CISPA Passes The House, The Truth Movement As Spiritual Passage And A Glimpse At Jupiter In Gemini

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The truth is out there . . . or in there.

One of the greatest devices of derision is the ad hominem attack. It was employed by Saul Alinsky and his disciples to perfection. By the way, remember Sandra Fluke? Rush Limbaugh? Last time I checked, he was still on the air, but it did give people a strong dose of raison detre, hitting the send button with vengeance and purpose on FB, as Limbaugh awkwardly waddled through the gauntlet. But that’s another story. Back to the ad hominem stratagem.

It kind of works like this; Person A says, “911 was a lie.” Person B overhears it and says, “Oh, you’re just a nutty, truther-birther with tin foil underwear” Without even hearing their arguments there’s a slam, a personal affront, mockery and an attack on their character.

Here’s another example. The same guy says, “Everything seems to point to the Israelis doing 911. There were the dancing Israelis that were pulled over by New Jersey police because they were seen doing the Hava Negila on the roof of their van while watching Manhattan burn. They were filming the event as well. After being held for a month, they were eventually allowed to go free and return to Israel, where on Israeli TV, they admitted that they were working for the Mossad. Then of course, there’s Odigo, Dov Zakheim and the missing trillions from the Pentagon, etc.” The other person says with whiplash tongue; “Oh you’re just an anti-semite.”

That’s how the game works.

The only way to win is to stay on point, stay calm and and keep presenting the facts. This goes for almost any situation. The challenge is, is that most people are deathly afraid of anger (theirs or someone elses) or rejection, so that staying clear, calm and focused in a discussion can be extremely difficult, especially when there is social charge.

This is why the “truth” movement is important. Its not necessarily about wielding excalibur and slicing away at the lies and illusions, but it is more about the process itself and where it can lead us, which is why I believe that its a vital force to be nurtured and supported.

The truth movement is ultimately a spiritual movement or one that gets us closer to understanding our own truth; who we are, why we are and where its all headed. It might start with the “Creature From Jeckyl Island” then veer off to the “Protocols” and the “Committee Of 300.” Somewhere all notions of history become obliterated and blurred, realizing that the victors were the ones that wrote it. And here we are today, doing our very best to perform surgery on the mechanical guts of the beast with pen knives and darning needles. Whether its Obamas birth certificate, the NDAA, HAARP, Fukushima or the Gulf, truth is the name of the game.

The truth movement is a catalyst and not necessarily an end, in and of itself. I really don’t see us returning to some agrarian version of Jefferson’s commonwealth with really cool computers or networks, though it sounds mighty pleasant to me. Let’s face it, the corporate state is not going to unclench its savage jaws, just because a few of the unwashed masses camp out in open spaces.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Do you think Monsanto will simply shut down its mad plan to mutate every single plant genome on the planet and thus own it, since they’ll have the rights to the patents on very vegetable or fruit? Do you think that the likes of the Rothschilds, Rockfellers, et al are all going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly grow a conscience? That’s the truth.

This is Pluto in Capricorn baby, this is their time and they’re going to put one foot on the accelerator and the other on your neck as they drive over you in the luxury coupe of their choice.

Agenda 21 is getting cranked up as a new wave of foreclosures are about to hit, while the jobless rate ebbs closer and closer to record lows. The days of brand new sub-divisions are over, done. Builders aren’t getting tax credits for the sprawling burbtopias of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Not only that, but cities and counties will not get federal funds for services for new developments either, so even though a builder might go it alone, dauntless, with deep pockets, there’s zero guarantee that they’ll be able to get emergency services out there. Its all being supported to build mixed use, pack’em and stack’em condos in urban spaces.

This is the future.

Most people, especially, green people don’t want to hear it. That’s not the kind of truth they want to listen to. Did you know that green is the devil’s color by the way? Money and envy share the green. I bet the apple that Eve bit into was a shiny green Pippin.

The green movement is built on deception which is Nick’s stock-in-trade. No I am not knocking treating this planet a little more respectfully, I am in favor of it. But while most “greenies” will recite scenes from Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” they’ll stick their fingers in their ears when you talk about chemtrails, or corexit, or Fukushima’s ill winds. For most greenies, what’s really going down passes for a much more convenient truth. But I’m getting away from the real thread of this post. You see, we may never get to the bottom of the rabbit hole or pull the fleshy masks off the perps to reveal their scaly under-armor.

