Cognitive Dissonance In The Season Of The Fish

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

cogfishSwim in the light.

Recently, Kassandra brought to my attention that ten states are opting for sovereignty and rejecting The Obama stimulus package. I truly believe that this is the dynamic that is aligning itself in the opposition of Pluto in Capricorn versus the The US stellium of planets in Cancer, particularly the US Venus in Cancer at 3 degrees in direct opposition of Pluto In Capricorn, currently at 2 degrees. This opposition in relationship, both literally and figuratively is an ideological schism that represents states right versus federal mandates as The Fed fuses with business (see Citibank purchase) while assuming the new mantel of the coporatocarcy. It’s not something that is reported far and wide in the mainstream media and yet it is a dynamic that is at the forefront of local consciousness.

In another, related, Pluto in Capricorn aspect Stanford Investments is just he latest investment fund/ponzi scheme to float to the surface like some specious waste product. Unlike The Madoff Fund, which touched a high number of film, TV and real estate moguls, Stanford reached into the realm of professional sports as baseball players like Johnny Damon, Carlos Pena and Scott Eyre had their life savings connected to Stanford and, as a result, have had their accounts frozen. Eyre, a pitcher with The Phillies has only $13 to his name.

The underbelly of Pluto in Capricorn keeps getting it’s green and greasy entrails exposed in the cold light of examination.

it will be interesting to see if Allen Stanford will also get to stay at home with a boot and a bullet-proof-vest ala Bernie Madoff. Do white color crimes carry the same leniency across the socio-economic scale as down and dirty blur collar theft, or should and will they both be judged and prosecuted with same level of conviction held by the current administration? It’s going to be interesting to watch The Obama administration mete out justice for offenders rich and poor, of variant faiths and entrenched relationships in networks that could incriminate far more than just the guy at the top of the pyramid.

I was speaking the other day with my good friends, Sussan Deyhim and Richard Horowitz as we plan out a multi-media event to take place in September in San Francisco at one of the great churches in the city. Sussan played me some clips of blues songs that she was working on specifically “I’m Gonna Beat My Woman” by Robert Johnson. Always the consumate artist Sussan brings her rich and mysterious phrasings to the fore and turns the song on it’s head from a womans perspective, replete with fat beats and sensuous grooves. Anyway, I was speaking with them and they were commenting on what a strange time this is as the economy continues to melt away, jobs lost, fear mounting and yet, they are feeling positive and aware of the cognitive dissonance of this state of being. They’re not positive because they have some sort of nest egg, but because of the underlying vibration of Jupiter in Aquarius, which speaks to the possibility of creating new networks, inspiring novelty, creative connectivity and a deeper flow than the fear channel can distribute. The recent exercise of “Gathering In The Void” confirmed this for me as people that dropped in, participated and shared their experience affirms for me, that the power of something as simple as investing some time and connectivity can begin to form more complex patterns of thoughts, feelings and perceptions. I’m going to see if I can do something with some of the imagery that people shared so that I can make it more or concrete form.

Floating at the periphery of change in the season of the fish, have a blessed Friday.

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