Clocking Obama’s Stuttering Start, Mercury Retrograde And Void Of Course Moons

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

barack-obamaKeeping it real?

This is an open, rhetorical question. Now that Obama has won, how is everyone feeling? Are you still riding the tide of euphoria? Are you still high on hope and the prospect of change? The reason I am asking this is because something isn’t right. It’s a feeling, hell, I’ll even quote Boston, “It’s More Than A Feeling.” As Obama appointees keep dropping like flies and the controversial stimulus package hangs over the heads of most americans like a blunt guillotine (either pass it or catastrophe will ensue). It’s theater of the surreal. Why does it not feel quite real to me? Why do I sense a flimsy permanence to our current state of shared reality and especially as it relates to The Obama presidency?

I think we have to re-trace the steps now and re-examine the critical, astrological, aspects behind what I would term, early failure in the Obama presidency.

I noted, with fair amount of angst that the election would culminate on a night with a Void of Course Moon. For me, VOC is in some ways, very akin to Mercury Retrograde. It’s a brief time where the elements are unsettled, the ground beneath our feet briefly succumbs to liquifaction and while we don’t fall through the Earth itself, our psychic moorings are wobbly. There have been many times in my life that during a VOC, it seemed as though I couldn’t get anything done, now matter how hard I tried, like I was moving through molasses.

VOC’s seem to be a time where there is a rhythm for a natural repose, a timeout of sorts, perfect for meditation and introspection, though it hardly seems realistic. Perhaps even taking just a few moments during a VOC can slow things down, or move them forward by the dint of conscious awareness. The tone of the VOC on election night has carried forward into the nascent period of The Obama administration. The election night VOC is doubly exacerbated by the inauguration VOC and the inauguration, Mercury Retrograde, which of course led to Chief Justice, John Roberts’ and Obama’s flub-fest, perfect for a Mercury Retrograde and then the vaunted do-over, in the secret chamber of The White House, with a sticky-gooey layer of VOC dripping over the side for good measure. Let’s just say that getting things done is not going to be easy for the president elect.

One of the manifestations of Mercury Retrograde as a cosmic seal to the Obama presidency will be a concurrent theme that we will hear over and over again about righting the wrongs of the past administration, especially as it relates to the economy. This is the refrain we are all hearing now. It won’t be the last time.

Undoing the wrongs of The Bush admin will take more than the three years Obama is allotted, since year four will likely be consumed with his run against Sarah Palin for the presidency. But the astrological challenges of the double VOC will not make it easy for Obama to undo the damage.

While he pushes hard against the senate to get the stimulus package pushed through, the public is burning up the phone lines in Washington, again in order to be heard, and yet this is rarely, even mentioned. With all of the Aquarian planets ganging up on the rest of the zodiac, the voice of the people is being communicated with great urgency and yet reported with little fanfare.

Obama’s stimulus package is obviously a play for a new, New Deal, which I saw coming months ago, a very Aquarian move that echoes FDR’s (Aquarian) implementation of socialized governance and new levels of bureaucracy. Add the intensity of The Saturn/Uranus opposition now taking place and we are witnessing a polarized tug-of-war between old and new values. Saturn is time tested and conservative, while Uranus is radical and new. Not all things old are worth clinging to and not all things new are worth embracing. Somewhere in the tension of the pull lies a counterbalance that can be inclusive and satisfy both polarities.

It’s doubtful and unfortunate that we can exist now without the stimulus package. In some ways, the game has been rigged in order for us to swallow it due to the hemoraghing of the economy and rapid job loss, however, I believe that it is critical that a large portion of the money gets set aside for private interests and entrepreneurial projects. The country needs to produce goods and create jobs. If Obama wants to green the nation (Uranus/progressive) that’s fine, but I believe the businesses that can do this are already in place and more can come on line and be eligible for low interest government loans. Here is a balance, a mid-point between Saturn/Uranus.

But the question must be asked, is this the type of interdependence that the current administration wants to foster or, do they simply want to be the default measure for all our problems and solutions? If it is indeed the latter, it sets in motion a dis-empowering parent/child dynamic. Perhaps this type of dependency is in demand where government is the focus and we the people amass in a fuzzy blur of details in the background of the overall image.

I think we deserve better.