The truth movement, either by design or its inherent psychic architecture will lead the lead the individual into deeper spheres of wisdom and knowledge, where the world is meta and we vibrate higher than the crushing gravity of consensual, ignorant, uninformed, reactive, reality of platitude chirping robots.

Getting to that truth has never been more essential and perhaps its never been more available to so many either, which is frustrating given the lockdown of the media, from the top of the pyramid downward. To this day, some people still sadly believe that FOX, MSNBC and the New York Times matter.

Astrologically, we’re approaching the arrival of Jupiter in Gemini, which is the opposite of Jupiter in Sag, the most kick ass placement there is for Jupiter I might add. Jupiter in Sag takes on the big picture, while Jupiter in Gemini expands in the details, the micro to Sag’s macro. Jupiter in Gem is trivial pursuits on Adderol. Its dime store novels and in the modern world, an expanding, unending universe of apps.

The USA has Venus in Gemini in its chart. We love tabloids, game shows and the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle. Expect even more of this with Jupiter in Gem. The “66” girls, aka the Kardashians just signed a three-year-deal for their show. Talk about Jupiter in Gemini!

But as spaceship Terra drifts ever closer to the path of the galactic center on 12/21/12, Jupiter in Gem will begin to oppose the deep degrees of Sag, where the galactic center pulses the electro plasm for the entire universe. We’ll be challenged by the enormous amounts of trivia, data, information and disinformation. Sorting through the details will be a full time job with Jupiter in Gem.

Gemini is also the sign of spycraft and deception will be stock in trade. Did you notice that CISPA, the internet surveillance bill just passed the house? Its a precursor to Jupiter in Gemini.

We won’t suffer from lack of information, in fact, we’ll be flooded with it. But information doesn’t always add up to wisdom and knowledge.

The truth movement is important because its related to being free. We can’t have one without the other and when we get right down to it, the only way we can be truly free is if we’re truthful with ourselves, ruthlessly rooting out the crap that keeps us from flowing, being open to the moment and saying “no” when its appropriate and even mandatory. Truth and freedom lead to personal sovereignty, which is the most divine state any of us can attain. Personal sovereignty equals Godhead.

The systems around us are corrupt. The people we are supposed to trust are mostly bought and paid for. They’ll fall on their own accord when we all get down and own our own truth movement, then simply find others that have done the same. That’s the only way I see this change taking place. The labyrinth of the truth movement descends into the core of the self. Its an inner journey that we impose upon the outer and as we get ready to align with the galactic center in Sag, those that are ready, willing and able to embrace the truth will be in the perfect spot. Those that aren’t, well, let’s just see how misaligned they are. It won’t be pretty.

On today’s show, I ranted on this topic and more. You can listen below.

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9 thoughts on “CISPA Passes The House, The Truth Movement As Spiritual Passage And A Glimpse At Jupiter In Gemini”

  1. C

    On Board for the truth movement! Love this : ” and we vibrate higher than the crushing gravity of consensual, ignorant, uninformed, reactive, reality of platitude chirping robots.” Our greatest hope. Thanks for the inspiring blog post. I love reading your words, RPhnx.

