Origins — Part 1 (Addendum)

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

darius_the_great_inscriptio.gifBas relief of Persian/Aryan King, Darius The Great.

I was speaking to my good friend, Chris Van Buren over at Kosmic tonight and we were kicking around some of the concepts of my last post. As soon as I mentioned Orion/Aryan he got a little fidgety and thought that I was treading too close to controversial material. It frankly had never entered my mind that some people might find this journey down the rabbit hole offensive. So I want to be very clear and up front, that when I speak about Orion/Aryan I am referring to a connection to the star system Orion and a manifestation of Aryan culture that rose up around the fertile crescent and into India around 1500 BC and became identified with Indo-Europeans. Perhaps not so ironically, “aryan” is loosely defined in sanskrit as “stranger” and “noble ones.”

Present day Iran is the most recent example of connection to aryan culture (Aryan/Iran).

Another pal, “Connie-Ma” aka the lovely Constance Demby shared with me info about the looting and pillaging of sacred treasures and even highly valued esoteric technology when The US stormed Baghdad and that the confiscation of talismans, texts and objects from the golden age of Babylon was as much of a purpose to invade as oil, no bid contracts, massive escalation of debt, permanent bases, etc. If that was part of their intention for Iraq, then what other treasures and secrets of Aryan/Indo/European are on the shopping list and where? Remember that the crusades of The Middle Ages were partly financed by kings and queens searching for holy remains and treasures, recon for the cult of relics and religious power to be bartered with Rome. That same mindset is in place this very day, though the quest isn’t a retrieval of quaint christian chachkis.

When I was flipping through the TV menu tonight, I saw a title for a film called, “Orion’s Key.” I would have thought this to be decidedly profound at one point in time, but I have come to expect such strange ripples in the matrix.

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