The start/stop motion of the new admin will likely continue and be a theme throughout the Obama presidency based on the double VOC and Mercury Retrograde and “recovery” may be word that we’ll get quite used to as a result.

One last question/note. Who is outing Daschle and others on tax issues? I have my hunches, but I have to look at charts in order to see if they may be right.

More later.

5 thoughts on “Clocking Obama’s Stuttering Start, Mercury Retrograde And Void Of Course Moons”

  1. s

    Hi Robert,
    I found very little to disagree with on your observations and speculations in this post. As for VOC Moon, you may as well go fishing if you are trying to accomplish anything worldly during this time. As a sales rep, I can count on broken appointments and last minute crises to interfere with my sales schedule. The appointments that are set during this time for a later date are invariably cancelled or unavailable. A good rule of thumb for me is to focus on inner life during VOC Moon and expect little or no progress to be made in the world at large. What’s more, as Pluto has moved into the next sign, we will have more and longer periods of VOC Moon over the coming months.
    Meanwhile, the Saturn / Uranus drama will play out over a long period of time as well, as there are several more opositions that will occur between these 2 over the next year or more. Check your ephemeris and note that the last one occurs right around the Aries Point and includes a nasty T-SQ to transiting Pluto. Is this the “Revolution”? Are people going to get so fed up with “business as usual” that we will somehow “Come Together” (Right now…Over Me)? and create a real economic revolution? i am with you, Robert, I think it will get a lot worse before it gets any better,and those hoping for a quick fix will be severely disappointed.
    By the way, some of the banks around here are starting to look like used car lots. Lots of great deals available on repo’s of all varieties. Would this be a good time to become a “car broker”?
    Keep up the great work, Shawn

  2. M

    Hi there —

    For a closet luddite you’re doing quite well! I wish I knew how to make your page width
    fit on my narrowish (11″ wide) old screen. (Also I can’t seem to rss you.)

    Just a thought to share here — what ever happened to the parallel of declination?
    When did it start, when did it end? Not long ago it was considered as powerful as
    a conjunction or opposition, yet now, when it should be even easier to obtain, it’s
    not mentioned at all. Particularly regarding the voc moon: moon changes declination rapidly
    and is often not voc at all if one checks declination. Since voc moon is virtually
    yes or no to a horary question, this matters. Or does it?

    I’m twitching to twitter. But it seems like a lifestyle change I’m maybe not ready for.
    It’s like this insane multiplayer endless verbal pingpong into which one could
    lose one’s mind, a sort of irresistible junk food of sociability, the kind of thing
    one could get addicted to.

  3. a

    Mark, that’s a really good question about parallel declination. I have no idea how it atrophied into obsolesence. I’ll look into it though. Shawn, who posted right before you might have some insight as well.

    I’ll look into that RSS snafu.


  4. s

    Hi Guys,
    Sorry, I am not much help with declinations. I can point you in the direction of someone who is, if you’re interested. As far as I know this is a valid study with lots to offer. Not sure why most of us are pretty ignorant about it. Have tried my hand at a little horary, with mixed results My take is that horary was more needed before the age of computers. Now we can study lots more “real time” factors and information is more readily available, in general. It is difficult to mix disciplines in astrology and , of course, there is no consensus among practitioners. Very little scientific data at all is very satisfying in this field. My understanding is that the Moon is VOC or not, regardless of declination.
    See ya, Shawn

  5. k

    Let’s go back to the plane crash, and the miracle on the Hudson… The idea here is that the Universe showed us a miracle just when we needed it. As was described in that post the symbolism was extraordinary. A crisis turned into a miracle, A plane crashes into water, water a symbol of rebirth, of cleansing, or coming clean. The travelers exit the long tube (plane) or birth canal on to wings that carry them till safety arrives. The Man in charge kept his head, was calm and in control, He made the right decisions…..and all were saved. Personal accounts describe organized chaos, scrambling for safety, yet all cooperate in the end and all get out alive.

    And so we see this playing out as they come to terms with how to “save” US, save the economy. If we are all in this together, and all of us consciously working towards the right goal then the right actions will occur. There are presently many different views on how to fix the economy, and still much fear among the people, these differing thoughts must certainly play a role in the inability to reach a conclusion. As Obama consistently reminds us… It is up to US!

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