  2. k

    Among other things, to ‘be green’ is nothing more than a marketing response to carefully constructed statistics sampled from the Republican, Democrat divide within the D.C. beltline and a random sample countrywide. Edelman’s is a full service global public relations firm. I sat through an hour or two of their presentation determining what the consumer perceives of food safety issues, who do they trust, who is responsible etc. It all came down to the profitability and opportunity to exploit the ‘image’ of the farmer to endear consumer confidence to your product and redirect responsibility. The conference was entitled ‘Farm to Fork’. I love on more farmers than most people I know but go a little bonkers to think of how many thousands of ignorant, arrogant farmers are riding atop their 5 ton petroleum mobiles back and forth all day and call it farming. I was the manager at an urban farm store last year. We shared a busy corner with Starbucks, Jiffylube, Whole Foods, and a Baptist Church yet we had chickens and bees in the backyard, orgone accumulators positioned in the store and sold Horn Manure (female cow dung packed in a female cow horn, buried for a season to ferment then carefully and meditatively incorporated into water to be sprayed into the atmosphere of the garden or fields) and YES even among this group of progressives, everyone thought I was a nutty sort of fruit tree for suggesting the existence of chem trails. Look up for 10 minutes and observe the regular pattern of air traffic. Check out my pics of geo-engineering, commercial flights making 90 degree turns?! I don’t think so! (For a homeopathic all natural defense to aluminum and heavy metal accumulation metabolically look into diatomaceous earth.) Funny how last Earth Day I was at a former toxic waste site now turned into 5 million square feet of ‘retail space’. I had the chickens with me, We blew bubbles and shared the wonders of digging for earthworms with many children. I met a girl and her nephew that were on their way to scatter his Fathers ashes in a north Georgia river. After reverently concluding the festivities with The Star Spangled Banner, we loaded up our goods from off of the astroturf carpet and entered into 5 o’clock Friday traffic being confined within the complex as 3 helicopters swooped over head and police were stationed at every intersection in an obvious lockdown. Happy Earth Day my ass…p.s. nice trip down the metaphoric labyrinth :)

  3. D

    I read that the biblical ‘revelation’ due to mistranslation, cited a ‘pale’ horse when it should have read ‘Green, Behold a Green Horse’. As green is the complimentary opposite of red and red represents the revolutionary warfare of communism which shaped the current passing Empire, green politics are the trojan horse through which Agenda 21 will deliver its final punch in ‘evolutionary’ rather than revolutionary style. In UK we have a long rising star, Justine Greening. Venus being a green planet (UN) and Mars being the red (Vatican). Apparently, Venus is in her two year cycle retrograde, or ingress, which happens every 8 years – 2004 was the Southern portion of the Sun and this year around June 5th, it’ll be passing the Northern portion and very close to Earth. The New Luciferian freemasonic chant of Equality, Diversity, Sustainability is the evolutionary model. Complex hits: 4 stages of Venus ingress and 7 series of Uranus-Pluto squares and I hear, more eclipses on the Gemini/Sag axis. We automatically associate green with nature and health, food and nourishment. Truth is, all that is unsustainable under A21. I’m reading Edward Bernay’s book on propaganda explaining the political/business process of PR. Democrats are Jewish. Republicans are supposed to be WASPS and between the two, the people are stung to death.

    Well done, Karen!

  4. This piece has the ring of truth about it. All one can do is arrive at their own truth however expansive or lacking. Most are not going to except your truth, even if you have expansive verification and search in your own. The key is when a person thinks they already know everything, they can learn nothing from that point forward. Here in the west the majority of what many people believe to be true is an outright lie.

    I agree with a lot of this and don’t see a new democratic renaissance sweeping the western world. We can only do what Julius Evola stressed preserving our own “hegomonikon” or inner sovereignty.

    Until Americans are able to grasp their situation, things will remain the same for the most part. There is an almost childlike belief that things will be better if a conservative can be elected in the next campaign. Until they realize America is a corporation controlled by the crown and their banks, they will remain oblivious to what is happening around them. A sovereign country must print it’s own money and America does not. McKinley, Lincoln, Garfield and Kennedy were killed and each tried to do exactly that. Jackson did kill the bank as he lived through an attempt on his life. There are situations that are ongoing which can directly effect central banks.

    America did not win the revolutionary war but was made to think it did so and has always been ruled by cousins and agents of the crown. Until people realize this, it is rather sophomoric to speak of real change. As we speak U.N. goals are being implemented to control land water, mineral and sea rights as well as to reduce the population. The food and medical supplies are being poisoned. Many things such as fluoride, GMO, corext oil dispersant (It is one molecule away from anti-freeze and states are now declaring a half to fishing in parts of the gulf coast), mercury, Xrays, potassium bromide in flour and a host of other things have now been banned in Europe but used with glee in America. Diebold voting machines are fully operational to make sure this situation continues. The bill of rights is under attack.

