Corporation To Run For Congressional Seat — More Pluto In Crapricorn Coming At You

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

maxheadroomTaking free speech to the Max.

Who needs election fraud when the corporations are running for office themselves? Based on The Supreme Court’s landmark ruling that freedom of speech implies that corporations are indeed individuals and entitled to the same rights as the rest of us incorporated chattel, they have begun to take the game to a whole new level. Justice Stevens, didn’t just stop at the advocacy of free speech for corporations, thus ennobling them with the same inalienable rights as quote-un-quote “real persons” he even went so far as to interpret the ruling as it pertains to voters rights. This from the mouth of our esteemed Supreme Court Justice; ““Under the majority’s view, I suppose it may be a First Amendment problem that corporations are not permitted to vote, given that voting is, among other things, a form of speech.” Now that that bailiwick has come undone, your friends at Murray-Hill have decided to test the limit of the law, by running for congress. I’m not talking about Eric Hensal, Managing Director of Murrray-Hill running for congress (but he is their designated human), but Murray Hill itself.

A creative/communications firm with offices in Maryland and The District Of Columbia, clearly, they are doing this for the publicity, a creative meme of sorts, but they are dead serious as well. They have a blog dedicated to raising funds, awareness and signatures. On one level, it’s kind of a lark, but on another level it’s completely serious and they are deep in the petitioning phase and have petitioned the Maryland State Board of Elections in Annapolis to recognize their status. The meeting was held on March 24th and the results have been yet to be determined. According to Hensal, he believes that free speech should also be a part of the free-market-economy, devoid of the clumsy and clunky inalienable rights bestowed upon us by “The Creator.” Hensal’s strategy? Get there first, eliminate the middleman (i.e. lobbyists and representatives) make lots of money and go global.

It may sound like a fun little exercise in branding and meme-making by a savvy DC communications firm, but in reality, Hensal is laying the groundwork for this type of entangling of the state and corporations to become more fully merged in the superstructure of the corporate state, i.e. “Corporatocracy” which as most readers here know, is the rise of the monolithic Pluto in Capricorn.

In “Rollerball” the future consists of a world that is solely run by corporations. Unlike the heavy and paranoid version uncoiled by Orwell, or the simply soporific edition laid out by Huxley, the future of the corporate state in “Rollerball” is diffuse, yet decidedly decisive. No one really knows who makes decisions, nor how they are made, but they get done and people are just pawns on the chessboard of their grand design. All needs are taken care of, the only thing required is complete submission and obedience to the superstructure. It’s the ultimate in parent/child dominance.

Don’t think that other, more powerful corporations aren’t keeping an eye on Hensal and how this all shakes out. The ultimate conclusion to all of this of course is a purely virtual candidate that is a computerized sim, connected to a corporate brain in a cloud computing data bank, fully locked and loaded with the history of every type of law, capable of massive parallel processing and arriving at calculations and probable outcomes far faster than their human counterparts. In a truly Eugenic stroke of mad genius, the insertion of the perfected human into the (re)public, might not actually be a human after all.

4 thoughts on “Corporation To Run For Congressional Seat — More Pluto In Crapricorn Coming At You”

  1. Robert,

    I have always been a huge fan of Cyberpunk Sci-fi. However, I feel like I don’t even need to read stories about those near-future dystopias anymore because we’re living in one.

  2. A

    I basically do agree with the idea of “Corporatocracy”, we are “de facto” – to use legal language – going there. On One side it is an engendering of slavery, but on the other side it has a good side in this: We now can start to see that the hypocrisy of stupid XXth Century is falling down…
    The reality of facts is emerging…
    And this, as on one side it makes the slavery of people become wider, may help the ones who once and still have the eyes free to see to become **more aware** of the real situation we all are in…

    Yes, a sort of future “Rollerball”-like, but we must always ask ourselves and ourselves only: Have they the real power to do this…

    My answer – and this is **truly** revolutionary – is no. Let us look at how Corporate world moves. It is Plutonic, that is practical in ruthless sense and side.
    It a thing functions it is maintained, if not it is erased, no matter how sorrow this erasing can do…

    In the Crisis of this World they will sacrifice the weaker to the stronger parts of this world… And this has one goal only ahead: World Anarchy…

    Nwo is Nwa: That is their weak point…

  3. Oh man… I used to have nightmares of Max Headroom as a kid. I always thought it was kind of weird, because I didn’t really understand what was so scary about him, but it makes more sense now… and as Mark said, the nightmare is real.

  4. i

    Does it mean we will have corporations ruling us till 2024? Until we get to Pluto in Aquarius and we start to rebel? Or is the Uranus sqaure Pluto (2012-2015) a sign for our fight against corporations/government?

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