    Many do not seem to notice this and tear up when they hear about the bombs bursting in air and happily repeat the well used mantra, thank you for your service. The national economy is collapsing due to the cost of unlimited wars across the globe. A real danger for Americans is that much of the world tire of it’s adventures and institute their own bombs bursting in air over our country. America has become like a land of children who are being poisoned. If this were not bad enough many of them do not wish to hear about it when it is mentioned. I can only gather the thought of being absolutely brain washed throughout their life and not realizing it, is much too painful. I have known too many people who are otherwise intelligent, turn and walk away when confronted with some of these unpleasant realities. They do not wish to hear about although there are some significant wormholes developing in the matrix.

    Religiously most of the globe recognizes certain offshoots of Vedic teachings. This is true from Indonesia to Siberia. It is also what Jesus taught also but his teachings have been highly misinterpreted and sabotaged by the British warlord Constantine who killed the Vedic pope in the Vatika and instituted his own version of religion and called it Christianity to bolster a flagging roman empire. Once again the bible was further changed to fit the plan by the English King James. Many believe also that Shakespeare played a big part here. If you believe Constantine, King James and Shakespeare are the word of God, then I don’t know what to tell you. I am at a loss for words. This is something relayed to us in sunday school and many will believe it their entire lives unless they begin their own journey of truth. In fact Jesus himself refers to scriptures as the dead words of dead men and declares the body the temple of the living God and the earth our mother. See Essene gospels from the dead sea scrolls. In fact this sounds like it could have spoken by many native Americans who don’t write things down but pass truth by word of mouth from generation to generation.

    The west is taught to ignore the earth has gone through at least 4 great cycles, aeons or Plato ages of 26,000 years each and the end of the fourth is due December, 2012. Westerners are taught this is some type new age hocus pocus of soothsayers, occultists, and psychics and they are of the devil. Interestingly Jesus may well have been the greatest psychic who ever lived.

    Even in the alternative press you will see attempts to ignore ancient spiritual truths and proof of the earth’s spiritual background and concentrate on things of the moment, things we should be aware of while keeping in mind however that those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. Large solar flares and a planetary shift in the axis may just be part of that history. In fact I am sure it is and most people who have taken a look at this situation most likely feel so also. In fact now some of the more recognized scientists including NASA are warning of just such events. In view of this, over 400 nuclear power plants worldwide, many of them on earthquake faults, is not a harbinger of good news. It won’t matter who prints the money or wins the elections if the entire planet goes Fukushima.

    We know millions of children have gone missing and have sacrificed in satantic rituals and people in high places are connected with this. It goes straight to the vatican and they are not suffering from just a few bad apples. Anybody that tells you otherwise is a gate keeper or really not worth listening to from that point forward, cash me out.

    Here is your best hope, new sun particle changing the decay rate of atomic particles. We know the universe and every living cell contains the life force, a type of light. Many personages spoke of this light, Krishna, Jesus, Peter and Crazy Horse. The sun is capable of ramping up this very same light.

    Yes there are some things that look pretty bad at present. There are very few signs that an American or western democratic renaissance is in the wings to address it. All signs from Terrance McKenna’s time wave zero, the I-Ching, the Mongolian sky calendar, Mayan Calendar, Essene Scrolls, Native American visionaries including Cayce and most other recognized prophets, NASA, the bible and for many of us our own two eyes indicate that things are in a downward spiral which will culminate around December 2012. The difference with the Christian Dominionists is they are actually working to bring their own version of Armageddon about.

    You will miss the donut if you stare only at the hole.

    Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s.

    I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs. ~Frederick Douglass, escaped slave

  5. Robert, I have just listened to your rant about the Truth Movement and I have to tell you I think it is absolutely brilliant. You have taken its role in life from that of a skunk at a garden party to its rightful and exalted home in the hearts of each and every responsible, conscious being. You have given me permission to let the Truth Movement be my spiritual journey – no shame, no apology. I think the Truth is a frequency, a dimension – a way of life that can be a major determining factor in our life choices. I am grateful to have you and your listeners as allies in this powerful movement. I will listen to this broadcast again. There are many expressions and concepts in the flow of your monologue that are very inspiring. You are so easy to listen to, funny and at times, painfully on the money, that I am amazed you are not rich and famous.

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